Party with Post 6: Glitterati & Paparazzi Cavort Saturday!

by Alphaville Herald on 08/07/09 at 9:40 am

Post 6 reunion – the sexy social event of the season

by Idoru Wellman, staff writer

Do you dream of becoming one one of the beautiful people of Second Life – a metaverse glitterati hounded by picture snapping paparazzi? Join Timothy Morpork and countless past and future Post 6 models for the firstever open-to-the-public Post 6 reunion bash this Saturday night from 5-8pm SLTat the Starlight Ballroom and Twlight Lounge at Montego Beach.

Post 6 has been an institution in Second Life since 2005 when it wasstarted by Photographer Marilyn Murphy – and has featured hundreds ofsexy avatars over the years. 

“I want to make Post 6 kind of a fun club to belong to,” jokes currentPost 6 photographer Timothy Morpork. “I think they’ve done someget togethers for models in the past, and for a while Marilynpicked models with beauty pageants, but I don’t think there has everbeen an open to the public meet and greet party like this. I hope it’sa success and we have them regularly.”

[NOTE: a limited edition naughty Post 6 Grrrl collage - suitable for framing - is after the jump]

Post 6 Collage 

The party will feature a live DJ and dancing, opportunities to bephotographed with your favorite Post 6 girls, infamous Herald writers, and achance at being featured in the Post Post 6 Party wrap-up piece in the Herald. Morpork says with alaugh, “In some papers they have the society and gossip pagesabout who was at what party- might be fun to do a Herald version.”

The event is open to all, but with strong demand for Post 6 models allover the grid for various functions, bringing them alltogether in one place will be an event you’ll want to hit early andoften. Again, that's Saturday, July 11 from 5-8 pm SLT at Montego Beach. See you there!

24 Responses to “Party with Post 6: Glitterati & Paparazzi Cavort Saturday!”

  1. Senban Babii

    Jul 8th, 2009

    I’ll be there :)

    PS Will there be cake?

  2. past post-6 model

    Jul 8th, 2009

    Except its not open to all past post 6 models due to the time of the party.

  3. Carmen

    Jul 8th, 2009

    @ past-post-6 model Sadly im not a past or even future post 6 model and like you its not the right time for me either :-(

  4. Lou Loring

    Jul 8th, 2009

    Would have been nice if the time had been chosen to accommodate as many different time zones as possible. Not that I want to attend and give your aspirations to become a hot shot in SL’s ‘society’ some uplift…

  5. Senban Babii

    Jul 8th, 2009

    I’ll be honest, the times aren’t exactly great for me either. I don’t mind as a one-off so much but maybe next time it can be timed so more people are likely to be free?

  6. Jumpman Lane

    Jul 8th, 2009

    i’d rather hang with Marilyn Murphy than this noob tard photog wonk. i’m cummin though :P

  7. marilyn murphy

    Jul 9th, 2009

    i am going to try to be there. a bit bad timing for me also, but this is of interest to me. i hope some of the ladies who posed for me will be there also.

  8. Marx Dudek

    Jul 9th, 2009

    It will be most unlikely that I will be able to attend either, as I’ve been in the UK this week and will be returning to the US early on Sunday. If I am not completely exhausted in my hotel and my netbook can stand it and … well, I will try.

    In future, it wouldn’t hurt to actually invite the models and photographers prior to announcing such an event, so a date and time can be arranged that is amenable to as many of us as possible.

  9. Prof. Archie Lukas

    Jul 9th, 2009

    That thar be yankee time

    and as usual -they have forgotten their is a world outside of the former colonies.

    FACT: there are more German users than americans

  10. Ofelia Laval

    Jul 9th, 2009

    This will be a “clothing optional” event?

  11. We

    Jul 9th, 2009

    FACT: This blog was created by American users and written in English for an online world based in America.

    I’d also bet that considering the Post 6 thing has been around for a long time, and that the Germans and other nationalities were late comers to Second Life, that almost all the Post 6 girls are likely American.

  12. Timothy Morpork

    Jul 9th, 2009

    re: No good deed goes unpunished.

    Dear All.

    First. Marilyn, I look forward to meeting you! Thank you for trying to be there!

    Second. The rest of you, stay tuned, if you read the article you might have seen me say “I hope it’s a success and we have them regularly.” I would like to see this become a weekly, twice monthly, once a month sort of party, depending on how it goes. I would like to have past models or past photographers volunteer to be hosts and hostesses for them so that we can have them at times convenient for Australian models, and German models, and so on.

    I don’t want to launch this party on a sour note, but the “I can’t be there, how inconsiderate of him” comments piss me off.

    Marx Dudek, are you insane? How much of my time to you expect me to put into this? Did you really think I should poll the effing hundreds of Post 6 models and find the best time? How about you stepping up buddy and offering to host one for European timezones instead of suggesting more work for others?

    Archie Lukas and Lou Loring, I’m still trying to figure out what you have to do with this.

    Senban and everyone else, I’m sorry, I tried to pick a decent time. Now maybe I see why no one has bothered to do anything like this before. So far I’ve received grief about the collage and the time. What fun.

    Please people, don’t pull an all-nighter, don’t cancel the visit to Uncle Joe’s, don’t abandon your children. It’s just a dance in SL, not the end of the world.

    /me ends rant

  13. Jumpman Lane

    Jul 9th, 2009

    Lady Dawson who trained me up from a noob always held Marilyn Murphy up to me as THE standard of sex and sexuality in Second Life. I look forward to meeting her!

  14. Herman Munster

    Jul 9th, 2009

    “Lady Dawson who trained me up from a noob always held Marilyn Murphy up to me as THE standard of sex and sexuality in Second Life. I look forward to meeting her!”

    I have seen these standards. Believe me, they’re not that impressive. The only thing interesting about this party is that it’ll likely be the biggest collection of facelights in one sim ever.

  15. LouLou Loring

    Jul 9th, 2009

    I was a Post 6 model, dumbass. Go and do your homework!

  16. Miss Jay

    Jul 10th, 2009

    This has fail written all over it, especially when retards like jumpman LAME joins in on a party.

  17. Jose Jimenez, Post 6 Archivist

    Jul 10th, 2009

    LouLou Loring said:
    I was a Post 6 model, dumbass. Go and do your homework!

    Status-Post 6 Girl, June 17, 2008
    Photographer- Bunny Brickworks

    Telling quote: “her avi and her style are as unique as her sometimes edgy personality.” and “Her only condition before accepting my invitation as Post 6 Grrrl was to take pictures that would express her true self – dark, edgy, geeky and beautiful in her own special way.”

    She is probably every bit the bitchy, insecure asshole she appears to be here in the comment section.

    Mediocre, 1st one is good, the rest are typical Brickworks- i.e. meh.
    No nudity, no implied nudity, should be just another Flickr-ite, not a Post Six Girrl.

    Your party will be better without her.

  18. Timothy Morpork

    Jul 10th, 2009


    How was I supposed to know that “LouLou Loring” is the same as “Lou Loring” which is the name you posted here with? It’s true that I am a dumbass, but I feel that in this case my confusion was justified.

    Love All, Serve All,

  19. Lou Loring

    Jul 10th, 2009

    Yeah Jimenez, I’m an asshole. And now come and lick me, cause that’s obviously what you do best!

  20. Jumpman Lane

    Jul 10th, 2009

    @Bitch Jay, man fuck you. NOBODY cares about ur dated internet memes. who even says fail anymore. hehehehehe
    @ that chum hemroid munster, Marilyn Murphy had an IDEA, and MADE something, contradistinguising herself from all the other avatars in Second Life. She’s achieved a measure ofnoteriety and we can reqpect that. She paved the way for what we do. You on the other hand aint shit and dont do shit but post clever in the herald comments. get ya self together and BE somebody. chump. i remain as ever jumpman lane, and you…ain’t …shit lmfao

  21. Herman Munster

    Jul 11th, 2009

    Good god. It’s like reading the thoughts of a retarded rhesus monkey.

    Let’s see, first quote:
    “contradistinguising herself from all the other avatars in Second Life. She’s achieved a measure ofnoteriety and we can reqpect that.”

    Maybe you can respect that, but I can’t. Putting on a bunch of stupid overpriced shit you bought so you can be an attention whore is in no way an impressive feet. And seriously, why would anyone in their right mind want to be “internet famous”? It’s stupid and sad and little else.

    “You on the other hand aint shit and dont do shit but post clever in the herald comments. get ya self together and BE somebody.”

    Post clever? If having a grasp of the English language and not fawning over pixels makes me the kinda guy who “posts clever” then hurray for me.

  22. Cinnci

    Jul 11th, 2009

    Marilyn is all about attention, all about herself, and always has been. Back in the day, her whole goal in life was to be number one on the popularity list in SL (thank heavens they got rid of that schoolkid rubbish).

    She came into SL and started manipulating multiple guys simultaneously. When they figured her game out, suddenly everything bad in her SL was “because of men”, and she became a “lesbian”. Because being homosexual is just like a light switch you can turn on and off. What a laffer. The only thing more pathetic was people like me buying into this story she concocted.

    So yeah, that led to the string of girls she trampled over romantically (yours truly being one of them), on her way to “the top” (at least in her own mind).

    How fitting that she and the Herald found each other. Let’s face it — the Herald is like a inanimate version of Marilyn — phony as the day is long, and screaming for attention.

    No wonder you identify with her so much Jumpman Lane. Like her, you’re another phony prig with a mediocre first life, playing a character, looking for attention from people you barely know (or don’t know at all) on the net. I imagine this is because you simply cannot make a notable impression on people in your first life. You’re like J-roc from Trailer Park Boys, except a whole lot less likable, funny and interesting. Which speaks volumes about you, manboy.

  23. Jumpman Lane

    Jul 11th, 2009

    herpes the munster ur just a hater and a turdball, marilyn murphy DID something ,made somethig u cant seenm to get that. remain a nothing and a nobody then. andnothing is wrong with attention. u understand wtf i’m sayin or u wouldnt have responded crybaby!

  24. Marx Dudek

    Jul 15th, 2009


    Given that most of us are in the Post 6 group, it would have been just as easy for you to poll a large number of us as it was to announce your event. Open group notice, attach notecard, ask us to fill it out.

    That said, I made an effort to try to log in to attend which failed because the Wi-Fi in my hotel was not up to the task.

    Apart from my technical criticisms of your initial Post 6 offering, I have nothing against you. However, your exceptionally defensive and, quite frankly, insulting tone toward those of us who whose appearances in Post 6 make such event even possible … let’s just say that being on EITHER side of the Post 6 camera requires a thicker skin than possessed by the average avatar. We wouldn’t have asked to have our input considered if we weren’t genuinely interested in attending and participating.

    That said, I plan on attending a future event. Not to be seen, but to meet the others who have shared the Page 6 spotlight.

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