SLelebrities Flock to Post 6 Reunion Party

by Alphaville Herald on 16/07/09 at 7:50 am

by Chatterbox Telltale, society reporter

The first ever Post 6 Model reunion party was a smashing success – this reporter was star-struck after joining Alphaville Herald readers watching wave after wave of stunning Post 6 Models and a veritable who’s who of SLebrity scene stream through the doors of the Starlight Ballroom at Montego Beach.


Marilyn Murphy poses with Timothy Morpork

“I think it was a great time,” said party host and organizer Timothy Morpork. “I really enjoyed it- mostly because it seemed that everyone had a good time, and also because I got to meet so many great people. I mean anytime you throw a party and get a few SL residents from as far back as 2003, I think it’s a hit. We will definitely do this again in a couple of weeks.”


a crowd forms in the entryway – Bunny Brickworks compares notes with Timothy Morprok as Marilyn Murphy looks on


GoSpeed Racer spins tunes and the dance floor begins to fill – squatter Moo Money surveys the scene from the steps

The stars came out for this event – among the many notable personalities spotted by this reporter include Post 6 Models Patrice Cournoyer, Toxic Menges, Zonra Darkmatter,  Quest Jarrico, Snooker Whiteberry, Lorelei Singh, Senban Babii, Shyayn Lusch, Cardie Mahoney, Penance Sautereau, Cicatrice Oh, Takuya Kawashima, Jenna Papp, Uma Troell, Clover Vella, and Shelby Ziskey.


Dirty little schemer Tizzy Teardrop in a fetching green outfit

In addition, it was the first time in Post 6 History that three of the photographers gathered together in one spot as current photographer as Timothy Morpork met with two of his predecessors, the incredibly stylish Bunny Brickworks and Post 6 founder and Class of 2003 member, Marilyn Murphy.

Second Life notables at the party included fabulous fashionista TenshiVielle, Viola Bentham, Jessikiti Nikitin, Ann Otoole, TheDiva Rockin,Artemis Fate, Pip Juneberry, Tizzy Teardrop, IntLibber Brautigan, MooMoney, Jumpman Lane, Dirk Talamasca, GreenLantern Excelsior, At0m0Beerbaum and Herald editrix Pixeleen Mistral. Metaplace communitymanager Cuppycake Cyberstar even joined the throng on the dancefloor asmusic was provided by Post 6 Grrrl and DJ extraordinaire GoSpeed Racer.


Second Life supermodel Cardie Mahoney on a crutch!

“I have already started talking with the Starlight about possibly hosting another party in a couple of weeks,” said Morpork. “I think it would be great to do this on a regular basis- except of course the next one will be earlier so that the European models can make it more easily.”

To see much more – including the giant dancing phallus – or to add your own pictures from the party – visit this party Flickr Pool.

12 Responses to “SLelebrities Flock to Post 6 Reunion Party”

  1. Ann Otoole

    Jul 16th, 2009

    These parties are like the old days of Second Life before the corporate polished turd machine cranked up. Hell even arch enemies manage to party together lol. How often does that happen in SL?

  2. Loomis Harpy

    Jul 16th, 2009

    This was the best party I’ve been in in Second Life ever, and I’ve been around since 2005. It was so nice to look over and see the avies of the people like IntLibber, Pixeleen, Marilyn, Bunny, Tizzy, At0m0 and all the others that I’ve gotten to know through the blogs and forums, but never actually met. Thank you Herald and Timothy for doing this and I hope there will be more.

  3. Senban Babii

    Jul 16th, 2009

    Personally I had a great time at the party! As Loomis says, it was great to actually meet some of the names I’ve only previously known through places like the Herald comments. And even though there were a few snipey comments as old feuds raised their heads from the swamp, on the whole everyone just got down to having a great party, leaving the politics and grief at the door. I’ll definitely be at the next one if I can :)

  4. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jul 16th, 2009

    I expected to see a covey of flying penii, but the only thing that took wing was a small flock of snarks.

  5. Mary Elizabeth

    Jul 16th, 2009

    Why do the models have clothes on? They should be posed on Hustler style pose balls for guys to wank off to.

  6. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jul 16th, 2009

    I’m glad I wasn’t there.

  7. Jumpman Lane

    Jul 17th, 2009

    great party,met merilyn STOKED!

  8. Sigmund Leominster

    Jul 17th, 2009

    On the one hand, I’m bummed I couldn’t be there to hang with the SLebrities and cool people, hoping their awesomeness would rub off on me, but on the other I’m happy that the write-up for this event has provided a much-needed boost for my one-avatar campaign to make the word “SLebrity” more famous.

    Mmh, did I also subconsciously used the words “one hand” and “rub off” in a single sentence about naked models? Damn!

  9. Gae Linden

    Jul 19th, 2009

    Geez, I hope they didn’t dislocate their arms patting themselves on the backs or break their backs kisses the butts of the “notables”. Never heard of anything of them. But then they don’t seem to contribute much to SL. I guess some have to make themselves feel important by calling themselves SLebrities for doing something 1000′s of others do a lot better.

  10. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Jul 20th, 2009

    My only regret is that I couldnt explode in a fury of various organs.

  11. marilyn murphy

    Jul 21st, 2009

    ahem, if that wasn’t you, then who was that strange person who did explode in a fury of various organs?

  12. Sob Moar

    Jul 22nd, 2009

    Gae Linden said – “But then they don’t seem to contribute much to SL. I guess some have to make themselves feel important by calling themselves SLebrities for doing something 1000′s of others do a lot better.”


    Aww, did you not get invited and held up as a paragon of excellence for us all to worship? Sob moar.

    You know what, I was there and I didn’t see anyone acting the SLebrity. There was no “omgawsh look everyone, I’m here so worship my ass”. Even Jumpman, who let’s face it can be egotistical on rare occasions (:D), just got on with having a good time and didn’t wander round trying to get people to ask for his autograph. I didn’t see any models trying to edge into shot for added exposure. I just saw a bunch of people turn up and have a good time. Were they SLebrities? Well many of them were well known members of the SL community yes. Did they call themselves SLebrities or act like it? Not that I saw.

    I’m sure that if you’d been there though, we would have seen “Hi, I’m the famous Gae Linden. You may have seen me in such previous productions as ‘Second Life Adulation’, ‘Second Life…..Don’t Talk To Me About Second Life’ and “Donkeyfuck Midgets 3 – Corncob Up My Ass’.

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