Op/Ed: Profiles in Chicanery: Caine Constantine

by Alphaville Herald on 28/04/11 at 3:17 am

by Le Creuset

New Jessie President Caine Constantine

He's donned typical American apparel; blue shirt, high waist chinos, brown belt. The skin; a rugged "warts and all" look that would set one back several thousand Lindens, coupled with the hazel, sculpted hair he sports, Indeed, Caine Constantine bears the patina of the revolutionary capitalist in his prime. There is something of the huckster, something of the mountebank, and perhaps even something of Narcissis, in his gait. The graces of the statesman, with all casual "hahas" and sycophancy to match.

But it was not always so.

Starting off as no more than an inchoate Communist-troll, Supercool Sautereau, Caine. Constantine led a rag-tag group of like-minded e-socialists and /b/tards to other militaries' sims. With rushing strikes on old bases, which perhaps only now exist in the minds of veterans; John Stark, Jessie, Tatakoto, and many others, Constantine soon established himself as one of the last of the dying age; Slurping cheap vodka in the communist den of Old Jessie, gazing at the gargantuan Portrait of the Vozhd Stalin, Perhaps it was here that the moment of catharsis came to him: The age of the hit-and-run attack, of the free for all, of the lone-wolf, was over. Every military now had treaties, rules, establishments, statutes, alliances. How could a group of Young Turks, wielding a plethora of small arms and scattered by the hand of Greenwich Mean Time hope to compete with the new age of the Military Industrial Complex we now recognise today to be the combat community?

Constantine found (or at least, believed he had found) the solution.

The fundamentals of the idea: A haven for all attackers, military or non-military. A well-regulated sim for the protection of fun and mayhem, the right of the people to kill and maim shall not be infringed. A smattering of IMs, a collection for the sim purchase, an adequate publicity campaign and this haven, this New Jessie, was born.


From 2008 New Jessie went from strength to strength, precisely because of its foundations: Here no military was blockaded, here the weapons infractions and prohibitions, long a source of stagnation elsewhere, were not to be found. Here a spirit of enterprise, of adventurism, of the free market flourished. Yet we find no "invisible hand" in this market of death. Instead, only Mr. Constantine and his iron ring of Administrators and Directors who now run The Republic of New Jessie.

Mr. Constantine now runs an empire that calls all militaries into account; Should he wish, all militaries would have to hand their weapons over to him or risk facing the wrath of New jessie, a hub of advertising and military commerce, a nexus for recruiting, income and reputation-building for any respectable militia. Should their weapons be deemed unacceptable in New Jessie, they are forbidden to use them. Worse, should the military refuse to hand over its technology for testing, it is automatically invalidated. The former Communist reaps the rewards of the venture; Arms companies flock to him, the heads of the greatest militaries obey him, and the average man about grid adores him.

Why then, you might say, is the rubric of this article "Profile in Chicanery?" Surely it was about time someone stood up for the average grunt or became a unifying block in this much-divided community, surely Mr. Constantine is doing a good job. Perhaps. But who gave him this job? There was no application process, no vetting, no decision by the people. Constantine just arrived on the scene and with a little money and some flattery he is now one of the most powerful figures in the Community. However, it is not politically-correct to state that fact.

Indeed, the era of the upstart Roman empire comes to the fore of my mind looking upon Mr. Constantine. When "Pax Romana, pax Augusta" swept through Europe, Augustus denied being the one in power, pointing to the senate as the true masters. In a similar way, Constantine repudiates any titles or honours, having retired several times, but looking past the corrupt, inefficent administrators, one clearly sees it is he who pulls the strings. Take for example Liana Pera, the "other president", along with Mr. Constantine, of New Jessie. An interesting name. The Liana plant being a vine that sends out shoots to glue onto sapling trees and ascend with them towards the light. Liana much in the same way has attained "her" power on the back on Mr. Constantine. The only reason for this is simple: Liana Pera is Caine Constantine. The two president system is a gimmick, an illusion.

But apart from his lack of a mandate, his mysterious origin and nature, and divine ambition. Why is Mr. Constantine a threat to this the military community? The power that he holds is too great, action must be taken to clip the wings of this long-ascendant bird. Open your eyes, dear reader, an ask the old question:

`Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

- Le Creuset

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  1. Yep

    May 1st, 2011

    Go getem tiger :)

  2. IntLibber

    May 1st, 2011

    Um, no, Merczateers have never been involved in copybotting and are very stringent in going after people who do such things. The primary copybotting of military/weapons products in 2009 were done by Digital Worlds fags (I have pictures of copybotted AN, Ordo, and Mercz stuff they rezzed in their sim, why Shiney Sprocket never got spanked by LL for sheltering DW, the real griefers on the grid, is beyond me), by Pattehph0x Katsu and Jkool (they went after Titan (Ordo) and Operations(Mercz) products), and a third episode by Takkun Grey who ragequit Mercz after failing to continue to stir up drama, and then went on a rage rampage of copybot griefing of anybody and everybody in the name of “anarchy”.

  3. Oh noes

    May 1st, 2011

    I didn’t read the whole thing but I’m guessing it’s more about Caine’s noob commie trolling and about New Jessie which is super old news.

  4. Anonymous

    May 1st, 2011

    Digital Worlds may have be involved with a number of griefer attacks on Second Life, but as far as I have seen their simulators are gone.

    Although here is what I know.

    The Mercz, and people who are part of their groups have broken the Terms OF Service under harassment, and disclosure without consent, yet they claim that they do not condone to such activities.

    They have yet again have connections with Skills Hak the person who worked with Emerald, IP logging residents without express consent, and still violates the Terms OF service by Defame Individuals/Groups, Harassment, and false information in world.

    Takkun Gray was in fact a griefer, he asked me and a few others to Copybot the Mercz Items for him, and use the permissions exploit in 2009 to Copy scripts for him illegally to obtain full permsions I knew how myself, but this was never done at least not by my hand.

    But it doesn’t end here The Mercz are still involved with Skills Hak, and his goons, and still have members of their R&D Team which has connections with other people going back to 2004 which use the LIB SL Code for illegal and malicious purposes, I know this for a fact because I have seen the video my friend sent me of their R&D Members meeting in world with known griefers from w00dburry, and other various places, but these were never released yet.

    I honestly do not trust the Mercz or their CADUSC when they are working with malicious people along the grid which use tools to grief residents.

    You know how I know about this? Because they did this with a group of friends on a friends land.

    (The Merczateers)
    One of the Most Proud Most Respected Miliatries. (COYA STYLE?)

    Yush I am super srs, The Merczateers cover their own asses, and work worked with a Copybot network against a friend I know for a long time, Can they explain this shit, Did they bother to explain the shit to the person they kicked after Liana Pera illegally disclosed the chat without cosent of all parties, No they did not, but instead the person gets a IM from their members saying they violated peoples intellectual property, and choose to work with KingG00n…

    While the person who got kicked does not give a flyin fuck at all period, I feel that their involvement with working with Skills Hak, and then turning around and working with KingG00n griefers is just totally fucked up.

    The Merczateers claims they do not want people in their group who do malicious activities, or such, but again look at Liana Pera partnered to a person who got banned from Second Life twice, Lonely Bluebird, aka Friendly Bluebird.

    They also did not bother to ask any questions about anything, nor even a Sorry after their mistake of working with Copybots aka people who steal from many people I have talked to, and many people I have done business with in Second Life.

    The Mercz made the choice, and they choose the wrong one but to start the spread of propaganda, and lies when they are not clean themselves, and given time we will have to see what becomes of them after their wrong decisions in breaking the TOS with disclosure without consent, and their old malicious activities themselves.

    @Mercz, I am watching.

    @IntLibber, You really should login to skype moar often.

    @Skills Hak, I will continue to give away free info on how to bypass his anti copybot system to everyone reguardless of what damages may come from such until all information stored in your DB of mine, & My friends are removed from your system, No we do not condone to CopyBot activities, or theft, and we dont give a Fuck if he wants to ban us off of all of Insilicio, But we do not need his bullshit, misinformation going around our grid, and distrubing the peace.

    @ Content Creators

    http://img684.imageshack.us/i/snag0146.png/ If you have any connections with skills hak you could be next.

    The Merczateers obviously can’t be trusted any moar.

    Oh btw what became of.

    The Iron Symphony LoooL FAIL!

    @ New Jessie

    I have nothing against NJ, or NJ Rules, I Just simply do not trust the people who work there after I have seen evidence of their members in violation of the Terms OF Service, Maybe not every person of the Merczateers violated the TOS, As very few people have had bad connections with Copybots from there, and I would say that they are still the most clean military/group in SL, however they have made bad choices.

    But I will say the owner of New Jessie Liana Pera, has broken the Terms OF Service with Disclosure without consent of parties, and so have the Merczateers with such, and even ignoring the fact that they have copybot connections & Friends a violation of the TOS is a violation of the TOS, and they claim they don’t do such, which is total bullshit.

    So Meh Bite me, and lets see how much moar bullshit the Merczateers pull out of their ass later.

  5. Overbrain Unplugged

    May 2nd, 2011

    Well, given *I* have been a long time member of the Mercz, and was a member of the Mercz R&D group AND the only member who was also a member of Woodbury, I am the only person belonging to both groups you could possibly be talking about, and I can say for a fact I have never met Skills Hak, online or offline, nor have I ever used copybot, in fact I’ve helped the Mercz on several occasions go after copybotters, and Woodbury is well known by non-anonymous people across the grid to be the most active in taking down Emerald, and Skills Hak. So no, Anonymous, you are full of shite. Try some other lies, Christophe…

  6. Caine Constantine

    May 2nd, 2011

    New Jessie did 9/11.

  7. Oh noes

    May 2nd, 2011

    Good News. Osama’s dead. Terrorism is over. You can stop making shitty articles now.

  8. Anonymous

    May 2nd, 2011

    Rite, since you have been with the Merczateers so long can you explain this.

    1. Why does a member of your R&D Team have a friends list with a known copy bot in their friends list, and more important why the hell was he there at the same time Fairlight Industries was hacked.

    2. Why did the Merczateers work along with KingG00n members.

    3. Can you explain why quite a few members of the Merczateers are in the Insilico groups with Skills Hak.

    Thats it I am calling this, It is bullshit that the Merczateers did not work along with the Alliance navy personal Phoenix Behemoth, and Juggalette Jinx, Aka Jayden Kariunga, and other various members from KingG00n against certain members of their own group.

    Merczateers is suppose to stand for Principle, Power, and have a good standing reputation, but based on everything I have seen myself since at least 2009 their reputation has been on its decline.

    Fact is Skills Hak, and all their little buddies from New Jessie, aka Liana, and some of their other moderators are highly involved with Emerald Developers, which have connections to their Copybot, and in the CADUSC group…

    Oh Dat is rite, I Talk Bullshit now do I?

    I have documentation of your members snapshots of their profiles with known copybots listed in them, I have snapshots from 2009, and 2010 which put their members with known copybots, and more than that I have evidence that they worked along with these criminals that stole from God knows how many content devs, and participiated in harassment towards a friend along with Skills Hak.

    However Due to the nature of my non Disclosure agreement I can’t disclose the files without my friends consent, even outside SL, but I can start one hell of a Debate because I know for a fact what they did, and their choices they made were damn wrong…

    Oh wait, maybe they don’t know what is goin on, but what can I say can someone be that stupid?

    Want to call my Bluff?

    Wasn’t Lurdan, and Anthony account banned in 2010, or maybe 09 for Fraud?

    LL Must not have found them guilty, but yet they have the nerve to work along with KingG00n members who are doing crap in another persons name, and don’t expect to be feed to da sharks.


    Letz just sai that next time Lurdan, or your buddies get kicked off SL it just mite stick, oh wait I forget you all work with Skills Hak with illegal Data Mine and Copybot, You wont get teh ban hammer Lulzy am I rite?.

    Mercz a reputable military against theft, Yeah rite I call you on that, and when it is proven to me that they have stop all their illegal actions, and known assoications then I will note such, but after what I have witness, I call thier bs.

    The Mercz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GqW0A0PLhQ0

    So you think I spread false rumors about the Mercz lulzy I was a fuckin merc years ago, and know all about them, even things Lurdan doesn’t know, but they will do anything to cover their own asses.


    Don’t believe everything you read on the news.

    911 Mite have been an inside job, can you prove it was or wasnt?

    Can you Prove god exists, as taught in over 30 different religions?

    Can you prove how man came to exist?

    What is the point of trying to knock sense into a bunch of little kids holding guns?


    Enjoy ;)

    ~The Manifesto~

    Others may not care
    Others may care
    But I never Forget
    Ignorance is Evil

  9. Oh noes

    May 3rd, 2011


  10. :V

    May 4th, 2011

    @Anon –

    Wait wait, aren’t you that gothgirl person who admitted you were from the teen grid, going after shop owners who used CDS and stealing all of their stuff because you got caught multiple times on a stupid easy detectible version of NeillLife?

    Yeah I think you are- google isn’t your friend!

    [2009/08/25 4:17] GothGirl Demonia: bah thats fine
    [2009/08/25 4:17] GothGirl Demonia: i can spoof ip’s and shit lol
    [2009/08/25 4:17] GothGirl Demonia: mac address and computer iD
    [2009/08/25 4:17] GothGirl Demonia: basically
    [2009/08/25 4:18] GothGirl Demonia: I could use ur computers info
    [2009/08/25 4:18] GothGirl Demonia: hack someones account

    [2009/08/21 19:10] GothGirl Demonia: its custom made
    [2009/08/21 19:10] GothGirl Demonia: and dont tell anyone about the shape shit [referrng to shape exporting?]
    [2009/08/21 19:10] GothGirl Demonia: I dont need people hitting on me to do that
    [2009/08/21 19:10] GothGirl Demonia: and it would cause me a lot of problems

  11. Overbrain Unplugged

    May 4th, 2011

    Wow, dude…. Anonymous… you got issues. So, because someone knows someone who knows someone, they’re guilty of murder eh? Sorry, you need to get back on your medications, the tin foil hat isn’t helping.

  12. Yep

    May 4th, 2011

    @Overbrain Unplugged

    Only because you are a snodgus.

    Just sayin…….

  13. GG

    May 4th, 2011


    1st off no offense, but F You.

    Here is what I am going to say from the beginning.

    I have proudly been a member of the Merczateers, or Mercz since January, 29, or January 30th 2009, and here is what I am going to say from the beginning of this all, and what anon is referring to.

    Back in 2009, My region known as Alcove there was an incident where someone who I knew for awhile from the Teen Grid illegally Copybot weapons, and hacked some vendors, and various scripts, I am not sure how they fully did this, although I did learn of the Permissions exploit myself in 2009 which allowed cloning of many items, and was highly abused on the Teen Grid. ( This person got banned from SL)

    Anyways during that time the person who was involved with all of this met with Nexii Malthius, Not sure if I even got that name right, but he was simply there during the time this event took place as well as other members random people including very old accounts that go back to 2004 and other various people including Beta/Bug Testers, and some from known Griefing Groups, but were not fully known back then.

    It was in 2009 that I got my first Copybot client that being legal at the time before Linden Lab’s April 30th TOS I used the client was it was more stable, and way better than what Linden Lab released, and of course I was told not to trust Emerald, and lets just say that those people were right, because Emerald developers worked with Skills Hak, and Skills Hak does nothing but illegally Data Mine residents, and use the whole Copy Bot scam to illegally make accusations towards other residents on the Grid, and defame residents which his system illegally logged my information without my express consent, and stored it in an external DB without my consent, and everyone knows the rest about what Emerald did, and Skills Hak as it is all over google.

    Okay, So what the F is this?

    Okay so the Second Part to the story.

    In 2010 I believe it was a friend which could have been a close friend named Juggalette Bates, and I believe had a (2007) Account, anyways this person was friends of other friends 16 year olds I knew since the Teen Grid.

    Anyways Juggalette Bates, Told me she had a Copy Bot, but did not abuse, and as I saw they were wearing almost everything they wore was authentic I never bothered to abuse report, or let alone contact any content creators about theft that was coming from her, until I found out from my 16 year old friend that she was illegally giving away hairs and causing them problems, let alone exposing 12 year old kids to mature things on the Grid.

    After this person got suspended, and then banned I figured I would let it go there, however this person from there partner to a guy named (Phoenix Behemoth) from Alliance Navy, and as I saw them as a threat getting to close to the military community of Second Life, I sent a notice to the Mercz Anti Theft group, and contacted the partner of hers, which he clearly declines himself that she was a copy bot, yet her account was banned, and shortly after that he himself is caught talking to her about such because an alt account no one else knows got an im from her just before she got banned, which to me looks like they could have known, but either way no evidence that makes him guilty other than trusting someone who caused harm to the SL Community as a whole.

    Third Part

    After this I get an IM from another one of her accounts saying if you want to play, I will play, and then this person Steals a ton of skins from the store called Atomic, and puts them in a note card with my name in it, and starts handing it all around along with other various content, and making even more alternate accounts, and so I login to SL, and I have like at least 20 different IM’s from content developers, even some which I have purchased from before, and some which I have not purchased from before.


    Anyways I had a talk with the New Jessie Owner about a suspicious item which was leaked over to the Teen Grid, called the Mysterious Whirlpool or something, as I feel the item could have possibly been stolen, and this person might be a friend of Skills Hak, but I told them what was going on with him and how he has pissed me off so much, anyways this person illegally disclosed a chat log to the Merczateers without my express consent, and this was a direct violation of the Second Life community standards, and caused a lot of problems for myself, as I got a notice from the Merczateers on my Birthday, which was Jan,29 of this year that I had violated the Second Life Terms OF Service, and illegally distributed content, which was a total Lie, however after I talked to Lurdan about this it was corrected that they themselves just did not want the negative reputation, which I have full chat logs of this, snapshots, and even video taped the evidence on my pc, and it is archived on a disk as such.


    Okay so this is what went down a griefer with connections to the KG network, and other various theft networks griefed in my name, and griefed members I knew from the Merczateers by spamming their region with various items, Note that I never saw this, however certain members informed me about such, and this was all done simply to get my avatar ejected from the group, and a clear setup from the Copy Bot, and they won.


    Okay so let me make myself clear on this issue.

    The Merczateers members I know which are still on my friends list including Lurdan, Anthony, and many other members have never associated, or been involved with Content Theft to my knowledge, and the time I have been there.

    Simply put some of its members were spot in wrong places at the wrong time, sure someone could have taken snapshots of their members standing next to a Copy Bot, but did they know this is the question, and I really do not believe they would do with such members on this grid.

    Seven ( Personal Notes)

    1. I feel that the Merczateers simply removing my avatar from the group on my B-day, and their mistake of a decision was not right, however due to the fact that there was a griefer on their Estates griefing in my name, and a chat log was illegally disclosed without my consent which could under certain circumstances make me look guilty I can understand such.

    2. Yes I did talk to a few friends I know about this issue in world, and I was really pissed off about their decision, and this griefer that got what they wanted because they listen to that, but honestly I really do not care about not being part of this group anymore for the following reasons.

    1. I was not active due to SL, and RL Reasons, part of it because I got caught up in other messes which involved content theft itself, and other groups that support such conduct which I had to deal with later in 2009, and in 2010 I decided to do something about it, at least what I could meh.

    2. I Just honestly did not have the time to put into such a group after I got involved in the mess I did in SL, and RL matters. Yes the Merczateers will always be a good group in Second Life, and yes I hope that they can continue such a good group, the only thing that I regret never doing as a part of the group was resigning, and that it went down this way, as it says in my profile.

    3. Other Notes (Skills Hak)

    4. Yes some member some of the members of the Merczateers group are part of Gemini Industries group, and Skills Hak, This does not mean that they are best friends, or that they are involved with any of his illegal actions.

    5. Skills Hak, since 2009 illegally stored my info as a previously said, all requests for removal of my information were never respond to, and I simply am not going to take Skills Hak’s Harassment, or his friends harassment which he worked with aka Emerald, because I was told myself by their members that I accepted Skills Hak’s Terms OF Service to store my information when I was never shown any such agreement, however I do understand that Insilico is a Role Play sim run by Skills Hak, and that many residents use this region, which you can’t accuse every single member of his group of being involved with illegal actions.

    6. Skills Hak will go down for what he has done on the grid unless he stops defaming my avatar, and removes all information stored in his system without my express consent to use such information, I will continue to report abuse on his avatar every single time my avatar is kicked off any sim by his system for defaming of avatar, and false propaganda, I have reported him to the IC3, and my ISP for spyware, and to Linden Lab, and every gaming blog I can think of for his actions, and I have given instructions on how to bypass CDS free of charge on the Market Place, YouTube, and other blogs by simply disabling your media, you can take any viewer across any simulator without detection.

    7. I do not care if Skills Hak wants to eject, or ban my avatar from his own sims, for any or no reason, hell I have not even tried to go there since his system accused me, and other friends who have been around since 2004 of content theft, but doing a grid wide kick from even sims this person does not own and sending around false propaganda is not something I will support for anyone.

    8. Support of (Open Sourced SL & SL Modifications)

    9. I freely support modifications to any Second Life client which a person develops, for example Open Sourced SL, or LIBSL aka viewers with a CopyBot, I have nothing against such viewers, as long as they are not used for illegal purposes, and it is up to Linden Lab at their sole discretion what viewers they want to allow to connect to their servers, and which they do not want to allow. For example a person could use a viewer named (AAA) which has the ability to steal any content created in Second Life by any user, I would not care who uses such unless they use it to illegally steal another persons work, which is a violation of Copyright Laws, & the SL TOS, however while I support such, this does not override Linden Lab’s TOS, and or CS, and users are still bound by such, although unless I find a user abusing the service, I really don’t bother to report every single little thing unless it really disturbs the peace, and anything else beyond that is up to Linden Lab.

    If anything the only thing I can say the Mercz are involved in, or members related to such, such as the owner of New Jessie is illegal disclosure of a chat log which caused me problems, I myself simply do not care about this, and I really do not have time SL or RL to deal with this issue, as I play other games now, and have other guilds to attend to, however what time I do put into SL, I put most of it into helping the community, or friends.

    * I was not asked to write this for any reason by anyone, however I have seen these false propaganda posted about the Merczateers, and I will not stand for such activities, or such propaganda about people I knew a member of them or not anymore, and I am more than capable of taking care of things myself, and I do have these griefers phone numbers who are responsible for the attacks on Badnarik & Other regions, and lets just say if I personally see this anywhere in SL, someone is going to answer for it, and if I am not there others are watching, so I would say keep your noses clean XD.

    Please do note, that If I myself were interested in griefing Skills Hak, or any other resident I choose to in Second Life at any time I please, I have more than enough resources to pull off massive griefs, get ip banned, and come right back 24/7, unless of course LL choose to bring a lawsuit, or file a notice with my ISP, however I am not interested in griefing Skills Hak, and I feel that if anything is going to be done against him, or anyone else it needs to be done through legal methods, and just take note that I am not interested in griefing any residents for any reason as it is a waste of time, but lets just say that I personally am not one of those little kid griefers who hits once or twice a day, and it isn’t simply spam you can easily return, or one account you just estate ban, and I would not be stupid enough to leave anything back in my name, so this is an obvious give away that the griefer attacking me was a griefer but some people are too blind to see such, such as some gorean RP’s located on Talbot Isle which previously support the Copy Bot, and banned my account from their sim after they refused to do shit and a debate went on for about 4 weeks about that, but honestly last I even heard of them they were illegally using Red Zone, which the creator was banned for illegal activities in SL, and made comments that they could track me and all my alts lol.

    Oh yeah, and lets not forget that the network of Copy Bots who griefed in my name got Zfire Xue to manually add my name to the Red Zone as someone who steals content, and I did have a nice long talk with him about it, and he admit to me everything, but I am not much for disclosure without consent.

    Here is the Pastebin Version.


  14. Trainyard Tophat

    May 4th, 2011

    Hi, Yall I found your name on the google search engine, an hear that you all are talkin about copy bots.

    http://www.kinggoon.in Free Copybot.



    We support Copy Bot, and Freebies, We even run a BloodLines clan to cover our own asses our clan is named -Eternal Divine Clan-

  15. Imnotgoing Sideways

    May 4th, 2011

    You know… Sex prevents things like this from happening. (^_^)y

  16. GothGirl Demonia

    May 4th, 2011


    I am quite awaware of that post made on MMORPG, which is nothing more but a french person who was busted way back in 2009, this person was caught working along with Smiggles Decuir, and her other buddies starting from the old Simulator named Doomied Isle, which is now known as Talbot Isle.

    You might know this person as Hope Shim, Or Katwoman Yootz, Totally sick person who I knew from GOR not including this persons friends.

    I could have almost any post I want removed from almost any popular blog, however I do not believe in internet censorship.

    I have be watching for awhile now before saying anything here, but this post has turned into nothing but Trolling, and people who like to exploit the facts.

  17. GothGirl Demonia

    May 5th, 2011

    Also I would just like to leave a note of common sense to everyone here.

    1. Dont believe everything you read on the internet.

    2. A Trolls Goal is to obviously mislead everyone, and post propaganda around the internet, in other words the person who launched their personal attacks against my SL Account got Zfire Xue, and the Merczateers against my account, and then they start the propaganda postings, however I was there, and know exactly what went down.

    The Mercz as a group will always be the best group I have ever known in SL, and I will say as GG said above, certain mercz members are part of Gemini Industries, and only one maybe two people were caught in the most with known griefers, and as a Merc none of them did anything illegal from anything I have found, so fact is they probabily didn’t know, and people could make the same claims about me myself with certain things and they have.

    Just because certian members are part of Gemini’s groups does not make them guilty of illegally Data Mining, nor does it make them part of any operations of JCool410, or any of those griefers.

    3. I have been around in Second Life longer than Skills Hak has been around, and I will say that from every experience of virtually every group I have found such as Role Play group, VS Mercz, the Merczateers is the longest group I have ever been part of in Second Life, as every other RP group I was part of knowingly support the use of stolen content, and I simply could not put up with that bs.

    The only thing I have found the Mercz, and the Owner of NJ Guilty of is Disclosure without consent, Yes they made a mistake and brought harm to my account, and not knowingly assist a griefer group of people who got my account Terminated from Second Life, and every account I had, however LL found no wrong doing on my account besides the propaganda juggy was sending around, and asked me to erase such up on restore of all accounts, and no harm done, and yes I am still a bit angry about how people could be so dumb in general to fall into a griefers troll, but shit happens, and no one is perfect.

    As far as Disclosure without consent, I am sure a lot of people have done it, and that is not as bad as content theft.

    Those responsible for their obvious Trolls, and Griefs against my account, I have your Numbers, I have the evidence I need stored on my flash drive, and come after me, or any content devs I know, and I will make sure that if I find your main account you end up just like that person who cried on the SL forums.

    –About New Jessie–

    New Jessie will always be a good combat sim, no I do not play there really due to personal reasons, and no not anything related to anyone there or any group, I simply like more less RP sims with no Rules where I can do what I want when I want, and play BNWCS or something, but New Jessie otherwise is a great sim, and I hope will always be there.

    I do not know what their rules are for guns, and weapons, but what they do is simply to make sure that combat is fair, and if you do not like their rules, simply do not play there, and your army or group is not even required to go play there, nor are you forced to give weapons to anyone full perms for testing, you can simply buy a gun from their place, and use their guns when your in their sim.

    ** Personally I can be a very nice kitty, but when someone makes me rage, I go over kill, so seriously dont make kitty mad KthxBai**

    – Shout Outs–

    Imnotgoing Sideways, You have a very smexy avatar (; and honestly I have no real life, SL, and the internetz is what I do. (Feel Free to bite me some time =^,,=)

    @ Overbrained, Thanks for the posts here before I even saw this which was brought to my attention by my friends from the Teen Grid, not all teen’s are bad, but some were rotten eggs and I am glad those are gone.

    @ The Trolls, Once again you failed, have a nice day.

    Oh yes, and unlike some of you fail trolls, I do stick like glue Mews, your Neko Elf.

    Now, Dont feed the troll (;

  18. Anonymous

    Jul 19th, 2011

    New Jessie did 9/11

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