Marilyn Murphy — The 12 Days of Post 6-mux Grrrrls

by Alphaville Herald on 25/12/09 at 6:35 am

[Marilyn Murphy, SL Class of 2003, founded Post 6 back before most of us had even heard of Second Life. She was for years the most famous photographer on the grid as she captured it in its formative years. Her style and charm are surpassed only by her kindness, as scores of noobs she has helped over the years can attest to. I could go on and on about her, but instead I'll just say it's an honor and a privilege to have worked with Marilyn to produce these pictures, and then I'll get out of the way so that you can enjoy the 12th and final Post 6 Holiday Feature 2009, Marilyn Murphy. ~Timothy Morpork]

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In proportion, as he simplifies his life…..the day and the night are such, that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet scented herbs–that is your success.  (Thoreau)
 At times I am become that voice in the wilderness.  I am Cassandra.

In 2008, then candidate Obama stated loudly that he would bring the troops home by the end of 2009, and that we could bank on it.  At the end of 2009, our drone cruisers are slaughtering civilians in Pakistan and our war presence swelled by 30,000 troops.

Our congress is currently trying to shove through a 2000 plus page bill to "fix" our health care system.  Nobody who can vote for or against it understands what it does.  Deals are being cut behind closed doors to buy votes for it with pork legislation.  This from the administration that promised us transparency, no more pork, and no more politics as usual.

If you cannot pay your bills you stop spending money, unless you are congress and it’s just your constituent’s money.  Our national debt is now 12 trillion dollars and they are printing money and spending it as if this has no concern for those of us that will be having to pay 30 dollars for a loaf of bread if they keep it up. 
 Here is something i was heard to say recently when i had to much to drink. "zzzzzzzz….zzzzzzz…WHA!!!???"

Social Security is going broke.  Medicare is going broke.  The Prescription Plan is going broke.  I know, let’s do something brilliant.   Let’s obligate the government with another huge medical program that they cannot describe or explain or pay for.  Excellent.  

Marilyn Murphy Final 2a

The feminist movement, should have been one that supported and contributed to the success of women who dared to excel, and educated people on the feminine mystique.  Lately it appears that self-proclaimed feminists demand litmus tests on our politics, our stand on abortion, and our personal views on sexuality.   They no longer represent us.  They have become just a minority of high minded bigots who think their way or no way.

The federal government has never taken on an enterprise and made it pay for itself.  I can cite the Post Office and Amtrak.  Social Security and Medicare were supposed to pay for themselves when they were introduced.   A very laughable argument you hear now is that they will pay for the new health bill by cutting out waste and fraud in Medicare.  My question is, well if you can point to that much waste and fraud, why are you waiting to cut it out?

When the Republicans held the congress and the presidency, they went on a mad spending spree, elevating our debt.  The Dems took control of congress in 2006 and pressured banks to loan money to unqualified applicants to help the poor, and escalated the national debt over a trillion dollars and since Obama has been elected our national debt ceiling is being pushed to 14 trillion dollars.  This is before passing health care.  This is not a Democrat or Republican issue.  This is about politicians getting elected to a great job and doing anything they can to get re-elected no matter what it does to our economy or country.

My objection to all this is fiscal responsibility.  I wish to help those less fortunate too.  However.  Even the best outcome of this current bill says that 24 million citizens will still be left without health care.  So why is this being pushed through without anyone knowing what’s in it?  Why are people saying we desperately need to do it now now now, we can't wait?  The problem I am having is that we can't afford it, and no one is explaining what’s in it. 

If you like this bill, and what it will do, can you name 3 things that are good about it?  Have you seen the changes it has gone through?  Do you know what it obligates the government to do?

Here is a fun fact.  The stimulus package signed by G. Bush for 750 billion dollars has helped Wall Street, no doubt.  The small recovery seen on the stock market is an indicator.  Yesterday I heard spokesmen from the administration taking credit for this.  It's as though, since they have done nothing about jobs, and escalated the war, they need to claim credit for helping big bankers portfolios to get credit for anything, and they didn’t even do that.

I hope someone noticed.  In Copenhagen, when Hugo Chavez gave a speech renouncing capitalism and promoting socialism, the crowd applauded him loudly, his only real response during his speech actually.   Then, these same delegates from dictatorships to socialist/marxist states, lined up to demand money to help them go green from the capitalist based economies.  Does anyone wonder why that would be?  Don't get me wrong, I know America has been socialistic since the days of Roosevelt, and if you really want to get picky, since Lincoln. 

However, free enterprise has still been the market strategy in America even so.

Sigh.  I voted for Obama because I certainly did not like what the prior administration had done.   He is an intelligent and likeable man.  He has not kept his promises, in fact, looking at the record, he is G. Bush on steroids.  It's been politics as more than usual.    I feel ripped off.  I voted for change, not bankrupting our government.  By the way, I hate to think this, but, since the health care debacle promises nothing good at all, the only explanation for cramming it through during the holiday season is because it gives the government nominal control over another 1/6th of your free market enterprise.  Adding to the control over banking and manufacturing they already grabbed.

Marilyn Murphy_Final3

Oh, sorry. (giggle) I forgot to include the most important part of this article.   Here you go.          

I love second life and i can't wait to go dancing at clubs and exchange inane sexual banter with other gyrating avatars, and to go shopping.   

Anyway, it all makes me want to join some tax revolt or something.  We need real change, not lets just create as much bureaucracy as possible. 

It also seems that religion has been replaced as the opiate of the people.  Now it’s television and computers and the new mass media.  Any point of view can be massaged any time you want it.  You can google any subject and find people who agree with your point of view and feel smug that you must be right.  I want you to do one little thing.  When you think about issues that really matter in life, and issues pertaining to government, I hope you will at least look at,

At times, I am become that voice in the wilderness.  I am Cassandra.

well, it's been just swell posing for all you wonderful people who read this I mean  blog.  Have a very Merry Christmas.

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  1. hobo kelly

    Aug 8th, 2011

    yeah, blame it on bankers. typical Gen-X copout. hey buddy, if you have such a great job, why not get back to work because my social security check needs paid for.

  2. marilyn murphy

    Aug 8th, 2011

    if you want to talk about what generation is responsible i think it was the boomers also. the boomers are running things now, and have been since clinton. frankly, pointing fingers dont pay snidely. instead of blaming someone, the two branches that control the purse have to get their act together. the downgrade was over how much debt is carried against expenditures. not who is running things or got us here.

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