Tizzers Foxchase: Rock Fresh

by Pixeleen Mistral on 30/09/12 at 12:14 am

Exclusive interview and pictures from Fort Longcat

Early this week, Linden Lab destroyed the Sandvich region of Second Life and banned Sandvich land owner Sarilia Tryce and associates from the game, presumably in response to the Justice League Unlimited gang's favorite tactics: abuse report frenzy. The JLU and their allies were spurred into action as news spread of a terrifying situation at high altitude in Sandvich: a recreation of Fort Longcat - a virtual museum of PN, Soviet Woodbury, 4Chan /b/tard memes. Shock!!! Horrors!!!

FortLongCat 002
outside Fort Longcat high above Sandvik sim

For the JLU, this sort of enemy sighting instantly leads to an unthinking knee jerk reaction - kill it with fire - regardless of the consequences. So while the Sandvich nuke job was initially hailed by JLU partisans, gradually the realization dawned that seizing property without compensation or explanation could lead to unfavorable publicity. Strangely, some believe property rights should extend to all.

tizzers foxchase
Tizzers Foxchase [file photo]

Had the anti-griefers been trolled into damaging their beloved Lab's reputation by the notorious perma-banned Tizzers Foxchase and friends? Did the Woodbury/Wrong Hands/PN faction set up a win-win situation by promoting Second Life with a Steam-themed sim which could attract more players to their community - or embarrass the Lab if the ban hammer fell?

FortLongCat 001
trouble in the sky?

Ms. Foxchase has now experienced 4 rounds of mass bans and sim deletions, so the end game for any visit to Rod Humble's platform for user-generated spooge palaces creativity  is clear - but what are the motivations?

I was able to explore some of these questions shortly after Sandvich fell off the world map in an exclusive interview with Ms. Foxchase as I looked over some pictures I had taken on a visit to the Sandvich sim fort Longcat re-creation a few weeks ago.

do you want to join the discussion?

While there were certainly portions of Fort Longcat that seem designed to offend - the room of flapping penises might not be the best advertisement for Second Life - I wonder if more traditional and well established top 20 SL attractions such as Bukkake Bliss Island will impress Linden Lab's new target market: Stream players. Why isn't the JLU working to improve SL's image where it really counts?

FortLongCat 013
the garage in Fort Longcat: Kalel Venkman's JLU patrol car

As we discussed game governance, Tizzers told me her alt account Hissyfits Resident when deleted had $600 USD worth of mesh clothes - a sobering thought for any fashionista - but comforting to those who enjoy the long running Second Life meta-game: Authoritarian Kleptocracy.

You may wonder why Authoritarian Kleptocracy seems to be Linden Lab's favored form of governance, but it does make a certain amount of sense to those unconcerned with the rule-of-law and moving beyond a feudal society. Fear and intimidation -- do you really want to lose your virtual clothes? -- may well cut the costs of sandbox game governance, but at the cost of increased player cynicism and pointed questions about LL's new ventures.

Where will Rod Humble draw the line? Now that the Lab has released knock-off copies of Crayons Physics Deluxe and Minecraft, should we fear for our 2D-physics enabled iPad finger paintings and triangle-based constructions? With these thoughts in mind, I fired up my new Apple iMojoWire 5 for a chat with Tizzers.

Pixeleen Mistral: Ever since Linden Lab announced two new games - Createoverse and Patterns - I've been wondering about game gods' plan to handle governance across the product line. If you are banned in SL are you also banned in their other games? What if someone makes a naughty looking thing in Createoverse - will there be an adult Createoverse? 

Tizzers Foxchase: And the question beyond that is, if SL uses Steamcloud, will SL bans affect Steam accounts?

Pixeleen Mistral: getting back to the Sandvich situation, should we assume that Soft Linden is taking the virtual law into his own hands here - or was this a ban that went through normal channels?

Tizzers Foxchase: Generally mass wipes and sim nukes aren't done through normal channels.

This email is notification that Linden Lab has terminated your access to the Second Life virtual world due to severe or repeated violations of the Second Life Terms of Service or Community Standards which broadly interfere with or disrupt the Second Life community. Your account has been permanently disabled. Depending on the nature of the recorded violations, additional alternate or household accounts may also have been disabled.

The decision to terminate your Second Life access was reached after investigating your use of the Second Life software and service. If you would like to appeal your termination, you may contact Second Life Support, by creating a support ticket type of "Abuse Appeal" on support.second life.com.

Linden Lab

FortLongCat 012
defending the world from furry scum

Pixeleen Mistral: I think you guys are clearly the record holders for sim-smackdowns

Tizzers Foxchase: for the record, I have about 600 USD worth of purchases on Hissyfits Resident, just buying *stuff*. Like crap loads of mesh clothes. lol

Pixeleen Mistral: has this setback discouraged you from playing Second Life? or do you plan to return?

Tizzers Foxchase: Being censored by Linden Lab has never discouraged us from returning to the grid. Despite the shortcomings of the company running it, many of us still enjoy the game with the hopes that one day somebody will build a better SL sans Linden Lab.

Pixeleen Mistral: so why do you think Linden Lab continues to use what are apparently ineffective measures to "protect" their game from this sort of meta-gaming and rouge narrative?
This is the 4th time your faction has been banned and had your sims nuked - Linden Lab does not seem to be employing effective counter-measures

Tizzers Foxchase: I think there remains a handful of vocal residents and Linden employees that continue to harbor grudges from the past. Despite the fact that our group stays to itself, the fact that we exist shatters their world. I imagine these people flood Linden Lab with correspondence until something is done.

Pixeleen Mistral: should Second Life players expect your faction to return?

Tizzers Foxchase: You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

Pixeleen Mistral: i c
Was the owner of the land that Linden Lab confiscated today compensated for the loss of his property?

Tizzers Foxchase: There was never any compensation for the purchase of the sim. As in typical Linden Lab fashion, we've received the creepy silent treatment.

FortLongCat 005
an Afroduck picture and boxes of equipment
FortLongCat 003
its dangerous to go alone - take this

Pixeleen Mistral: Would you advise others to play Second Life? You seem to be willing to play for fairly high stakes but what about someone who is just getting started?

Tizzers Foxchase: Professionalism and customer service aren't strong points at Linden Lab. It's a very political company with many different conflicting opinions and visions internally. This is really brought to light by the GlassDoor reviews by former employees. http://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Linden-Lab-Reviews-E100549.htm

Pixeleen Mistral: But you continue to play - despite the odds - why?

Tizzers Foxchase: Unfortunately Second Life remains the only "game in town" at least in terms of collaborative virtual world spaces. Being able to contiguously co-exist with thousands of other people simultaneously is a really cool thing. I get a lot of satisfaction from watching people genuinely enjoy the communities that we create.

Pixeleen Mistral: and you have also created an infrastructure outside SL that allows your group to survive these periodic mass bans

Tizzers Foxchase: Skype has been invaluable in that regard. It has essentially become my SL friends list and many of us have been in 24/7 chats dating back several years. Getting banned is just a minor hiccup because we rarely need our in-world friends list or chat ability.

FortLongCat 004
Pool's Closed inside the "dead n****r storage" room

Pixeleen Mistral: So there is really very little Linden Lab can do to discourage your faction - do you think there will ever be some sort of peaceful coexistence?

Tizzers Foxchase: I think by now Linden realizes that these bans are mostly token PR statements showing good faith on their part, rather than effective measures to rid the grid of who they consider persona non grata.

Pixeleen Mistral: that seems like a realistic appraisal of the situation

Tizzers Foxchase: Most of us are in favor of peaceful coexistence. The core group rarely left the Sandvich sim.

FortLongCat 008
trolling crew

Pixeleen Mistral: perhaps some of your critics will attempt to attract and retain Steam players
We can hope that the Justice League Unlimited and Ravenglass Rentals will pick up the slack - or maybe not. Do you think that the JLU and Ravenglass Rentals will attract more paying players than Sandvich would have?

Tizzers Foxchase: When Sarilia and I discovered that Second Life was going to be listed on Valve's Steam platform, we knew that was a demographic of gamers that would fit in well with ours. Sandvich was created to be a familiar place for these people. This idea was reinforced when photos of the sim reached the front page of Reddit's r/gaming with over 1800 upvotes. I'm not sure I could say the same about Ravenglass Rentals.

Pixeleen Mistral: we can only hope the game gods know best. Is there anything else you would like to tell the Herald readers? what have I missed?

Tizzers Foxchase: Second Life is a stepping stone in the history of virtual worlds. The best thing we could do is learn what not to do, and apply that in future competing products. In the meantime, rock fresh.

95 Responses to “Tizzers Foxchase: Rock Fresh”

  1. EndOfStory

    Oct 4th, 2012

    Iggypop, ED is only a shell of what it once was and the domain change matters not in the final analysis. Use those few remaining brain cells more effectively as you are grasping at old ways you “old fag”

  2. Dontspill McGinnis

    Oct 4th, 2012

    @ Paul.

    So how have you been so convinced that Tux had been incarcerated?
    Is it something that just popped into your head one day?

    When that happens to me, it usually means I’ve had too much Ale.

  3. Robble Rubble

    Oct 4th, 2012


    Ooooh lala you are feisty.

  4. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Oct 4th, 2012

    “Pixeleen Mistral: so why do you think Linden Lab continues to use what are apparently ineffective measures to “protect” their game from this sort of meta-gaming and rouge narrative?”

    Rouge narrative? Is the Herald turning into a fashion blog now? :)

    “Tizzers Foxchase: Unfortunately Second Life remains the only “game in town” at least in terms of collaborative virtual world spaces.”

    Oh really?



    Second Life is just one grid among many these days.

    @ Economic Engineer
    “Kal-El says The Herald article got it wrong, as well – I wasn’t claiming responsibility for the event – just reporting it.”

    He’s right. Automatic blame-placement is often in error. To discover where the reports came from, check out a certain high-volume SL blog. Some of the folks from Sandvich couldn’t resist griefing, and the target of the griefing blogged about it and asked for help in reporting it. Next thing you know…poof, no more Sandvich. If there was some unspoken Schadenfreude accompanying the report, that would be understandable. But Kalel is right.

  5. Paul

    Oct 4th, 2012

    Is that what I was convinced of???? Thanks for letting me know.

    You guys put a whole new spin on the concept of “Thou dost protest to much.”

  6. Economic Engineer

    Oct 4th, 2012

    “Some of the folks from Sandvich couldn’t resist griefing, and the target of the griefing (prokofy) blogged about it and asked for help in reporting it.”

    To clarify, I know what griefing you’re talking about but it isn’t anyone in the Sandvich sim. My guess is its Joanna and Wut Moorlord, they both stopped showing up after Red Square and Revolution and coincidentally Prokofy has been griefed more after its banning. As far as I know nobody TWH wise participated in griefing since everyone has been playing Guild Wars 2, except for the PN members in the sky.

  7. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Oct 5th, 2012

    The only names I could find are FirstThingIShallDo Resident and Tizzersluvsu Resident. Do those ring a bell?

  8. Tux

    Oct 5th, 2012

    @ GLE
    ‘He’s right. Automatic blame-placement is often in error. To discover where the reports came from, check out a certain high-volume SL blog. ‘
    Ahahhaha the Kalel & the JLU use Proks blog as a factual information source!
    Also, Prok never mentioned me (to my knowledge). Kalel was simply stroking his epeen whilst attempting to restore his pedestal. The highest he will ever be now is when he is on the job with gigantasaurus, Kara. And while he is up there, he better watch he doesn’t burn his arse on the lightbulb.

    He failed btw, I am still in SL without a ban.

    I have heard the JLU once fantasised about me being placed in jail. In reality I have never had so much as a speeding ticket (and I own a very fast merc). So how about trying to find something real to put out there?

  9. Klskn

    Oct 5th, 2012

    As Tizzers explained, the whole point was to provoke Linden Lab into banning the Steam sim and create bad publicity for them. They laid a trap and Linden Lab walked right into it. The sim even featured a PN museum/Fort Longcat.

  10. Economic Engineer

    Oct 5th, 2012


    Can’t say I’ve seen either of those names but with the publicity we’ve gotten from Prokofy, they may have visited on alts when I wasn’t on. After seeing ‘Tizzersluvsu’ I’m pretty sure it’s them. When they both discovered Woodbury and Prokofy one of the first trolls Wut Moorlord pulled around Prokofy was saying “hey tizz” when he and Joanna were talking to her in Ross. Prokofy has assumed Joanna was Tizzers ever since. Since this new wave of griefing began a year ago, she’s been accusing Tizzers of doing it. Both of them have probably gone through multiple accounts a week so it wouldn’t surprise me if they made a few “tizzers” accounts to create more confusion.

  11. IntLibber

    Oct 6th, 2012

    When you engage in dissention and agit-prop against a totalitarian state, you go into it accepting that fighting city hall is likely going to get you defamed, discredited, libelled, slandered, arrested for things you didn’t do, convicted of things you didn’t do (because they can’t admit the real reason they are putting you on trial) and punished in a cruel and unusual manner. Tizzers is a revolutionary, fighting for the rights of the individual to exist in the virtual world. Someday, everybody is going to work in virtual reality, and we need to be active NOW in insisting on our rights.

    He knows when he starts up a sim that becomes immensely popular that this is going to attract the jealousy of far less successful people (Prok, Kalolz, etc) as well as the greed of Linden Lab itself. This is phase one: Showing the rest of the grid HOW THEY ARE DOING IT WRONG. If LL were interested in being successful rather than just enforcing their PC community standards, then Rod Humble would hire Tizzers to be the community manager for LL. There are few people on the grid that know how to build a community, make it popular, profitable, and enjoyable for lots of people. Tizzers is one of the few. The fact that they don’t hire him, and smack him down whenever they find another one of his successful communities in SL, just proves repeatedly that Linden Lab sucks and JLU are retards.

    As for the nuking of the sim: thats basic revolutionary dialectics. Prokofy got talking about that crap so much we all started studying it and figured out its a great way to begin a revolution. You create something thats really popular with the people but which thumbs its nose at the state. When the state can’t stand it anymore, they come in and smack it down, committing atrocities, violations of human rights, etc. and piss off a lot of otherwise innocent people. The state turns normal people into revolutionaries by their own actions.

    Each time Linden Lab nukes a Tizzers sim, they are creating more revolutionaries to join Tizzers cause, and this was the grand-daddy. You can’t get much bigger than Steam and Reddit. LL seriously kicked their own dicks this time.

  12. Glenn Beck

    Oct 8th, 2012

    You know who else used to think they were super humans exterminating the evil-doers?


  13. John Doe

    Oct 8th, 2012


    If Tizzer and the rest really just want to live in peace in SL.
    Why do they still go after Prok and the others?

    The draw the attention on themselves cause Tizzer is a crybaby.
    They want the attention, He has no life when he isn’t thought of as being persecuted by big bad Linden Labs.

  14. Paul

    Oct 8th, 2012

    Tux, I am sorry, could you please explain to me at least one more time how you didn’t get in trouble with the law? I think I missed it the first three times. And besides, your credibility probably increases every time you explain your innocence, don’t you think?

    Intlibber, if you think Tizzers is a “freedom fighter’ you are in a greater state of delusion than I originally thought, which is saying something. The next thing you know, you will believe, ohhhh I don’t know, that Kalel is a duly authorized law enforcement officer, and that SL is a brave new world where you should invest thousands of dollars of your real money and you can own land and make your imagination come alive!!

  15. Pedonymous

    Oct 8th, 2012

    >”make your imagination come alive!!”

    Man I wish SL was like that, I tried to and was quickly put down by LL and a bunch of guys living vicariously as some sort of “justice team”.

    Justice for what, exactly?

  16. Tux

    Oct 9th, 2012

    ‘Tux, I am sorry, could you please explain to me at least one more time how you didn’t get in trouble with the law? I think I missed it the first three times. And besides, your credibility probably increases every time you explain your innocence, don’t you think?’
    *sigh* It is impossible to explain about something that didn’t happen. Also I don’t see how credibility is relevant in the face of truth, lol.

  17. John Doe

    Oct 9th, 2012

    Lets not forget how important Tux thinks his SL character is that he had to make a Linked in profile:

    Or this profile:

    But yea Poor Tux is just a victim of the JLU ~cough~ love how all these people like Tux or Tizzer think people believe they are the victims.

  18. Pedonymous

    Oct 9th, 2012

    John Doe, isn’t stalking people like that kind of illegal?

  19. EndOfStory

    Oct 9th, 2012

    When it falls into the trap of “back & forth” like this the only thing yielded, time after time, is a clear(er) understanding of who is repeatedly acting like “little bitches” for the sake of bitching …and let us not forget the whole autism thing either.

    Get a life little bitches!

    And to you specifically Tux. You’ve lost all credibility and it was a lengthy process to achieve. My suggestion to you at this point is simply this; Go see if some of that British Swag & Sophistication, demonstrated by Goblin Shuffle, rubs off. Perhaps you can pay to be under his tutelage, like full time. See if that helps.
    You could definitely use it..

  20. Paul

    Oct 10th, 2012

    @John Doe: Please don’t mistake me for someone who cares one way or another what Tux does when he is not rationalizing bad behavior on the Alphaville Herald, and certainly don’t mistake me for a partisan hack on one side or the other of your chat room drama. Superman or the Penquin…all the same to me.

    @Pedonymous: Illegal? no. Creepy? definitely.

    @Tux: Thanks for telling me a fourth time. Going to go for five? I am flattered that my opinion means so much to you. I guess.

  21. Obvious Schism

    Oct 10th, 2012

    For anyone who is a bit mystified by all this, the following website has an excellent summary of the whole affair:


  22. hobo kelly

    Oct 10th, 2012

    you guys are supposed to be ROCKING FRESH remember?

  23. Robble Rubble

    Oct 10th, 2012

    @Hobo Kelly

    Rocking fresh isn’t the same thing as riding Tizz’s cock.

  24. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Oct 11th, 2012


    The problem with those alternatives is the fact they’re shitty reverse engineered versions of SL, coded in a soon to be abandoned programming language (.net) They’re piss poor clones of an already dated platform riddled with bugs and outdated features.

    I’d say SL is still the only game in town as there are no real competitors that offer better or the same. sadly it’s the gold standard, which is like saying there’s some corn in a pile of shit.

    Also, I often wonder how you cope with the fact your group isnt really working like the Justice League, but instead, the Justice Lords. Imposing your rules and ideals upon SL, and damn anyone who doesn’t kiss your ass. I have seen plenty of situations where the JLU could have been really living up to your mission statement, but instead, you spend your time planning vendettas against those who you don’t like. I mean it’s been 5 years since you decided you’d have Linden Labs shut down the original woodbury sim the first time and have been permanently pissed that WU didn’t stay dead when you all proclaimed it to be so. Get over it, funny enough, if you had all moved on, or *GASP* looked into the situation before jumping the gun, this article probably would not exist, and the whole shebang would have died off on its own a long time ago. Like Tizzers pointed out, for the most part, every iteration of WU or related projects have been largely self contained. But that wouldn’t fit the agenda, now would it?

    @Robble, I thought you were a lot better than this. You used to be level-headed and cool, now you’re in permanent butthurt mode, lashing out at everyone, including people who once considered you a friend, and had no beef with you. You think you’re gaining sympathy points and we’ll feel “sorry” about self-perceived slights against you and be like “We’re so sorry Robble for whatever we did wrong” because obviously lashing out and throwing a tantrum against people who considered you a friend at one point because of people who you thought were your friends reamed you a new one. I sure as fuck don’t see you lashing out at THOSE guys too much. You need time away from SL for a while. just fyi.

  25. EndOfStory

    Oct 11th, 2012

    At0m0 Beerbaum giving advice to Iggypop.
    What has the world come to?

    The “little bitches” club reaches a new, all-time low!

  26. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Oct 11th, 2012

    @ At0m0

    Please try to keep up with the story. JLU had nothing to do with what happened to Sandvich.

  27. Anonymous

    Oct 11th, 2012

    The JLU never had much to do with anything. At all, ever.

    People give them far too much credit which has only encouraged them to continue shitposting in comments (Like GLE above) and acting self-important. Anybody can file an AR or a DMCA.

    They’re just a bunch of irrelevant senior citizens that were made fun of in their younger years due to social ineptitude and never managed to fully mentally mature. They still see themselves as victims, which drives them to band-aid their personal insecurities by opposing anybody that they consider confrontational.

    These are deep psychological issues that will likely never be fixed this late in the game. It’s a sad waste of a life.

  28. Oh Really?

    Oct 12th, 2012

    @GLE Really? That proactive security screencap on the other article is pretty much Kalel bragging about having something to do with it. But then again you all are quite known for being caught saying on thing (especially in your own recorded chat logs) and then denying it later.

  29. EndOfStory

    Oct 12th, 2012

    “JLU had nothing to do with what happened to Sandvich.”

    The mystery behind this is killing some and being totally ignored by others. Tizzers knows who did it. Hell, most the regulars on Sandvich know who did it and how it all transpired..

  30. hobo kelly

    Oct 12th, 2012

    Fire red, summer’s dead,
    Yet shall it return.
    Clear and bright in the night,
    Burn, fire, burn!

    Dance the ring, luck to bring,
    When the year’s aturning.
    Chant the rhyme at Hallowstime,
    When the fire’s burning…

  31. Paul

    Oct 13th, 2012

    “The JLU never had much to do with anything. At all, ever.
    People give them far too much credit….”

    you mean as opposed to the serious, relevant, and far reaching social commentary of bombing a sim with pen1s prims and harassing a crazy cat lady?

    “They’re just a bunch of irrelevant senior citizens that were made fun of in their younger years due to social ineptitude and never managed to fully mentally mature. They still see themselves as victims, which drives them to band-aid their personal insecurities by opposing anybody that they consider confrontational.
    These are deep psychological issues that will likely never be fixed this late in the game. It’s a sad waste of a life.”

    you mean, as opposed to a bunch of irrelevant young people that were made fun of in their younger years due to social ineptitude and never managed to fully mentally mature. They still see themselves as victims, which drives them to band-aid their personal insecurities by opposing anybody that they consider confrontational.
    These are deep psychological issues that will likely never be fixed this late in the game. It’s a sad waste of a life?

  32. Robble Rubble

    Oct 13th, 2012


    I expected a better canned response.

  33. EndOfStory

    Oct 15th, 2012

    I hereby declare, this is the


  34. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Oct 16th, 2012

    I bet my car is faster than Tux’s. =^-^=

  35. NotoriousD

    Dec 12th, 2012

    GLE, your opinions have been invalid to me for a looong time. Ever since I tried playing e-reporter and asking you about the JLU’s methods in interviews, I’ve started having doubts.

    And I no longer considered anything you said to hold any worth after reading what was basically:

    “Our infiltrating other groups is good! Our invading and breaking apart other groups is just! Wrong Hands are bad people and data thieves!”

    But regardless, I read your comments anyway. And I see you still like the feel of Kalel’s steel as much as ever, and still side with your boss over anyone else, regardless of the facts.

    Cheers to being a drone, mate.

  36. A Nony Moose

    Dec 12th, 2012

    Tizzers banned a fifth time, taking his latest clueless noob with him? Oh, the calamity!

    Spare us.

    Nobody believes this claptrap anymore. And it’s obvious Tizzers wrote his own JLU bashing article, he’s the only one who cares and still blames the JLU for all his problems when he’s the real cause himself.

  37. KingG0oN

    Mar 25th, 2013

    Oh really WoodBury being peaceful my ass maybe some of them are good people okay but look at the fact that griefers join the group using multiple alternate accounts hang around their sims and link directly back to them with their griefing. In fact look at simms and shopped life who is placing keyloggers in all the Second Life viewers and giving them out on kinggoon.

    But what is most shocking is look at how Goreans since 2009 have support KingGoon, KingGoon links back to simms, and simms links back to WoodBury, which btw is where a lot of PN fellows I met came from before ;) .

    Oh and lets not stop there lets not talk about how Linden Lab allows these stupid Putrid CopyBotting Gorean, and Norian Scumbags to keep their 11 sims in Second Life even after Stemkha Azemeus supported the damn bot helped Synphony Vayandar Copy Cal Corleones entire builds and grief the entire fucking grid for weeks just fucking pathetic.

    Linden Lab obviously can’t control or save this grid when a person can keep getting banned only to come back 2 seconds later get banned and repeat constantly their email verification system is Lulzy that you dont have to very a single thing and can even troll their forums with false IP addresses all fuc*ing day.

    Woodbury peaceful yeah some just like memes and enjoy the LOL’s but others are fucking griefers and have connections back to woodbury including people like Stemkha Azemeus, Synphony Vayandar, Skills Hak all fuc*ing scumbag trash that needs to be wiped from our grid perma.

  38. hobo kelly

    Mar 30th, 2013

    Oh… I was strolling through the grid one day… In the merry merry month of… March… when I was… lifted to the skies, by a pair of mega sized… LOLicubes but I didn’t run away !!!

    hahahaaa mischief makers, I made a griefing rhyme!
    Speaking of griffers…
    I have just become informed of the fact that “Griefing”, its raw self, has been officially declared “out of control” on the grid.

    Meaning that there is SO MUCH griffing going on that at certain times of the day WHOLE GROUPS OF SIMS, like all of Nautilus for example, will turn RED on the map, not because the sim is faltering and going down, but turning red on the map because the REPLICATING PRIM attacks are being left sit for days and days now, long enough for their replicating box piles to show up on the main map. wowie kazowie.

    Word is that as SL completes its collapse the Griefing is out of control all across the grid. The griffers are not even being ejected anymore from some reports.

    Other reports have that Kyle Binkie guy who was dressing up as Superman and stalking the little kids in the grid, reports say he may be back flying around trying to do stuff but everybody is laughing at him and griefing him and then laughing some more. holy cow.

    Other reports are telling me I should get the new Anonymous HUD that is out, made by the PN coders, for 600L. I don’t know what that has to do with the price of TEA in China but I tend to cling to God and Guns at times like this so I will look at it again in the Market Place.

    Also, current Intel suggests that the wise griddite might check into something on the marketplace called “the big lag box” for 400L

    Me? I was all ready to leave Second Life after about 8 years and close the door finally forever… But I still never had that face to face, up close encounter in-world with the infamous Crazy Cat Lady whom I had written a lot about and theorized about like they were the Higgs Boson or something, you can see the damage they leave behind when they come cutting through at about 300,000m/s but you never really get a good look at them face to face.

    So I had what I thought was a brilliant idea! I would become a Crazy Cat Lady myself and rent a booth at one of the most popular Cat sims where they sell Kittys and just simply wait !! Because the Crazy Cat Lady would be SURE to come along eventually, right?, and be looking for strays to capture or something… Yeah that was the idea all right…

    But to be a Crazy Cat Lady and to rent a stand at the Adorable Cat Swamp cat selling place you have to have some cats to sell… and that is where I made my mistake BIG TIME… (remember that door that was closing on SL?)

    My demise, and the ultimate victory by the real Crazy Cat Lady began with me buying 1 (one) cat… here kitty… but one cat just sits there and does not fill a Cat Stand… so… here kitty kitty… I needed 2 (two) cats… (the thoughts of leaving SL and that door slamming still in my mind)

    You give 2 (two) cats some food and milk and what do you suppose you get in about 2 weeks?? Guess… moar cats…

    2 cats (two) become 3, then 4, then 6, then 10, and now I think I have like 20 cats producing like 10 kittens a week and the goddamned Cat Stand in the Adorable Cat Swamp is getting full to overflowing and back home the damned hairballs are getting so thick that you cant hardly walk around without stepping on the things let alone close any door, on SL or anything else unless you might squish one…


  39. Dontspill McGinnis

    Mar 30th, 2013

    KingG0oN, did you stop for breath when you typed all that?

  40. Dontspill McGinnis

    Apr 1st, 2013

    Awww, looks like hurt somebodies feelings…….

    [10:16] You can call me Fook (britishfook): (Saved Mon Apr 01 17:29:58 2013)not sure who is more seriously fucked in the head, you or hobo_kelly. does your state or local government know what a fucking brain damaged no lifer you are? do your sickly or dead parents? do your neighbors? DO YOU? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [10:19] Dontspill McGinnis: It is most definitely me, Hobo is is a regular Einstein in comparison. Nice of you to take such a close interest though. :-)

  41. Dontspill McGinnis

    Apr 1st, 2013

    Our learned friend continues:-

    [12:37] BritishFook: (Saved Mon Apr 01 20:26:36 2013)Hobo rants like a lunatic in a padded cell….to a fault. You on the other hand are simply a massively head-fucked internet shut-in. I suppose the only real comfort the world can have is that you are probably really physically fucked up too AND fat AND unhealthy, so your time is nearly up. If it wasn’t, I would ask you simply do the world a solid and kill (cut) yourself. ; )
    [12:37] BritishFook: (Saved Mon Apr 01 20:27:50 2013)I guess mental institutions, like the one you are held in, allow second life access. Brilliant! ! ! ! !
    [12:41] Dontspill McGinnis: How incredibly astute you must be. I am indded morbidly obese and confined to two wheelchairs (One for each buttock, you understand.) I was seriously considering entering the Morbidly obese olymipcs in Rio, but realized that i would probably suffer Internet withdrawal.
    [12:41] Second Life: User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.
    [12:42] Dontspill McGinnis: As for cutting myself, i have given it serious consideration in the past, but the instituation that looks after me won’t allow me to have sharp objects.

    Wouldn’t it just be simpler just to attempt to troll me in comments like normal?

  42. Anonymous

    Apr 7th, 2013

    And there’s Dontspill, in a last desperate plea for attention. Everything and everyone you ever fought for failed because they were meant to die a quick death and you couldn’t see it. Time to rethink your life, bro.

  43. Simman Federal

    Apr 10th, 2013


  44. hobo kelly

    Apr 19th, 2013

    MISCHIEF MAKERS !! it’s me again, your looney old pal Hobo Kelly coming to you from the WiFi Room at my local state hospital. They try to keep the Loonies off the Grass now and in the wifi rooms but it ain’t working…

    What do you do when a friendly someone comes along and just gives you some nice fresh n’ juicy targeting information just right out of the blue??

    YOU DANCE A LITTLE JIG thats what you do!!!
    (warning: this video may upset certain people…)

  45. IntLibber

    Aug 22nd, 2013

    Srsly? I get an email notification of new comments here, only to find out they were submitted in April? Pix and Uri, you guys been busy in Gitmo or sumpin?

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