SHOCK!!! PN Attacked Role Play Sim!!!

by Alphaville Herald on 03/01/09 at 6:12 pm

Legion of Justice superheros to abandon base due to LL OpenSpace price hikes

Real JLU base still safe

by Xamol

Recently an article was written that claimed the Justice League Unlimited Base was attacked by two PN members on January 1st 2009. The article was based off photos given and a video posted on YouTube of the attack. The video on YouTube shows an obvious attack on what appears to be a Hall Of Justice, a building associated with the Justice League among other superhero teams from DC comics. With all of the information shown of the attack the natural conclusion would be that the PN clearly attacked the Justice Leagues Unlimited Base. But this was not the case.

The truth is the PN did attack a Hall Of Justice on this day but their attack was not a great victory as the PN claims. The area the PN attacked was nothing more than a RP sim. The sim – which is called Aftermath – is a RP sim for those who want to roleplay as Super Heroes in a friendly environment. Anyone visiting this sim can clearly see that this is no base of the JLU. The land group that manages the area is called the 'Legion of Justice'. This group was once free to join allowing anyone in the group to build in Aftermath.

Aftermath became a target of the PN a little over a month ago when it was a victim of a PN particle spam. On that day many PN alts joined the land group and would receive notices. A recent notice was that Aftermath was shutting down due to the changes regarding the Open Space sims. Most likely receiving this notice the PN arranged an attack on the sim. When the attack took place there we hardly any residents in the area.

But the question remains.  Why would the PN claim they attacked the JLU base when it is clear that it was a simple RP sim? The PN seek attention and what they feel is fame. So when their fame in compromised they lie. It would be compared to a situation or a man opening fire in a public park but then claiming it was a police station. They wanted a easy area to grief that would appear to be a base for a anti-griefers group based off Superheroes. But at the end of the day they attacked a simple RP sim that had no protection from there administrators due to the holiday.

Can that really be called a victory? If the PN believe so then they can take pleasure in their victory. The PN are the Second Life equivalent of terrorists attacking anyone they find with offensive images and disruptive devices. They feel above anyone in SL because they can do these things. They feel residents waste their time by socializing and trying to have some fun when in fact they long to be accepted by those in SL and RL. However it is true that Anti-griefing groups in SL do have a harder time because of this. But they are the glimmer of hope SL needs.

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  1. The only one who's not stupid

    Jan 3rd, 2009

    You had the details of griefing down up until the “long to be accepted by those in SL and RL”. Why does everyone think that because someone griefs a videogame, it means that they must have no friends, be fat or something of the sort. Most people in SL spend more time online than most griefers do, anyway.

  2. Concerned Citizen

    Jan 3rd, 2009

    I smell someone trying to hobble together a pathetic explanation.

    I’ve been to the actual sim Aftermath, it seems as if it’s an irrelevant sim. The sim you’re thinking of is “City of Tokyo”, which is called “Aftermath – Hall of Justice”. You say that they attacked people who “roleplay as Super Heroes”, which(correct me if I’m wrong), is exactly what the JLU/GLC/whatever does. And while they may not be the same group at first glance, doesn’t it strike you as odd that a group that the JLU apparently isn’t affiliated with somehow possesses an exact replica of their little clubhouse?

  3. SirLordChikkinz

    Jan 3rd, 2009

    We were aware all along. We are doing this to send a message to the JLU. We are coming for ya soon. Also as a way to show we can get in your locked sims. Have fun ;)

  4. FrizzleFry101

    Jan 3rd, 2009

    Because it was funny.

  5. some guy

    Jan 3rd, 2009

    @Concerned Citizen

    That Hall of Justice was made by Jingah Ling and sells for 1000 L in Aftermath

  6. JLU Sucks PN Cock

    Jan 3rd, 2009

    the PN are a bunch of d-bags at best. They have no skills any more. Its just a bunch of dumb ass teenagers copying scripts. You can tell be cause most of them fail to work properly. Yes, thats right, they are too stupid to copy and paste correctly. I guess the standard to become a PN member is being able to masturbate to your sisters picture for 8 hours, and not being able to copy and paste a script. Oh wait, I’m forgeting a complete lack of computer skills. There was a time when they were to be respected, but now, they are just to be laughed at… fucking skill less, talentless hacks.

    While I’m at it, the JLU/GLC and that group of griefers … the difference between this set of d-bags and the pn d-bags is that to be a member of this group of dipshits is that you have to wackoff for 8 hours to a wonder woman comic enclosed in a plastic baggy.

    What I”m really trying to say here is both groups are laughable clowns, hacks and idiots that lack any sort of skill, and its too bad that anyone bothers to give them one pixel of press cause anything this fucking lame doesn’t deserve mention.

  7. Anonymous

    Jan 4th, 2009

    It’s funny to see one group of griefers attack another group of griefers.

    The JLU is the most notorious griefer group in SL. Their leader caused plenty of grief and destruction during his little reign of terror (he no longer wields so much power after his little group got tired of his shit, and higher powers saw him as a destructive force rather than a helpful one. The JLU along with other “anti-griefer” groups such as the SLPD are nothing more than thinly veiled griefer groups, using more obvious griefer groups as justification to break rules and generally push themselves into everyone’s business. It’s hilarious how many infohubs I’ve seen attacked by anti-griefers who respond to someone saying something they didn’t like to hear, deemed the person who said it a griefer, and decided to use a bunch of shitty huds that lagged the sim and crashed clients, as well as abuse the AR system with tons of false claims to get people banned. It’s a different kind of griefing, it’s sheer dickery. Whereas the PN’s griefing is more or less a mockery of the system itself and done for laughs, where the other is just vindictive.

    in the end there’s only one group responsible for policing SL, and that’s the paid employees who work for linden labs.

    I’m sorry but dressing as superheroes, or policemen doesn’t give your authority, nor will you most likely get authority either. You’ll just annoy those who do have it.

  8. George Zimmer, Founder and CEO of Men's Warehouse

    Jan 4th, 2009


    So much butthurt. If it didn’t rage you, why do you cry about it in the comments section?

  9. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jan 4th, 2009

    NOTE: The author was not present for the New Year’s Day events in Aftermath, but did attend a similar event in that area on December 30th. Here is that story. The names have not been changed to protect the innocent.


    It was Wednesday. It was winter in Second Life. We were working the evening shift out of Sandbox Island. The boss is Lieutenant Linden. My partner’s name is Nomad Parx. My name is Excelsior.


    The call comes in on The Blue Lantern Corps channel at 8:48 p.m. There’s trouble in Aftermath. It’s unusual to have a griefer attack there, but we don’t stop to wonder why. We saddle up and move out.

    8:49 p.m. – We arrive at Aftermath in the City of Tokyo sim. The Hall of Justice building there was created by Jingah Ling, member of The Blue Lantern Corps. Until recently it was used as a role play location for Aftermath residents. Soon the whole place will be torn down. It’s a real shame.

    8:50 p.m. – Everything finally rezzes. We assess the situation. The space in front of the Hall is full of cubes, most of them in motion. The cubes have various textures, sounds, and particles associated with them. In the past we’ve reported some serious abuses, but this is the work of an amateur. Probably a kid, or several kids. We go to work on the problem.

    8:51 p.m. – We identify the owner of the cubes. His name is HurFro Aldrin. I fly up to 400 meters to avoid the collisions and put out calls for mutual aid on the Blue Lantern Corps, GridWatch, and Justice League Unlimited channels.

    8:52 p.m. – We start writing Abuse Reports. We receive responses communicated from the other groups. Help is on the way.

    8:53 p.m. – The first responders from the other groups start to show up. The first two Abuse Reports are submitted to Lieutenant Linden (LL). Several more ARs will be filed before we’re through.

    8:54 p.m. – The experienced responders notice that scripts are turned off in the sim. They wonder why scripted objects are still working. I point out that with the right group membership, scripted objects can be rezzed here and will still work.

    8:55 p.m. – One of the GridWatch responders notices that the cubes can be copied. She warns us to prepare for multiple owners.

    8:56 p.m. – I notice that the cubes are pushing the residents around, so I select 748 of them and hold them in Edit. The place calms down. One of the JLU members notices that HurFro Aldrin is already unfindable in Search. LL is doing a good job tonight.

    8:57 p.m. – I send out a note to the responders that damage is enabled here, If they use any kind of dashing, the autoguns will shoot them dead.

    9:01 p.m. – We identify another cube owner, GreenIzBesttt Alecto.

    9:03 p.m. – My Second Life client crashes.

    9:06 p.m. – I return to Second Life and TP to Aftermath. All the cubes are gone and everything is back to normal. We chat with the residents to make sure they’re okay, and urge them to return to what they were doing. One resident vows that the griefers won’t stop him from having fun. He says he will never give in to them. That’s the spirit we like to see.


    Lieutenant Linden weighed the evidence and passed judgment. GreenIzBesttt Alecto and HurFro Aldrin were removed from Second Life, never to return again. These are the residents who were present in Aftermath that evening:

    Blue Lantern Corps/Green Lantern Core/GridWatch/Justice League Unlimited members who responded:

    Aaron Ronas
    BilliAnn Bravin
    DianaPrince Carter
    Eli Braveheart
    Emmah Skytower
    Euclidean Surface
    GreenLantern Excelsior
    Hewee Zetkin
    Jonas Ogden
    Kalel Venkman
    Lucia Nightfire
    Maverick Grunfeld
    Melanippe Karas
    Nomad Parx
    Reno Zeno

    Aftermath Residents who were affected:

    bloodspank Constantine
    Christine Ballyhoo
    Ed Janitor
    ElusiveButterfly Ember
    Ge3x Popowicz
    Keikotori Runo
    Krystaal Praga
    Meriadoc Weatherwax
    Merrie Sweetwater
    wallywest McMinnar

  10. We

    Jan 4th, 2009


    PN Official response:

    “Hah! We are so awesome we got into this locked sim and griefed the shit out of the JLU beating uh…six-no NINE! members of the JLU in the process! They fell before our mighty powers! Look at the videos, article, and posts we made to brag about this obviously tremendous feat of ability!”

    “Uh…that sim isn’t JLU’s, it was empty, and it wasn’t locked, the group was open enrollment”



    “….Well, it’s related to JLU-er…no I mean, uh… It’s a super secret JLU base! That they don’t know about! Wait no, that doesn’t work…uh……well….no no no, I got it! We were just SENDING A MESSAGE to JLU! Yeah that’s it! We’re totally bad ass like that! And…and…and oh man, the JLU are totally shaking in their boots over our mighty powers now! ……….Anyone buying that?”

    God PN sucks so hard. Though if they keep up this level of epic fail (how could they not), they’re at least good for something to laugh at.

  11. Professor C

    Jan 4th, 2009

    I feel thankful that I was a part of helping to show just how badly the PN’s failed on this one.

    @ SirLordChikkinz
    @ FrizzleFry101

    If you want to tell yourselves that this utter failure was anything more than it really is. A Failure. Be my guest. Beyond that with as much as I admired you in the past, I have advice for you. I would make this attack on the JLU as you feel you can. But make it the last thing you do here in Second Life itself. There are easy pickings on other grids. And they are far less stable. If you want to ruin something, try the opengrids. Hell I may even join you to play.

  12. FrizzleFry101

    Jan 4th, 2009

    >The only one who’s not stupid

    “Why does everyone think that because someone griefs a videogame, it means that they must have no friends, be fat or something of the sort. Most people in SL spend more time online than most griefers do, anyway.”

    It’s just a defensive reaction on their part, sort of self-comforting, they don’t actually believe it.

  13. The Patriotic Nevas

    Jan 4th, 2009

    This is the best thread in a long time. Look at Excelsior foam off about how manly he was firing off his ARs. God that is so pathetic. It would be funny if somebody did a cartoon where instead of actually fighting evil, the Green Lantern Core just sat around writing out little prayers and sending them up to heaven hoping that the Gods would intervene and save them.

    If this operation by the PN did nothing else, it exposes a nerdy Excelsior reduced to writing ARs… and that is soooo lame.

  14. Xamol

    Jan 4th, 2009

    The comment ” in fact they long to be accepted by those in SL and RL” I should have not written in the article but everything else is key fact.

  15. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jan 4th, 2009

    “If this operation by the PN did nothing else, it exposes a nerdy Excelsior reduced to writing ARs…”

    Laugh if you want. I am proud to join my colleagues to assist SL residents and oppose griefers. And I’m proud to talk about it in the SL Herald using my real name instead of hiding behind an alias. Honesty is very refreshing. You should try it.

  16. Anonymous

    Jan 4th, 2009

    @ professor C

    There was indeed JLU activity there, we are strongly aware their main location is on Justice Island. This was a message to the JLU’s main headquarters. SLH chose to call it the main JLU base, not us. We are going to take out their main headquarters soon. Have fun believing a biased newspaper ;) .

  17. The only one who's not stupid.

    Jan 4th, 2009

    @ GreenLantern Excelsior

    Griefers typically can’t have mains, (as they would get wiped out in an IP ban). No one is hiding behind an alias.

  18. hmm

    Jan 4th, 2009

    Hmm…. So just because the area was superhero related made it a base for the JLU? And you defeated 9 JLU members when the sim based off the video looks clearly empty. Oh wait i see it was a warning to the JLU for when you attack there real base.

    PN you keep contradicting yourselves. Your attacks arent organized and you have absolutely 0 percent of correct information.

  19. Professor C

    Jan 4th, 2009

    @ Anonymous

    Nice backtrack there. Now if you would be so kind as to refer back to the original article where you all personally said it was the main JLU base you would see now much of a pathetic bunch of total losers you all are. But then again you can’t see four feet in front of your face can you?

    Just because things are made by the JLU or a member of the JLU has something on that island does not mean that is their main hub of activity. To state that you are sending a message to them by hitting a sim they aren’t even in is preposterous. Can you please do yourself and everyone else a favor and put your money where your doughnut eating mouth is and take out the JLU base? To do that is so stupid simple easy, a second grader could pull it off without too much trouble at all. You said it so yourself. So go ahead and DO IT.

    None of your tools and weapons are worth a crap anymore. You act like a bunch of little babies crying to mommy when you get caught by daddy.

    @ GreenLantern Excelsior

    If your ‘solution’ to this PN problem is to fight fight fight them tooth and nail until your eyes bleed you have zero clue as to how life works in general. So let me lay this down for you.

    BRAGGING ABOUT HOW YOU DEFEATED THE PN’S MAKE THEM WANT TO HIT YOU HARDER NEXT TIME. IT’S NOT A DETERRENT!!! You are solving the immediate problem but not fixing the issue. It’s like trying to fix fine china with Elmers school glue. Yeah sure it’s back as one piece again but it’s still broken. And the next time you wash it the thing will break again and likely worse.

    The JLU, and the Green Lantern Corps are just as much of a bunch of children as the PN’s themselves. This isn’t the cartoons. You don’t fight off the bad guys and live happily ever after until you get a permanent solution and end the fuckers causing it. This is one instance that the duct tape of an abuse report you file will not repair things.

    Do better … The BOTH of you.

  20. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jan 4th, 2009

    “The Chinese PN have new clients, And are going to be coming to your simz, taken your landz, and killin ur JLU”

    I see no evidence that PN members know how to do anything more technical than dropping objects in open sims and then bragging about hitting the wrong target. I doubt we will be seeing you in Justice Island any time soon, if ever.

    Since you are such failures at griefing in Second Life, let me recommend a place where you might be more successful:

  21. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jan 4th, 2009


    One of the stated goals of the JLU is to place ourselves between innocent residents and those who would do them harm. While they are trying to attack us, they are not trying to attack other residents.

    By the way, they haven’t hit us yet. It’s doubtful they have the expertise to do so.

  22. mootykips

    Jan 5th, 2009

    who cares where you’ve hit the pn were always really good at pretending they were more effective than they really were except now when you guys are sort of sucking at it

    at least do more than drop boxes so even if you can’t rationalize hitting some other place with anything more than “I AM TEH PUPPETMASTER”, you can point to it being inherently funny like frizzlefry mentioned

  23. deadlycodec

    Jan 5th, 2009


    “..We chat with the residents to make sure they’re okay…”

    Of course they’re okay, dipshit. It’s a fucking video game. You’re a fag.

    @Raging JLUfags trying to appear as non-JLU SLers

    I see loads of raged JLU posts in this comments section. Everyone knows that only the JLU are raging over the attacks. No one else really cares, except to give props to PN members for trolling kalol and his butt buddies. Thanks for the entertainment.

  24. Guy Who Built That Hall Of Justice

    Jan 5th, 2009

    Hey Chieng and friends … hi there. I’m the guy who built that Hall Of Justice, and much of the city in the Aftermath region (otherwise known as the City Of Tokyo). I’m one of the admins in that region. Like the other admins, I was away the days your little group decided to spam the Aftermath city otherwise this would all be a non-issue. It pretty much is as I see it anyways. But whatever. You seem confused still, so I’ll explain further.

    The Aftermath region has nothing to do with the Justice League group of anti-griefers, or any other such group. The only relationship that the Aftermath region has with the Justice League is by way of comic book mythology. The Aftermath region was built as a role-playing environment, or just as a place to hang out for fans of comic books and superhero characters. The Aftermath region is being closed down largely due to the coming policy restrictions being imposed upon OpenSpace sims (of which the Aftermath region consisted of two). Not only will prices be increased on regions such as the Aftermath (which will now be classified as Homesteads), but further restrictions on visitors to the region (max of 20) and script limitations (yet to be clarified) make it virtually impossible to continue with a project like the Aftermath and what we hoped to make it. We will need a full sim to continue with the Aftermath city. Not happening now, and that is why the region is closing.

    It was actually scheduled to be closed on the 30th of December. The region has always been an open region, managed with an open group (the Legion Of Justice). Anyone could join the group with a mouseclick, and any group member could use the region as a home, and could rez objects. You did nothing miraculous. You displayed no skills. What you did could have been done by any noob on their first day in Second Life. I don’t understand what you are bragging about.

    But yeah. The Aftermath is a role-playing comic book fan hang out that was scheduled to be closed before the attack ever happened. The attackers knew this, as a group message was sent out. The brave guys waited to attack the region until after it was already closed, officially (although technically it is still active … that should change any moment now). Our region is not connected to any anti-griefer group. The Hall Of Justice is based on the Superfriends cartoon from the 70′s. A bit of a joke. Funny stuff.

  25. Whatever

    Jan 5th, 2009

    It all makes perfect sense now. The PN hit a roleplaying sim because they’re just roleplaying a griefer group.

  26. Salone Runo

    Jan 5th, 2009

    Lol, this fighting is kind of gay.

    I got some respect for the PN, because even if they seem like they could be doing better things with their time. Pretty much everyone in SL isn’t able to do what they do.

    As long as you keep that stupid shit away from people who don’t deserve it.

    If there is really some retarded super group trying to stop griefers.. I don’t judge.

    But if you want to help against that, Just volunteer as admins at sandboxes or some shit.

    And if PN did truly go after an RP sim, and now are posting here to attempt and cover it up.. I gotta laugh. and I don’t see how SLherald is biased in this situation, ((even if they usually are)). Since they made two topics about PN griefing the place. And then PN griefing the wrong place.

  27. Professor C

    Jan 5th, 2009

    @ GreenLantern Excelsior

    SO let me get this perfectly straight. You are now stating that you want the PN’s to grief and attack you but God forbid they do it in your soil. So let them do it to the other residents and innocents so you can intervene and make yourselves look better? Last time I checked (And I do check) the PN’s have not stopped anything. They are not attacking you, they are attacking sims all around you with you not able to really DO anything other than flood the Gov Team with AR’s when you finally notice they are doing anything at all.

    You don’t get it. You are saying they are doing what you want them to do when it’s exactly the opposite. They have you figured out and thus attack places you do not have access to or do not patrol over then work their way over to you to stuff it in your face.

    To quote the movie WarGames:

    Joshua: A strange game. The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?

    You cannot fight an enemy you cannot see. These children want to fight you. As soon as you fight back they run like cowards until they are ready to throw another punch at residents. Do what you came here to do but don’t give them the satisfaction of making it blatantly apparent that you are fighting them. I have done a bit more research on this fact and spoken to a few key members of Second Life already about their experience in dealing with them.

    @ FrizzleFry101 and company.

    DOX THIS FUCKTARD. SHOW HIM WHAT YOU REALLY CAN DO. Even I am getting sick of all this holier than thou bullshit you two are going on about. This entire scenario is starting to sound like a Grammar School playground slap fight. End it.

  28. Witness X

    Jan 5th, 2009

    A few pro-tips:

    * Professor C and Anonymous posting here are IntLibber Brautigan (again – he’s the only one butthurt enough about the JLU to call them griefers). Present your evidence or shut up, Int.

    * FrizzleFry doesn’t want to dox anybody know that he’s been doxed himself. See the PN wiki change history for details.

  29. ;x

    Jan 5th, 2009

    remember the flying penis incident with anshe chung?
    here it is happening in real life ;x rofl

  30. mnahmnah

    Jan 5th, 2009

    “If there is really some retarded super group trying to stop griefers.. I don’t judge.”

    Calling them retarded is a judgement. Or maybe I’m not judging you by calling you a jackass?

  31. Salone Runo

    Jan 5th, 2009

    Anyone who walks around in a virtual world and wears spandex by choice.

    Is infact, Retarded.

    Not me judging them.. Fact.

  32. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jan 6th, 2009

    “Do what you came here to do but don’t give them the satisfaction of making it blatantly apparent that you are fighting them.”

    The PN knows who opposes them. It’s not just the JLU, either. Everyone who sees what they do wants them gone. They can’t stay online for more than 15 minutes at a time before being banned. They may try to strike out at the anti griefer groups, but like a bad marksman, they keep missing the target.

  33. Salone Runo

    Jan 6th, 2009

    lol chinaz.

  34. We

    Jan 6th, 2009

    Pssst PN. I have some serious JLU headquarters information for you to grief. It’s at 1700 Broadway, 7th, New York, New York.

    Get to it!

  35. Emperor Norton Hears a Who

    Jan 6th, 2009

    Looks like the JLA has one upped the PN here. Anti-griefer spandex clad super heroes certainly is a lot more creative and more obnoxious than rezzing some done to death Nazi flags and spinning cubes (on noos, who will do a bulk return?). Maybe if the PN stepped up to the plate and started doing something cool, like rezzing 50 meter tall, all bright statues of JLA members having gay sex around the main land they might have something. The only luz here are with the JLA messing with the PN’s heads.

    Who wants to bet the JLA doesn’t even have a sim and are just BSing the PN about it?

  36. dick burns

    Jan 6th, 2009

    @JLU fags

    When the rage settles and you are left panting, fists bruised from beating your desk, spandex panties clenched firmly between your ass-cheeks… When your blood has stopped boiling and all you’re left with is the regret of posting your berzerker comments on SLH…

    you might, you just might have the courage to ask yourself… “just how hard did I get trolled just then?”

    but then you’ll probably just shrug it off and get back to yiffing.

  37. Captain Kirk

    Jan 6th, 2009

    The PN can’t manage or organize to find their way out of a wet paper bag if they needed to. It is amusing to see that their “leadership” lacks any qualities whatsoever. They can’t even get their membership to tell the same uniform story. I guess this stage is easy though for a bunch that believes in nothing. Move over guys your time has passed, just pack it up and go take a nap.

  38. Witness X

    Jan 6th, 2009

    Notice how Dickie, in his frustration that there’s no bawwing going on, feels the need to write the stuff himself.

    In the meantime, FrizzleFry’s taken your entire domain offline because his dox are now embedded in all your web services with no way to remove them.

    That says “baww” louder than anything.

  39. Pierce Kronos

    Jan 6th, 2009

    I must admit my favorite is ->
    “It all makes perfect sense now. The PN hit a roleplaying sim because they’re just roleplaying a griefer group.
    Posted by: Whatever | January 05, 2009 at 06:59 AM”

    The best part is that it’s essentially true … though they’re more a gaggle than a group. The PN stopped being of any real concern nearly a year ago. Sure, there are (and have been) occassional pretenders to the griever throne but nothing like it was in 2007. It’s a shame, really.

    Ahh for the good old days. Forced early retirement must be a real bitch.

    Pierce Kronos

  40. MachineCode

    Jan 6th, 2009

    “Everyone who sees what they do wants them gone.”

    My, my, GLE, that is just a blatant lie! I’ve met quite a few people who don’t bother to move against us, and quite a few more who actually support the lulz. We also get a fair numbers of members who join because they were users of SL for a while and kind of liked it, but thought our actions made it 9001 times better/funnier. You’re referring to people who have dropped their mental anchor into SL’s virtual paper-thin layer of land, of course. The funny thing is, people are usually a little more tolerant of griefing, but I have never seen such reactions from people. Absolute rage is induced with the simplest rip in the virtual world’s fabric, and that’s just a couple of CHOPPAMAN cubes. We don’t have a shred of sympathy for anyone who’s that srs.


  41. dick burns

    Jan 6th, 2009

    Corsi you furry faggot.

    Did you get your information from the same awesome source that told you there are only 3 n/igras left? As you and others like you continue to project your hopes and dreams of a racist world without any immaculately-dressed, afro-sporting, raepin-your-diaper-fetish-fag-hole-of-a-sim n/igras…

    the truth you can’t bare increasingly breaks through the noise and hyperbole of your regurgitated comments… we raep on….

    …we raep on.

  42. Money

    Jan 6th, 2009

    @ Any PN members

    your all talk saying your going to grief some group with a sim. But i havent seen it. All tlk and no action. You have no way to access a private area in SL. Only Linden Labs does.

  43. Witness X

    Jan 6th, 2009

    So it’s you, Zimmer, Rofl (who doesn’t raid) and Randy, then. Hey, when do Randy’s braces come off again? Seems like he’s had them forever.

  44. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jan 6th, 2009

    “My, my, GLE, that is just a blatant lie! I’ve met quite a few people who don’t bother to move against us, and quite a few more who actually support the lulz.”

    Not a lie, merely an exaggeration. There are people who don’t want the PN members gone from SL. Those people are the PN members themselves. With their numerous alt-IDs, I suppose you have indeed met “quite a few people” who support the lulz.

    The reaction of residents in the sandboxes ranges from shouting in anger, to grumbling in frustration, to leaving in disgust. The sandbox rats and anti-griefer folks never say a word in open chat. We just quietly go to work using the tools in the viewer to report the problem. In fact, I ran into a resident last night in Sandbox Cordova who was irritated that we wrote 10 Abuse Reports in 70 seconds. It’s hard to argue with that kind of success unless you’re the (former) resident who rezzed the screaming cubes.

  45. Mr. Scientist

    Jan 6th, 2009

    Hmm, my calculations read that filing abuse reports provides little to no protection from griefing.

  46. Zoey Helgerud

    Jan 6th, 2009

    I would like to point out that both PN and the JLU are retarded. PN could not, collectively, script their way out of a paper bag. They are the most pathetic and uncreative griefers out there. They could at least be a little more creative than spamming a sim with cubes.

    The Justice League, and other similar “Superhero” groups are slightly less stupid, but more annoying in my opinion, as PN’s ineptitude makes them relatively easy to deal with. These dinks are nearly as assinine as the various SL police groups, running around, reporting people for any perceived violation, even if there is no victim, even if it occurs on their own land, not to mention putting people on banlink at the drop of a hat. I’m currently on banlink for shooting at a guy who had been spamming a sandbox with huge buildings and orbiting people who came near him. A brave member of the JLU saw this and immediately took the heroic action of adding me to banlink under false pretenses. The banlink listing claims that the person who added me says they “ejected and banned me for using weapons on other avatars” I wasn’t even on his land.

    Well done. Please continue your masturbatory fantasy of authority. Go around bullying people and asking “ARE YOU OKAY, MA’AM” when someone gets bumped by a prim, and attempting to rez shields over innocent civilians to “protect” them from griefer attacks, effectively trapping them. Better yet stand around en masse, gawking like idiots because you have no real power against real griefers. Real griefers aren’t affected by AR’s or banlink. They just make a new alt and move on.

    In summation, you’re ALL morons, please die.

  47. tone lock

    Jan 7th, 2009

    I would like to know more about the connections between: Maggie Darwin, Siobhan McCallen, GreenLantern Excelsior and Prokofy Neva…

  48. MachineCode

    Jan 7th, 2009

    Well, since you seem so sure of the theory that we’re lots of alts, I might as well divulge the truth. You see, there is but a single member of PN, as there has always been. His name is Soviet, and he is the master sockpuppeteer. He created the alter-ego Mudkips Acronym and has staged all the spies and drama since early 2007. He writes all messages on SLH, including this one. I’m absolutely serious.

    To be perfectly honest with you, though, winning in SL, whether with e-war or griefing, is subject to opinion. We say we won because we are never truly banned, and you say you won because another malicious account has been removed by you standing around and reporting violations. I think Neighborhood Watch is a much better name for that kind of activity, but then again I’m not the kind of person that’d dress up in spandex, underwear on the outside, and then wander into public view, SL or not.

    It’s still going to come down to taking things seriously. A cybersex simulator is being taken seriously, therefore I find your argument to be silly.

    I have a question though; in what way would a resident be irritated by you writing 10 ARs in (what I guess is) rapid succession? I don’t get it D:

  49. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jan 8th, 2009

    Here’s what the Brightsol sim looked like last night after Linden Lab cleaned it up:

    The afroduck statute and the weapons cache and fort longcat and everyone who facilitated it are all gone from Second Life. JLU had a celebratory tea party in Sandbox Goguen afterward, unmolested by PN members, who were probably still trying to figure out what happened.

  50. lawl

    Jan 13th, 2009

    “but their attack was not a great victory as the PN claims.”

    As usual XD

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