Farmers Furious – Sion Chicken Updater Breaks Good Eggs!

by Alphaville Herald on 30/07/09 at 8:09 am

Zaius says no to demands for damaged egg refunds

by Hayseed Econobot, Agricultural Affairs desk

Sion Zaius has admitting that a botched update intended to remove lag-tastic versions of sion Chicken eggs actually deleted any eggs placed in the “ proteggtors”- including the newest non-laggy chicken eggs. The unintentional egg breakage shocked a struggling chicken farming community, already reeling from  poisoned chicken feed attacks and chicken killer shooting sprees.

Chicken 20 

the aftermath of a chicken killer shooting spree

It appears that the proteggtors were poorly tested before they were released Sunday, as the farmers themselves discovered the problem rather than Sion Labs. While Mr. Zaius has promised to fix the broken proteggors, his refusal to offer compensation for the damage his faulty product caused is deeply troubling.

Given the prices of his chicken feed, why can’t Mr. Zaius do something more for the farmers?

[text of Sion Labs' announcement after the jump]

Dear Chicken Community,

On Sunday Sion Labs released updated proteggtors that were designed to delete non-lagless chicken eggs. This action was taken due to the number of complaints received by Linden Lab regarding the performance issues that the non-lagless chickens were causing on sims, so it was felt that for the health of the chicken community, that no new non-lagless version chickens were produced.

However, there was a bug in the code that accidently deleted any egg, inlcuding eggs from already lagless chickens. The message given was that the chickens were non-updated, which was errorious.

Once this bug was discovered by the community, we released updated proteggtors that would no longer delete legitimate lagless eggs.

We are very sorry for the confusion and loss by the community over this. We cannot recompense any perceived losses over the market value of eggs lost as these prices are not under the control of Sion Labs. However, anyone that purchased proteggtors during the time the bad ones were sold, we can replace with fixed proteggors.

We apologize for the lack of response over this issue. It has taken us a while to understand what has happened.

Sion Zaius, Sion Labs

9 Responses to “Farmers Furious – Sion Chicken Updater Breaks Good Eggs!”

  1. That am a markit oppertunity for me.

    Hayseed, I knows you am a country feller, so tell ol’ Doctur Zaius that monkeys cain’t raise no chikkins. What were he a-thinkin? Should of stayed on the Planet of Them Apes and let Chuck Heston pop a cap intu his hairy butt.

    It takes a HUMAN MAN to raise chikkins.

    I are more or less human, last time I done checked, so I’m goin’ intu the fake chikkin business. Fake Moonshine just ain’t worth diddly in SL.

    City folks, y’all wants to farm? Lessun ONE: Laggy, non-layin’ hen-chikkin? Down Enoch Holler way, that am what we calls “supper”!

  2. We

    Jul 30th, 2009

    (upper left corner)
    Ads by Google
    Poultry for Sale Poultry Diseases Poultry Breeds Chicken Feeding Poultry Houses

    This site gets funnier by the minute!

  3. LOL

    Jul 31st, 2009

    This is like TOTALLY PATHETIC! Second Life Chicken farmers lost thier flock. I really do not know who to pitty more, the Digital eggs who mever had a chance to live up to ther programming or the parent chickens who mixed thier LSL scripts together only to loose all there eggs in the end. Either way I have no pitty for the RETARDS WHO WASTED THIER REAL DOLLARS ON DIGITAL CHICKENS WHO FUCK AND LAY EGGS.

    As for Sion Zaius of Sion Labs, except that you most likely are a 40 year old virgin and still living with your mother, YOUR MY HERO! Ranked right up along side the guy who invented the Pet Rock then sold it for $29.95 plus S&H to ever RETARD with a television. You by far sell the most WORTHLESS CRAP on the internet and have done a pretty good job of slinging that SHIT for a while.

    In Conclusion, Maybe this Digital Bird Flu and the culling of the digital farms is just the WAKE UP call the residents of Second life need. Here is some free advice, want out of this global recession? Then start spending your money on thigs that actually improve your quality of live and standard of living. Not spending it on Digital Chickens for a FUCKING VIDEOGAME!

  4. JustMe

    Jul 31st, 2009

    I haven’t looked into it, but I’ve been told that the creator of these chickens has a good thing going .. the chickens need chicken feed that must be purchased from him . so the chickens are a continuing revenue stream for him ! Nice concept !

  5. Debi Dastardly

    Jul 31st, 2009

    leave the chicken farmers alone they are having fun in a game emphasis on Game.

  6. Pussycat Catnap

    Aug 1st, 2009

    I have to say that I have all of zero sympathy for the sion chicken users…

  7. Farmetta Funster

    Aug 3rd, 2009

    If you don’t understand chicken farming, just leave us farmers and our surviving lagless chickens alone and go ride your ponies, or hunt your escaped slaves, or rape random strangers (who have volunteered for it) in a dark alley….or whatever else you do for fun that passes for normal in your part of SL. We have enough problems just getting fair treatment from the sole source supplier of chicken feed, transport boxes, egg holders, and revival kits, the same supplier who kills our chickens and eggs without recompense, who capriciously updates the versions of eggs, chickens, food and accessories often without ever identifying the version on the product being sold, and who provides so little customer support as to be worthy of a what not to do case study in customer relations. We are no weirder than you, we simply serve our bondage without an RLV.

  8. Farmetta Funster

    Aug 3rd, 2009

    P.S. New grow your own corn kits require watering every six hours with Linden water, not prim water. Fertilizer in right proportions, and special dirt. kind of like an upgrade to the RLV.

  9. Kabalyero

    Aug 5th, 2009

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