Whacks Website!!!

by Alphaville Herald on 02/03/09 at 8:06 am

Abuse reports lead to Nicholas Mafia website suspension

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Ego and pride are an essential parts of the SL mafia lifestyle – and rival gangs are quick to take credit for any misfortune that might befall their enemies. This could explain why an “associate” of the Nicholas mafia was eager to contact the Herald to set the record straight on the story of a rickrolled mafia website – a story the Herald was tipped to by an apparent enemy of the mafia – NICHmafiaISDAlaughingSTOCKofSL.
Not only was the Nicholas mafia representative eager to explain how rickrolling the site was an intentional ploy by the mafia to grief visitors, he and went on to explain how their domain name went missing, supplied documentation of’s suspension of the site and DNS name, and explained why the Nicholas mafia feels justified in going far outside SL gameplay to publish detailed personal documentation in an effort to defend their women from unwanted attention of rival SL mafia members. It must be very special to be a mafia wife.

This strange tale took a turn toward the bizzare hours after the Herald broke the rickrolled mafia web site story, when the site began displaying detailed personal contact information on what many believe to be the real life typist behind Zito Corleone – an enemy of the Nicholas mafia. Not long after this development, the Nicholas mafia’s web site became unreachable. Mafia and griefer groups speculated – had an enemy gang taken over the site?

Over the course of several days, I was able to piece together a series of interviews with a Nicholas associate who claims the real problem was the GoDaddy domain name registration service and their abuse report process. The Nicholas mafia also claims to be able to take another gang’s web site down on demand within three minutes – a denial of service attack that led to abuse reports with GoDaddy. The associate – who wishes to remain unnamed – also shed some light on the cause of the bad blood between the Nicholas gang and Zito Corleone – and how Nicholas will take their game to extremes in defense of their women.

The 187 gang

 nicholas associate:  i take out the 187 website whenever i want within 3 minutes on my own
 pixeleen mistral: and this explains why 1-8-7 is mad at you guys

 nicholas associate:   well no
  187 are mad because we have raped them constantly for 3 years
  they have been hacked, raided, taken over, RL info blasted all over SL, pictures
  you name it
  they have been raped by it
  the website was actually retaliation for them trying to email spam us
  They failed horribly and send 93 emails to a spam filter
  so i took the website out
  and anyone who doesn't believe I can do it, within 3 minutes of them asking, I will simply do it again
  I have taken it down for days on end
  with great ease


NICHmafiaISDAlaughingSTOCKofSL, Zito Corleone, and defending mafia women

nicholas associate: he isnt so anonymous
  its Zito Corleone
  that guy
  thats why i plastered his information
  he cried to godaddy that he was being sent mass faxes and being called non stop because of the information being posted
  I've heard of in world abuse reporting, but RL abuse reporting?
  But anyway, GoDaddy just asked that we move the domain to another company, so I did
  Need to move the content onto new servers too

pixeleen mistral: GoDaddy is notorious for caving in to abuse reports btw – I did some research
nicholas associate:   Yeah I spoke in depth with the guy on the phone
  He told me all about it
  And about the phonecall they recieved

pixeleen mistral: anyway – thanks for the update.
nicholas associate:   But he will suffer
  I hope he likes take-away

 pixeleen mistral: uh oh
 nicholas associate:   I hear his general area have mounds of take away services
  I also loved his answer machine messages after hacking his voicemail

 pixeleen mistral: you guys take your gameplay to a whole new level – don't you think this is a bit over the top?
 nicholas associate:   We are retaliating for similar actions on his part
  He was in love with one of our members you see
  He would harass her at work
  Call her up
  Leave messages
  Threaten to tell her bosses stuff about her

 pixeleen mistral: ic
 nicholas associate:   All due to his infatuation, then he started it with another member
  Calling their RL work
  So we are making things even

 pixeleen mistral: that RL phone call stuff is just creepy
 nicholas associate:   Yeah, he took it there
  So we will do one better
  But really he is just a toy
  I really did love how 3 groups all tried to take credit for something that GoDaddy did
  I also love how they grief Cinda Valentino and claim they hit us
  As if she is anything to do with us

Domain name registration services, abuse reports, and Harry Linden

nicholas associate:   I could get you a screenshot of the "suspended" account
pixeleen mistral: that works for me

nicholas associate:  GoDaddy are like the LL of hosting services
  They get their panties in a bunch if you do anything mean
  That's why I am going to move everything over to WhoIs.Com

pixeleen mistral: some people claim GoDaddy has bad customer service
nicholas associate:   Well, I didn't have any issue with them being helpful with responses, but the abuse team are retarded
  I was on the phone with them around 4 times in total from them complaining
  We were suspended twice before
  This time they told us we had to move our service
  We were the talk of the team last time, when I got on the phone with regular customer services they asked if I was owner of and said they thought it was funny what we had done, and called our DoS method as "genius"
  But the abuse team were cocksuckers, I swear every company that has an abuse team hate nicholas mafia
  Harry is the president of the We Hate Nicholas club
  Until 3 days ago, you could see a message from Nicholas to Harry Linden over our sims

 pixeleen mistral: I saw that
 nicholas associate:   We had giant lettering over the sim, showing HI HARRY! on the world map
  I bet that pissed him off
  Every time I made a new avatar and went to the sim, I would get logged out within seconds
  But he can suck my cock, I log in with a proxy now which shows my location as within the USA
  So I'm safe now, clean slate

48 Responses to “ Whacks Website!!!”

  1. LOL

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    can the residents of SL get any more pathetic?

  2. George Zimmer, Founder and CEO of Men's Warehouse

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    Clearly the stupid e-drama hit critical mass and violently exploded.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled bouncing dicks and screaming rape cubes.

  3. godiddy i call bs

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    Can these stories get any more gay on the A.H? Now the mafia kiddies are balling about twisted love stories and what?protection?. lololololol Lets hear from Valentino, Zito, 187 and Bella. hell lets hear from Harry Linden himself, that should interesting reading. this story is fraught with bullshit. typical. anyone thats maintained a website knows the complaint process doesnt work like that with phone calls and such. and arent most these nicholas mafia stories self absorbed bullshit anyway? Who is this nicholas associate and why don’t you reveal their avatar name Pix? afraid it would reveal too much information for Harry? twisted jaded love stories, ROFL now the Herald has turned into soap opera digest. I vote for this nicholas “associate” to be the next post 6 grrrrl.

  4. We

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    I wonder if there’s a name for this private little fantasy world that it seems all members of the Nicholas Mafia reside in, where all attacks are something they’ve done, where all attacks against them are pathetic or “done by them themselves”, or where an abuse report CSR would say that a DoS attack by a half-baked retard like this was “Genius”.

    I mean, just about all members of the Nicholas mafia have shown themselves to be delusional as fuck in regards to their own grandeur, so I’m wondering if they’re required to get a lobotomy upon joining or what?

  5. Professor C

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    And the quality of the Herald goes right down the tubes. Does anyone really care about any of this other than the people this was written about?

    In short, No. In long Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

    The looks of this article are about as pathetic as … well I really can’t think of anything more pathetic than a bunch of children trying to act important and superior to everyone else on the grid just because they have formed a group and called it a Mafia.

    There are far bigger groups in Second Life that have far more influence than these. How about we get this place to start talking about decent things that happen on the grid instead of this pathetic crap.

    So was any of this article worth it?

    In short. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (Yes I do watch Yahtzee why thank you)

    Oh and … In before Jumpman Lane talks about himself being so much better than the Mafia.

  6. HI HARRY! what the ****?

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    You put HI HARRY over your sim to wave howdy at Harry Linden? LMAO. Is this the kind of stuff pixel hackers do now in SL? LMAO even harder! You poor child. How old are you? 12, 13? You must be so awfully pathetic to GO THAT FAR in Second Life and risk everything you big risk taker you! SpongeBob or iCarly much? ROFLMAO! I agree with LOL’s comment, “Pathetic”. We should count how many times “pathetic” shows up in the blog responses on this one. See if it breaks any records. /me *smirks*

  7. lol

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    God, if I were them, I’d be embarrassed by these chatlogs. Seriously, they come across like a bunch of 12 year old kids.

  8. O.o

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    Uhm… Has anyone called Jerry Springer in on this yet?

  9. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    cool story bro

  10. Stephie Dawes

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    I have yet to see any of these “mafia members” post with proper grammar and spelling. Like lol said, they all sound like they’re 12-13 years old.

  11. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    i’m down with the mafiosi i think thy are cool. only u suck corsi, i mean prof c. u bitch u!

  12. cookie

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    I’m glad to see a fan of zero punctuation in the comments here,and at the same time saddened to see my favorite tabloid dying like this.Before the herald was so bad-it was good…now it’s just bad…what a pitty…

  13. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    fall dead cookie u dont run nothin around here u ho!

  14. Rag Tag

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    I thank its funny how someone posted things here under another name and the Santa Claus Mafia thanks its Zito. I personaly know 3 of those hammerheads have gotten personal info on people and used it. They try and make SL as the World Turns. Lol I would give em my number to see if they could hack my messages. Thats bullshit. I will tell you one thing those post about Roiad Map,Ape and Porno man wasnt from Zito. I am laughing my ass off at them now. LOL with what there doing Road Map isnt advising them well. I hope they like wearing orange and eating slop.

  15. QueenBe

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    Wow, it’s creepy to think of some of the things, nicholas sit and think about, “manic depressive” creepy. “False Delusions of Grandeur” is very consistent with being “manic depressive”.

    They, individually, sit all day in one room with 7 different pc’s running simultaneously, each on 25 alts, making the Linden’s Billionaires by personally Ruling and Running NOTHING.

    I am sure “HARRY” was elated to see his NAME on the SIMS, he actually OWN. And, he laughs every time he heads to the REAL LIFE BANK, to finance his REAL LIFE with the proceeds from monthly tiers, compliments of the Nicholass goons.

    (The stuff the “associate” nicholass says is just asinine and don’t make any sense)

    N E wayz…..

    Back to authentic mafia;

    You put a SL hit on a nic brod: *the “road map’s bitch” and all her alts*
    Action: They vanish * Poof – Forever gone from the grid*
    Results: Victory for you – Check Mate – Game Over

    I am DONE spending my time on the Nic group.
    No need to. I accomplished what I wanted. :-)


    I can only imagine the “Tale” they will come up with to explain
    lalalalalalalalalalalalalalllalalalalala’s sudden vanishing from the grid,
    only to “remake” and go UNDERGROUND due to “FEAR”. Whatever it is, they can tell it to someone who “give a phuck”, because I don’t. I know what happen, therefore, I won’t be back to hear their FAKE version of the truth in regards anything else.

    I am HAPPILY Living Nicholass FREE

    ciao :-)

  16. Mr 1-8-7

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    hmm……….since when did 187 take credit for taking down some pathetic site ….now u did go to the bother taking the 187 site down….for all of 10 minutes *WHICH IN THAT 10 MINUTES A LEADER OF NICHOLAS INFORMED ME*THNX*……claps hands…..QUICK FIX =) i got told about this and excuse me i had to think yourself big in anyway is just pure comedy NICHOLAS MAFIA ARM CHAIR PRODUCING YOU TUBE DIRECTORS,FORMED BY THE ELITE NOSE PICKING CREW OF SL

  17. Godaddy

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    Don’t fuk wiv da daddy.

  18. FrizzleFry101

    Mar 2nd, 2009

    Wow, this is like watching the three stooges.

    >nicholas associate: But he will suffer
    >I hope he likes take-away

    Suffer the horrors of free delicious food, that’s pretty hardcore, you should also call and ask about about his refrigerator. Also your “women” are balding men like Meta Linden, deal with it, nerds.

  19. Professor C

    Mar 3rd, 2009

    @Jumpman Lane

    Are you running out of things to troll or are you actually a part of one of these little groups? I’ll be willing to bet you are. I would also bet you are underage for definite with the way you keep acting and carrying on, using the literacy skills of a grape. And you are supposed to own a magazine? I hope you have good editors/translators.

  20. anonymous

    Mar 3rd, 2009

    “The looks of this article are about as pathetic as … well I really can’t think of anything more pathetic than a bunch of children trying to act important and superior to everyone else on the grid just because they have formed a group and called it a Mafia.”

    I can. They come from 4 and 7 chan, post regularly in /b/, loooove childporn, and wear afro’s in SL and Habbo Hotel because they somehow think it will make them as cool as Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction.

    Personally, I browse 4chan as well, some good porn and funny shit coming by there. That is, in between the threads where hundreds of posts cry for “moar’ as soon as someone posts a photograph of their 11 year old niece in her uderwear. *throws up in his mouth a little*

    In before /b/tard bawwwwing.

  21. dickburns

    Mar 3rd, 2009


    you failed it.

    /b/ is not pn

    4 and 7 are over run with furries.

    i guess you came close to making a point except that you are horribly misinformed and are using terms like “/b/” and “chans” in reference to the mighty nigras. the places you just admitted to hanging out in are widely known to be houses of furry-fail.

    basically you just admitted to being a furryfaggot and pedo… great job… no wonder you wanted to remain anonymous.

  22. We

    Mar 3rd, 2009

    @ And you are supposed to own a magazine? I hope you have good editors/translators.

    Mind you, it’s a magazine called “Slut Magazine”, I don’t think one purchases a copy of something like that expecting intelligent discourse and literary prowess.

  23. Neo Citizen

    Mar 3rd, 2009

    ‘anonymous’, I can’t think of any way to improve on what you just wrote.

  24. Professor C

    Mar 3rd, 2009

    @ We

    Good Point. And this is Second Life after all. The place people go to because their first life sucks.

  25. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 3rd, 2009

    @corsi prof c whoever: I’m age verified and deep homified witha variety of Lindens :p. both ur lives suck turdball. ur a gay rat in sl. and somebod sent me ur gay warblins on youtube. I’ll link it up bitch! i aint trollin im just commentin like everybody else. all this i bet this i bet that dont change ur queer rodentness :p.
    @we ur wrong and i hae excellent employees and we have freelnacers too like ex avastar employees, a Heralad employee, and a wow modelin contributer. we r gonna be a few days behind caws their crap is so good. waities! We also did a huge layout on Juro Kothari houses. he is afterall the greatest sl architect there ever was. caws we are “mischievous, stimulating, erotic, AND ILLUMINATING” HEHEHEHE if u chumps had a lil gumption to go along with urlil fantasies might make somethin outta ONE of ur lives :p

  26. Stephie Dawes

    Mar 4th, 2009

    @Jumpman Lane:

    You should really save yourself the humiliation and just stop talking. Or off yourself.

  27. We

    Mar 4th, 2009

    I would respond Jumpman, but I’m afraid I don’t speak retard, can you please paraphrase that in English?

  28. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 4th, 2009

    @stephie see here stink bitch. aspire more than to just havin a dick in ya mouth a dick in ya ass a dick in ya pussy and a dick in each hand. wiggle some balls with ya toes. hooker trick. hehehehehehe.
    @ we i was thinkin the same thang about ur post tard! hehehehe. it’s ok. i know u didnt have any kind of response. its what alla that crap u did type mean s :) so in the end YOU remain a chump and i remain Jumpman Lane hehehe WE

  29. General Drama

    Mar 4th, 2009

    I have to say, when one has to comment that the literary skills of /b/tards are a step up from those of some e-mafia, one has to boggle.

  30. Oh Lawd

    Mar 4th, 2009

    @ We
    Can you grow up and not be so second grade?
    God damn the retards and kids now a day’s playing Second Life….

  31. Baron Cuttlesmith von Blogharder, Esqu, MD

    Mar 6th, 2009

    Well well, this thread is more like it. This blog is like a brilliant display of some of the most moronic idiots in SL. Let’s get started.

    Professor C: Welcome to the Herald, the only source of SL Journalism that properly reflects SL, as it focuses on what SL is all about: drama, and stupidity. You and your ageplaying ways are a welcome addition.

    QueenBe: It’s difficult to try to divine just what you are trying to say, but that is only to be expected from an emotion-driven, vapid Blingtard slotcrotch. It is painfully apparent however that you are one of these roleplay mafia halffucks; the sort who tend to think that griefing each other for the honor of their sexual roleplay is worthwhile.

    Jumpman Lane: From your post, it is obvious that you have no command over the English language above that of a middle-school student. This is important, because if you are unable to even organize your thoughts in a rational manner via the written word (where one has the time and ability to structure thoughts more concretely), you have self-imposed mental retardation. If you cannot speak or reason clearly, you are but a street Howler Monkey. This is confirmed by your idiotic claims of power, your childish proclamations of authenticity, and your insults that are so basic and crude they don’t have any chance of making anyone angry, and instead inspire laughter at your failure.

  32. Stephie Dawes

    Mar 6th, 2009

    @Jumpman Lane

    Are you black? No really, I wanna know.

  33. Frosty

    Mar 9th, 2009

    I guess SL has become a haven for faggot ass little white kids to play gangster from the safety of their computer chair, huh?


  34. zitoisanutjob

    Mar 10th, 2009

    it’s hilarious to me such a delusional idiot like zito trolled the PN (who is so disorganized it cant even keep up with what it actually does or what people tell it that it does), engage in a conversation with one zito corleone aka zito carpaccio aka filter72 cobb. you will find that you have been epically trolled by one of the most retarded e-tards imaginable.

  35. Bc13.MakexItxBl33dx

    Mar 12th, 2009

    ROLFLMAO @ all of you
    you claim Nicholas is a bunch of “12 year olds”
    BUT when they leave a comment the grammar is actually in order
    i understand living in envy is hard, but lay-off it
    your weak attempts to insulting Nicholas go unheard practically unheard and IF heard they are LOL at so much
    you inspire more attacks for more BAWWWWING

    PN you have lost your drive, stop living and bragging on past attacks that “wuts-his-name-again” lead, ROFLCOpter your scripts are n00b, your attacks are n00b, you are n00b

    and bella Carlos your attempts to insult LaLa are also weak try not talking like a neggur :D

    Now Now Bc13 Mother Fucker
    Hang a Neggur

  36. Stephie Dawes

    Mar 12th, 2009


    Where have they posted a comment that actually makes sense? Yours doesn’t count, btw since it’s just as bad.

  37. Darline

    Mar 15th, 2009

    What comes around goes around… the mafias in SL need to relize that because its citizens like me that are going to be the ones that ruin it for them.

  38. Johnny Drama

    Mar 16th, 2009

    Laughs @ Bc13.MakexItxBl33dx

    We know thats you road map. You been in college all your life to be a young republican and chase ambulances. Your grammer should be perfect. Cause your portfolio isnt cause of the help of Apealonna. If a Nicholas Mafia memember post anybodies personnal info I wil be on the 1st plane to the land of the Super Bowl and the Bucs! 45 min flights not long. Wish ya would get mine and knock on my door it wouldnt be answered with a gun. Only a fist.

  39. xBc13xMakexItxBl33dx

    Mar 17th, 2009

    Wow, Johnny is that a promise? if I casually post your what you think is “personal-info” you will come see me?
    Your trying to be soooo hardcore, you sound so built up with all that testosterone, which must be a cover to make up, for the lack of testosterone.

    “Cause your portfolio isnt cause of the help of Apealonna”

    What could you possibly mean by that? I bet you your 500$ pay check i look better than you in real life as well as Second Life.

    But i do have some understanding to your rants, your a 30-40 year old boy, with daddy issues stuck in a mid-life crisis trying to regain that spark, but big man, you can’t get it back, they don’t make “ro-gain” for life, stop trying.

    Now now Darline, did your mommy did you, your gonna be that special citizen to take down the “mafia” world in second life, you and your mom really set your goals high huh? Go ahead fill you report out now

    Stephie nice try, maybe you should enlist in our fine US army, they seem to be open to idiots more so than anyone

  40. Bad Move

    Mar 17th, 2009

    “What could you possibly mean by that? I bet you your 500$ pay check i look better than you in real life as well as Second Life.”

    LMFAO! We knew you would come back with some **** like that! ROFL! Vanity is one of your SUPREME weaknesses! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    “Wow, Johnny is that a promise? if I casually post your what you think is “personal-info” you will come see me?
    Your trying to be soooo hardcore, you sound so built up with all that testosterone, which must be a cover to make up, for the lack of testosterone.”

    Bad move RoadMap! You just showed you’re begging for a six pack of whoopass to be opened up. We’d normally ask ya if you were sure that you really wanted to do that but it seems quite obvious now that you were…so we won’t! So here it comes…

  41. xXxXxxXxXbUtTsSzxXxTr33MeEmXxExExxXxXxXxXxXxX

    Mar 17th, 2009


  42. Witness X

    Mar 17th, 2009

    LOL, Dickburnz – this must be some new definition of “mighty” of which we were all previously unaware!

    From the PN Dictionary: mighty (adj.): Disability in organization, coherent group identity, technical skill, observational skill, social skill, personal hygiene, keeping their activities secret from their own parents and the ability to get a date on a Friday night (as evidenced by raid times generally being on Friday evenings).

  43. Witness Xtreme

    Mar 17th, 2009

    from the Witness X dictionary:


    does that come bundled with a thesaurus and encyclopedia or something can i get the whole package deal cause it sounds fucking amazing. i can’t wait to hear some revisionist history of how many people claiming to have the spirit of a fox you’ve screwed online. i bet it was “over 9000″ (just a little ’4chan’ humor for ya. heh.)

  44. Johnny Drama

    Mar 17th, 2009

    Hey Bad Move he is mad cause he got everything wrong lol. He is the type of person that in school I would have flushed his head in a toilet full of piss and shit. I bet he played the skin flute in the band or a bonerphone. I struck a nerve bigtime. I love thriving on the santa claus mafia weakness. If you want to find out road map I am in the land of the pirates several times a year. Someone makes 500 a week couldnt manage that. Better yet meet me at Ballers. Oh wait! Your banned again and in a alt. Ambulance chasers are at the bottom of the ocean. Yall are lower then whale shit! I know alot of Ambulance chasers dont make 500 a week your probably one of them. The way you attacked me shows your weak and incompetant.

  45. Stephie Dawes

    Mar 18th, 2009

    Well I’m glad my post at least has convinced you to capitalize, although it seems you’re still missing that and some punctuation in your posts. Keep trying, you’ll get there eventually!

  46. xBc13xMakexItxBl33dx

    Mar 18th, 2009

    Lmao, a what bad move? A 6 pack of asswhooping? lmao sounds like redneck slang, or some old man stuck on WWE wrestling, so sad.

    Ambulance chasers? I believe you have me mixed up for someone else, do your research. Take your time and come up with who i am and win a prize. You act as if anyone on an alt account can not easily, yes very very easily pawn you, then laugh at you.

    Now why don’t you to hillbilly old men form some alliance; team up with Mr.187 (LMAO ceaser, girl friend still beating you up?) and Zito and back up some of that maybe view my myspace so your abused wives can oggle my pics :D

    b[R]oke-N-Cyde Will Never Die Neggur :D

  47. zxXxXxXxXp0wner9000eXxTrEMeExXxX

    Mar 18th, 2009

    heh. ill frreakin ‘pwon’ you on teh internet. dont freakin f*ck with me.

  48. NICHmafiaISDAlaughingSTOCKofSL

    Jun 5th, 2009

    “But anyway, GoDaddy just asked that we move the domain to another company,
    so I did. Need to move the content onto new servers too” – Kal Diavolo

    uh-huh, right! over 90 days and counting. wheres the followup story to this?

    L ___ T ___ D

    Laughing Our (collective) Asses Off!

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