SHOCK!!! PN Attacked Role Play Sim!!!

by Alphaville Herald on 03/01/09 at 6:12 pm

Legion of Justice superheros to abandon base due to LL OpenSpace price hikes

Real JLU base still safe

by Xamol

Recently an article was written that claimed the Justice League Unlimited Base was attacked by two PN members on January 1st 2009. The article was based off photos given and a video posted on YouTube of the attack. The video on YouTube shows an obvious attack on what appears to be a Hall Of Justice, a building associated with the Justice League among other superhero teams from DC comics. With all of the information shown of the attack the natural conclusion would be that the PN clearly attacked the Justice Leagues Unlimited Base. But this was not the case.

The truth is the PN did attack a Hall Of Justice on this day but their attack was not a great victory as the PN claims. The area the PN attacked was nothing more than a RP sim. The sim – which is called Aftermath – is a RP sim for those who want to roleplay as Super Heroes in a friendly environment. Anyone visiting this sim can clearly see that this is no base of the JLU. The land group that manages the area is called the 'Legion of Justice'. This group was once free to join allowing anyone in the group to build in Aftermath.

Aftermath became a target of the PN a little over a month ago when it was a victim of a PN particle spam. On that day many PN alts joined the land group and would receive notices. A recent notice was that Aftermath was shutting down due to the changes regarding the Open Space sims. Most likely receiving this notice the PN arranged an attack on the sim. When the attack took place there we hardly any residents in the area.

But the question remains.  Why would the PN claim they attacked the JLU base when it is clear that it was a simple RP sim? The PN seek attention and what they feel is fame. So when their fame in compromised they lie. It would be compared to a situation or a man opening fire in a public park but then claiming it was a police station. They wanted a easy area to grief that would appear to be a base for a anti-griefers group based off Superheroes. But at the end of the day they attacked a simple RP sim that had no protection from there administrators due to the holiday.

Can that really be called a victory? If the PN believe so then they can take pleasure in their victory. The PN are the Second Life equivalent of terrorists attacking anyone they find with offensive images and disruptive devices. They feel above anyone in SL because they can do these things. They feel residents waste their time by socializing and trying to have some fun when in fact they long to be accepted by those in SL and RL. However it is true that Anti-griefing groups in SL do have a harder time because of this. But they are the glimmer of hope SL needs.

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  1. Aree Lulibub

    Dec 10th, 2009

    To those posting here who are lumping the GLC in with the JLU…stop that. We are nothing like the JLU. We don’t operate like the JLU. We don’t have the same ethics as the JLU. We don’t condone behavior of the JLU. We are not mainly a roleplay group. We strive to be a public assistance group and we only operate where we are welcome.

  2. @non

    Oct 21st, 2010

    1.”"This” “is” an important time to mention…I saw a fly on “a” wall. I know that fly is the best fly in existance. How do I know this? Because it did nothing but ‘pointless’ly roam about the “news article” I was reading.” ~Someone, somewhere

    2.”What is it called when someone claims to have committed an act without having the proper evidence to support the accussation made?” ~Someone in Second Life

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