Op/Ed: Profiles in Chicanery: Caine Constantine

by Alphaville Herald on 28/04/11 at 3:17 am

by Le Creuset

New Jessie President Caine Constantine

He's donned typical American apparel; blue shirt, high waist chinos, brown belt. The skin; a rugged "warts and all" look that would set one back several thousand Lindens, coupled with the hazel, sculpted hair he sports, Indeed, Caine Constantine bears the patina of the revolutionary capitalist in his prime. There is something of the huckster, something of the mountebank, and perhaps even something of Narcissis, in his gait. The graces of the statesman, with all casual "hahas" and sycophancy to match.

But it was not always so.

Starting off as no more than an inchoate Communist-troll, Supercool Sautereau, Caine. Constantine led a rag-tag group of like-minded e-socialists and /b/tards to other militaries' sims. With rushing strikes on old bases, which perhaps only now exist in the minds of veterans; John Stark, Jessie, Tatakoto, and many others, Constantine soon established himself as one of the last of the dying age; Slurping cheap vodka in the communist den of Old Jessie, gazing at the gargantuan Portrait of the Vozhd Stalin, Perhaps it was here that the moment of catharsis came to him: The age of the hit-and-run attack, of the free for all, of the lone-wolf, was over. Every military now had treaties, rules, establishments, statutes, alliances. How could a group of Young Turks, wielding a plethora of small arms and scattered by the hand of Greenwich Mean Time hope to compete with the new age of the Military Industrial Complex we now recognise today to be the combat community?

Constantine found (or at least, believed he had found) the solution.

The fundamentals of the idea: A haven for all attackers, military or non-military. A well-regulated sim for the protection of fun and mayhem, the right of the people to kill and maim shall not be infringed. A smattering of IMs, a collection for the sim purchase, an adequate publicity campaign and this haven, this New Jessie, was born.


From 2008 New Jessie went from strength to strength, precisely because of its foundations: Here no military was blockaded, here the weapons infractions and prohibitions, long a source of stagnation elsewhere, were not to be found. Here a spirit of enterprise, of adventurism, of the free market flourished. Yet we find no "invisible hand" in this market of death. Instead, only Mr. Constantine and his iron ring of Administrators and Directors who now run The Republic of New Jessie.

Mr. Constantine now runs an empire that calls all militaries into account; Should he wish, all militaries would have to hand their weapons over to him or risk facing the wrath of New jessie, a hub of advertising and military commerce, a nexus for recruiting, income and reputation-building for any respectable militia. Should their weapons be deemed unacceptable in New Jessie, they are forbidden to use them. Worse, should the military refuse to hand over its technology for testing, it is automatically invalidated. The former Communist reaps the rewards of the venture; Arms companies flock to him, the heads of the greatest militaries obey him, and the average man about grid adores him.

Why then, you might say, is the rubric of this article "Profile in Chicanery?" Surely it was about time someone stood up for the average grunt or became a unifying block in this much-divided community, surely Mr. Constantine is doing a good job. Perhaps. But who gave him this job? There was no application process, no vetting, no decision by the people. Constantine just arrived on the scene and with a little money and some flattery he is now one of the most powerful figures in the Community. However, it is not politically-correct to state that fact.

Indeed, the era of the upstart Roman empire comes to the fore of my mind looking upon Mr. Constantine. When "Pax Romana, pax Augusta" swept through Europe, Augustus denied being the one in power, pointing to the senate as the true masters. In a similar way, Constantine repudiates any titles or honours, having retired several times, but looking past the corrupt, inefficent administrators, one clearly sees it is he who pulls the strings. Take for example Liana Pera, the "other president", along with Mr. Constantine, of New Jessie. An interesting name. The Liana plant being a vine that sends out shoots to glue onto sapling trees and ascend with them towards the light. Liana much in the same way has attained "her" power on the back on Mr. Constantine. The only reason for this is simple: Liana Pera is Caine Constantine. The two president system is a gimmick, an illusion.

But apart from his lack of a mandate, his mysterious origin and nature, and divine ambition. Why is Mr. Constantine a threat to this the military community? The power that he holds is too great, action must be taken to clip the wings of this long-ascendant bird. Open your eyes, dear reader, an ask the old question:

`Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

- Le Creuset

68 Responses to “Op/Ed: Profiles in Chicanery: Caine Constantine”

  1. Caine Constantine

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Liana and I are not the same people. She did the hard work of running the place during my eight month absence from day to day management, and she is as much a leader of New Jessie as I, if not more so.

    Otherwise, this was a pretty good article. I wish more people reported on combat and combat regions these days, and with the spark of fiery writing this article has.

  2. Interknet

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Good article, I like how the Operations weapon, the Forboda, is included in the background of the picture and Caine is holding one. If you want one, go to New Jessie, or Badnarik; good gun.

  3. Tsume Xiao

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Caine and Liana are most definitely not the same person. I have met Liana and she is most definitely.. well.. not Caine.

    As for most of what your criticize New Jessie for, such as weapon restrictions, you really need to look around the community more.

    New Jessie is actually much more lenient than most places, something I actually give Caine grief for.

    As for the “corrupt, inefficient administrators” I could see argument for that at the current time.

    However, when I was a director, Caine might have been in charge in terms of the final say, the directors did most of the voting. As for now, I cannot say.

    The writing needs some work, but as Caine said it has a good “passion” going behind it.

    Its just needs more fact and less hear-say & conspiracy theories.

  4. Joseph Hoxley

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Oh communist Caine Constantine. lol. We’ll always love Old Jessie and the structure changes in New Jessie. Liana is shaping up New Jessie to be profitable and fun. But we will all remember Caine and the awesome musket raids and gun tests on small militaries.

  5. Harlequin Amoufhaz

    Apr 28th, 2011

    What the hell? How are Caine and Liana even remotely similar individuals? Having known both people for a number of years before they became affiliated, I can say this is completely absurd. Thanks for asserting your journalistic ineptitude, folks.

    -Harlequin Amoufhaz

  6. Jack Mondegreen

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Caine Constantine does indeed have a vocal range of five octaves.

  7. IntLibber

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Yeah I know both individuals, and they are not the same person.

  8. Comrade Reynaud

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Liana is not Caine Constantine. They both get on voice pretty often, and many in New Jessie know them enough in real-life.

  9. Nelson Jenkins

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Is this a news site or a poetry festival? I honestly cannot see any newsworthy information in this article.

  10. Kanaki Hornet

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Just listen to them both on voice, haha. Completely different people!

  11. Meh

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Meh i dont no mucha bout caine, but I know that some of the owners of new jessie are involved with KingG00nz, and copybot conspiracies against certain content creators in 2009, and so was the most reputable military which controls New Jessie, and the CADUSC.

    Meh just look at their connections with Skillz Hacks LULZ!

    Are these just rumorz I here, or iz it not tru dat romunz wear copybutted armorz?

    We are anonymous, We are Legion, Fuck with US, we Fuck with you!

  12. hobo kelly

    Apr 28th, 2011

    you dont need any of that euro duck-liver-stuffing wordsalad crap. just turn Damage on in your parcel and then invite soviet woodbury over and that should just about do it. you could be testing new weapons and going “oui oui” in no time…

  13. JustMe

    Apr 28th, 2011


    I was hoping we were finally free of the military/armor/weapons/damage articles. Oh well………………….

  14. Nelson Jenkins

    Apr 28th, 2011

    @ JustMe

    Judging by all the non-regular commenters, I would hazard a guess that this is just a reader grab by AH. Make an article about a popular place with no value other than to start an argument about it, spread it around some of its visitors, and watch as the fireworks go off.

  15. Billyjoe Benoir

    Apr 28th, 2011

    This article is filled with lol material. I feel like im reading an Olympus Wycliffe piece the way it’s worded and with all the silly accusations.

  16. Arles Resident

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Wowie! You sure are a smart one! *seal clap*

  17. Yep

    Apr 28th, 2011

    “Should their weapons be deemed unacceptable in New Jessie, they are forbidden to use them. Worse, should the military refuse to hand over its technology for testing, it is automatically invalidated.”

    Sims like this start a lot of drama between the weapons builders. If a sim owner doesnt like someone their weapons are banned. Plus if your weapons are banned… you can just bet the person banning the weapons has some of his own weapons that you can use after buying from him.

    By the time you buy weapons ,uniforms, vechicles etc etc etc.. you might as well buy a copy of one of the latest multiplayer combat games. At least going this direction you can play without lag and you know that all of your weapons can be used.
    Of course my all time favorite part of the SL combat sims are the big drama huddles that form everytime someone is shot.

  18. Not sure who..

    Apr 28th, 2011

    I dont know who came up with that, but Ive actually known Liana since Gor (Yes….gor). Probably 3 years now. Im not involved in new jesse, I dont know anyone from surreal. Her and I used to sit on voice and talk with other friends from gor (YES THAT GOR). She’d play gestures, we’d make fart jokes and life was good.

    My experience with Liana has always been a positive one, even when we dont see eye to eye on SL politics. She’s always had my back when something negative arrises, and the alligations about kingoon are also wrong.

    I know making a comment here doesnt help, its all trololing, its why I love the herald, so feel free to ignore it..

    I will say though, Liana does make a pretty epic Afk/Sleep snoring..thinger. Oh well liana enjoy the 15 minutes of SL fame, you are my SLebrity Idol. Or something…


  19. Alex Ponebshek

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Y’know, if Caine’s power is such a problem, why doesn’t somebody just go assassinate him? You know, with one of those guns that form the basis of this whole empire… wait… those aren’t real?

    Well I guess nobody will be able to stop this powerful man from running amok with his armies of gun-wielding… wait… are these the same fake guns we’re talking about?

    What power does this guy have again?

  20. Caine Constantine

    Apr 28th, 2011

    STFU. I am really powerful on the internet.

  21. Caine Constantine

    Apr 28th, 2011

    “Plus if your weapons are banned… you can just bet the person banning the weapons has some of his own weapons that you can use after buying from him.”

    We manufacture no weapons. We only sell the guns of others. The only dog we have in the race is to sell the most expensive guns vs the cheapest. But in reality, the most expensive ones are usually first to be banned if any, because they tend to have the more outlandish or abusive features.

    “By the time you buy weapons ,uniforms, vechicles etc etc etc.. you might as well buy a copy of one of the latest multiplayer combat games. At least going this direction you can play without lag and you know that all of your weapons can be used.”

    The whole point of combat in SL is the creativity and customization available in SL. That is why the combat is interesting. Being able to design your own world and then open it up for people to fight in is what is interesting. Designing your own rules and creating a type of combat people can enjoy is interesting. If none of that interests you, and if rules are too hard for you to go with (as opposed to programming constraints) then you are right, it’s not the game for you.

    “Of course my all time favorite part of the SL combat sims are the big drama huddles that form everytime someone is shot.”

    No drama huddles here, because everyone is allowed to fire at everyone at any time after they leave the spawn points.

  22. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Who is this dood? (O.o)

  23. Emperor Norton hears a who?

    Apr 28th, 2011

    Nelson Jenkins @ Why the rainy day face Nelson? I am sure this sim’s weapons testing division has a place for a charming fellow like you.

  24. D.S.

    Apr 28th, 2011

    “Constantine just arrived on the scene and with a little money and some flattery he is now one of the most powerful figures in the Community. However, it is not politically-correct to state that fact.”


    You don’t need to be voted in to run a popular sim. The sim is popular because of how well it is run, its general fairness, and a place for combat that isn’t overjudged and works just as well for lonewolfers as for militaries.

    To oversimplify it to say he needed money and flattery to do so well is not only poor journalism, but just completely inaccurate.

  25. Kristian Kit

    Apr 28th, 2011

    This is a true Alphaville Herald article and i say that in the nicest way possible. Which still means that this is an article without any actual information, check and double check of the facts or anything that indicates that this is anything but a rant made by a guy who apparently has the ability to post stuff on the internet. Welcome to the Alphaville Herald.

    I will jump on the same bandwagon as the rest. Liana is not Caine. All this reporter had to do was talk to them to figure that out but hey ..this is still the Alphaville herald so no loss there. Don’t worry about it, it’s no biggie maybe the Sunday Times will even hire you basedo n this.

    Now to get to my actual point, the part about Caine being some sort of tyrant who isn’t democratically elected and the implication that he shouldn’t be in that position. First of all, New Jessie is not a democracy and as with any military on this grid ( another thing the reporter would be able to figure out if he actually knew how to teleport to military sims) is that the group is only as succesfull as the leader makes it. Second life is the result of your own efforts, what you make of it is entirely up to you and whether or not people want to join your group is entirely up to them. Needless to say, this isn’t a country where you get born and raised and have no real or reasonable alternative other than staying there. No New Jessie is a sim you can find in if you like it, if you do not then well the more power to you, no one is forcing you to fight there. Caine build this community and i imagine he must have done a decent job at it because 5000 people seem to be enjoying it enough to be in the New Jessie Friends group and combat there. Military leaders don’t obey him but lets position ourself in the fairytale that this reporter lives in and pretend it is true ( the toothfairy is pretty hot in your imagination to, kudos man) then there might be a reason for that. Caine is a good leader, a succesfull one that has build a sim that 5000+ people enjoy. Who the hell thinks he has the right to yank that success away from him simply because he achieved it through his own hard way instead of getting elected into a position where he could rule over something that others have already build for him. Reporter, i don’t know who you are but let me simplify it for you as i doubt that you are being able to understand the deeper logic behind all this : Second Life =/= Real Life, you don’t have to reside in new jessie if you think Caine is a dictator, if you don’t like New Jessie’s rules or if you believe he is secretly Stalin in RL.

  26. Bolton Vanmoer

    Apr 28th, 2011

    NJ is a place for Militaries to kill everyone else. Plain and simple. It’s like meeting all the bullies on the net in one place. And the militaries that produce there own weaponry…………….Like Ark should be prohibited from doing so since those scripts can be altered whenever NJ Admin demands to see them for inspection. Frag Grenades that turn corners and hit target everytime? C’mon. I like NJ but I don’t like the strong Military rules approach. It’s certainly not a Free For All combat sim.

  27. Le Creuset

    Apr 28th, 2011

    “What power does this guy have again?”

    -Read the article again, and you will see for yourself.

    “The writing needs some work, but as Caine said it has a good “passion” going behind it.
    Its just needs more fact and less hear-say & conspiracy theories.”

    - There are no conspiracy theories in this article, It is mainly socratic: I simply pointed out the status quo as is, I never drew any arguments from the status quo. The only incorrect fact was Liana and Caine, which doesn’t affect the article’s main thrust in any way.

    “This article is filled with lol material. I feel like im reading an Olympus Wycliffe piece the way it’s worded and with all the silly accusations.:

    - Silly accusations? Please point one out. The only one I see is in the title. Please work on your critical faculties. As for Olympus Wycliffe? yeah. Lol.

    The comments so far only back up the claim I made “the average man about grid adores Caine.”

    As for any comments on my prose/writing style/expression. Let’s not lie. It’s pretty sweet.

    - Le Creuset

  28. marilyn murphy

    Apr 28th, 2011

    i wuz all excited!! yay!! a powerful man who is, you know, powerful an all. anyway, i ran over to jesse to let him see how awesome i am with my makeup on an all? an someone shot me. so i thought, huh, i thought. so i went back over there and wore a little bathing suit so they could see i weren’t armed or anything. so i was peeking around a corner, an someone shot me.
    alas. i went on home an took off my makeup and got all unexcited.

  29. Harlequin Amoufhaz

    Apr 29th, 2011

    Guys, I’ve scientifically proven that Pixeleen has been adjusting my seat.

  30. lolol

    Apr 29th, 2011

    I recall this sim. It had these people who would shoot like a firing squad any one who stepped out of the spawning area the moment they arrived.

  31. Yep

    Apr 29th, 2011

    “(as opposed to programming constraints) ” programming restraints or sims rules. same thing.

    “The whole point of combat in SL is the creativity and customization available in SL. That is why the combat is interesting. Being able to design your own world and then open it up for people to fight in is what is interesting.”

    Most sims become old after a week or two with the same old build and everyone has their own comfort place. With changing maps and scenero’s.. I find the multiplayer combat games to be both more fun as well as they actually work without lag or admins ruining all the fun.

    “Like Ark should be prohibited from doing so since those scripts can be altered whenever NJ Admin demands to see them for inspection. ”

    like I said earlier

    “If a sim owner doesnt like someone their weapons are banned.”

    Thank you for proving my point.

    When I can have a better experience with other games that actually work, this leaves SL as nothing more than a place to hang out for some lulz like a 3-D chatroom.

  32. Caine Constantine

    Apr 29th, 2011

    “programming restraints or sims rules. same thing.”

    They are not the same. Programming restraints cannot be modified by the players of a game. Sim rules depend upon people following them of their own free choice. This makes them fallible and malleable at the same time.

  33. Nelson Jenkins

    Apr 29th, 2011

    @ Emperor Norton hears a who?

    I spent some time developing a HUD system and a nuclear ICBM for a military I was in 2 years ago. I was approached by 3 other militaries asking about the system, and I told all of them that it wasn’t even finished yet, so I couldn’t really say how it worked. They all informed me that if I did not give them a copy as well, they would ban me, my items, and anyone who uses them from their sim. I then told them they need to discuss that with the person that commissioned me. Hence, I was banned from their sims. The commissioner never told me that he wanted me to stop working, so when I delivered the final product, he informed me that I would not get paid, despite our contract terms. Sadly, since LL’s policy is to not enforce contracts and going to small claims for a few hundred bucks over a LSL notecard contract would be pretty pointless, I lost out on the payment.

    All because some snarky, selfish military assholes couldn’t stand having their competitors have the capability to (mutually!) nuke them.

    Hence, SL military folks are worse, in my opinion, than CoD players, and this comment section just emphasizes their stupidity.

  34. Le Creuset

    Apr 29th, 2011

    Dear Mr. Kit,

    To the extent that your long, boring obloquy had any impact, it was the realisation that you had no evidence for any of your accusations. You accuse me of living in a fantasy land, of not teleporting to any military sims, of depicting Caine as a tyrant.

    Actually I never said any fantastical, bar one glaring error which I have dealt with already. I merely stated the facts as they are. I never said there is anything evil about not being democratically elected, there was no hint that he is tyrannical, I merely stated what Caine is and asked the question, is it right that he should have such a position. That is all. You seem to think I’m am denying Caine’s success when I give quite an eloquent testimony (if I do say so myself) to it in the article.

    In future when you try to pen another execrable polemic please ensure you provide quotations to back up your points, (unless as I suspect was the case in your last response, there is nothing to back them up).

    - Le Creuset

  35. Yep

    Apr 29th, 2011

    “Sim rules depend upon people following them of their own free choice. ” lol right from some play by my rules or I will take my ball and go home type of thinking.

  36. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Apr 29th, 2011

    His avatar screams this:


    Oh good fun that is, oh look at that one dragging itself to its offspring. I’ll shoot the little commoner spawn when the bigger one gets to it, oh good fun.

  37. Kristian Kit

    Apr 29th, 2011

    Dear mr Creuset,
    You did not use the word “tyrant” however the overall context and attitude of the article does show that statement ( i will eleborate on that later) . In order to point that in the quotations and prove you asked:

    Webster dictionairy definition of a tyrant
    a : an absolute ruler unrestrained by law or constitution b : a usurper of sovereignty
    a : a ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally b : one resembling an oppressive ruler in the harsh use of authority or power

    Lets break this down and see if all the criteria used for this definition are met in your article
    Absolute Ruler : “Mr. Constantine now runs an empire “ . Runs in this sentence or referring to him “as “president”shows that he has this power. Also funny fact and the second thing you have wrong in your article in contrary to the belief that you only have one thing wrong : Caine is no longer the president of new jessie, nor acts like he is. Also : “but looking past the corrupt, inefficent administrators, one clearly sees it is he who pulls the strings “ in case you were going to refer to the sentence that says that the directors and admins run the show
    Unrestrained by law or constituation: “ who pulls the strings “ and “the heads of the greatest militaries obey him, and the average man about grid adores him. “ Although that you did not touch on the exact bounds of his power , context of the latter sentence clearly shows that this is supposedly so great that even military leaders obey him.
    who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally : “would have to hand their weapons over to him or risk facing the wrath of New jessie “ The usage of the word “Wrath”
    Definition of WRATH
    : strong vengeful anger or indignation
    : retributory punishment for an offense or a crime : divine chastisement

    This word does not even suggest that we are dealing with an oppresive action but the definition is exactly that. The problem here is that Caine or anyone on the new jessie board was even interviewed to ask what the reasons fort hat policy possibly could have been. If you did you would have been given a reasonable explanation or at least one that could have been added to the article for the sake of covering both sides of the story instead of just your own , which is also based on nothing. Mr Cleuret, as it does not show through the article you wrote i am just going to ask out of curiousity: did you interview anyone? This article indicates that you probably don’t know Caine very well and i also have some doubts about how often you actually visit new jessie.
    Bottomline of all this is : Yes, you did not call Caine a tyrant and on the other hand you did without using the name.
    Reporters have a lot of freedom and a broad audience. It is an important decision what news you decide to report and what news you don’t report. Usually reporters pick something that has actual “news value” but unlike those reporters this article did get ton the front page despite the lack thereof. Step 2 when you have decided to run an article is to decide what information you are going to use and what information you are not going to use. Caine has done many impressive things in his career, among those are hosting tournaments in new jessie, hosting a military conference to discuss politics between militaries that otherwise weren’t going to talk to each other. He also had a goof off account at one time where he created an over the top russian military with. This piece of history has been the the backbone of the entire introduction while that is maybe even the only possible stain on Caine’s banner. It hardly gives a fair image of who Caine is. Deciding to use the most negative parts of Caine’s history and interpreting one of new jessie’s regulations ( giving demo versions of weapons) as oppresion all while neglecting to mention the overwhelming amount of positive history that come with Mr Constantine is either a show of poor journalism skills that are used for nothing but to create drama or spite against Caine as a person. Well, like i stated before : you probably don’t know caine , i am going to assume the First.
    I used the word “drama”and that word probably already triggered some red flags. This article cannot be interpreted in any other way though. Just read it.
    “but looking past the corrupt, inefficent administrators, “
    What prove do you have for this if i may ask? What indicates that the new jessie staff is corrupt and inefficiënt? Liana and Caine are not affiliated with any military or other Group and the other Directors and New Jessie admins are all in different militaries with different views and beliefs. If New jessie is corrupt i am really curious to what side because it’s policies should be going back and forth like a tennis ball in an average game if that were the case. Again, did you actually investigate anything before you wrote this article and if you did, why is there nothing in the article that shows you did put more effort in it than just coming up with the idea of trying to bring down another important figure in SL.
    “Constantine just arrived on the scene and with a little money and some flattery he is now one of the most powerful figures”
    Money, flattery, and working your ass off. Biting your tongue with people you do not like, a commendable ability to respect the opinions of others despite them being 180% contrary to your own. Reducing all Caine’s work and efforts to giving him the title of asskisser with money…is that seriously journalism? That is more insulting than it is informative.
    “Liana much in the same way has attained “her” power on the back on Mr. Constantine.”
    Liana was actually democratically elected by all members of the new jessie staff ( something you also could have found out simply by asking). What is this statement trying to achieve other than creating bad sentiments towards liana? Liana who purposely stays out of all militaries to be unbiased, who Works her ass off despite having a very time consuming study. Liana deserved her position.
    “The power that he holds is too great, action must be taken to clip the wings of this long-ascendant bird”
    Now….how to interpret this. There is no way to assume that this statement is not a call for unrest in the New Jessie community. Considering that you state in your last post directed towards me personally “I never said there is anything evil about not being democratically elected, “ If that statement is true and i am going to assume it is otherwise it would be a relatively lame attempt to dodge my earlier accusations that implied you do not understand that second life isn’t real life, i do wonder how the statement of “it isn’t evil”relates to the last paragraph of the article where you basically call for people to rise up against Caine.

  38. Senban Babii

    Apr 29th, 2011

    Can someone tell me what this is actually all about in say twenty words?

  39. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Apr 29th, 2011


    Hurf-durf derp! LOL guns! Whitenerdpossee rulez da streetz.

    I has a powah on da interwebs, amirite?


  40. Le Creuset

    Apr 29th, 2011

    Dear Mr. Kit,

    The evidence you have supplied for the tyrant claim is, I believe, wanting.
    Does Mr. Constantine run an empire; Yes. Does he still act like he is president. Yes, why just last night he added an admin-in-training. Do the heads of the militaries obey him. Yes. The Merczateers have handed over their new mega-rifle for testing. Would they have gotten away with its usage if they had not. No. hence would they have suffered wrath under its retribution definition. Yes. Is Mr. Constantine bound by laws and constitution. Why yes, the rules of New Jessie. He is no more a tyrant under the parameters you have stated than one Mr. Vesperia…unless you’d like to go down that road.

    “The power he wields is too great, action must be taken etc.. etc..” There is nothing inherently pro-democratic about this statement I just feel that in this particular instance, in the case of this particular avatar, he holds too much power. That is all, nothing to do with dictatorship or democracy or good and evil. And so what if I asked for other people’s support in this aim? Aren’t I entitled?

    As for the summation of Mr. Constantine’s career, history etc.. and Liana’s. Yes you are indeed correct. I was indulging in hyperbole for the sake of an article, something I should not have done and for which I apologise.

    As for your assertion that reporters need to commentate on newsworthy things, well aside from “newsworthy” being entirely subjective, I refute such a claim. A reporter can really write about anything, as long as it’s interesting, which yes is another subjective matter, but judging by the comment count, a lot of people seem to find this interesting.

    Thank you for the effort of your comment.

    - Le Creuset.

  41. Le Creuset

    Apr 29th, 2011





  42. Levi Anansi

    Apr 30th, 2011

    But But But.

    Caine is a good guy. Finally a fin article about (new) Jessie in the modern age (like 2 years later).

  43. Caine Constantine

    Apr 30th, 2011

    Levi! I hope you this reaches you well.

    I just wanted to thank you once again, for making everything possible! Hope to talk to you again sometime soon.

  44. Nelson Jenkins

    Apr 30th, 2011

    @ Senban Babii

    Some boring militaryfags get trolled and waste AH readers’ time by making a bullshit article which nobody else cares about.

    Christ, I’m supposed to be making articles too. I need to get on this.

  45. IntLibber

    Apr 30th, 2011

    I’ve known both Liana and Caine for many years, and Liana has always been a mild mannered and fair minded person, while Caine has worked his butt off in the military community since the very early days. He has made New Jessie into a fantastic neutral ground for the military community to come to shop, meet, or have fun in combat without all the inter-group he-said/she-said drama that crops up in group owned sims. I’ve never heard of the author of this piece, and I know pretty much everybody who is anybody in the SL military scene. Sounds like sum srs bsns jealousy from a nobody here.

  46. IntLibber

    Apr 30th, 2011

    Ah Vegna, that explains it…

  47. Gundel Gaukelei

    May 1st, 2011

    He’s donned typical American apparel: a gun.

  48. Anonymous

    May 1st, 2011

    Here are the facts like it or not.

    1. Dont like new jessie combat, then dont play there, their rules.

    2. They fuck with you grief the fuck out of them if you like, and risk a ban from sl unless of course your like me and dont give a fuck cuz LL cant ban yo ass anyways HAHA!.

    3. Liana Pera is friends with Skills Hak, and old Emerald Developers who copybot many items, yet this person is a member of the CADUSC, and is an owner of new jessie LAME!!!!

    4. This person violates the SL Terms OF Service/Community standards itself by recently helping a copybot network outside Second Life in assistance with attacking a well known person against content theft for the last 2 maybe 3 years who knows by disclosing chatlogs without express consent of all parties.

    5. The Merczateers R&D Department was behind the fairlight industries open sourced & Gun hackings in 2009, but this was covered up in the name of the military and never revealed, while the main person was banned from Second Life who did this others were aware of this and did nothing heh. ( Should I say someone I know has proof of this, but refuses to disclose at the current time.)

    6. It is quite funny how many content creators IM one of muy furry fri3nds in world askin about why they were Griefing Badnarik with Sim Spams, and why this person was giving out Copybot content when it was really the content theft network doing this crap in their name to get them banned, well leme sai that this person did get perma banned from SL, and was back in 7 days hahahaha FAIL, cuz LL knows this person did not grief.

    7. Oh yeah care I mention that Zfire Xue, was working with MARS, and Pussy Guisse the one who was mentioned on the HERALD article, and Her Partner is part of the W00dburry network in SL, and it isn’t like woodburry doesn’t have two new simulators named Red Square & Revolution.

    8. Did I forget to mention that Phoenix Behemoth was partner to a copybotter named Juggalette Jinx Lulzy, and her and her friends were responsible for the griefs in Badnarik? (Phoenix Behemoth is Alliance Navy Officer, and denied her being a copybot, and again we all have the logs of that too.)

    I found some of these rumors floating around in world, but most of all I had an account on a few of the pirates blogs, and read as the person totally had their name posted out here with people making comments about how they totally mind fucked Liana Pera, the Merczateers, and Zfire Xue into doing things against this person.

    While the fact is that the person no longer cares about any of the wrong doings by these people, this person talked to at least two groups of friends about the whole thing, and information leaked, so heh, what moar can I sai?

    Can’t Trust people involved with Skills Hak, and in violation of our own community standards/ terms of service.

    SL Continues its decline because of stupid people, and here is just one of the public logs which proves that the person who was given bullshit by Liana, never did anything.


    Now ~Enjoy~


    @ Liana Pera & The Mercz.

    Take your accusations against this person elsewhere, any more problems given to this person, anything you so much as do we dont like, we will disclose all the information we have on what you all have been doing to many of the content developers, Oh yeah maybe Lurdan doesn’t know thats rite.

    @ Skills Hak

    Go ahead keep making accusations against this person, keep their name in your ban list, because you are feeding the whole content theft war, not like your system works anyways hihi, so enjoy knowing that you are selling false protection to content creators, and that your own friends will be ripped off every single day in SL, and nothing you can do hihihi.

    Yush Red Zone was the only thing Copybots feared LULZY! But ZFIRE XUE IS GONE!!! Tables Turned Bitches.

    it is only a matter of time until you are gone Skills, and your friends around you.

    Now Remember Kids

    Dont play with Firecrackers, or you just mite get burned.

  49. Debi Dastardly

    May 1st, 2011

    Caine plays a mean game of Monopoly, tell me again? Hes a communist, I don’t think so.

  50. Liana Truther

    May 1st, 2011

    Priceless gem by Liana Pera about her breakup with Cerze Ophelia.
    I thought I should clear up some rumors on my behalf regarding the incident which occoured with Surreal Estates over the past few days. While I believe this personal issue should stay between the people involved it obviously has not done so, despite the fact that I had made no malicious moves against Surreal or Cerze Ophelia. I am forced to explain the situation since it has been agigtated into a public light which I did not intend.

    This is not the first time Cerze has retaliated against a worker over a so-called ‘conflict of interest.” I am a newly enrolled college student and over the past few months I have made advances towards removing myself from the estates so I would be able to focus on my education and my own future for a change. I found new builders to take my place.
    I had been working as a sandbox administrator, promoted to a manager over the course of three years. The sandbox was controlled by a completely different management than the rest of the estates because the estates tend to focus on keeping to standard lots and throwing sims out for people to rent and letting them do their thing instead of focusing on a community. This is why it has been so difficult for Surreal to maintain the land that they reclaimed from Intlibber, as the lot sizes were different than their standardized lots and more difficult for them to sell.

    Around December Cerze and I partnered. Cerze has a very bad habit of going MIA for large periods of times, sometimes forcing his managers to uncomfortably cover up the situation until he shows up. The year before I began working up with the estates, Cerze went missing for around 8-9 months. During that time I had renters coming to me for help. When he returned I made a vow to try and work with the estates and do whatever I could for his tenants. They deserved better than that. Regardless of not being paid for the work I did, I could show my gratitude to Cerze for giving us the sandbox and give me the opportunity to loan my skills to making Surreal into the beautiful ‘artistic’ community I had hoped it was. I knew he needed a management who worked well together, was treated fairly and could see eye to eye with his tenants and I was lucky to see this heal and grow again.

    Regardless of this, I knew I could not help Surreal forever. I did my best to support the estates from my own wallet with projects and I helped the tenants whenever I got a call. I was the youngest member working up at the office and I realized the drama was not my cup of tea for something I volunteered to do. Cerze had, several months prior to now gotten a slave. She and I got along very well, and we were very alike. She was closer to his age and as time went on I realized that his views of women, nievity and immaturity began to make me feel cornered. I am 16 years his junior and the prospect of a man begging to marry and have children with me and wanting me to up and leave my home was too big for me to think about at this point in my life. I was in no hurry to hop on a plane and fly halfway across the world. I realized he knew nothing about me though he was so adamant to tell me I was young and I didn’t know what I was talking about and he knew better. I realized my interests were different and his slave cared about him and wanted the estates to thrive- though the reason for that is part of a whole other story altogether.

    I saw my opportunity to slip out of the estate support and allow Cerze to live a happy life with a woman who cared about him and was supportive of his business, which I believed would be wonderful for the tenants. I was ignored twice but finally told Cerze I was ging to unpartner him to allow him to give his slave a chance to be more important in his life, and I explained a few more reasons why I felt this needed to happen. He got very bitter about this and told me he would not partner anyone else. I told him I wanted to handle this civily as not to bruise our friendship. He proceeded to tell me to get out of his life and leave him alone- to which he then went to the sandbox, returned all my things, estate banned me and turned the sandbox access off. This was something I had seen as a worst case scenario. I had known Cerze to react like this towards some of his workers before. I had remarked to friends that he would likely do something to that extent to try and get back at me, as Cerze isn’t very stable when he gets frustrated. His decision to punish the builders I care about because of my decision, I believed, was very ignorant and pathetic of him, and solidified my belief that I made a good decision in unpartnering him and getting out of his life.

    Later on when Cerze’s slave spoke to me, I realized then that he had actually been having a serious relationship with her the whole time, regardless that he had told me she was only a submissive and had warned me to let him know if I was going to tell her off so he could prepare up at the estates for her leaving. He had on many occasions to consider marrying him, moving in with him and having children with him, which was als what he was saying to her- in fact they had plans already to do so, and had a trip planned with her family in RL. This would merit a serious relationship, and why he believed I should have been kept in the dark, I don’t know.This gave me reason to believe that he was throwing an immense amount of blame on me for in a sitaution that was occouring regardless of my choice; However since I was the one who made the move I was punished and removed from an estate I had worked three years for, for nothing. I did absolutely nothing to the estates to merit a ban. I did my job and I did nothing to attack the estates. Cerze estate banned me so I was unable to pick up my own copyrighted work. I was suprised to see such shocking behavior from a man who apparently cared about me like he presumed.

    That’s it on that situation really. I thought I should have a right to defend myself since I’ve been cut of all means of doing so at the estates. I finally realize why his other workers had been so frustrated when they left, mainly because he did this to people who were by no means trying to be malicious towards him. I realize he’s been telling people he made the decision to unpartner and it was not a personal issue to which I was removed. I will say that it was. I did nothing to harm his business or the sandbox that I worked and protected since I joined.

    To the tenants, I want you all to know that I did my best to make you all happy, and to my sandbox members I was always proud of seeing your work out in the grid and helping others. I hope you learn as much as I did within Duvillier. Now my prospects in Second Life are to turn away from Surreal and focus on working for the grid’s most popular combat sim, New Jessie. I will also be with my good friend Equino at the Ryder Estates to continue to make beautiful themed sims for him and his tenants. I will continue to help at Center of Gravity sandbox and to now help at Curious sandbox. I will work to make updates to my previous store content for Paranoia Ind. The Modshop, and with Funshine. There will be collaborative efforts on inventive new armor and weapons for Awesome Incarnate with Garion Lowenhardt and Liani LeSabre. I will be working on full sim builds and sim building content with the help of a great group of creative friends. School is still the top priority for me at the moment so I believe taking these more casual endeavors will make me happier and allow me to be more productive. I do not regret my decision to unpartner Cerze or leave Surreal. I am back to doing what I love to do, which is to have fun and help others create the world around us. Regardless of this incident I am in no way bitter or regretful of what I have done for Surreal and I wish those I had helped there the best. Thank you.

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