JLU Shamed – Green Lantern Excelsior Turns His Back on SLUniverse

by Pixeleen Mistral on 26/08/11 at 3:46 am

Superheros “standing in front of a monkey cage and being pelted with waste products”

For almost a week, a particularly ugly chapter in Second Life’s social history has been playing out on both theListSL.blogspot.com and the SLUniverse.com forums. While it is impossible to know if all the claims being made are true, the sheer body of evidence suggests that the Justice League Unlimited's secret wiki's security has been compromised again. Apparently the security-challenged JLU didn't learn anything after their last embarrassment and have continued to compile dossiers on Second Life players without their knowledge or consent. 

JLU hush
JLU advises members to keep quiet about wiki leaks

What seems to be a never-ending series of extremely embarrassing disclosures from the notoriously leaky JLU Brainiac wiki paints a disturbing picture of Kalel Venkman’s band of virtual vigilantes fighting tooth and nail for what they believe is law and order in an online cartoon world - never mind the fact that the other players didn't sign up for a surveillance society game. 

What sort of revelations have the rank and file players up in arms?

Facebook stalking the family of an AIDS patient to verify he is on his deathbed - then speculating that his demise might result in less game world griefing. Tracking real life identities of various Second Life players - sometimes in very great detail. Collecting medical information on those the JLU believes are enemies. Attempting to frame other plays with "black ops". Fabricating chatlogs to file abuse reports hoping to ban other players - it just goes on and on. 

On the other side of the fence, in what has grown to be a 188+ page forum thread with over 4600 replies and 103,000 views, mainstream Second Life fight a war of words with a succession of JLU spokesmen. Strangely, JLU leader Kalel Venkman has yet to step up in public to answer his critics, and those JLU members who have spoken up seem unable to do much more than inflame the situation further. Who are the real griefers are in this situation?

I was hoping against hope that one of the more inflamatory comments was a troll - and asked Green Lantern Excelsior in-world if he was really behind the SLUniverse comments. He said he was, and shared his opinion of the SLUniverse readers.

Pixeleen Mistral: did you really post this:
Pixeleen Mistral: seriously GLE - did you really post that?
GreenLantern Excelsior: (Saved Wed Aug 24 02:38:21 2011) Yes, I posted that. I posted on many of the pages in that discussion thread.
GreenLantern Excelsior: (Saved Wed Aug 24 02:38:41 2011) I was banned from SL Universe tonight, for posting "links to RL information," i.e., a link to Deadly Codec's obituary. The ban will be lifted on September 6, but I won't return. There are very few members on that board who will engage in serious and respectful discussion. Mostly it is like standing in front of a monkey cage and being pelted with waste products.

The more optimistic members of the anti-JLU faction cling to hope that the Linden game gods will take a stand, hoping against hope that Linden Lab is not in such dire straights that Second Life has been forced to depend on corrupt volunteer vigilantes to help maintain order on the grid. 

SL privacy
Second Life Premium gives you more privacy ad next to players begging Rodvik for help

And so heartfelt pleas are posted to Rodvik Linden’s Second Life profile, but as of this writing remain unanswered. I hope Rodvik hasn’t been playing Farmville in Facebook and neglecting his SL profile page - but Rodvik did mention at the SLCC that social media is taking people’s time away from immersive games. Unfortunately, some of those still deeply engaged in Second Life are taking the game far outside of the virtual realm in ways that seem likely to harm the ailing Second Life brand.

Meanwhile it seems likely that anti-JLU sentiment will continue to rise unless the JLU can somehow cover up the evidence. Will Kalel resort to firing scattershot DMCA takedown notices again? Perhaps not - since this would be a tacit admission that the leaked material is legitimate - and could lead to some unfortunate legal action for the would-be super hero if a pattern of filing frivolous DMCA complaints was demonstrated.

more pleas to Rodvik
and still more
and more

306 Responses to “JLU Shamed – Green Lantern Excelsior Turns His Back on SLUniverse”

  1. Tux

    Aug 30th, 2011


  2. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 30th, 2011

    @ Tux

    So what was the site taken down for? Trademark violations?

  3. hobo kelly

    Aug 30th, 2011

    WU, get those high powered socal lawyers going and protect yourself and your students from pedophile stalkers like the JLU. Make an example out of this so people will be less likely to screw with one of the oldest and proudest colleges in socal even if some of its new media students create something like slchan that mostly had cartoon images taken from second life that certain cartoon avatars didn’t like. if you get my drift…

  4. Tux

    Aug 30th, 2011


    I don’t know as I wasn’t involved. I think someone forgot to renew the domain though. There is no way a public upload site would be closed for trademark violations unless the site theme itself imposed on trademarks. At most they would have given a content removal notice.

    Honestly though, I doubt SLChan had enough visitors to warrant interest (other than JLU members that is).

  5. Reader

    Aug 30th, 2011

    @Tux. your little tantrums and plea to Rodvik on SLU to answer your email only confirms you are indeed a mother hen. your fists must be bruised badly from all the fist pounding you have done over this.
    give it up, LL doesnt care.

  6. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 30th, 2011

    @ Tux

    If it involved Woodbury University’s name or “Second Life” (I am not going to affirm that “SL” would be enough for a valid trademark violation in this case) then that might have been the route taken; otherwise I cannot possibly see a reason the site would go down (other than domain renewal).

    I could see a lawsuit coming out of that but like you said, nobody really gave a shit except for JLU. In this case it just highlights the immoral tactics JLU members use to perform their “duties” (blatant lying through social engineering, a.k.a. social hacking).

  7. Tux

    Aug 31st, 2011


    I didn’t make a plea to Rodvik, it was irony. But that obviously went why over your head.

    Also, my hands are not fists, as you would like to believe. In fact I do have something hurting, its my face from laughing. This whole leak business is way too funny. Oh how they build themselves up as good people only to be proven once again they are far worse than those designated as griefers.

    I am pleased TheList has actually got more leaks. I did think for a while there it had come to an end. I hope they keep coming. And this drags out for a long time.

  8. IntLibber Brautigan

    Aug 31st, 2011

    I’ve been telling you people this shit for years….

  9. Anonymous

    Aug 31st, 2011

    A veritable witch hunt has been transpiring on the list blog and at SLU. the list presents what they claim as evidence and smoking guns and the slu gather the masses, the angry villagers.

    This evidence having been ill gotten is fruit from a poison tree and should be handled as such. You will all need to focus and tread lightly to make a valid case. To not appear as villager in the famous Monty python sketch.

    SLU has made it a habit to annihilate all who get in their way, facts and reason be damned. This is how world wars are fought and often with tragic loss.

    In doing so you have become that which you hate, In the end, you will not have fixed the underlying issues and the next JLU will be in the wings waiting.

    You will have won nothing.

  10. /b/

    Aug 31st, 2011

    Woot yay its Intlibber (; welcome XD and nope ya nevar told me );

    Yeah JLU needs to stop harvesting information.

    Personally everything seen, said, voice, audio text is subjected to recording at any time for any reason or no reason at all, just as people are allowed to ban for any reason in SL, the only time I profile, or run checks is when its a group of griefers, and anyone i want to for any reason or no reason. Dont like it talk to Linden Lab about not making information so exposed in SL profiles & such.

    But anyways I never personally do anything unless the group is found in violation of the TOS/CS for any reason, and if they are usually.

    1. Owners/Officers are contacted they refuse to deal with the issue.

    2. Then I expose and drop all the evidence all over the internet I dont care go ahead bring your lawyers lol.

    I know that.

    1. Smiggles Decuir all her friends support theft with king goon.
    2. That DarkMatter Steamer and his friends support BlackMail & Griefing.

    So yeah i collect and harvest any information I need until I need to release and if someone gives me a reason to do such then I do, but I do not share or work as a group, nor do I do RL information, or IP logging, all strictly SL but I have other means of tracking people cuz most people are stupid when it comes to alts.

  11. lolol

    Aug 31st, 2011

    The slu is always having a witch hunt. The drama queens have to have something to shrill about or they would be bored.

  12. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 31st, 2011

    @ Anonymous

    Poison tree doctrine be damned. You think the Lindens care about semantics when people are burning their building down?

  13. Astolat Dufaux

    Aug 31st, 2011

    “But you work as a citizen’s watch group in Second Life, how exactly does that work, being members of the Press at the same time?”

    GLE, if you were truly “journalists” over there, as you describe yourselves in that article, you wouldn’t be moderating posts that disagree or are critical of the “facts” in that article.

    Have you read the comments section lately of your local newspaper?

    Again, shame on you.

  14. Astolat Dufaux

    Aug 31st, 2011

    “Sometimes we can’t publish what we know because it might interfere with corrective actions that might be being taken. ”


    So which is it?

  15. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Aug 31st, 2011

    Ever heard a company spokesman say “We can’t comment, because that’s part of an ongoing investigation.”? Same thing.

  16. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 1st, 2011

    gl exselsior is a sap and nobody gives a fuck about that rottin corpse d3adl3y cod3c lol! oh and cristiano midnight sux big fat giant king kong monkey balls! nuff said!

  17. Astolat Dufaux

    Sep 1st, 2011

    @ GLE — “Ever heard a company spokesman say “We can’t comment, because that’s part of an ongoing investigation.”? Same thing.”

    That doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that you can’t be a law enforcement entity AND a member of the press.

    Unless you considered the KGB and TASS independent agencies…

  18. IntLibber Brautigan

    Sep 1st, 2011

    GLE is usually a good flack, the friendly public face to make the JLU look good when Kalolz crazy paranoia gets out of control or Maverick pulls one of his illegal operations. But, like Bagdad Bob, he’s simply lost all credibility by now and should have the good sense to resign from the JLU and turn whistleblower.

  19. /b/

    Sep 1st, 2011

    ht tp://kryptonradio.com/2011/08/31/truth-and-lies-the-league-response/

    LOL honestly I still don’t know what to fully believe as SL to me has been nothing full of Liars. I know that to a certain point I am always going to support JLU against any and all griefers in SL, but myself personally I work alone harvest my own information, and do what the FK I please in SL.

    GLE is honestly a nice person from what I have seen he has actually helped me so I would dount that he is a griefer himself although there is one thing about Phantom Zone which makes me think that the IP harvesting was a lie.

    **I used Phantom Zone myself, my IP, or information was not in their database of leaked information, so what is going on there, and I used it like 5months or so ago so it should be there, but it isn’t.**

    As far as collecting any type of information without consent, It is possible for anyone in SL to obtain a persons real world information, or what state or city they live in I can easily do it myself without even being a member of JLU, Zfire Xue, or Skills Hak, but beyond that taking snapshots without consent is a TOS Violation, where it be for a police group, or for a system. Network banning people and accusing of griefing is a TOS violation as well under defaming groups or individuals, scripted attacks & harassment, all these systems violate that.

    Disclosure of chatlogs without consent is another TOS violation if it is shared beyond the people there.

    **Personally I couldn’t care less and if JLU fuc*ks with me I will personally start so many raids on SL that even JLU wont be able to cope with the shit I can bring down and harm I can bring to SL so I know for a fact that JLU isn’t going to fuc* with me, and if they do then so be it we will start to tear apart this grid right now and everyone in it.**

    But hey who gaved JLU the right to be their own little police/RP group serious question LOL I mean I do do my own police, my own griefing on people who deserve it, and my own Shop Da Whoop’s/Firin mah lazarz.

    So ne ways I honestly dont know what to believe but I do know that liek Either side could lie I mean I myself can’t see the Phantom Zone scripts myself, so I wouldn’t say what it can and can’t do, but I can say this much for sure that Anything you buy in Second Lief can be rigged to log information without ur consent such as where your avatar is, IP Address, etc, and if your that paranoid then your just going to have to script everything yourself or be able to see all scripts.

    I did however see some missing parts of the JLU database which just honestly did not make much sense to me, and yes snapshots like that can easily be fake.

    Maybe JLU should just give me access to their Database Read Only cuz I r curious

    But fk with me trust me just ask Motor Loon about the raid we did on her Simulators LOL, we kept coming back over and over we even talked to the Linden from a griefer account, and we even assaulted the linden there many times as they logged off our accounts 1 by 1 lol but never got our mains.

    MOTOR LOON Rips people off money by selling Land & Reclaim of land so they had that coming, and personally I dont care.

  20. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Sep 1st, 2011

    @ Astolat

    “That doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that you can’t be a law enforcement entity AND a member of the press.”

    JLU is not a law enforcement entity. We observe and report, like a neighborhood watch group. Linden Lab does all the enforcement action.

    @ /b/

    **I used Phantom Zone myself, my IP, or information was not in their database of leaked information, so what is going on there, and I used it like 5months or so ago so it should be there, but it isn’t.**

    That’s an excellent point. Why is Kalel Venkman the only JLU member on the list? Where’s Kara Timtam, Samantha Lowell, Hewee Zetkin, Maverick Grunfeld, Fenix Harbinger? Where am I? I didn’t look at every name on the list, but the few JLU names I searched for turned up nothing.

  21. Senban Babii

    Sep 1st, 2011


    “We observe and report, like a neighborhood watch group. Linden Lab does all the enforcement action.”

    On paper, yes. In practice you seek to define and administer punishment by lobbying those with power, even going so far as to carry out black ops to punish people who have committed to breach of TOS other than to speak out against you. The recent revelation of how you planned to lock people from their own land spoke volumes about your claims to only “observe and report”.

    But what the hell, they were probably guilty of *something*, right?

  22. foxxy blackadder

    Sep 1st, 2011

    what i find amazing is that i did not log into SL for nearly 18 months and i used phoenix, where i rezzed last time was in a sandbox but this time the sim had moved and well, i rezzed in the middle of a JLU meeting, i was there a whole 3 seconds before i got ejected.

    next thing i know i got an IM saying

    “hope you enjoy your ban”

    i replied “what ban”

    they replied “you intruded in a private meeting and you have been reported to LL for stalking”

    i simply replied “i havent been on SL for nearly 18 months and the sim where i rezzed in was the last location i was in which was a sandbox”

    the reply was “goodbye enjoy your ban”

    well i was on sl for a whole day building stuff for friends who i havent seen in a while, some newbie was asking for help on something and the account was only 3 days old so me being me helped out with the build untill 3am,
    i logged out and the next day i went to log in and it came up that i was suspended.
    i checked my email and there it was, i got banned for copybotting the batmobile ON the JLU sim and the time stamp was at 6am.

    JLU are using copybot clients and using creator prims to make copybot there own stuff and then AR ppl to LL for mistakes.

    it took me a while to find out who “made it” and it was mr GLE himself, i sent my findings to LL and i got a reply from soft linden and was told the ban stands.

    from the leak in thelistsl i now understand.

    JLU copybot things using the creator prims and then send in FAKE REPORTS to get rid of ppl.

    fuckin assholes should die, hell i know for a fact they actually got one of there own banned so they could get a linden to turn over the stuff to JLU

  23. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 1st, 2011

    KR: “The League has never harvested IP addresses”
    Soft Linden’s JIRA comment: “I also see that members of a ‘policing’ group acknowledge having operated their own IP collectors.”

    KR: “The site in question is “TheListSL”, which claims to be targeting JLU members to expose them. If one looks at this site’s history, though, the site has been exposing private information on Second Life users a long time before they decided to focus on the League, posting real world data on Second Life users, using obscene and abusive language to describe their hatred for the people whose Second Life and real life information they’ve linked and posted online for the world to see.”
    TheListSL: *waiting for coherent counter-argument other than ad hominem*

    KR: “Once Soft Linden had actually analyzed the IP list and had determined that it had been produced by a member of a group that has been banned from Second Life and told not to return”
    How does one figure this out from a set of IP addresses that aren’t one’s own? Soft should work for the NSA, he’s pretty good. *cough* bullshit *cough*

    Inquisitive Resident: “What is your response to TheListSL and others claiming that the JLU are stalkers and building a database of real world information on Second Life users?”
    KR: “For one thing, that’s not even possible. We’ve seen the claims, and it’s just not possible to build a database on every single Second Life resident.” (that wasn’t the question) “Have we ever at any point looked up real life information on anyone? Certainly…” (there we go) “… a few people we discovered were actual threats to other people’s safety in real life, but our sources were public, and found via Google. No private information was involved.” (although we all know this was also done to stalk those users IRL, which is in violation of CPC 653.2)

    KR: “We have the same rights anybody else does to maintain a private wiki and put anything we want on it.” (not really, sorry, just because it’s your website doesn’t make it less illegal)

    KR: “We assert that TheListSL has committed several felony acts in the breach of an SL member’s account, and then the hacking attack on our database.” (odd that you can’t prove it) “The information stolen was then posted for the purposes of stalking, harassment, and possibly identity theft.” (loooool)

    Still waiting for that rebuttal, GreenLantern. Where’s the independent investigation? LL and the editor of KR are hardly independent entities.

  24. Senban Babii

    Sep 1st, 2011

    “KR: “The League has never harvested IP addresses””

    No doubt this is similar to the CIA saying “we don’t torture people” and then the whole extraordinary rendition thing came out and it turned out that no, the CIA don’t torture people. They get other people to do it for them so they can maintain plausible deniability.

  25. Reader

    Sep 1st, 2011

    “Reader, let me ask a question: How would you feel if your child googled superman and saw all these horror stories?

    Now how do you think DC comics want Superman (the real one, not just some old guy with a fetish for tights) to appear in the public eye?

    Superman was supposed to be an inspiration to people. Not some creepy old guy who stalks people, calls employers, places of study and threatens to kill people. Am I right?” – Tux

    Sorry for the delayed reply, just getting caught up.

    You point was a good one about what children (or adults for that matter) would encounter if they came across all the BS spewed on the pages of various blog sites. So I checked. Searched Superman and Justic League and what came up in Google was massive amounts of regular stuff. Not even that plethora of fan-fiction based crap was anywhere near the top of the page queues, like some of that gay-Lux Luthor stuff that is pretty laughable. So I think your point is rather pointless – having checked myself. Have any of you thought to actually PAY to push your so awesome JLU content to the top of Google queue? LOL

    DC won’t do anything, LL isn’t about to do anything (as plausible as some of the charges levied against the JLU may be) and that ‘Petition’ will absolutely result in nothing but wasted time/circle jerk/flushed cheeks after glow.

    The people seeking to attain fame and attention are obvious, both here and on SLU. Had you and your minions approached this in a more “adult like” fashion, you might have stood a chance of having an impact. As it were, you all are looking foolish and lacking in social graces. Coupled with the fact that ‘most’ of the mob is made up of perma-banned/suspended types, doesn’t do much to bolster the overall effort. Smacks of revenge, butt-hurt and uncontrollable tantrums.

    Credibility begins and remains intact with credible discourse and you mob mongers gave it your best shot – unfortunately – and revealed a wealth of character profile information and personal intent along the process trail. Enjoy that, Dominic. (yes I’ve read the whole thing)

    To answer that last question, with all that balled up anger of yours, NO – you are not right. A bit left of center in my estimation, confused and disorganized in your effort and sloppy in execution. “Stalks” & “Threatens to kill people…”? You’re kidding right? If that was even remotely the case Kalel would have been dealing with agents of reality many, many months ago. It’s just more baseless tantrum drivel.

    Hopefully you learn from this experience for next time – and Oh Yes – there will be a next time because it is obvious this is all you have, so you will doing it again and again. That much is for sure.

    Since I’m in a score keeping kind of mood with the release of Madden 12;

    Justice League Unlimited 17
    Tux Winkler 0

    and it’s rather late in the fourth quarter.

  26. GG3

    Sep 1st, 2011


    We don’t care about your fan-boy antics for the JLU.

    People have a right to privacy for SL and peace of mind. Not some 3rd party wedgie flyers compiling data on SL users like lab-rats and using it to their advantage, the JLU have gone up and overboard on Second-Life.

  27. Reader

    Sep 1st, 2011

    GG3- Aren’t you the one Tux went after for trolling the hell out of the AH?

    OH & learn to read.

  28. Dontspill McGinnis

    Sep 1st, 2011

    @ Reader

    Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed your little lie down.

    Your understanding of football seems fundamentally flawed. Football is a Team sport, with each team having a squad of 53 Players.

    The JLU seem to have lost most of their squad due to resignation. There remains 26 members which barely covers starters offence, defence and specialists. GLE keeps getting sacked in the endzone. Vagabond seems to be on the PUP list, and poor old Baht McMahon was placed on waivers.

    Tux, on the other hand plays on a team that carries a full squad of 53, along with a whole practice team and as yet unsigned free agents. (I fancy myself for the Free Safety role, but they won’t let me take the field with my axe.)

    The continuing leaks seem to suggest that even more players will desert the JLU team that already plays without backups.

    Every new leak is a scoring drive for our team and when GLE isn’t getting sacked, he’s throwing an Interception. Coach Venkman is a no show (no surprises there.)

    Your having the JLU up 17 – 0 just goes to show you know nothing whatsoever about football.

    Oh, there goes Maverick, tackled for a loss on 4th down. That Inside left, black ops draw play was a bad idea. 1st down Concerned SL Residents on the JLU 32 yard line..

    I feel a Leak post pass coming up.

  29. Reader

    Sep 1st, 2011

    @Spill or is it Tux? Maybe we should just call you Sybil.

    You would view “every leak is a score for /your/ team”. You have to at this point. And I will agree with you, it is a score but one that can be easily avoided with a fresh box of Depends. There’s been nothing achieved in any of this other than creating deluded opportunities for all out tirades like you just demonstrated (in that there previous comment box).

    Save it for someone who gives a shit Tux, like your mirror-mirror or imaginary wife, Tuxette. (yea I read that too)

  30. GG3

    Sep 1st, 2011


    “Tux went after”
    And, “how” may I ask? Who is this Tux person? Never heard of them. Opinions aren’t illegal, reader in-case you don’t know that,there’s a major difference.

    After reading through your babble Reader, it’s pretty obvious you think the JLU is invincible of being banned for their invasion of privacy and data compiling. Arrogant mistake number one.

    Two. Since your posting, show us, one spec of proof that the JLU are oh so innocent as you claim them to be reader. As far as i’ve seen is evidence that is supporting the contrary.

    Certainly you can provide, reader?

  31. Dontspill McGinnis

    Sep 1st, 2011

    LOL @ Reader

    Nice try, but Dwarves never rant. we are a very considered race.

    As for Tux and I being the same person, I’m afraid that will never fly.
    We are both well known across the grid and have often been seen together in world and occasionally using voice.

    The JLU are the ones proven to use Sockpuppets..

    Even the appallingly written article on KR acknowledges that we are separate entities.

    Furthermore, Tux really wouldn’t know much about Football either, being a Brit, so you share something with him there.
    As usual, your comment is utterly without substance. Oooh! that was a two point conversion right there!

    Time for another pill, “Reader”?

  32. Reader

    Sep 1st, 2011

    How about you produce a single sentence where I stated anything along the lines of “…the JLU are oh so innocent as you claim them to be reader.”

    It bears repeating,
    Learn to Read.

    I think you’re needed over on SLU now, Sybil.
    It’s a better fit for you over there. You go girl!

  33. GG3

    Sep 1st, 2011

    Again, provide “evidence” if the JLU have done no wrong.

    I’m waiting.

  34. Dontspill McGinnis

    Sep 1st, 2011

    @ Reader

    “I think you’re needed over on SLU now, Sybil.
    It’s a better fit for you over there. You go girl!”

    Now there you go again, resorting to insults. We already know your level.
    I suppose you will be arranging an AR party now for my causing actual bodily harm to your ego.

    Not before recording in the wiki that I know more about football than you, I hope!

  35. GG3

    Sep 1st, 2011


    Your all fluff-talk, no proof?

  36. Reader

    Sep 1st, 2011

    GG3, LOL. You must have failed debate class. You did graduate from high school right, or am I making a bad assumption? Reading is not fundamental on your part I’m sorry to say. You stooges are the ones with the evidence, go use it to do your best (worst). If it’s all solid proof, then problem solved. You guys win. But this incessant combing of the blog world, demanding that people produce “evidence” to the contrary of leaks that YOU HAVE produced yourself, well, it makes you guys look like twelve year olds at a slumber party. Learn to read. Then learn to contact the authorities and get this party going. Otherwise, zipper the pie hole and go back to your pixel penis fun in Second Life.

    Go wipe up Spill, you’ve made a terrible mess of yourself. As much as you obviously fantasize about things, sorry, not here Spillage. No access to any wiki much less membership in the JLU for this Reader. Your unsuspecting victim base is still waiting back on SLU. Get back to herding those sheep and the stay-at-home goats roaming around over there.


  37. Reader

    Sep 1st, 2011

    How about you produce a single sentence where I stated anything along the lines of “…the JLU are oh so innocent as you claim them to be reader.”

    It bears repeating one last time GG3,

  38. GG3

    Sep 1st, 2011


    For a nincompoop, you do a -lot- of talking. Where’s your evidence, reader? Apparently that’s too much to ask. Yes, the evidence has been provided for all to see. Now where’s the JLU’s act of innocence?

    Unlike you reader, I like to see both sides of the argument. So far all JLUer’s have done is much yap and less than not can’t even back up their arguments. For this reason, you fail.

    All you can do is bloat troll, why don’t you go crawl back from the hole you came from? Is it shocking to the JLUer’s like yourself to actually provide “supporting detail” or are you use to the “be quiet and do as i tell you” routine?

  39. Reader

    Sep 1st, 2011

    Worn out tactic GG3 and starting to sound like you have Tourette Syndrome. and one who masters nearly zero reading comprehension. Let me put it in context that you’re more apt to understand -


    Tell me! Show me! Convince me! No, stop that, tell me now! I want contrary evidence or I am going to throw myself down on the floor, pound my fists and kick my feet right here, right now!
    Show me! Tell me! Give…..me….all the evidence…or I am going to pitch a never ending fit. (on the internet)

    Anyone other than GLE or Kalel:

    Excuse me, but you do realize you are right in the middle of the floor, in the produce section, right? Now, now, let me wipe those tears.
    It will all be OK, don’t cry. Let me get on the intercomm and find your mommy little one? Here, have a lollipop.

  40. GG3

    Sep 1st, 2011


    And here you go, rambling off with your fail trolling.

    Can’t provide evidence? Then your nothing short of a fan-boy. You seem to idolize GLE or Kalel the most, too bad your brain-function ceases if your asked something too difficult of a question and resort to trolling that even a toddler could master.

    Your like a broken record, aren’t you?

  41. GG3

    Sep 1st, 2011

    Oh would you look at that, a bunch of Lindens are showing up in-world.

  42. /b/

    Sep 2nd, 2011

    Lulz Funny thing is Synphony Vayandar, and all her Copybot buddies from Lace the Evil clan located @ NOR are still handing out a bunch of stolen goods at Nix bazaar in Second Life located in the region of (Nix) .

    When is Linden Lab going to remove the people from Second Life who stole all these fkin motor cycles, and when are the admins of NOR going to stop abusing power and supporting the Lace Clan after they have done nothing but brought Drama to NOR as a whole.

    Oh better yet what will JLU Do to stop this illegal giving out of stolen content.

  43. foxxy blackadder

    Sep 2nd, 2011

    wow a FAKE /b/tard

    /b/tards are the ppl who use copybot and love the lulz, a /b/tard who rats out other copybotters is not a /b/tard so yeah JLU using fake names on this thread

  44. FredIsDead

    Sep 2nd, 2011

    SL is a free game. The Corporation that owns it, except for a few of the employees, doesn’t care about this stuff until it embarasses them into action. They are clearly not motivated by loss of revenue. They don’t care about the antics of a little spamdex cult except if it gets them in legal trouble. Yes, spamdex. The best way to solve this problem is irrefutable evidence and not feeding the trolls. Well, okay, feed the amusing ones.

  45. Yep

    Sep 2nd, 2011

    “When is Linden Lab going to remove the people from Second Life who stole all these fkin motor cycles,”

    Here is your answer.

    “[9:42] PlexusLinden: we dont enforce copyright law”

  46. Tracer Graves

    Sep 3rd, 2011

    Hey LL,

    JLU would like an answer:


  47. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Sep 8th, 2011

    What’s hilarious

    in all of this, the “griefers” have been the people who embraced the original SL mantra, and were usually creative people, and usually nice people when making fun of idiots and blowhards was done.

    the problem with groups like the JLU is that they like to have their cake and eat it too. They like to basically grief and harass and stalk people because it empowers them, but legitimize it non-stop and shift focus on the “bad people” who are bad because they say they are bad.

    shooting prim dicks vs the horseshit and outright malice the JLU has done over the last several years, prim dicks is a much more minor offense.

    If the JLU are true bastions of justice, they will disband.

    They need to watch the series they derive their name from, you know, the episode with the justice lords, which is more like what the JLU really models themselves after.

  48. Gundel Gaukelei

    Sep 8th, 2011

    in all of this, the “griefers” have been the people who embraced the original SL mantra, and were usually creative people, and usually nice people when making fun of idiots and blowhards was done.

    h ttp://tinyurl.com/3ts9xhl

    If I feel a need for this kind of “creativity”, I’ll be browsing my spam folder.

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