The Return of Jumpman Lane

by Alphaville Herald on 25/01/09 at 6:45 pm

Suspended over the summer by LL – the coolest guy in SL plans to resurrect SlutMag

by Alessandra Narayan


Some call him controversial, others say he’s just nuts, hated, loved, worshiped, Jumpman Lane, owner of the pornographic/erotic Slut Magazine, calls himself King of Second Life, the coolest man on SL, does what he wants, respects no rules, insults everyone when he wants to and points women and sex as the best thing SL has to offer. After being banned by LL, Jumpman Lane, the ‘enfant terrible’ is back, willing to bring back to life his magazine preferably keeping himself away from problems with the Lab.

Alessandra Narayan (AN) – What have you been up to recently?
Jumpman Lane (JL) – Recently I’ve sobered up RL since the holidays and once again have set about to resurrect Slut Magazine.

AN – Do you think it’s possible to be suspended from SL again?
JL – Sure but now that I have Zara Linden on my friends list (I’m a social climber) it’s harder for the average SL tard user to get me in trouble because they don’t know how to write ars for one and my points have gone down. Each year the Gteam lets you start with a clean slate, they don’t care what you did the previous year.

AN – The Gteam?
JL – Governance team. Your readers know them (lol).

AN – Would you enjoy being suspended again?
JL – Oh hell no! See, I’m doing business with a RL porn photographer and I really need to be online in order to help develop his sims.

AN – But you seem to have quite fun to be suspended… bugging LL… Love to piss them off?
JL – Noooo! I put my foot in Torley Linden’s crack because he started it all with me. I got in a little trouble with Amber Linden because I went to be a mentor when she ran that and somebody got a little snotty. Everybody knows Torley vandalized my SL wiki page.

AN – And then you said Torley Linden was a man playing an SL female AV?
JL – Apparently everybody knew that but no one knew why (lol). It’s because he wanted to be like the LADY who owns this house. They were pals way back in the beginning of SL and she booted him off her list, because he was creepy. And if you google him you can find an old interview on some long dead blog here he gushed about her. But I ain’t messing’ with Torley anymore. He likes to abuse his power for revenge.

AN – What do you enjoy the most on SL?
JL – Sex of course. And stirring up trouble. And getting a rise out of retards and turd buckets, land manager flunkies, retards that got tricked into working as mall cop on some turd turdy club who bans you just to use the ban eject. They are the worst. I personally don’t go to clubs unless I’m friends with the owner.

AN – You seem to have been born to be suspended, booted, etc. It happens to you lots?
JL – I get banned a lot from dumps because I do what I want to do. I got booted once for t’pin to gorean dump and just asking "hey why are you sliding all across the floor?’ to some chick. Nobody said nothing, just sent me flying.

AN – So, what things do you respect?
JL – Respect? Ya lost me… see, I’m Jumpman Lane. I do what I want to do.

AN – For example: you land in a place of RP, where there are rules, you just do what you want anywhere?
JL – Oh geeze! I discard that crap without even reading the stuff. Screw rules! Rules are for the weak. I got balls like bowling balls.

AN – And when you get kicked you think it’s unfair?
JL – Well, no. One time I told this sim owner’s wife the last time I saw her she had a dick in her mouth, a dick in her ass, a dick in her pussy and a dick in each hand. I got booted and banned that time. I figure I deserved it.

AN – So, the majority of SL players suck?
JL – Noooooooooo! Take for example the average girl player over say a year old. She’s shopped till she dropped and made her AV super hot.

AN – So basically, besides hot chicks… you’re one of the few cool characters in SL, right?
JL – I’m king of Second life. That’s in my profile.

AN – Why?
JL – I’m one of the coolest guys if not the coolest.

AN – Why?
JL – Because the average SL male player is some nerdy white guy or somebody’s grandpappy. They don’t get enough flavor. It’s why they don’t understand the things I say at times like in the SL forums. They didn’t get half the crap said there.

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  1. lol

    Jan 25th, 2009


  2. Greta

    Jan 25th, 2009

    The return of the retard …

  3. urizenus

    Jan 25th, 2009

    Herald Classic: *STAMP*

  4. Antubis

    Jan 25th, 2009

    wow, so humble

  5. mootykips

    Jan 25th, 2009

    i love this guy because while he clearly knows how to spell and stuff he quickly turns into a blubbering retard in herald comments/anything else written

  6. Darien Caldwell

    Jan 25th, 2009

    Aww, Welcome back, I kinda wondered what happened to you. I’m sure many will be absolutely thrilled you are back… ;)

  7. Anonymous

    Jan 25th, 2009

    wait who is this and he was gone?

  8. Nidol Slazar

    Jan 25th, 2009

    Befriending a Linden doesn’t give you any special treatment, unless said linden is high on the totem pole or wants to risk their job.

  9. Sophia~

    Jan 25th, 2009

    Open up the flood gates!!!!! Flush him out!

    What now. Mr. Who is back. Well Welcome back! If we didn’t have enough problems. This looks like a flash back from the past.

    Come on…Give me a break. This is a definite plan of attack or a genuine I haven’t read the news lately.

    There is room for everyone please…move aside and let Mr. Jumpman thru. He has a porno magazine to promote now.

    What were we just discussing this afternoon I do recall the merging of the teen grid onto the adult grid.

    My my…should I get on the megaphone to report this? Beware Jumpman is back! It’s the attack of wacky Jack Jumpman Lane the insane man who has come back to …what?

    God if it can’t get any worse. Listen I have nothing against porn. Sort of in a nice kind of way Lol. Have my own sexual life thank you and it is real. not virtual. OH god this is getting so distorted.

    Listen I think this is a publicity stunt! Definite publicity stunt. Please I understand the freedom of speech and all that. But give us a break here. Don’t come back now to rescue the forbidden, the prudent and forgotten rotten few.

    No I am not a prude I am an adult ( with a pretty dam good sex life and always have even though I’ve been a computer geek, not boosting but yes i have one and its a real one) but when you have a product that may have many faces to it we have to compromise and what is in the best interest of the general population and bottom line $$$.

    I am not going to say LL is wrong now at all. My beef has been with their performance …gulp. Yes it has been up to now an adult site. But not perfection. Virtual Men oh wow…HM lol ..cartoons. Virtual woman Nipples Oh HM….didn’t we get to see them when we were kids at the museum or in our biology books?

    Porn.. let me process this…..Porn on the Second life Grid oh yeah.. Porn OK….I have come to the conclusion that possibly PORN in real life has a place but that you can not separate the industry and you can not exclude the fact that if your a parent and you allow your child to participate in an experiment as this that they wouldn’t explore deeper into what was more ta-bu than what they were allowed to explore.

    PORN! No pun intended here but this has got to be extremely well thought out before you open the gates to well its not the 17 or 18 year olds or even the 16 year olds im worried about they can handle it to a degree.

    Its the younger ones that qualify that need for more protection from this and I hope the person who sees this as an opportune time to return to his old self coming from clearing his mind ( how clear is it?) and to the PORN industry in the development of a few new sims. OH gee I’m so thrilled I’ll be sure to pay a visit to see his progress.

    Come on. Do you have children? Did you grow up without a pack of wolves? Who took care of you? Why and what is behind your well comeback kid thing?

    Freedom of the press and speech ..well goody for you. What about protecting your children or extending a hand to those who can’t get the hell out of their home for a decent education because they are handicapped?

    Are you here to make a point to exploit? I have nothing against porn and the adult industry. There is a place for it really. I know that. second life was that place can’t we allow it to change?

    Sex is a fact of life but did it have its place which was for a time in Second Life to exploit? They want to take a new direction and it may not be the end of Porn. so you have a chance. We could call it sex education or for goodness sake its a fact of life.

    Sex happens, we can find a happy medium there I think and I do believe this gentlemans come back is for a reason. A timely intention to create havac where we already have havoc.

    Lets pause here and think about this. Strippers have children they love. People involved in the sex industry have family they love. and they are loved. There are people who are just free spirits that to some things others don’t agree with but there are those that go to the extreme. that is what worries me. Better to air on the side of caution than to not to care at all.

    This may come across as absurd to some but we are just as normal as the others or they maybe more open about themselves. Come on in the waters are just ripe for the picking.

    I have seen that side so I can’t in my heart totally discriminate the presence of the freedom of sexual expression but there is a boundary we must respect. I’m being really realistic here and hope this guy has spent some time as to the possible transformation and not just another exploitation or stunt of ignorance. Second life lets try and whip this place into shape. No pun intened

    There are those who are in industries that abuse and exploit many and this is one industry that is notorious for that. But for some reason we must embrace it, allow it its boundaries because with out it we all wouldn’t be here and it wouldn’t be healthy to not educate our children about the fact hey Jack & Jill you will some day have sex so protect yourself and lets just take a look at this in a healthy way. Can we do that?

    Try and protect and inform. Education education…there is a place and a time and a time to isolate like we try to in real life. Try and be a role model. Don’t be a slime ball.

    If you want to present this be thoughtful and have a conscious about what your presenting to a community that is not going to dismiss your actions. You will be held accountable no matter what. So be a role model not a spaz and an irresponsible freak.

    You may not care about anyone but yourself or your actions it is not out of style but unconscionable to be uncaring. If you continue to be the rebel you seek to be. Well I hope if you have children or do in the future I say that if you have had a child that they may have a chance at life to be safe from your decisions and attitude.

    Please proceed with caution~


    sophia Yates~

  10. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 26th, 2009

    @mooty I cant spell u retard they edited lol oh and @lol manythings i yam but faggot is not one of them

  11. cookie

    Jan 26th, 2009

    why can’t you just accept the fact that you have a small dick and stfu?

  12. Orion Pseudo (Shamroy on SL)

    Jan 26th, 2009

    And good luck to you guy after they merge the main and teen grids then start shutting down all the porn and adult stuff. :/

  13. Wyrdwolf

    Jan 26th, 2009

    News must be slow indeed, if the best we can expect to read about is the return from suspension of some unknown adolescent who gets off on cartoon sex.

    Isn’t there anything of interest happening anywhere on the grid?

    This is like the final piece in a local news show where the local scout troop wash cars to raise funds while wearing clown costumes, only less relevant.

  14. Neo Citizen

    Jan 26th, 2009

    Just have to chime in here – who thinks merging the Teen Grid with the main one is a great idea. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?

  15. Royce Boa

    Jan 26th, 2009

    Sad when you’re the “coolest” guy in a fantasy world.

  16. Hylee

    Jan 26th, 2009

    Whatever….. Yawn…..

  17. Mony Markova

    Jan 26th, 2009

    Met Jumpman while waiting to see Pathfinder Linden, who never appeared by the way, I have to say that Jumpman did not behaved like a moron for the minutes that lasted our chat, maybe he was out of his environment, but he was kinder than most folks are. Most guys in SL talk to you for 2 minutes and then either -smell you- or do something really annoying. Each time this happens to me I don’t get HOT, I assure you that! and lately don’t even get angry but more like disappointed for them truly, and make mental note of those individuals not to talk to them again. I have to agree with Jumpman, most men in SL are… are… a disappointment.

    Whats the kick with porn porn porn porn all the time? Yikes. You can say funny things, but, after some thought who is on the other side of the PC? double yikes!

    And saying what you said that about someone’s wife its a defamation, of course unless it was true. But if it was true, what do you win by saying it? Why not on IM? Banning was not enough.

    This Jumpman its a loose bullet, forgets there are many people who just don’t get how much of a joke currently SL is and that it is mostly a game. There are many logged who like to play it like RL=SL. That’s when you stop being funny and become hurtful.

    Anyways who’s to stop you?
    Have it your way.

  18. Maggie Darwin

    Jan 26th, 2009

    So the Herald thinks this is “the coolest guy in SL”? That might explain a lot. :-)

  19. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 26th, 2009

    @ sophia we aint sex educatin nobody! we brinigin out HOES! All spit shined and sparkled up to glitter and glow full bright in windlight! See sex (read porn) generates over 50% of ALL internet revenues. We follin dollas! :p Stroker Serpentine invented the sex pose ball. I didnt. Sex was here when I got here. Ol dirt face Phil (Phillip Linden told that McArthur foundation that LL had no intention of cleaning up porn in SL caws he wanted the grid the be a free space like the internet as a whole. I was there. I heard him and for one i believed him! I was at Amber Linden’s office hours last week and she yapped about thr teen grid. They aint mergin them because of people like me! Poor lil teens gotta sell their teen dumps and start over as noobs here but they get a lil more support than the average noob as they are valued past customers lol.

    @ mony Hi! i remember that day we yapped. I went to see pathfinder to inquire WHY he refused to list meh lil rag in the crap thing he was doin. “I have to agree with Jumpman, most men in SL are… are… a disappointment.”-Posted by: Mony Markova (an unsolicited testimonial lol)

    @ Royce what guy are you in a fantasy world ?

    @ weirdwolf Ya girlfriend says she loves meh!
    But it’s just the jewelreh!
    Multicolored carots got ya girfriend kinda curious!

  20. slammin'

    Jan 26th, 2009

    Looks like just another random faggot with man-bitch hair and shoulders set to 100 on the slider. On a sidenote, nothing you can do on SL will ever constitute sex.

  21. Sillie Schmooz

    Jan 26th, 2009

    Funny, I have known Jumpy for nearly 2 years… we met in one of those rude lewd orgy places that noobs get trapped in from time to time… so yes he has always had a keen interest in the world of pose ball sex… but… he has also a very warm and engaging side… limited vocabulary at times… but a willingness to share with those around him. He is generous to a fault and while a little odd in his approach he has the ability to motivate the lost bedraggled souls that land at his feet and set them on the path to a fulfilling second life. (they only have to spend a little while with Jumpy to work out there is so much more to SL than just sex)

    IF they have to merge the teen and adult grids I imagine the teens would be locked out of Mature sims… so what is the problem… let him play… SL is a wonderful opportunity to explore your creative side… Jumpy uses sex as his yard stick (pun intended)but along the way he has developed many skills and encouraged those around him to develop theirs to.

    So there !

  22. corona Anatine

    Jan 26th, 2009


  23. bubblesort

    Jan 26th, 2009

    Either Jumpman has lost it, this is a fake, or maybe exile just mellowed him out a bit. It doesn’t sound like the old Jumpy I remember.

    He can be obnoxious if you take him too seriously, but he’s hilarious if you just relax a bit (this interview doesn’t reflect that very well). Jumpy was one of my favorite characters in SL.

    Good to have ya back, dude!

  24. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 26th, 2009

    @ sillie I have havent i lol. but onl theones on my friendlist get to know alla that! the rest are just the crowd! i dont do it for them! i’m playin to an audience of kangs! (even if i have to make em all up in my head!)

  25. We

    Jan 26th, 2009

    Oh I forgot about that guy.

    Reminds me a lot of Brucie from Grand Theft Auto 4. The guy who thinks he’s the absolute shit, but never quite manages to understand that he’s a complete joke to everyone else.

    Yeah, we’re all laughing WITH you Jumpman.

  26. CW Finesmith

    Jan 27th, 2009

    Since you all mention it, I have known Jump for a while too. Those of us who know him have an ongoing love/hate relationship with him, but recognize his value and example. Is it about Porn? Here in the Great Hedonistic Society so much is in one way or another. But deeper down, SL separates those that pursue a goal tenaciously, from those that only play with little responsibility. Those who Excel and Create, from those that would suck the life out of the next person they meet. I admire his good traits, I curse his shortcomings. I could say that about any friend or enemy. Beyond that, he does inspire some to be the best they can be; that is of real value. That much I aspire to do as well.
    Back to Porn. Seems to me Porn made the internet what it has become, and technology is on the horizon that will make it even more so. That in turn has driven things like Moore’s Law as much as any other factor, driving the advance of technology that entertains us. My own business benefits from SL. It will in the future. And it benefits from people like Jumpman Lane.

  27. 99.9% of AVs in SL

    Jan 27th, 2009

    Never heard of him? me either, or for that mater 99.9% of the other AVs in SL.

  28. Sophia~

    Jan 27th, 2009


    “@ sophia we aint sex educatin nobody! we brinigin out HOES! All spit shined and sparkled up to glitter and glow full bright in windlight! See sex (read porn) generates over 50% of ALL internet revenues.”

    Ok that explains a lot then. So the lindens are all so happy to accommodate your desires to continue to do what again? I’m so happy for you.

    Your daughter Annie IM’d me in world and told me to leave you alone. Anyone else who commented get an IM from her? hehe. I don’t think I have to do anything. Your going to do it all on your own.

    Good luck pal and may the force be with you! This is all so entertaining.


  29. Sophia~

    Jan 27th, 2009

    Well..after giving this some thought and I’ve spoken to my husband. My first second cousin third removed from the last. but its ok. Your right Dam it!

    But it has to be soft porn. I’ve got my actors lined up. got my fingers crossed. I might just make a dime on this too.

    This economy sucks and the service on SL sucks for now so why not suck at something your good at.

    I get it now! Thanks Jumpman!


  30. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 27th, 2009

    @sophia hehehe anneh told me. she said something like they r callin u a fag and some bitch named sophia wrote a BOOK! lol
    i hope she didnt just tellya to stfu!
    @cw love/hate sums up how most of meh pals see me. but i see what you see in sl and Philip Linden sees in sl and that keeps me trudging forward. LOL i got no real problems with LL caws bottom line I LIKE SECOND LIFE.
    @99.9 WITHOUT THE JOKES LOL i think ur numbers are WAY off and have been for a while lol

  31. Archie

    Jan 28th, 2009

    looking for some wit and interest, I read his interview.

    What a jerkwad.


  32. The Bitch Is Back

    Jan 28th, 2009

    JumpFAG LAME is more like it. He must have had the hardest time putting those sentences together. Every time I have herd this retard speak it’s usually incoherent and/or hard to understand the dribbling shit that comes out of his dick sucking mouth. Coolest guy in Second Life? Biggest Tool in Second Life is more like it.

    The best thing for you to do is to Abuse Report this gaping asshole avatar as much as possible, and his 20+ alts. He seems to flip a fucking nut whenever he gets banned. It’s fucking hilarious watching this “turd” muncher get serious….only because he can’t put a full sentence together.

  33. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 28th, 2009

    @Aya Pelous (aka the bitch is back) I know it’s you you bitch! You are worse than Govi Callisto! hehehehehe. I know itsa you by the VENOM. My foot in ya crack leaves a mark lol.

    @Archeh who even says jerkwad any more. Grandpappy!

  34. Sunny

    Jan 28th, 2009

    I knew this guy was a poser – accused him of it long ago – he denied it – yet now he proves it with this interview.

  35. Professor C

    Jan 28th, 2009

    Wow. This guy is more of a bitch then my girlfriend. Can someone put him out of our misery? I think that would be called justifiable homicide.

    Go on get banned again we don’t need or want you. Or maybe the children do.

    You know if you are into sex beds so much I can give you one. Could be fun to watch you fail at fucking too.

  36. Aya Pelous

    Jan 29th, 2009

    It wasn’t me, I don’t believe in hiding under a false name. If I feel the need to comment, which I am now, I would have done so already. But I do agree that you are a gaping asshole.

    Also, if you were to put your foot in my “crack” or ass, I would have shit on it by now.

  37. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 29th, 2009

    @ sunneh Fuck ya! BE somebody then somebody might knwo who the fuck u is! Posin as WHAT! I made my name. I’m Jumpman Lane. And I’m THE FUCKIN MAN on this grid.

    @ prof c you aint got no girlfriend. and i got plenty of sex beds and plenty of pix fulla poseball sex WIN! Why we gotta magazine to share that shit with the world!

    @ Aya Pelous (who still sux hairy nut sax!) see here u lil flippa dick hooker trick. if you were such a bad as joker, ya simple silly ass would NOT have gotten on like ya were shit on the last time ya dragged ya busted ass avi ova to Cherry Boom’s schlepin around for a job! When they see meh they run! You tell meh who won. Pump fake for these pussies in the Herald comments all u want. WE KNOW how ya scared ass get down for real for motherfuckin real.

  38. We

    Jan 29th, 2009

    Jumpman Lane, do you take Shark Testosterone? I hear that shrivels your balls.

  39. Professor C

    Jan 29th, 2009


    Okay? Dipshit did you read a WORD of what you just typed? You are talking to me now boy. I have a higher standard that people must attend to when they converse with me.

    If you think that your pathetic excuse for an insult of ‘you aint got no girlfriend’ is going to insult anyone you are out of your mind. You sound like a newbie twink moron that needs to make a magazine to have any chance of getting laid. In fact I would bet that you need this little magazine for you to have something to stroke that pencil dick of yours.

    You want to come on here and start talking shit? Go back to grade school, THEN come back to me.

    Until then, you ain’t got shit on me. Never have and never will. If you think you are king, you are about to get dethroned and stuffed into the ground to stay.

    Last words on this post? YOU’RE WHITE DAMMIT

  40. Aya Pelous

    Jan 29th, 2009

    Now see those sentences you are putting together are making you sound like a even bigger douche bag. Oh and I love hairy balls, just ask anyone.

  41. Sigmund Leominster

    Jan 30th, 2009

    Jumpy’s back! Second Life’s master mangler of the English language is a thing of beauty and a joy forever – well, to himself at least. I look forward to seeing Slut Magazine because I never got the chance to see it before despite promises of its existence.

    I think creating a porn magazine is absolutely the right thing for Jumpy because he doesn’t have to write anything more than “Dumplings Bendover loves butt sex and baby oil” or “Natasha Fullthighs wants to help starving children, bring world peace, and fuck 20 avatars at once.”

    Welcome back Jumpy – sorry I didn’t notice you were gone.

  42. Dez

    Jan 30th, 2009

    This Jumpman guy might be rivaled in destroying the English language by non other than Steve319 Cao.

  43. Jahar Aabye

    Jan 30th, 2009

    Dear Mr. Lane,

    It appears that having seen such terms as “moar,” “lulz,” and “I can haz” on websites such as this, you have come to the conclusion that proper English spelling and grammar are of little concern to most people. Unfortunately, the truth is that most people are intentionally misspelling common words as a form of humor, whereas I fear that you may actually be under the impression that the second person possessive really is spelled “ur.”

    Real pornographic magazine publishers are acutely aware that as literary figures, proper spelling and grammar are of the utmost importance. If you actually aspire to be anything more than a glorified pimp with a camera, it would behoove you to wait until you pass your next 8th grade spelling test before continuing to write publicly.

    Also, people who say things like “rules are for the weak” are ironically the same people in Real Life who expect to be protected by those pesky little rules that say that beating the living crap out of someone is a felony. The only people who truly dislike rules are people who have nothing of value to contribute to society, and thus no real reason to value society’s rules.

    Have fun in SecondLife. I’m glad to see that your parents were nice enough to install Broadband internet in the basement for you.

  44. Creamy Cooljoke

    Jan 30th, 2009

    Never heard of him….what is cool about him?? Someone enlighten me because I can’t see it. – I reckon this guy and all the self professed ‘cool guys/kings of SL’ will be rubbing their hands together with glee at the influx of sex craved ‘retards’ who watched that TV show. *rolls eyes*

  45. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 30th, 2009

    @ professor c: heheheheheheheh Shit white don’t mean dorky, geeky, soft or small time squishy! not where i’m from.

    @aya pelous u dunna have to tell meh how much ya love hairy nut sax. everybody knows that shit! Quit listening to ur douche bags and throw them yuck-nasty thangs away and you might be all right! You stink bitch! HAHHAHAHHAHAHAH!
    @Siggy the bitch! I saw ur soft squishy bitch ass on sl bloggers. you know everything but a lil hmtl? get ya profile together. and MONY missed meh!

    @dez this cao guy sounds like a real man-o-letters

    @jahh=ha-ha-who-the-hell=evesa I, the great Jumpman Lane, have never credited internet meme’s of ANY sort (except for the juggarnaught , bitch) and have taken great pains to creat my own persona, mine own locutions, p[ackegaed it up and present it to the world as something we at Slut Mag Inc™ refer to as Lane Style™ . keep ya eyes wide peeled.

    Pretty Cooljoke how does one sescribe the bottom of a tennis shoe to an ant. Meybe the insect should just FEEL it!

  46. Professor C

    Jan 31st, 2009


    Okay kid. Evidently in this battle of wits you are entirely unarmed. Most of these posts you are tossing up seem to be nothing more than Grammar School quality. I am waiting for you to call someone a ‘Doo Doo Head’ just for the laughs. I suppose then you are exactly what is referred to in business as the ‘Least Intellectual Consumer’ but then again we already established that.

    I am mildly pleased that you started using punctuation when speaking with me so I have to commend you for having one or two brain cells still working. Though what they are doing is entirely beyond me because immediately after, you started in with non nonsensical teen text babble. You have a full entire keyboard at your disposal. USE IT.

    I have to actually say that I am running out of insults to throw at you. Not because you don’t deserve them but because there are only so many ways you can say that you are a total waste. The cesspool you need to crawl back into is to your left. Have a nice day.

  47. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jan 31st, 2009

    King of Secondlife? Never heard of him.

  48. Jumpman Lane

    Feb 1st, 2009

    @professor chump LET THEM NUT HAIRS GO!

    @Alix or whhareva the fuck ya call ya self this week! Carry it how u wanna carry it but unless ur dumb ass was afk the other day i was lurkin ova @ woodbury that WASNT YOU with that trick with the busted ass avi sittin on ya lap!

  49. Professor C

    Feb 1st, 2009

    @ Jumpman Lane

    But you don’t have any nut hairs. With the way you talk I doubt you have reached puberty. I mean look at you. You can’t type, you don’t speak professionally. You can’t think you can’t even act like a player. A real player wouldn’t be caught dead using text shortcuts. Are you sitting there trying to type and having to search all over the keyboard for the letters? Or are you just too lazy?

    I think it’s that I am intimidating you and thinking circles around you so you are resorting to simple insults to throw back at me. This only shows an exceptional lack of intelligence on your part. Also a lack of imagination and comprehension. So it can only be concluded that your skank magazine is not worth it to see as it contains no real content.

  50. We

    Feb 1st, 2009

    I would insult him more, but I think he likes it.

    The kinda sad individual who is so seeking attention that he does stupid shit like declare himself “the coolest man on the grid”, respond to (almost) every insult on the Herald against him with goading “MORE MORE OH GOD PLEASE MORE!” replies, and launch personal wars against Lindens for the sake of “Look at me! Please please LOOK AT ME!”.

    Just another attention-whoring troll.

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