Tizzers Trolls Twitter: Microsoft <3 Second Life

by Pixeleen Mistral on 01/10/10 at 10:32 am

Media depends on echo chamber for "news"

24 hours after Tizzers Foxchase placed a single post on Twittera little birdie told me that Microsoft may have silently offered tp buy Linden Lab this weekthe outstanding quality of reporting in the internet age is all too apparent.

Tizzers Foxchase Trolls Twitter

While successful trolling of a few minor blogs is to be expected, this rumor had legs – much to the dismay of long-time Linden Lab sock puppets and favored sources for quasi-official Lab leaks.

For instance, just imagine Tateru Nino’s dismay at being upstaged by the notorious Tizzers Foxchase – a player repeatedly banned from Second Life and member of The Wrong Hands faction. While Tateru has always played the Lab’s good girl, Tizzers has chosen a more colorful approach to her gameplay and  should not be underestimated. The Wrong Hands exposed both Linden Lab staff collusion with the Justice League Unlimited vigilantes and the disgraced Emerald viewer developers.

What else could Tateru do but grit her teeth and point out that it could be true – even if the source might be suspect. And so we witness a perfect meta-gaming storm as frantic-to-post bloggers and minimal research create a no-lose situation for Ms. Foxchase. The evidence? Mary-Jo Foley of ZDnet took the bait along with Kevin Parrish of Tom’s Hardware.

Is Tizzers Foxchase the ultimate industry insider – or the author of one of the most successful Second Life trolls ever?

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  1. General Drama

    Oct 5th, 2010

    A little birdie told me that furfags must yiff in hell.

    “Do not have sexual relations with an animal and defile yourself with it. A woman must not present herself to an animal to have sexual relations with it; that is a perversion” (Leviticus 18:23).

    Leviticus 20:15 (New International Version)

    15 ” ‘If a man has sexual relations with an animal, he must be put to death, and you must kill the animal.”

  2. lawd

    Oct 5th, 2010

    Some birdies believe just about anything. Like that Furries are all about sexual relations between humans and animals. Can’t blame them, birdies brains are not that big.

  3. Kiddoh

    Oct 5th, 2010

    @Lawd: Well when you think about it… Aren’t furries supposed to be some kind of mix of human and animal? I wouldn’t be surprised if someone fucked a female dog thinking she would give birth to IRL furries.

    All n’ all, what is a furry if not everything between humans and animals?

  4. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 5th, 2010


    *turbo facepalm*

  5. Kiddoh

    Oct 5th, 2010

    @Nelson: Excuse me, I’m not a furry. Perhaps you can enlighten me as to what I said being turbo-facepalm worthy and perhaps give some reasoning as well? I think what I said is entirely logical, not to mention my comment about a guy getting it on with a bitch in hopes of spawning their favorite fantasy race ~although if you took basic biology, you would know it’s impossible by those means~ is in a somewhat better light than people fucking animals out of lust, wouldn’t you agree?

  6. Gaara Sandalwood

    Oct 5th, 2010

    “is in a somewhat better light than people fucking animals out of lust, wouldn’t you agree?”

    The quoted concept would actually border more towards outright bestiality, actually.

  7. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 5th, 2010


    (The spam filter is taking a dump so I’m gonna have to spoof a few things.)

    Best1ality is best1ality. While r@ping a genetically sound woman is “better” if the r@pist has the human race in mind and was doing so to better the gene pool rather than a r@pist just r@ping said woman out of lust, it’s still rap3 either way.

    I’ve talked to people with best1ality kinks, and you’d be genuinely surprised how much care and caution they take if they even do that sort of thing. It’s not like they’re all “I’m so h0rny, I could fuck a dog in the @ss!” They really do spawn these weird relationships with their pets. But that’s an entirely different concept than having a fur f3tish. (Furry, not actual fur.) While we’d all love to quote the irrelevant CSI episode (because TV shows always tell the truth!), there are as3xual furries, there are furries “just in it for the art money”, there are furries that just love hugging people in fursuits, there are furries that do other furries, there are furries that do animals, and there are furries that are so young and innocent that they don’t even know anything about furry pron.

    I think the few furry polls that exist have generally shown that 5-10% of furries are even s3xually attracted to animals, and less than 1% go through with those urges. That’s a pretty minuscule amount. In comparison, around 80-85% are either bis3xual or hom0s3xual (or, to be more precise, 15-20% are staunch heteros3xuals) while only 10% of the human race is either bis3xual or hom0s3xual. That’s much more significant and warranting of further study than the <1% of furries that have s3xual relations with animals.

    But hey, I guess I'm no different – whenever I think of Christians, I always think of those who take it too far as well (WBC, for example) and thus generalize that to the entire Christian population.

  8. Samantha

    Oct 6th, 2010

    Tizzers Trolls Anybody, film at 11.

    Who cares?

    He’s not cute, he’s not funny, and he’s not even female, so “cute naughty little girl” behavior adds up to what now? And he’s made a personal career of doing this. It was ALMOST funny when he was 17. But not really, even then. Now that he’s in his mid-20′s, all you can feel is embarrassment for him.

    Will he still be doing this when he’s 40?

  9. General Drama

    Oct 6th, 2010

    Dame Edna is doing the same thing into her 70′s. If Tizzers were British it would just seem natural that he’d pretend he was a cute girl.

    And Tizzers is funnier every day than you’ve ever been.

  10. Samantha

    Oct 6th, 2010

    This implies that General Drama is a Tizzers sock puppet. Nobody else would actually stick up for Tizzers like that.


  11. Scrunty

    Oct 8th, 2010

    Tizzers = Dame Edna. lawl

    yeah, because an ADHD, closeted, pasty face neckbeard who trolls the internet is the height of performance art.

    that skinny nerd isn’t even in the same universe as Everage. pull your head out, the methane is making you delirious. unless you’re into that sort of thing.

  12. Selene Putzo

    Oct 8th, 2010

    Latest from CNN Money web site:


    “…there have been some reports that Microsoft has entered talks to acquire Linden Lab, the VC-backed operator of the Second Life virtual world. Not gonna happen…”

    Guess that puts a stop to this story.

  13. Kiddoh

    Oct 8th, 2010

    @Selene Putzo: “Guess that puts a stop to this story.”

    You could say…

    ~puts on sunglasses~

    it stopped the presses!


  14. Glenn Beck

    Oct 9th, 2010


    You didn’t walk away before the yeah. You know who else didn’t walk away?


  15. Kiddoh

    Oct 9th, 2010

    That’s because he killed himself.

  16. Hazim Gazov

    Oct 10th, 2010

    Know who else didn’t know when to end a shitty joke?


  17. Me

    Nov 18th, 2011

    aha, I see, why would anyone purchase SL when they could just purchase the data?

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