Galactic War Rages – Star Wars Roleplay in Second Life

by Alphaville Herald on 14/11/10 at 10:30 pm

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by Cayce Urriah, Mandalorian Reporter

Very recently, in a galaxy far, far away within the Metaverse of Second Life, battles rage, blasters light the night with crimson, and there is… yes, there is only war.

The long standing order of the Dark Lords of the Sith, ruling from their fortress world of Byss have steadily been expanding their borders. The Sith Empire that they rule over has conquered and annexed many worlds. Ossus, the once grand world where the ancient Jedi records rest to this day, has been brought under the grasp of the Sith Empire’s malevolent influence. Darth Validus, master and Emperor of the Sith stands atop his fortress tower, controlling the war effort with an iron claw. Worlds continue to fall to the Sith, and the heroes of the galaxy look on with fear.

The Dark Lord’s Proclamation

Across the galaxy from their shelters and bases, the Mandalorians look on. First, as a neutral party, watching the borders of the immense Empire of darkness coming closer and closer to their homes. Niv Dralshy’a, Mandalore the Bloody, and leader of the Mandalorian people rises from her throne, her emotionless visor watching the Empire’s war. Raising a gauntlet, she executes a call: Come to battle! The Mandalorians flock to her call immediately, and surrounded by her best, the Mandalore approaches the Sith Empire. Diplomacy turns into bloodshed, and the Mandalorians pull out of the Empire’s territory to lick their wounds.

Mandalorian forces overlooking Bakura

The Tetan Empire under the rule of Empress Keto, having recently thrown off their own shackles of Sith dominance, raise their swords and come to the aide of the Mandalorians. A new government order is created.. The Galactic Coalition. A republic, overseen by the Mandalorians, the Tetans, an army of time displaced Clone Troopers and a number of Jedi. The Galactic Coalition gathers it’s forces to prepare for war against the Sith and the war begins in earnest.

The Tetan Empress and her entourage

Across the galaxy, the Imperial Conclave, the remains of the once great Galactic Empire founded by Palpatine and rebuilt by the Fel dynasty rose once more. The Conclave was prepared to reinstate order to the galaxy, before a strategically placed strike by one of it’s officers occurred, and the Conclave was ripped asunder as it’s once-loyal forces withdrew and Supreme Commander Ver’an declared a new Empire. The Empire in Exile bombarded the Conclave headquarters, and left with most of it’s forces, trading sides over to Ver’an’s new order. The Empire in Exile has begun rebuilding Bastion, the once great home of the Empire. The two Galactic Imperial factions now prepare for battle against eachother, each faction rapidly recruiting new soldiers to win the eventual war.

Director of Imperial Intelligence and a trooper

The Galactic Dominion had previously sat out of the war, watching from it’s far corners of the galaxy. However, in a moment of sudden betrayal, one of it’s highest diplomats published a tell-all story of it’s darkest secrets and defected to the Mandalorians. Angry of it’s secret Sith ideologies being published, the Domion raised it’s standing army and moved to join Validus’ Sith Empire. The Domion, a small force compared to the others, has been blackmailing and coercing Jedi with threats of violence into joining it’s war effort.

Mygeeto, wasteland and home of the Dominion

Battles rock the foundations of the Galaxy, as the factions vie for territory and power. A shadow falls across the Mandalore sector as the Sith Empire continues to expand outwards, but in the darkest of nights, the hope of those who fight the darkness shines as a candle in the black of space.

What will you do?

Seek personal glory amongst the wreckage of the war, or perhaps you’ll aide the Sith Empire to expand it’s shadow across the entire galaxy. Or maybe, you’ll fight for the mere spark of light that continues to shine in the galaxy.


Join the war effort today, start at

52 Responses to “Galactic War Rages – Star Wars Roleplay in Second Life”

  1. James Freud

    Nov 15th, 2010

    Can I roleplay as Darth Vader, and bang Leia and Luke in one of the cells on the Death Star?

    It is SL after all.

  2. Little Lost Linden

    Nov 15th, 2010

    You must go to the Dagobah system. There you will find Arabella Steadham. She will help you create the Emerald weapon.

  3. Pappy Enoch

    Nov 15th, 2010

    I aims to become Pappy the Hutt an’ git me a load o’ them slave gals.

  4. Nelson Jenkins

    Nov 15th, 2010

    Of course, half of the time people are standing around, refuse to talk, or are having OOC conversations. Not to mention the inevitable nonconsentual scene playing out in the janitor’s closet.

  5. Yep

    Nov 15th, 2010

    “Not to mention the inevitable nonconsentual scene playing out in the janitor’s closet.”

    Leave it to second life to make a good movie strange.

  6. Kinoko

    Nov 15th, 2010

    /b/ The real reason that NOR has lost a few regions, and RP has Drama, is because of Owners who give 700 day old accounts which become an owner of the group when you were there before them, and they were only 300 sum days old when you joined the group lol… I find it all too funny.


  7. Salene Lusch

    Nov 15th, 2010

    * The clones toopers of the GAR are not “time displaced” (it’s not in their background and never was)

    * The Galactic Dominion isn’t a “small force”, they’ve the larger group of open sim in SWRP (maybe 7 or 8 while the coalition has none). They joined the war before the pamphlet from a dissident was published.

    * The Empire in Exile only destroyed an embassy, not the headquarter. Shortly after the imperial factions agreed and wont fight each others.

    * The picture labeled “Mygeeto” is actually “Mustafar”. It’s not a wasteland but lava fields.

    * The Sith Empire hasn’t expanded since the begining of the current conflict, neither they did visible attempts to.

  8. Cayce Urriah

    Nov 15th, 2010

    The original story, afaik, was that a group of clones were lost in space, and unfrozen later. Maybe the changed it, but that’s what a GAR member told me at one time.

    GD is a small force, compared to all of the other factions; they don’t have as many people. They have more sims, but not nearly as many people. And no, the day after the tell-all story was published, GD joined the sith empire.

    The embassy is the Conclave’s only base, as far as I know.

    Correct, I get the two planets mixed up.

    You miss the point of the entire article here. It’s meant to pull people into SWRP, acting in the same purpose as the text crawl in the opening of the movies; it gives the basic outline of what’s going on and pulls you into the story.
    The ‘expanding sith empire’ is what Mort is going for with the Empire, it’s meant to be a threat, and that’s why I’m using it as a device. Sure, they haven’t conquered any more sims, but they’ve been attacking quite a few, and in the ‘plot background’, they’ve been expanding to non-primmed worlds.

    Stop nitpicking.

  9. X

    Nov 15th, 2010

    ‘* The Galactic Dominion isn’t a “small force”, they’ve the larger group of open sim in SWRP (maybe 7 or 8 while the coalition has none). They joined the war before the pamphlet from a dissident was published.’

    The Dominion is pretty small for having 7 to 8 sims. It’s amazing how someone would judge a groups significance by how much money they waste on a game. Despite putting all that money in, the Tetan’s and Mando’s are both bigger groups. Mando’s are helped because the armor is cool, Tetan’s by commited leadership. I think both groups have a sim in progress?

    But other then that just about every note of yours is some kinda way to pump up the Dominion/Sith/Exile forces. Why can’t we RP Star Wars? Why do we have to deal with these lame bleeding heart liberal none cannon Jedi going on about the Sith being misunderstood? Boo hoo. If I wanted all this moral intergrity questioning I’d go play some political simulator, we want good vs. evil and lightsabers.. ENOUGH with this whole ‘ooooohhhhh look what they did they are bad!!!!!!! shame!’ it’s retarded.

  10. Peter Pedant

    Nov 15th, 2010

    Please don’t write ‘it’s’ when you mean ‘its’. It’s so annoying, and its useful messages might be ignored. Thank you.

  11. Ver'an

    Nov 15th, 2010

    2 things…
    We didnt ICly destroy ANY embassies or bases. We had captured it bloodlessly, and the Imperial Conclave, in retaking it, employed mandalorians who caused enough damage to render the facility “Destroyed”

    and 2, @”X”… do NOT OOCly claim the Empire in Exile is allied to the Sith forces. ICly claiming it is fine, since it is FALSE and IC lies are treated ICly, but do not OOCly claim it since it is an outright lie in OOC context.

  12. Salene Lusch

    Nov 15th, 2010

    The text is very good, but is not accurate for the other factions than yours, I suggest you proofread the texts before publication with the assistance of another faction’s member.

    A former clone group (but not the GAR) had the ‘time froze’ background, the GAR background was available few time ago in their academy, it talks about recycled DNA. Maintaining 1/3 or 1/4 of the SWRP sims, in the case of the dominion should deserve another description than “small group”, independently of the number of players if ever you know this number. The Embassy is maybe the only imperial base in SL, but it’s the same that your tent is almost the only mandalorian base; the rest exists but it’s not represented in world.

    Otherwise, SWRP isn’t limited to replay the movies. People create factions according what was role-played before, and play this factions in the Star Wars Universe, few centuries after the movies.

  13. Hung Wai Lo

    Nov 15th, 2010

    I like how it talks about Mandalorians as if their the badasses of the Galaxy. Just a small town girl, livin in a lonley world. She took the midnight train goin anywherrree.

  14. edna

    Nov 15th, 2010

    You know who else liked to play Star Wars in Second Life?…(wait for it)…

  15. Emperor Norton hears a who?

    Nov 15th, 2010

    edna @ “You know who else liked to play Star Wars in Second Life?…(wait for it)…”

    ,.. George Lucas

    Think about it.

  16. Senban Babii

    Nov 15th, 2010

    “A bio-mechanical viral droid brain named LEGION”

    Seriously, what?

  17. Bubblesort

    Nov 15th, 2010

    Norton: That would explain where JarJar binks came from. Lucas must have ran into some baby furs on SL and was all “I’ll make an alien based on these retards.”

  18. Little Lost Linden

    Nov 16th, 2010

    ooota boootah captain solo?

    Yes Greedo, but this time I’ve got the money.

  19. Masked Mandalol

    Nov 16th, 2010

    The article seems to talk up the mandalorians over the other groups involved. It would be no supprse to the people that have been around for a long time in SL ,knowing Cayce she/he loves to talk up their own group . ( how many viewers have you run at once 6 ? ) lol you cant fight with six avs at once.. People should realize there are a number of alt characters used by the mandalorian groups here so counting those alts as part of their battle force would be stretching the truth. The Galactic dominion and its allies have defeated or shown forces to make the mandalorians withdraw or toe the line in SL a number of times. This is because they have active members and when it comes time to throw down they get on with it and do the job. Do you hear the crying in swrp check where that noise comes from for many years. Maybe it would be more fair for the writers of the herald to get the views all groups like other news sites reporting on what is really happening.At least its good to see the corrections being made by the people commenting.

  20. Senban Babii

    Nov 16th, 2010

    Greedo shot first

  21. Ver'an

    Nov 16th, 2010

    @Masked Mandalol, that is why this is an editorial, and not a proper news article. It is from Cayces opinions and view point. You are, of course, very welcome to write your own editorial. Although how Cayce got it submitted and approved for the AlphaVille Herald I dont know.

    Myself.. I still have too much work to do organizing the Empire in Exile to even CONSIDER propeganda like this. And that is what editorials are. Words used to sell a thought process, which is what propeganda is. It is rather entertainign when one treats it for what it is. Despite a few inaccuracies in the writing, it IS well done. Good job Cayce.

  22. Tux

    Nov 16th, 2010

    @ Senban

    “A bio-mechanical viral droid brain named LEGION”

    Seriously, what?

    I remember an episode of Red Dwarf had a biomechanoid named LEGION. Although not Star Wars, I personally find it much funnier!

    From Wiki:
    ‘When they confront Legion and the plan fails dramatically, they discover that he is a gestalt entity – a combination of all active minds present on the station, melded together to form one. Without conscious minds, Legion is a mindless, formless entity. Kryten discovers a solution by knocking out the rest of the Red Dwarf crew, reducing Legion to purely Kryten’s persona. Legion claims a stalemate, but Kryten reminds him that he now shares the android’s overriding servitude to the needs of his companions, with nothing else to dilute it. As he is forced to help the crew safely leave the station, Legion admits relief that he will no longer be sharing their assorted neuroses.’

  23. Senban Babii

    Nov 16th, 2010

    Hi Tux :)

    Yes I remember Legion from Red Dwarf, it was a really clever episode, especially the escape plan inspired by the movie Attack of the Surfboarding Killer Bikini Vampire Girls XD

    And Rimmer trying to buy the light switch because he thought it was modern art XD

    It just seems to me that the idea of a bio-mechanical viral droid brain just doesn’t somehow fit into Star Wars. There just seems to be so many other ways they could have written this part of their background whilst keeping closer to the flavour of Star Wars. I mean what next? Hawkmen on light cycles fleeing terminators whilst giant alien space ships hover over the White House to a thumping summer blockbuster soundtrack featuring Lady Gaga?

  24. Fluffy

    Nov 16th, 2010


    Oooh, sounds like gripping stuff! Where can I order premiere tickets for that? xD

  25. Adun

    Nov 16th, 2010

    Go die in a hole Salene :D

    Also, most mando’ade on SL don’t use a million alts, don’t judge all of us by Cayce or Cayce’s actions.

  26. Wyrdwolf Legion

    Nov 17th, 2010

    I’m pretty sure I’m not a droid….

  27. Senban Babii

    Nov 17th, 2010


    I’ve already written the main villain with you in mind my little cupcake XD

    btw I’m still around and hoping to get some SL time pretty soon so watch for paw prints across your sim and mad squirty cream sculptures 8D

    /me grins, swishes her tail and…………poof!

  28. Cayce Urriah

    Nov 17th, 2010

    @Senban – You sound hot. Even with your disdain of my scar. IM me.

  29. Senban Babii

    Nov 17th, 2010

    /me scratches her head and tries to remember ever owning a droid, I mean erm, disdaining a scar

    I do remember your Post 6 appearance and I do remember your scar getting mentioned but not by me? Did I? Possibly, I forget. I have the attention span of an OMFG WHAT’S THIS SHINY THING?

    My mom alway warned me against IMing strangers so I’ll have to decli…OMFG THERE’S THAT SHINY THING AGAIN!

  30. Cayce Urriah

    Nov 18th, 2010

    @Senban – Ah, maybe it was someone else about the scar. Ah, yes, Scylla. I got S-names mixed up.
    Regardless, still IM me. :P

  31. Senban Babii

    Nov 18th, 2010

    Haha, an easy mistake to make, no harm no foul.


    I actually met Danny John-Jules once :p

  32. Tux

    Nov 18th, 2010

    Haha, I met the dwarfers in Swansea @ a ST/RD Convention. I remember there was a fried egg and vindaloo sandwich eating competition.

    My fave is Robert because . . . well its a geek thing . . . OMG too much RL!

    /me crawls back to the corner to watch Senban chase shiney things and moving strings o.0′

  33. Emperor Validus

    Nov 18th, 2010

    All publicity is good publicity! :)

    As for LEGION, it’s intentionally supposed to make people go “Wait, what?” so they try to find out more about it, travel to its home on Dromund Kaas and discover its secrets. The actual LEGION is very Star Warsy and based on something in the EU

    It’s not just a virus. That’s just what we tell our officers ICly so they don’t get freaked out. ;)

  34. Torsteinn Elvehjem

    Nov 18th, 2010

    Anyone wishing to explore the biomechanical viral droid brain should explore the sim “Dromund Kaas”. I assure you, it will make perfect sense once you’ve been there…if you survive.

    [ /plug over from Dromund Kaas' sim owner, where LEGION lives ]

  35. Senban Babii

    Nov 18th, 2010


    OMG you’ve been to Swansea? Swansea is like so cool! I heard that originally, Battlestar Galactica was going to be set there instead of the twelve colonies, true story!

    In fact Swansea, in Gaelic, is pronounced “Sai Lon”.


    And did you know that Swansea, like Gallifrey, was also involved in a time war with the Daleks? No really, true story. It’s not true about Davros still owning a house in Merthyr Tydfil though, that was just made up for the series. He actually lives in Bristol.

  36. Tux

    Nov 18th, 2010

    Yes – Swansea, been there done that (actually lived beach front in Neath Port Talbot for a length of time). And I am a who fan also XD.

    Unfortunately Davros does get out much now. Not since the Cult of Skaro stole his dalekanium motors in the false belief winning robot wars would lead to total control or the known universe. However Sir Killalot noticed something wasn’t right and dropped them in the pit.

    Thus rendering Davros immobile and the Cult of Skaro retreated back to some interdimensional hiding place.

    To those knowing nothing of this I apologise ;-)

  37. Galactic Dominion Press Office

    Nov 18th, 2010

    It is sorry to see such sorry and inaccurate disinformation, but that is typical of Cayce and the rest of the Mandos that ally with Niv Dralshiy’a.

    Firstly the “diplomat” that defected wasn’t actually a diplomat, she was merely a Jensaarai apprentice of a Jensaarai Master who happens to also be a high GD official. (kind of like calling a Congressional Page “Senator”). The defector fabricated a rather slanderous bit of lies, portraying an old historical museum on Vjun as if its some live den of Sith conspiracy. But this is what we come to expect of mandos: lies, spies, and treachery.

    Cayce herself is a wanted criminal, having violated diplomatic protocol, assaulting a GD diplomat while under safe conduct to negotiate. More typical mando treachery.

    The Galactic Dominion is a liberal democratic confederation of independent worlds which recently elected a new civillian (non-sith) government. We have a Constitution that recognises the individual rights of every citizen to speech, freedom of religion, to keep and bear arms, among other rights. We are the only such Constitutional government in the galaxy.

    The GD has NOT “joined” the Byss Empire, it is an independent government whose Council seats representatives from more than twice as many worlds as any other government in the galaxy. We chose to ally with the Byss Empire after a long pattern of religous intolerance, persecution, and public declarations of an intent to engage in genocidal holy war upon non-white force religions, were made by the Mand’alor, Tetan Empress and their Jedi allies.

    The forces of the Mand’alor had previously, unilaterally attacked multiple GD worlds: Kamino, Mustafar, among others, while claiming to be ‘neutral’ toward us (more Mando treachery). When her forces were defeated in these attacks, and in counterattacks on Ruusan and Yavin IV, the Mand’alor denied (much like Bagdad Bob) taking such heavy losses or of losing the battles.

    When we demanded that the Tetan Empress publicly disavow her declaration to engage in genocidal holy war, she refused, forcing us to end the neutrality we previously showed toward the Tetans.

    One offshoot of the Fel Empire, which controls Bespin, Eriadu, and Hoth recently joined the GD as a member of the Council. The GD Council then announced an embargo against trade with any world joined in the Mando’s Holonet Hate Machine, their so-called “Coalition” (FYI, Bakura was a planet under Mando occupation, recently made overt by the deposing of the monarchy there and installation of a puppet regime). The GD has declared that any trade of GD goods, or any trade of tibanna (the fuel used in blasters, starships, etc) with any interdicted world was prohibited across the galaxy. Any world that traded with Coalition forces would themselves come under embargo.

    As a result of this, the monarchy of Bakura sought to eject Mando and Tetan forces from their world in order to reestablish their neutrality and regain trade in tibanna, an absolute necessity for any modern industrialized society. Coalition forces deposed the monarchy and installed a puppet government claiming some fake relation to the Royal Family. This is how the Mando Hate Machine treats its “allies”, after previously declaring publicly that if asked to leave, they would do so previously. More treachery and lies from the Mand’alor and the Tetans.

    This is normal. Destabilization and chaos come to any world that accepts a Mando or Tetan presence. Nar Shadda is currently undergoing severe ecological damage and civil unrest due to Tetan activities there. Niv Dralshiy’a used WMD’s upon Nal Hutta when the Hutt refused to comply with her demands. Ruusan is experiencing regular warfare when the Mandos based there attack other worlds and draw counterattacks from their governments.

    Meanwhile the GD remains a functioning Constitutional government, liberal, democratic, and tolerant. Our citizens enjoy the highest standard of living and health in the galaxy. Our new capital building on Bothawui will soon be unveiled on that modern world. We continue to seek peaceful, diplomatic resolution of crises around the galaxy, engaging in treaties of neutrality and nonagression with any world or government that wishes to live in peace (including at least one Jedi Order).

  38. Senban Babii

    Nov 18th, 2010

    See I heard also that Davros had to make his phone number ex-directory because the Cybermen, the proper ones not these modern pretend ones, kept prank calling him. One even turned up at his house and trick or treated him after they found out the name of his SL avatar. I mean Davros Babii was hardly subtle but once they had that, they were able to virus his IP address, drain all the numbers out of his internets and then they turned up at his house on Halloween and graffitotagged his wheelchair by painting PROK’S BITCH on it and little awesomeface.jpgs on all the little globe things. After that he stopped doing public appearances and now just gazes out of his Bristol kitchen window and dreams of all the times he nearly ruled the universe. He also occasionally shakes a stick at Zygons scrumping for apples in his garden but his glory days are over.

  39. Cayce Urriah

    Nov 18th, 2010

    @ the last few posts…


  40. Tux

    Nov 19th, 2010

    I also heard he was planning a spectacular come back. Firstly by overpowering the meals on wheels OAP. Then with stolen parts of the trolly he aims to wheel himself to straight to the Sisters of Plenitude to find boe. He then is planning to forcefully copulate with him with the ultimate goal of producing a massive army of boleks (see what I did there?) to conquer all space and time.

    In an unrelated topic, I heard Gastropod won ‘The best fook face’ award in the recent porntypridd welsh media awards!

  41. X

    Nov 19th, 2010

    To the guy who ranted about the GD this isn’t an IC board. There is not civil unrest and ecological damage on Nar Shaddaa becuase of the Tetan’s, it is a reneagade Yuuzhan Vong with a vendetta against the Hutt’s or something like that. You want to make up stuff do it IC like that Ver’an guy said Also the Tetan’s had nothing to do with setting up this King on Bakura and cut ties with the mandos because of it

  42. Rebecca The Wookie

    Nov 19th, 2010

    Is this about Scientology or something?

  43. Galactic Dominion Press Office

    Nov 19th, 2010

    Actually, the Tetans are cutting ties with the Mandos because the Mandos brought in the Revenant Armada to back up their forces in supporting their puppet Pretender to the Throne. The Tetans had no problem with the overthrow itself. But it is lovely to see the nest of vipers calling itself a coalition falling upon each other and imploding in drama.

  44. Wyrdwolf Legion

    Nov 20th, 2010

    some “Ladies” cut ties on one particular night of the year in Frankfurt… so i hear…

  45. Glenn Beck

    Nov 23rd, 2010

    You know who else liked Star Wars?

    … Hussein.

  46. The Anti Herald

    Nov 23rd, 2010

    Cayce Urriah is the New Hope for the Herald. This is the first thing even approaching readable they’ve posted in over two years.

  47. Wyrdwolf Legion

    Nov 23rd, 2010

    But of course, you wouldn’t know because you never read it….

  48. Galactic Dominion Press Office

    Nov 26th, 2010

    Cayce Urriah is a terrorist who has attacked diplomats under safe conduct, and kidnapped and brainwashed Jensaarai apprentices. She’s not a reporter, she’s a propagandist for the Mandos’ Holonet Hate Machine.

  49. Wyrdwolf Legion

    Nov 26th, 2010

    Actually, that would make one hell of an impressive Business card..

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