Nicholas Mafia Website RickRolled!

by Alphaville Herald on 19/02/09 at 8:20 am

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

The Nicholas Mafia's web site has apparently been compromised and now redirects to the always popular RickRoll'D video on YouTube. The Herald was alerted to this late last night when the comment spam grew at an unusual rate with comments on various Nicholas mafia stories all coming from an author named "NICHmafiaISDAlaughingSTOCKofSL".

The Nicholas Mafia has previously claimed responsibility for taking the notorious PN griefers web site offline with a DDoS attack, so this may be the latest episode in an on-going battle between an SL-based mafia and an SL-based griefing group. Apparently the griefer gang war meta-game is now being played both inside and outside of Second Life.

The Google cache still holds the previous version of the mafia's web page.


In any case, it is safe to say that the Nicholas Mafia are no strangers to love, you know the rules, and so do I…

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    you LULZaPOORluzas

  2. Nicholas Mafia

    Feb 19th, 2009

    This is a hilarious claim, you see…I redirected it to Rickroll all our visitors…but nice…LOL

  3. Nicholas Mafia

    Feb 19th, 2009

    Oh and at NICHmafiaISDAlaughingSTOCKofSL aka Zito Carpaccio aka Anthony Amato.

    Enjoy the treats to come.

    Much love.

  4. sylauxe

    Feb 19th, 2009

    Rickrolling? Honestly? Are you people ever original? It’s been run into the ground, do something new for once in your lives.

  5. Stephie Dawes

    Feb 19th, 2009

    Yet more fail from the little e-mafia. First they claim they DDoS’d the PN website when it wasn’t them, then they “raid” Woodbury with nothing but cubes with their little logo on it on a one-day-old alt (cool balls, bro), and now when they get attacked back, they tuck their tail and claim that it was on purpose so their puny 10-year-old egos don’t get bruised.


  6. Professor C

    Feb 19th, 2009

    @ NICHmafiaISDAlaughingSTOCKofSL

    Well Played Sir. My hats off to you and this one. I find it amusing that the Mafia is taking this and trying to claim your identity. It is rather amusing as hell to me.

    I wish you well in these endeavors and ask that future battles be posted out here.

    @ Nicholas Mafia

    Do me a favor and pick one way or the other. You can’t claim you did it then point out who the one that did it to you was someone else. Schizophrenic much?

  7. Nicholas Mafia

    Feb 19th, 2009

    @ Processor C

    You mean point out that he claimed it? ROFL my god, funny how a simple thing like redirecting the nosey to a RickRoll turns into people thinking it was compromised…congratulations on the assumptions, it amuses us.

    Keep up with the crying, the fact remains that nothing was compromised. NICHmafiaISDAlaughingSTOCKofSL can’t even maintain his own website let alone compromise anyone elses rofl.

  8. GreatGigantor

    Feb 19th, 2009

    Awe, Nicholas Mafia doesn’t enjoy my little work on there website?
    ohoho, If your website wasn’t so fucking bare bones, the MD5 Hash to admin controls would of been easy to get..

    QQ moar Nicholas and try to find an excuse again…


  9. GreatGigantor

    Feb 19th, 2009

    @ NicholasMafia
    Its funny when someone else takes credit for something that never happened isn’t it…
    Very lulzy.
    Kind of like how you RP Fags took credit for the DDOS that happened on our website, That took over a million botnets to do.
    But your “RP” Mafia claimed to do it…LOL
    Without google, no one in your “mafia” could tell anyone what a botnet even is.
    You kids are epic failures

  10. Nicholas Mafia

    Feb 19th, 2009

    @ GreatGigantor

    If that were true, which it isn’t…then howcome the everything is working so smoothly in the ACTUAL content section of the website?

    ROFL what pathetic claims, back to momma’s basement you go.

  11. Chairman Chieng

    Feb 19th, 2009

    The Chairmen have spoken, and it was hilarious.

  12. GreatGigantor

    Feb 19th, 2009

    Once again since Herald isn’t posting messages in the correct order.

    Isnt it funny when someone post’s shit that never happened.
    Like that when RP Nicholas wanted to take credit for the DDOS that you kids could have never done…
    You kids couldnt even tell anyone what a basic botnet is without google.

    Back to the “RP” Business Nicholas

  13. Nicholas Mafia

    Feb 19th, 2009

    @ GreatGigantor

    Congratulations on admitting to it being fake, it’s the first thing you have spouted which has been true, as for the rest of your comment…I’m wondering if you are trying to convince me? Or yourself?

    FrizzleFry just yesterday attempted the exact same shenanigans with trying to convince himself of what believes to be true.

    Good day :D

  14. mootykips

    Feb 19th, 2009


    hahahahaha go eat some e-calzones you fatty

  15. Can't Hardly Wait

    Feb 19th, 2009

    alot of people have waited an awful long time for what’s about to happen NEXT!


  16. GreatGigantor

    Feb 19th, 2009

    Lmao. Naw just the fact that you wanna tell yourselves that you guys are epic winnars and can DDOS, and Redirected the page on purpose.
    its epic, srsly.
    Nicholas, go back to your “RP” Business, no one cares how you guise “ohoho Took over another RP Mafia”

    kids these days

  17. NOT_PN_anonymous_FRY

    Feb 19th, 2009

    Error!————————-Could not locate remote server

    You tried to access the address,
    which is currently unavailable.
    Please make sure that the Web address
    (URL) is correctly spelled and punctuated,
    then try reloading the page.

    Make sure your Internet connection is active
    and check whether other applications
    that rely on the same connection are working.

  18. SonOfGreatGigantor

    Feb 20th, 2009

    >If that were true, which it isn’t…then howcome the everything is working so smoothly in the ACTUAL content section of the website?
    >ROFL what pathetic claims, back to momma’s basement you go.

    @Nicholas Mafia
    What website? What actual content?What in that miniscule clump of greymatter are you talking about thats RUNNING SO SMOOTHLY?
    You LULZ us to sleep with your lame brain excuses and never ending rants.
    Why don’t you try to DDOS our site again peasant.Make it happen for all the internets to see there sport. Snap those frail little digits you call fingers and make it happen.
    Just like that!Come on. DO IT!

  19. “…notorious PN griefers web site offline with a DDoS attack,”

    No, they didn’t do that. The botnet used to attack our webhost was in the millions, which these kiddies couldn’t buy even by maxing out their parent’s credit cards.

  20. RoFLKOPTr

    Feb 20th, 2009


    Why would we retaliate for something that they obviously didn’t have the resources or knowledge to do?

    Although I lol’d at NM’s new site, the Patirotic Negroes(*) had nothing to do with this. Nice job being a journalist, Pixeleen, you’re well on your way to being promoted to delivery boy.

    (*) Get rid of that wordfilter that blocks mention of us… the only time a post gets more than 5 comments is when it’s about us anyway, so what the fuck.

  21. GreatGigantor

    Feb 20th, 2009

    Website is Gone…
    We will miss the RP Mafia, HUR HUR.


    Feb 20th, 2009

    “Was looking for Nicholas Mafia Website. What happen to it?”

    Damn, its gone buh buh

    OMG, that shit is funny…..

    Thanks PN :-D

  23. bellacarlosisfat

    Feb 20th, 2009

    @ roflmaooo – you arent welcome, bella carlos (in game). the pn consider your typing in all caps to be self pwnage. and whats up with the typing haha a shit ton of times?

  24. Stay Tuned!

    Feb 20th, 2009

    Stay Tuned Y’all! It gets even better!

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  26. Espanolo Negroe

    Feb 21st, 2009

    My fellow PN, can we stop endulging these RP faggots trying to piggyback on our fame. they prance around in SL pretending they’re in the Sopranos, you cant get any sadder than them.

    Also Soviet of PN is a diaperfur and a spy, we need to kick him out

  27. Chairman Chieng

    Feb 21st, 2009

    @Espanolo Negroe

    The fact you addressed ‘“My fellow PN, can we stop endulging these RP faggots trying to piggyback on our fame. Also Soviet of PN is a diaperfur and a spy, we need to kick him out”’ as such, proves your lack of experience in provoking paranoia in groups of people. First off, know your enemy. If you had done this you would know that any PN member who is in it for the e-fame would be dropped out of the group extremely fast, as our ultimate goal is purely for our own self entertainment. Moreover, with all these eye sores for facts sticking out in plain, it sight leads me to suspect you to be, a furry sympathetic to the mafia group, some random second life user sympathetic to them, or just one of the mafia groups members themselves. Either I don’t really care, but yet found it amusing. Oh yea, endulging =/= indulging.

  28. dick burns

    Feb 21st, 2009


  29. Sarm Hussein, co-founder of the trollan turbans

    Feb 21st, 2009


  30. FrizzleFry101

    Feb 23rd, 2009

    I just realized this article existed.

    And yea, roleplay families, ect, I just derpsharklaugh.wav when I hear about them, I just end up thinking of that goofy lenseflair-covered logo image from the first article.


    Yes I’m sure the “nichola mafia” intentionally tore their site down and it’s all part of their master plan to roleplay as eachother’s fathers, mothers and sisters.

    Really now, you should of taken a half hour to think your story over first, it would of paid off for the time you wouldn’t be able to spend spazming in the comments. After reading the first 2 “nicholas mafia” comments I just rolled my eyes and stopped bothering, it’s just stupid and embarrassing on their part.


    Feb 24th, 2009

    these mafia groups are about as good as the “police” that run around the sandboxes.

  32. cap'n'crunch

    Feb 24th, 2009

    when dey aint hidin on dair nichtard simcluster(f^ck) dey hang out at baller city an word is dey b’comin frien’ly like wid da diapr’d furfags even soo much dey wear furry getups demselves

  33. Rag Tag

    Feb 28th, 2009

    I swear there is more censorship here then in the Battalion Newspaper I let the geeks run for fun. I didnt censor shit.Well I got important news Marine Sniper is not Zito! Yes Road Map I was at Hard Rock Cafe Super Bowl Weeekend as well by the Pirate ship! I cant beleive with you being a Young Republican you resort to the antics you do.Do you and Ape and Cal not thank the Feds Monitor this? Oh BTW Ape my account was down 20% this morning. Raine aka Cal I saw you tonight on this women femine cream commercial wtg! You and Road Map will be hearing the crying game playing over and over in your head when you find out who has a Capt Winky!

    Pix why do you not let us have our bashing of things we know to be true? Its not like we tell where people live or real names. My Intel network is bigger then any of these wanna be hackers. I couldnt hack my way out of a wet paper bag but I know things!I cant do that but none of these turds can hack my system either.

    I am curious is the staff here in China? Thats one of few commie places in the world today.I know if my Post stop coming I am sure the people here wouldnt mind competition. Only cost ya a web page and write about how fat people really ar in life. The truth!

    oh BTW I talked to Vito today he is in Maui sipping Coloda’s!

    We are larger then life! We are LTD!

  34. FuckYOUnigga

    Aug 1st, 2009

    Wow, this some bull shit.I’m the one always to get banned every other week, I have no problem with this mafia but it piss me off that lindens stay on my dick and they never bother to go to them. They get reported numerous times, if you got something I don’t got when it comes to bann you should let somebody know. this is some fucking bull shit.FUCKING STUPID LINDENS GIVE ME MY FUCKING ACCOUNT BACK.

  35. DoomyDoomofDoomy

    Nov 1st, 2010

    LMFAO, its true…….your down and your dns is almost for sale. PN and GOONS win. Thanks for fistfucking prickless mafia, I think we have all tired of the lies, mind games and continuous attempts to take credit for others brilliant work. Your not dev’s, your not a mafia and your certainly lack backbone and balls…….i guess its time to reinvent your life or just kill yourself. But by all means take your time thrash around a little moar i get a kick out of how arrogant and incompetent you are, and it makes sure you get set back a long long ways so your cardboard box greifer faggotry, and lies are not seen again. I hope the shame kills you

  36. gunmaker_guardian

    Nov 7th, 2010

    hey guyz :) its me :) both of u igniter and nicholas”mafia” are full of shit if u did iether of what each other accuses each other of saying… its propaganda.. im the one who used my own coding skills to enhance the lower orbit ion cannon, as well as other powefull source codes orignally derived from a certain code spider :) and ill give u a link to a virus infested version of a precompiled one if u want .. should dday occur.. use rapidsearch for “loic.exe”. i call myself the code locker and gun maker because thats what i do. if you ever wondered why wnent out of business? well, it was a joint effort that i first got permission for all u goofy buddies out there to the fbi :) that u could fire away.. and secondly, on a certain month of last year i fired my laser in THREE colors :)
    red hot:: straight from my pc to a unkown amount of bots i modified loic.exe to ;) and broke a hackers world record of 20 million packets per second(i swapped types on occasion) from a single pc
    the other color was
    solid ruby(and some mice on a wire :) : i used secondlife itself to launch a mail bomb if impossible proportions, and a vessel i liked to call “sand fleas”, you sea i came to realize the pn was stupid enough to have an email address system within their domain(this was just the first wave… fyi) imagine a self replicating nanoscopic black dot, that was physical bouyant and moved with the wind. find a water connected sim.. such as one of my old hangouts known as rizal :) ( still go there if im testing epic things.. fyi).. and then unleashing them there. the flout to the surface… an quickly out of the sim. oh yeah and btw sorry.. the reason for the 100 emails per sim per user limit is me xD.
    the final attack was inworld upon the infested woodbury ‘school’ of humorous people.. also known as 4chan server(or #### ####;’s as i like to call them) where they had hidden underground maze of extreme gay stupidity… they actually had super giant gold textures statue of a African american(im not racist btw) with a salute an an erect dick.[ i immediately commenced an premature attack on this sim(and got temporarily ip banned for not using stealth..) it had to go...] using the roman orbis source code{a perma sim crasher that is black listed..( i have more than 3 copies of it so ask for “gunmaker” if u need to make use of .. my services :) that i optomized to bypass the blacklist.. and increase the weapon strength several hundred fold >:) and shot it in their sim a couple thousand times. my work was done there :) color of that laser is light blue,, fyi :)

  37. gunmaker

    Dec 18th, 2014

    just an update im alive and running perfectly fine in secondlife, unbannable thank you very much swortsfagger admins ;)

    secondife has respawned there website after 3000$ of server damage authorized by the fbi of course, after 9 months of (holy shit we cant find this guy! (BRAHAHAHAH!!!! BRRHAHAHAAA!!!)) they came back

    im literally waiting for them to move an inch cause its the same exact dns aaa name.ergo theres nothing stoping me from simply rezzing my bundles of joy and letting secondlife ‘defend’ itself :)

    as for 4chan.. meh well truth is ive been lazy and bounces around on crap nets! with a new house of perment solitude, lets call it anti-hacker-ra , i will be firing 8 gigbyates per second from a single computer.

    dear pn your to short to reach this.. frustrated?
    ps washu dama where the fruuk are you.

    spoofing all the way hoe hoe hoe :)

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