Ono Shelman’s Post 6 Boob Transplants – Photoshop DRAMA!

by Alphaville Herald on 26/03/10 at 12:05 am

Greetings Herald Readers

I try to stay out of the comments, but as this week’s Post 6 brings up an issue that seems to speak to my credibility and the credibility of Post 6 in general, I shall address it directly. Please don’t take my silence to this point as anything except a very busy RL.

Ono Shelman boob job coverup
Photoshop all over again – Ono Shelman boob job coverup

Yes, the breasts in picture #3 were Photoshopped into the picture. Ono explicitly said that I should Photoshop the bikini she was wearing out of the photograph, so I did. The result of Photoshopping a top off a woman is that breasts should appear. They did. No, they are not Ono’s breasts. Yes, the avatar whose breasts they are gave her permission for them to appear.

Post 6 is a nude feature. I was a reader when Post 6 Photographer Justine Babii allowed people to pose while clothed, and during the ensuing comment drama, I sided with Taylor Barnes and her fellow models- it was unfair to the models that had come before to change the rules of the game. When I became the Post 6 Photographer, I decided that the feature would return to its roots- one shot would be clothed, one shot would be nude, and one shot would be somewhere in-between.

I do give all of my models this speech before I agree to take them on as Post 6 models. They know it is a nude feature when they agree to pose. Ono knew this also. In addition, I explain to all of my models that the comments could very well get nasty. I even try and give them strategies to deal with such comments. Also, and I would like to thank Senban for her kind and accurate portrayal of the process, I do give all of my models copies of the pictures well in advance so that anything they don’t like can be changed before publication. “Whatever you want me to change, even if we have to do a whole new shoot, I want you to LOVE your pictures before they go public,” is what I usually say to them.

I gave Ono copies of the pictures exactly one week before they were to be published. I never heard a word back from her until after the piece had run. Just as some suggested that my silence on this matter was a sign of guilt, I assumed that Ono’s silence was approval of the pictures.

On this matter of “authorization,” having discussed ‘business’ with my esteemed predecessors Justine and Marilyn Murphy at various events, I learned that Justine Babii never showed the pictures to models before publication as she wanted the pictures to be a dramatic debut for all involved. This would be nerve wracking to me as I genuinely do want my models to love their pictures and I think that letting them preview and suggest changes to the pictures is a part of that, but then again, I don’t have Justine’s skills.

From Justine’s tenure, I gather that precedence in Post 6 has established that final review of the final pictures is a courtesy extended by the individual photographer, not a requisite step in the publication process. "Authorization," absent a waiver or other contract in this virtual world, attaches when the model expresses a willingness to pose, and subsequently poses. I can see that Ono might be upset that breasts show, but she did expressly ask me to use photoshop to make her appear topless.

“Final approval” of all pictures is something all models would like to have in RL photography though few do. I do offer all of my models the opportunity to look at the pictures ahead of time and genuinely want them to love their pictures before they are published. Ono had this opportunity and again, I only heard from her after the pictures were published.

If a model signed up to model wrist watches and found that her head had been superimposed on a nude body, I would see cause for alarm. In this case, however, Ono approached me seeking to be a model in a weekly nude feature. She asked me to use Photoshop to remove her bikini top, and did so in open chat in front of a witness.

Rhetorical questions while I catch my breath; Did I mention that it was she that approached me to be a Post 6 Model? Did I mention that Post 6 is a nude feature?

Perhaps in Ono’s mind, her flowing hair would cover her breasts. The problem there is that in the original picture, her right breast was partially covered by her hair and her left breast was completely exposed. She asked me to remove the top. I did, as faithfully as I could to the original flow of her hair and pose.

All Post 6 Models are instructed that Post 6 is a nude feature, the possible consequences (ie nasty comments), and, from me, they get the courtesy of seeing and giving input on the pictures before they hit the web. In fact, to many aspiring models who approach me, my standard speech sounds a lot like trying to talk them out of posing. Post 6 is not for everyone and anyone who has posed for me will attest that I warn them of negative comments AND let them see (and have me redo) the pictures ahead of time.

Ono Shelman received all of this instruction, had plenty of time to think about Post 6 during the six or seven month period that was her photo shoot, and had something like seven full days to get back to me before publication. Perhaps, if she wanted to pose for something with clothes on, she should have posed for a feature that is not a nude feature.

Those are the general points of this issue, as for the specifics with regard to Ono.

Ono Shelman approached me to pose for Post 6 either at or soon after the second Post 6 party. She presented herself as a friend of Intlibber Brautigan I believe. I agreed to meet with her and make her a Post 6 grrrl, and as mentioned in the introduction to this week’s column, that first shoot was conducted in September 2009. Post 6 Grrrl Selonna Torok was hanging out at my studio at the time and was witness to all of the instructions Ono received and to Ono’s insistence that I change the way I do my shoots for her by uploading her pictures immediately. More on that later.

Carol Pixelmaid was present at Ono’s second shoot, and was witness to Ono’s refusal to take her bikini top off and her insistence that I take it off with Photoshop. As nudity is a requirement of Post 6, I suggested a pose that would only expose her bottom, and her reply was that her derriere “is to be worshipped, not seen by the unfit masses,” and she again insisted that I use Photoshop to make her look nude.

A week or two after the second and final shoot, when she contacted me for the second time asking if her pictures were ready yet, I explained that I have a very busy RL, a busy SL and would get to her pictures eventually. I also explained, as I had at the actual shoot, that her insistence on my use of Photoshop to edit the bikini out was causing me a great deal of work. She offered me the use of a picture on her Flickr instead. As the picture that she offered used actual elements of the famous Janet Jackson topless cover on Rolling Stone magazine, I gave her a quick lecture on image licenses and resolved to get her pictures done as soon as possible thereafter. I did them quickly and uploaded them the next day, and, as I’ve said, did not hear back from her until after the pictures were published.

In September, Ono was in a hurry to see her pictures even though she had only posed in a gown, and I had to explain to her several times that I only upload the Post 6 pictures for the model to see when the model has done all three pictures, when I have pared the resulting pictures down to 3 or 4, and when the model has turned in her biography. I never have to explain this over and over as I did with Ono, which made me suspect back in September that it was her hope to get some portraits done without having to pay for them. The fact that she came to the second photoshoot and refused to get naked for a nude pictorial reinforces this theory for me, but as I said, that’s only my theory and I have no illusions that I understand the motivations of others.

A couple of weeks after the initial shoot, Ono IMd me, angry that Pixeleen had refused to send someone to do a story on the opening of her gallery. Knowing that the Herald usually welcomes stories, I was puzzled as to why the Herald wouldn’t cover the opening of an art gallery. I TPd in and learned that the “gallery” was a small store from which Ono was selling pictures, mostly of herself, mostly taken by herself, many of them the same as you’ve seen on her Flickr. The conspiracy theorist in me thought that Ono was hoping to get the aforementioned portraits to sell in her “gallery,” and when that plan was thwarted she didn’t come back for the rest of the shoot for another six or seven months, but again, that is only my theory and opinion.

In the end, this is, from my perspective, an unfortunate incident for all involved. I think that 99% of the models who have worked with me can tell that I am genuine and truly interested in making them look good for their avatar’s moment in the spotlight. I feel bad that Ono is unhappy with her pictures, but in the end, I was following her desire that I use Photoshop, not her nude avatar, to present the requisite Post 6 nude picture.

Finally, I have asked Pixeleen to replace all the pictures and leave the poem up so that the comments are preserved. Please understand that this is not due to any legal threat, or fear of a legal threat, but rather because there’s an outside chance that Ono really is as stupid as this episode makes her seem and that she really didn’t know that she was in for nudity when she sought me out and asked to pose for the nude feature in the Herald. Let me make it perfectly clear that taking these pictures down is NOT an admission of guilt, but rather, I hope, the right thing to do.

On the very slim chance, in my humble opinion, that you really didn’t understand that "nude" is expected in a "nude pictorial", I apologize Ono, for causing you any distress. I assure you it was unintentional.

Life is too short and too precious to waste on drama.

For the record, those that seem confused about the provenance of the words that go with the pictures, those are the responsibility of the model. Ono handed me hers on a notecard and it was reproduced in the Herald verbatim.

Timothy Morpork

65 Responses to “Ono Shelman’s Post 6 Boob Transplants – Photoshop DRAMA!”

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  2. Bunny Brickworks

    Mar 26th, 2010

    lmao, epic fucken fail on all sides. way to go! *applaudes*

  3. Takuya Kawashima

    Mar 26th, 2010


    SL’s lousiest screenshotter snaps some lousy pics of SL’s lousiest and most prudish ‘morph artist’ and in an desperate attempt to finally present someone who is not associated with the SLex industry photoshops her a pair of naked boobs?

    Comedy gold!

    @Ono, I seriously hope those images you use for your morphs are stock images and not copyrighted or you might see yourself confronted with a flood of flickr ARs…

    @Pixeleen, I hope you don’t have HR responsibility in RL cause your choice of staff is … questionable to put it politely.

  4. Obvious Schism

    Mar 26th, 2010

    So now we get two disembodied avartars combined in one shoot.

    Does objectification know no bounds?

  5. marilyn murphy

    Mar 26th, 2010

    my only thought on this is why did tim actually use this person? if i had this much difficulty with a model i would just not use them at all.
    why bother with a troublesome model when so many are wanting to pose in the proper tradition.

  6. Scylla Rhiadra

    Mar 26th, 2010

    /me facepalms . . .

    Thanks for this, Timothy. Barring a dramatic and convincing rejoinder from Ono (we can only hope, eh?), I’d say this closes the case.

    But gosh, what fun it has been . . .

  7. Kabaka

    Mar 26th, 2010

    Whole lot of words, over some fake pseudonymous tits…

  8. Kathy

    Mar 26th, 2010

    While it says something to see that this issue is finally being addressed, the manner in which it is being addressed says a lot about the parties involved behind this new article. Let me make it clear that I will be following this case closely and I will be watching these features in general, should there be another young lady being victimized in this manner, there will be some serious bones to grind. This little man called Mr. Timothy Morpork and whoever may be behind him should enroll in a Journalism School, it is necessary as this situation proves that there would be a lot to learn. Journalism does not create or instigate situations of controversy. Journalism does not involve planting fake breasts all over the place. Journalism does not involve biased reporting. Journalism involves dealing professionally with people of all degrees, shapes, sizes, and colors. Journalism has a code of ethics. If Mr. Morpork is foolish enough to get into journalism without knowing what it demands, he is in the wrong profession.

    I am reading this little article of his and there are so many inaccuracies and insulting fabrications. [I was informed thoroughly of his communication with Miss Shelman including a recent communication where he lied about posting this article two weeks after he presented Miss Shelman with only these three pictures. Miss Shelman corrected him firmly]. Pleasantly in this little article of his, he omitted that little lie of his about a two week interval. If Mr. Morpork can post fabricated pictures, and lie about something as simple as a week interval, Mr. Morpork is capable of lying . fabricating, indulging others and painting any story in different shades to his advantage. Everything written in this little article of his (as questionable as the truth behind them is), does not justify the treatment he meted out on Miss Shelman. Miss Shelman never authorized Mr. Morpork to take off her bikini and expose her breasts or plant anyone’s breasts in the photos, Mr. Morpork knows very well the truth behind this and if he claims otherwise he is lying. Mr. Morpork knows very well the reason why he presented his article the way he did, simply because Miss Shelman, a young lady as she is, refused to pose nude and the fact that she knew the direction she wanted. If he says otherwise, listen to him with caution. His little apology to Miss Shelman towards the end of his article is pathetic but it would be irrational to expect something sincere from such a little man. I have looked through the archives of this Post 6 feature and I have seen that not all the models posed nude. If Mr. Morpork is not aware of this fact about his feature column, there is something to be said about his intelligence. As a mother in real life, I believe it would be irresponsible for me to know about this situation involving this young lady and say nothing about it. Mr. Morpork is the type of man every parent should protect their daughters from, he is the kind of man every parent should hope their sons do not turn into. Mr. Morpork was man enough to play this music and he should certainly be man enough to dance to it .

    Let me make it clear once more, I will be following this case closely and I will be watching these features in general, should there be another young lady being victimized in this manner, there will some serious explaining to do.

  9. marilyn murphy

    Mar 26th, 2010

    and whom will this explaining be done to? that is so laughable. the cartoon person being displayed in a fake way police?

  10. Inniatzo

    Mar 26th, 2010

    oh wow, I got about half way through and then had a drama overload. i didn’t quite get the reason why — oh, i know this is going to sound crazy — that Ono didn’t like, well, pose naked for the naked shots.

    silly me, that strikes me as the best way to get pictures of naked avatars. so instead she knew it was going to be topless and only let you take a picture with her top on? and then said to photoshop the top off?

    that makes absolutely no sense. to me it looks like either someone is lying – although why i don’t know, its not like the pictures were going to be secret. or, i suppose, there are some loons and drama hounds although who that might be i have no idea. (and i don’t really care, to be honest)

  11. brandon

    Mar 26th, 2010

    You all are real life tards arent you? Between here and the extra tardy forums and that dipshit daria, this, this piece of reporting/photoshoot is just to STUPID to handle and confirms this place is to looney to take serious anymore. (If it ever was serious)
    I’m ready to load up a few avatars and go on a topless copybotting cds defying run while debating the survey in front of me on the blogofails. ha ha I crack me up …………………

  12. Reverse Writer

    Mar 26th, 2010


    Please keep posting, you are the greatest idiot to grace the comments since Penance Sautereau raged on about her penis. No one cares as much as you do, and I look forward to more of your outraged indignation about the most retarded stuff ever.

  13. Marianne

    Mar 26th, 2010

    I feel bad for Timothy. Having to deal with this sort of weird model say a lot about the avatars applying to be Post 6 models… He has to take what he can get, and that’s the ugly and stupid.

    I think Timothy was too kind. If I was taking pictures, where it was agreed upon that it should be nude pictures, and the model started to yapyap about keeping the top on… I would first laugh, assume it was a joke. And if she served me that crap: “is to be worshipped, not seen by the unfit masses”, I would tell her the photo session was OVER, don’t contact me again, you are muted. If I was really pissed, I would say her avatar was mediocre at best, and that she suffered from a bad case of exaggerated self pride.

    Besides, Photoshopping should not be used to save a crap picture. There should be a lot of work put in the pose, the outfit and light first. I would never agree upon PS like this, and I think it’s not right of Timothy to do it. It’s unfair to all the models who posed nude or topless and didn’t demand any special treatment.

  14. psychotic break

    Mar 26th, 2010

    This new style of blacking out most of the Post 6 model really works well. I am hoping it will be adopted for all Post 6′ers in the future :)

  15. Senban Babii

    Mar 26th, 2010

    Thank you Timothy for coming forward and clarifying what really happened so thoroughly. I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again here and now in public. Timothy is one of the most genuine and hardworking people I’ve met in my travels across the grid. He goes out of his way to be nice to people and to ensure that everyone is happy, especially his models. He certainly doesn’t deserve some little drama whore trying to stir the pot to attract visits to her store.

    Now, this is one thing I really don’t understand.

    Onoz said she didn’t want to pose naked and so asked Timothy to photoshop off her top etc. Fine, I can sort of understand why someone would do that (although it brings into question why she’d pose for Post 6 in the first place?)

    There’s only one conclusion. She wanted the chance to create a little swirl of drama to attract attention, hits to her Flickr images and visits to her store.


    “This little man called Mr. Timothy Morpork and whoever may be behind him should enroll in a Journalism School, it is necessary as this situation proves that there would be a lot to learn. Journalism does not create or instigate situations of controversy. Journalism does not involve planting fake breasts all over the place. Journalism does not involve biased reporting. Journalism involves dealing professionally with people of all degrees, shapes, sizes, and colors. Journalism has a code of ethics. If Mr. Morpork is foolish enough to get into journalism without knowing what it demands, he is in the wrong profession.”

    Umm, since when is Timothy a journalist? He’s a photographer. Not a journalist and not even a photo-journalist. There’s a world of difference, please attempt to learn this Kathy. And he was asked to carry out the photoshopping by the model so quit with the burning martyr ranting.

    On a personal note, I wondered what I’d do if I was in the same position, that is, if I was in Timothy’s shoes and the model had acted in the way that Onoz did. I honestly think I would have spiked her appearance in Post 6 and moved on to another model. I myself have been approached with a number of stories which appeared valid but turned out to be simply someone trying to further their own agenda and so I’ve spiked the story and moved on. This is perhaps why I’m always going on about the way some people try to use Post 6 appearances to gain a free advertising slot for themselves or their friends. That’s just my thinking anyway and everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  16. Judge Joker

    Mar 26th, 2010

    If you all care so much to crusade over one pair or photoshopped Second Life breasts….

    Go talk to the real world and crusade for the many thousands of teenagers who have to live up against the photoshopped perfections of an industry now based around it.

    Which cause some of them to have eating disorders and psychological issues, based around them believing they are ugly because they compare to be less than some cheap photoshopped model.

    I tried reading this but I could not get past the first few paragraphs, and because I just don’t understand why you all are making it into drama, it happens all the time in the real world why should we care it happened on this wordpress blog?

    Personally I hate celebrities and this kind of thing, it just pushes society and children in general in the wrong direction to have unnecessary surgical procedures or psychological issues and disorders.

  17. Senban Babii

    Mar 26th, 2010

    All of which is a valid and fine point to make Judge Joker and I agree with you. But it’s also worth pointing out that there’s a difference between a model being photoshopped to appear skeletaly thin or to have blemish-free skin, straight teeth and so on when compared to an item of clothing being photoshopped out. The photoshopping in this case wasn’t to remove blemishes and create an uber-perfect beauty. I do agree with your points though. Which is one of the reasons why I *personally* believe that Post 6 shouldn’t highlight avatars which promote conventional beauty alone but which show creativity within the SL medium. In RL we’re kind of limited but in SL we have no such limits, so why do we limit our definitions of beauty or interest by our meatspace paradigms?

    I mean, it goes against the conventional wisdom, or rather the agenda we are told is conventional wisdom that all models have to be Barbie dolls. And yet the second place in the recent Miss England title went to someone who is size 16 (w00t! GO SIXTEENS!)



    “Miss Surrey, Chloe Marshall, 17, from Cranleigh – the first size 16 girl to reach this final of the competition – won second place.

    Before the final, the trainee opera singer said she wanted to enter the competition “to show everyone that you can be beautiful no matter what size you are and that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes”.”

  18. Silvana Lefevre

    Mar 26th, 2010

    Why can’t I shake the feeling that this is all a hoax to introduce Kathy, the new (and less funny) Miss Petunia Amaryllis Courtney Taliaferro?

    Oh, and Timothy… Man up please, you’re being too nice. Deny a drama queen a platform and take down the entire post or celebrate your Photoshop skills and leave the pictures on exactly as they were.

    Kisses from the afterworld, where being one of your first Post 6 models is still one of my better SL memories.

  19. Darkley

    Mar 26th, 2010

    I want to know who Kathy is….

    Is she Ono’s rl mum? her sl mum? some random person who thinks shes fighting for some poor youngster?

    Where is Ono? why is she silent on all this?

  20. Jumping Jack Flash

    Mar 26th, 2010

    I hope someone tells Rolling Stone she is selling their Janet Jackson cover image in her store.

    Check the settings on your “OMG THIS WOMAN IS CRAZY” hud. I think you might need to have it looked at. You should have told her to bounce when she complained that the herald wouldn’t cover her “gallery.”

    If she’d pulled that crap with me, I would have photoshopped a giant penis on her and told the world she’s a guy. Sic semper drama regina.

    Everyone thinks you’re Ono, or crazy, or both. Please give us more, you’re fabulously entertaining.

  21. Obvious Schsim

    Mar 26th, 2010

    @ Timothy Morpork

    Hi Timothy, we met at the last Herald party on that big kitchen table. I asked you then if you were interested in taking on any more Post 6 models and you said “yes”.

    Therefore, I hereby officially offer myself up for the next available photoshoot slot. I guarentee that I will appear completely unclothed in every picture. I’m posting this in the comments so that I can be held accountable for my claim.

    Please let me know if my application is successful. I know that you don’t like to comment here, so I will be in-world this weekend awaiting your affirmative IM with baited breath.

    Obvious Schism

  22. Darien Caldwell

    Mar 26th, 2010

    The fact that people were arguing if virtual boobs were ‘real’ was silly enough. The fact this person felt the need to make a post out of it, is simply the icing on the cake. And the fact that someone bothered to photoshop boobs onto an avatar, well, that’s the cherry on top.

    Good job, everyone. :D

  23. Skye D.

    Mar 26th, 2010

    Interesting…Ono’s Flickr account with the morphs has now pretty much been shut down. I wonder if it was because she realized what she was doing was wrong, if Flickr made her do it, or if she got so much harassment as a result of all of this that caused her to do it.

  24. Luci

    Mar 26th, 2010

    What a waist of words and web space.

  25. Darkley

    Mar 26th, 2010

    Its a torso of a mess indeed

  26. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Mar 26th, 2010

    I’ve seen people waste their breath and/or writing on some pointless bullshit penty of times, but putting nearly 2000 words on why you made fake-nudes-of-a-fake-person is among one of the most pathetic.

    Who the fuck gives a shit?

  27. BamBam

    Mar 26th, 2010

    ROFL!!! @ KATHY
    LMAO!!! @ Timothy
    LOL!!! @ Ono

    Tim I hear the next version of Photo Shop is coming out… It will strip a model for you. ROFL!!!

  28. No one cares anymore

    Mar 26th, 2010

    Senban is starting to set off PROK alarms in my head,
    anyone else experiencing this?

    No one cares anymore Senban,S T F U for crying out loud

    (your accounting of SL log-time and blah-blah-blah bout having a busy RL was really f’n funnie btw)

  29. Senban Babii

    Mar 26th, 2010

    @No One Cares Anymore

    “your accounting of SL log-time and blah-blah-blah bout having a busy RL was really f’n funnie btw”

    Funny? Damn, I was trying for sarcastic. Feel free to keep attacking me by the way, it makes me all warm and fuzzy :)

    Also, sorry if people having a discussion is too alien a concept for you. We’ll try to throw in a few random fart jokes so you don’t feel too left out :)

    Pull my finger?

  30. Pappy Enoch

    Mar 26th, 2010

    Cha-cha-bingo Gate!

    What are the fake world comin’ to??

  31. We

    Mar 26th, 2010

    I can’t believe you’re talking about boob jobs on the Herald with a big news story around like Anshe buying Azure Islands under a company pseudo name going unnoticed.

  32. Inniatzo

    Mar 26th, 2010

    the photographer says:
    “Ono approached me seeking to be a model in a weekly nude feature. She asked me to use Photoshop to remove her bikini top, and did so in open chat in front of a witness.”

    I believe the first part, that she asked you is she could be a model, but as for asking you to use photoshop – wtf?. I don’t know Timothy Morpork, i don’t know Ono Shelman, but that makes no sense.

    why do i think this, well there is this sentence fragment:
    “…she came to the second photoshoot and refused to get naked for a nude pictorial reinforces…”

    maybe she didn’t understand what you needed, or maybe you weren’t clear, it doesn’t matter. i wouldn’t be surprised if there was a communications mixup, but in the end it seems very clear to me that she didn’t want naked pictures.

  33. Sourballs McGinty

    Mar 26th, 2010

    “but that makes no sense….i wouldn’t be surprised if there was a communications mixup”

    My Thoughts-
    -Kathy keeps telling us that Ono is young.
    -Ono keeps telling us that she’s the CEO of this and former CEO of that and blah blah.
    -Timothy has been doing this job a while without any other models screaming that he done them wrong.

    Looks to me like we have a millennial with a humungous ego, a bloated sense of self-worth, and a burning desire to be “important.” She knows that Post 6 is a nude feature but thinks she’s so special the rules won’t apply to her. Is Kathy the helicopter parent enabling these delusions?

    Or, could be that she was looking for some original pictures by the Post 6 photog to sell in her ‘gallery’

    Either way, I don’t see how it could be a communication mix-up, Post 6 Grrrls end up nekkid. You don’t even have to speak English to know that- just looking at the articles makes taht pretty clear.

  34. Edna

    Mar 26th, 2010

    Please tell me that you people are actually aware that SL avatars aren’t human “little people” living inside your computer screen. Showing the computer generated representation of your avatar’s breasts is not at the the same thing as showing your real life body.

    These avatars are 3-D images rendered by your computer for Christ’s sake. The talk here about wanting to protect modesty by not posing “nude” is absurd and extremely disturbing that anyone would give such human attributes to a computer animation.


  35. Muziekfreak1980 miles

    Mar 26th, 2010

    *still wondering why i read this*

    What a waste of space, entire story about bullocks lolz.

  36. Cai Pirinha

    Mar 26th, 2010

    Who the f*ck cares if your cartoonish handpuppet appears dressed or not in a pic?

  37. Inniatzo

    Mar 27th, 2010


    If she was totally okay with being naked then why didn’t she just pose naked? i can’t think of any reason, sensible or not so sensible, why someone would say ‘i don’t want my naked avatar to be seen, so just go ahead and photoshop off my clothes.’

    considering the standards of ‘journalistic ethics’ at the herald if there were logs of her saying that you can bet that they’d be posted

    i don’t know these people or anything them, and i certainly have no idea what actually happened. i could be totally wrong. but from what has been presented i think – that is, in my opinion – this sounds like some guy did something sleazy and now has rationalized some elaborate explanation that boils down to ‘well she wanted me to do it’

    when the choice between ‘she was young and naive’ vs. ‘the guy was a creep’ you can bet that the vast majority of time the second scenario is what happened.

  38. Sourballs McGinty

    Mar 27th, 2010


    I think you might be missing the most basic part of this:


    Are you thinking she thought she was waiting in line for a ride at Disney?
    If she WASN’T alright with being naked, why did she contact a nude photographer?

    Lemme guess, you’re Kathy’s husband?

  39. OrinB

    Mar 27th, 2010

    hmmm… well i guess the photographer should have stuck to his guns and just not published the images if the model was making demands that go against his original remit! Why give publicity to someone who clearly doesn’t want to be seen nude?

  40. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 27th, 2010

    Well, my experience has been that not everyone wants to be FULLY nude. Topless perhaps, but not bottomless all the time. We dont force the gals to do anything they are uncomfortable with. Those that dont want to be even topless we dont use. “We dont photoshop shit.” is our motto. Not because we dont like the practice. Rather, we publish more than three pics at a time and wouldnt waste the time. We have to smudge a weird sl shadow every once and again on an otherwise perfect shot. Most times we just find a better shot.

    Photoshopping in someboy’s boobs over anothers pic is something we just wouldnt waste the time doing. With all the people wanting to be IN The Herald, I find it fascinating why Timmy Tim Tim wouldn’t just find another model.

    Considering the pictures SUCKED in the first place. Tim comes across as a Hack.

  41. Muziekfreak1980 miles

    Mar 27th, 2010


    Your a funny dude you know that? If you look at the so called magazine you make (your native english languewise as far as i understood )

    Then why the fuck is it full of dumbass mistakes. In the meantime on every topic were i see your name pop up you rant about other ppl abilities and mark them as “stupid” “lame” “sucks” “hacks”

    Without even have the decency to stay objective at all.
    Your the fucking joke lol, not the others that are in here i think you want to create chaos (see stroker vs LL) in order to gain more readers for that pathetic excuses of a magazine *ahum i would not even call it that* of yours.

    Oww yah sure rant about me now, amuse me with your ability to make yourself look like a complete idiot. Im used to reading that from you by now o.O

  42. Inniatzo

    Mar 27th, 2010

    orin : Exactly!!! It’s a nude feature, she didn’t want to get nude and so… the end, he should have just gone on to the next model.

    sourballs : no, i’m not anyone’s ‘husband’ lol

  43. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 27th, 2010


    hehehe say what you want Tranny Wood Morepoke’s photoshop boob blunder marks the sap a hack!

    as for slut magazine it IS an an online magazine by definition. increasing circulation is the goal of every publisher. We stand by our content

    as for YOU. you’re too little. get big. maybe then there’ll be some value in ranting about you. as et you’re just a nobody hehehe

  44. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 27th, 2010

    heheheh i take that back Musty you merit one rant. Motherfucker you need to take some time to spell check that sad ass website of yours if you want to play internet grammarian you fuckin dutch furriner hehehe I HATE THE GODDAMN DUTCH!

  45. Muziekfreak1980 miles

    Mar 27th, 2010

    Fools like you are the reason sl is drowning.

    Your like ranting constantly on other ppl (see blogs) on how amused ppl are about your failures over and over to convo in a normal way.

    No jumpman…your the little guy here not me.
    And my site yah is full of mistakes (atleast i do not pretend) ps how would you know even? Your the worst NATIVE ENGLISH typo artist ive ever come across in here.

    The more clear it is to me that a racist idiot like you felt the need to check me out.

    Pathetic, you just shown the entire community there how much of a lowlife you really are

    And that you hate dutch no suprise there, i think you hate everbody that has 1 braincell more then you :)

    Im not intressting indeed, thats why you check me out and get so angry in yoru second posting that all you can comeup with is cussing.


  46. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 27th, 2010

    @mUSTY quit then , punk! and tired internet memes wont save you. and the Dutch are nothing but cowards and collaborators just like the french! just like you hehehehehe. remeber wwii. win a goddamn war.

    and i never gave a shit about what ANY “community” I’m a grown man i do w/e the fuck i want to do.

    I aint no Dutch bitch…i know that lmao.get big little bitch! be somebody!

  47. Edna

    Mar 27th, 2010

    Jumpman shut the F** up. I just looked at your stats. Your sites get 24 hits per day average! LOL!

  48. Muziekfreak1980 miles

    Mar 27th, 2010

    Talking about insignificant ppl…


    Jumpman Lane

    Join Date: Apr 2008
    Posts: 56
    SL Join Date: 5-5-07
    Business: Slut Mag Inc

    On secondcitizen your being spit at aswell as any forum or blog or website i can think off.
    Congrats, with your slutmagazine i makes me a happy puppy knowing that your the kind of guy ppl only can LAUGH about
    I bet your a transexual or wait even better a little boy that never know real love. But now feels the need to use the internet as his personal domain.
    So sad really, that a kid like you get spit at everywere he goes. Hiding behind his little keys, and even think he is famous looool!

    Guess what…so was Ted bundy he died…matter of time that your will die everywere. Your world is shrinking with the day and thats something i found so amusing. And yes my english sucks? But heeij ppl do understand me atleast, and the do talk in normal fashion way. You really believe that the louder you scream the more votes you get.

    Sure…that is why your getting banned all over the place. And all that you have to show for it, is a unreadable (flash) website that gets visited by ppl that want to have a good laughter. And not even because of the content you have on that site no kid. Because of the idiot behind it all that thinks he can make a point by formulating himself like a complete and utterly ignorant little cunt that you are.

    To me your cannonfodder, and yes im insignificant, but guess what im nowere banned. I know ppl aswell as you do, in fact the ppl you rant over most i know personally aswell. And no im not protecting those, the earn 100x more then me, atleast there not so full of themselfs like you are (and you got dick to show for it FACT) compared to them.

    I will stop writing now because you frankly not even worth the effort to talk about. Keep on ranting and pretend your a gangster with your lack of decent english. Its hilarious aswell as pathetic to even suggest/think that ppl take your seriously in your wildest dreams moron.
    Maybe ask Coke supply or read the SOH case about my involvement atleast i try to make sl a better place, ppl like you are the toothacke of our society in sl and RL.

    And nextime you feel the need to put out a racist comment. Do it inworld not on a blog were i cannot file your sorry ass.
    Cowards like you are the ones that run the fastest in rl and sl alike.

    Well this is it..enjoy your life HUMPBOY rolfmao!

    Do not bother reacting i wont even read it (i properly cannot even read your shit)

  49. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 28th, 2010

    @mustyfreak the dutch bitch! man fuck sl universe lmao. i think i posted there for all of a day. who gives a shit. god damn foreign sap! and i aint readin all that shit either. just caws ur raw and wrote a trilogy of novels lmao. er sap!

  50. Jumpman Lane

    Mar 28th, 2010

    eat a dick up till you hiccup edna. we’re a monthly. our stats are higher when we go to press. (especially with something on that turd stroker) our advertizers understand our model. if YOU dont, wiki ezine lol. we’re afloat! afloat! goddamn it we’re afloat!

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