Galactic War Rages – Star Wars Roleplay in Second Life

by Alphaville Herald on 14/11/10 at 10:30 pm

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by Cayce Urriah, Mandalorian Reporter

Very recently, in a galaxy far, far away within the Metaverse of Second Life, battles rage, blasters light the night with crimson, and there is… yes, there is only war.

The long standing order of the Dark Lords of the Sith, ruling from their fortress world of Byss have steadily been expanding their borders. The Sith Empire that they rule over has conquered and annexed many worlds. Ossus, the once grand world where the ancient Jedi records rest to this day, has been brought under the grasp of the Sith Empire’s malevolent influence. Darth Validus, master and Emperor of the Sith stands atop his fortress tower, controlling the war effort with an iron claw. Worlds continue to fall to the Sith, and the heroes of the galaxy look on with fear.

The Dark Lord’s Proclamation

Across the galaxy from their shelters and bases, the Mandalorians look on. First, as a neutral party, watching the borders of the immense Empire of darkness coming closer and closer to their homes. Niv Dralshy’a, Mandalore the Bloody, and leader of the Mandalorian people rises from her throne, her emotionless visor watching the Empire’s war. Raising a gauntlet, she executes a call: Come to battle! The Mandalorians flock to her call immediately, and surrounded by her best, the Mandalore approaches the Sith Empire. Diplomacy turns into bloodshed, and the Mandalorians pull out of the Empire’s territory to lick their wounds.

Mandalorian forces overlooking Bakura

The Tetan Empire under the rule of Empress Keto, having recently thrown off their own shackles of Sith dominance, raise their swords and come to the aide of the Mandalorians. A new government order is created.. The Galactic Coalition. A republic, overseen by the Mandalorians, the Tetans, an army of time displaced Clone Troopers and a number of Jedi. The Galactic Coalition gathers it’s forces to prepare for war against the Sith and the war begins in earnest.

The Tetan Empress and her entourage

Across the galaxy, the Imperial Conclave, the remains of the once great Galactic Empire founded by Palpatine and rebuilt by the Fel dynasty rose once more. The Conclave was prepared to reinstate order to the galaxy, before a strategically placed strike by one of it’s officers occurred, and the Conclave was ripped asunder as it’s once-loyal forces withdrew and Supreme Commander Ver’an declared a new Empire. The Empire in Exile bombarded the Conclave headquarters, and left with most of it’s forces, trading sides over to Ver’an’s new order. The Empire in Exile has begun rebuilding Bastion, the once great home of the Empire. The two Galactic Imperial factions now prepare for battle against eachother, each faction rapidly recruiting new soldiers to win the eventual war.

Director of Imperial Intelligence and a trooper

The Galactic Dominion had previously sat out of the war, watching from it’s far corners of the galaxy. However, in a moment of sudden betrayal, one of it’s highest diplomats published a tell-all story of it’s darkest secrets and defected to the Mandalorians. Angry of it’s secret Sith ideologies being published, the Domion raised it’s standing army and moved to join Validus’ Sith Empire. The Domion, a small force compared to the others, has been blackmailing and coercing Jedi with threats of violence into joining it’s war effort.

Mygeeto, wasteland and home of the Dominion

Battles rock the foundations of the Galaxy, as the factions vie for territory and power. A shadow falls across the Mandalore sector as the Sith Empire continues to expand outwards, but in the darkest of nights, the hope of those who fight the darkness shines as a candle in the black of space.

What will you do?

Seek personal glory amongst the wreckage of the war, or perhaps you’ll aide the Sith Empire to expand it’s shadow across the entire galaxy. Or maybe, you’ll fight for the mere spark of light that continues to shine in the galaxy.


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  1. Johnny

    Jan 3rd, 2011

    They took Legion from C&C and Validus took his speech from Emperess Jamyl in EVE Online… Not very creative these guys…

  2. Validus

    Jan 4th, 2011

    I think you’ll find the concept of Legion already existed before C&C. In a very, very, old book. I believe it’s called the Bible. ;)

    EVE Online has since dumped the Jamyl speach from its website and you won’t find the speech video supported by them anymore.


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