Second Life SexBed Industry Thrown Into Chaos

by Pixeleen Mistral on 29/09/11 at 4:22 am

Stroker Serpentine's SexGen 600 animation bed now full permission - and free

the end of an era

This was without question an historic day. If there was any question about Stroker Serpentine leaving Second Life, it was erased Wednesday morning when he made the flagship of his SexGen business available with copy/transfer/modify permissions. The bed that turned a former real life plumber into a millionaire is now available to anyone - and free.


The 600 animation virtual kama sutra is already creating waves of fear and uncertainty among other sex bed merchants. While a crowd gathered to witness history in the making earlier this evening, I spoke with Corsi Mousehold who has used sexbed sales to help pay land tier fees on FurNation - a refuge for furry avatars.

Corsi Mousehold: I am in tears
Pixeleen Mistral: I think the bottom just fell out of the sexbed market
Corsi Mousehold: Yes
Corsi Mousehold: Yes it did
Corsi Mousehold: And FurNation may have to close because of it.

Pixeleen Mistral: that was the first thing I said when I saw this
Corsi Mousehold: I could raise rent prices and stay alive

Pixeleen Mistral: well - do what you need to do
Corsi Mousehold: But .... Fuck Stroker really screwed me here.
Corsi Mousehold: I could DMCA but in SL things can spread like wildfire.
Corsi Mousehold: I would have to DMCA every single person I find that is giving it away
Corsi Mousehold: That's a nightmare

Pixeleen Mistral: good luck with that
Corsi Mousehold: Either way I will have 100+ more animations in mine than in these.
Corsi Mousehold: I'll just add these and call it 1500 L$ anyway
Corsi Mousehold: Take the lessers off the market. They weren't selling really anyway
Corsi Mousehold: FurNation is going to need support here.
Corsi Mousehold: Or it will die.

sexgen stroker 4
a crowd gathers

Pixeleen Mistral: FurNation is going to need to suck it up and get another revenue stream
Corsi Mousehold: Truth

Pixeleen Mistral: and SL is going to feel this too I think
Corsi Mousehold: Yes it will
Corsi Mousehold: Not in a month but in about two months everyone's going to feel it
Corsi Mousehold: And we thought the MLP release was bad

pink, blue, yellow and green balls + ToyMaster and TouchMaster

108 Responses to “Second Life SexBed Industry Thrown Into Chaos”

  1. Such a shame

    Sep 30th, 2011

    Unfair. A post is being withheld for moderation! My first post held for moderation. *pouts* but well worth a laugh.While there is devestation I and many others in the industry as creators have had a really good laugh.

    Biggest concern – anti-competitive industrial sabotage. If it is true, and I mean really true, then aren’t we all at risk and that the biggest concern?

    Lane, your not on my christmas card list. Watch out you kinda really did get some backs up. Tsk tsk, tsk, but there always has to be a neurotic bad guy. You win on that score without doubt.

  2. Qie Niangao

    Sep 30th, 2011

    Jumpy, your Great White up and beached itself.

    It’s understandable that the next act is still in rewrite, but will the curtain ever really rise again?

  3. jerry

    Sep 30th, 2011

    I’m not in the slex business and I couldn’t give a toss about stroker and the fact he’s gone. But, what an utterly stupid selfish thing to do to fellow content creators. Not only does it make as ass of him but it makes an ass of the people who spend hundreds of RL dollars on his product.

  4. jerry

    Sep 30th, 2011

    Jumpy could be strokers alt, and it’s all a publicity stunt

  5. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 30th, 2011

    Qie my war with Torley tho much shorter ( I lawst) was way more fun! My point is there’s plenty of fools cracks one of my feet will fit into. Hehehe o mean y’all act like this the only war I been in, the only fool I buried etc etc lmao like I’m going to Disney werld or something! For my next act I’m gonna save Furnation to the delight of furries everywhere! Caws if Sroker’s last spiteful and petty act of turdball vengeance don’t stick, if furnation survives, Briggi wins, and Corsi wins as Stroker cannot profit off their work anymore! It’ll make Stroker lose to Jumpy on mo’. ‘gain! I’m just not gonna don a furry suit hehehe

  6. GothGirl Demonia

    Sep 30th, 2011


    I sent these to all my RolePlay Friends, and in some SL groups FULL perms to keep newbs from reselling them hopefully as clearly they want.

    Yeah it is sad to see a company go out of business but who kows why they did anyways.

    Honestly most the very good Sex Bed companies were charing 6k L$ per sex bed no copy, I never bought any sex beds from anyone if they were not Copyable, I hope that this causes them to have to change that in the future, and the price to come down as a result.

    :3 The Neko Elf :3

  7. Tzeentch

    Sep 30th, 2011

    Just as planned….

  8. Marx Dudek

    Sep 30th, 2011

    The industry will survive. As with anything else IP, the temptation is great to rest on one’s laurels when one has a hit. No reputable content creator is simply going to drop a SexGen into their products – a lot of the bottom-feeders will, though. It will replace the ancient MLP bed engine among the fly-by-nighters.

    Everyone else will have to up their game, if they haven’t already.

  9. Yep

    Sep 30th, 2011

    go getem Tiger :P

  10. Steven

    Sep 30th, 2011

    This is awesome news. Pops a bottle of fine champagne.

  11. jj

    Sep 30th, 2011

    “Corsi Mousehold: And FurNation may have to close because of it.”

    And nothing of value was lost

  12. Taz

    Sep 30th, 2011

    its about time more items became free, there is no need for minolpilies in SL, there is enough of the BS in the real world that is destroying everything ,leavign a stain as it does so… i think you all soudl move on, i personaly have not heard “great” things about furnation. maybe want to stop humping animals? ^_^

  13. Shug Maitland

    Sep 30th, 2011

    Keep in mind that these base units (they are not beds) are being given away “as is”. They are a bit dated as Stroker has not updated them in a while and do no expect any support!

  14. ahaha

    Sep 30th, 2011

    “Corsi Mousehold: And FurNation may have to close because of it.”

    And not a single fuck was given.

    You’re selling sex-beds in a Mature region anyway, with people running around with dicks, tits, and vaginas flapping around, where you’ve been AR’d multiple times by multiple people about it, and yet LL will not ban you.

    Karma’s a bitch, and I’ll personally find it funny the day furnation disappears.

  15. A Furry

    Sep 30th, 2011

    @ LOL

    Of course what Second Life needs is someone like Uncle Kage who will show the none yiffy aspects of this world.

    Why isn’t the media focusing on the musicians in the world?

  16. LOL

    Sep 30th, 2011

    Well this is just pure Lulz, Jumpman claims now that Corsi Mousehold Paid him to stalk and harass Stroker Serpentine so that he would get out of Second Life.

    taken from a chatlog Jumpman has been passing around in SL

    [9:57] Jumpman Lane: well corsi sicced me on YOU
    [9:57] Jumpman Lane: well him
    [9:57] Jumpman Lane: and corsi pays better

    Corsi good job! you paid for Chumpman to fuck over SexGen and in turn all of FurNation! Yiff in Hell FurFag, you paid for what you deserve!

  17. mananumah

    Sep 30th, 2011

    “Corsi Mousehold: And FurNation may have to close because of it.”

    Hey Corsi, maybe if ya didn’t ban, abuse or otherwise piss off all the core members of the furry community who supported yer badly managed set of dead sims then ya wouldn’t be in this predicament.

    FurNation goes down, its no loss to the vast bulk of the furry community.

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  19. Ren

    Sep 30th, 2011

    “Corsi Mousehold: But …. Fuck Stroker really screwed me here.”
    Nope, pretty sure you screwed yourself there big guy..

    See, when you base your business model on shit you don’t own, with the idea that people will always buy your shit because you’re all part of the same “community”, this is what happens. I’m just amazed that it didn’t happen sooner.

    But, all is not lost Corsi.
    You could rewrite the scripts and make them better..
    Nope, you wouldn’t be able to do that…
    You could make better animations!
    Shit, nope, you can’t do that either..

    Ok then, I retract my previous suggestion then, you’re fubar for sure.

    “Corsi Mousehold: And FurNation may have to close because of it.”
    OH NOES!

    Wait, nevermind, it’s just murrnation. As someone previously stated, nothing of value will be lost.

  20. had enough

    Sep 30th, 2011

    “Corsi Mousehold: And FurNation may have to close because of it.” Bye Bye furfags

  21. Content Creator

    Oct 1st, 2011

    I am a Sex Bed content creator in SL. for the last 3 years this has been my RL job.
    I am not worryed at all.
    This is just another event like any other. sure ppl can have a now a full perm sex gen bed lol WOW

    Did anyone buy Sex gen still? 3 years ago when i started making sex beds SEX GEN was already dated, animations are simply very poor.

    From now on Creators like me will just to make sure that nothing poor can be put out for sale.
    the target level of our animations and beds was raised and in order to get business we must now develop our products even further.
    Quality will mean more now and the best thing is that those complete retardeds that sell engines for 199 L$ and such will sure be out out of business.

    It is not because you can go eat for free at your mothers place that you will refrain from going out for dinner on a fine expensive restaurant.

    and for the person claiming that 6k for a sex bed is expensive…. lol i just say you have no idea on the money and time invested on building one of those…

    Quality will raise is what i foresee and the ones that cannot follow up on this new demand will perish, nothing wrong with that, it happens everyday in RL.

    But this is certainly not the same as if Apple released a Free Iphone5
    Sex gen is more like a nokia 3310 ( google it if you dont know the model lol)

    A big cheers to all my competitors and best of luck on your businesses !!

  22. lul

    Oct 1st, 2011


    Well said. I think even the furry community will agree that the shit pile that Corsi sits on top of needs to be fucking deleted anyway. And, if this shit with Jumpman is true, then really, you deserved it. Id pat Stroker on the back for the full perm move, if his intention was to respond to your shit. Massive respect.

  23. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Oct 1st, 2011

    there are so many free/cheap sexbeds out there already, yet dumbfucks will continue to buy them.

    What content creators here are admitting, is that they are so uncreative and so derivative that they are threatened by someone releasing one for free, rather than improving it and creating positive incentives to buy one.

    Nice way to be just like the media cartels in the united states, old dinosaurs with no creative bone in their bodies.

    burn the leeches I say.

    Also, Corsi, while you DMCA everyone, why dont you ban people using free beds too in your sims? oh make sure that you get them for owning one at all, spy on them!

    I bet that will go over very well.

    May you and your sordid little island of shit slowly descend into the virtual sea to never be seen again.

  24. Yep

    Oct 1st, 2011

    So say butthurt corsi gets his way, if LL deletes all of the stokers beds with that engine, people who bought them before the give away will lose theirs and give LL an earful.
    This will be a funny development to watch. Angry people all looking towards furnation and corsi.

  25. lul

    Oct 1st, 2011

    @Yep Judging from my personal neutral interactions with Corsi, Id say that I wouldn’t be surprised if he started banning people for using it from FN. Shit, just for not being a furry he would grab at straws trying to find reasons just to get you out of the sims.

    @At0m0 Is he really issuing DMCAs or at least fake threats claiming he has some sort of ground to issue one? None of the content is his, shit even his own “content” is just stuff he stole from Stroker, haha.

  26. Shelby

    Oct 1st, 2011

    Sorry to see you go, Stroker, but sometimes the only way to win is to refuse to play. I’ll miss you.

    Nice feature ad for FurNation disguised as news.

    /me wonders who is next on JP’s list…

  27. paul

    Oct 1st, 2011

    @At0mo take a breath dude….all the negativity you spew makes it seem like you hate yourself worst of all.

  28. Dubbleyew

    Oct 2nd, 2011

    Furnation sucks anyway. I’m a furry and I avoid that place like the plague nowadays.

  29. LOL

    Oct 2nd, 2011

    @Content Creator

    I bet we seen an article with your beds and your name just like this pretty soon too


  30. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 2nd, 2011

    @ Content Creator

    People like cheap. You get more money with a lower price. That’s pretty simple economics here in SL.

    Not everyone is willing to dump 6k on a s­ex bed, mainly because there are cheaper (or, in this case, free) alternatives and they are simply too young/poor to justify blowing US$25 on pixel se­x. Or, in many cases, they don’t want to pay anything on SL and they end up living off of meager donations and rarely, if ever, reach above 1k.

    I guarantee if you sell your beds at 3k, your sales will more than double if you advertise right, and you’ll get more money. I’ve tried selling things I thought took a lot of time and effort at a 4-digit price, but I sold far more when the price was cut in half.

    So yes, 6k is a lot for a sex bed, but I can see why you would want the price that high, since you’re stupid enough to list SL as your only source of income.

  31. Yep

    Oct 2nd, 2011

    Hehehe go getem Tiger :D

  32. Dave Bell

    Oct 2nd, 2011

    I don’t see much point in spending L$ 6000 on an item, though I can imagine things for which it isn’t a crazy price.

    This is just a box full of scripting animations, pose balls and a few accessories. I wouldn’t be astonished if Stroker Serpentine didn’t have the rights to give all this stuff away in the way he has. There’s going to be some work getting a salable product out of this, making models and adjusting the positions. And there don’t seem to be any instriuctions.

  33. Marx Dudek

    Oct 2nd, 2011

    @Dave Bell This is why I am quite surprised that Corsi lost his shit publicly the way that he did. When something like this happens, you assess the situation and the potential short-term and long-term damage. You don’t run around a reporter with your hair on fire screaming that the sky is falling – even if it is.

    I’ve picked up one of the full-perm engines – and because certain seedy, unscrupulous opportunists are selling it, I will continue to give it away in my own shop. (Second floor, impossible to miss.) But nearly every part of the SexGen Ultra is circa 2006-2008. If you’re in danger of losing everything you have because something made three to five years ago is suddenly no longer profitable, and you’ve created basically nothing since then to replace it, then an object in the wild is the least of your problems.

    But this is not the end of the world. Positioning animations – much less six hundred of them – is something not many people have the skill or patience to do. There are other things you can do with them, of course. But if the reader hasn’t figured it out already, I’m not going to tell them.

  34. Yep

    Oct 3rd, 2011

    Someone is so threatend about these sexgen give aways, that they are trying to sabatoge them for a PMS report takedown by LL. Someone is inserting a prim packed with old copybotted material in with the rest of the scripts and animations and passing them out to the SLU drama squad.

  35. Yiff You

    Oct 3rd, 2011

    Apon closer inspection i can see that the only items Corsi can even lay claim to are a handfull of animations from the “GAY” menu on this product. over 95% if not more of the items, scripts, animatons, notecards, and sounds in the ultra base list Stroker Serpentine as the creator. WTF is Corsi crying about? I heard that he was contracted and paid well to create the gay animatons.

  36. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 3rd, 2011

    Oddly, I’ve gotten 6 of these given to me directly without asking so far. I don’t want them, thanks.

  37. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Oct 3rd, 2011

    I laughed.

  38. bubblesort

    Oct 3rd, 2011

    We all know what is going to happen here. Stroker will return and sue the hell out of everybody who put his scripts and animations in their products.

    His script is interesting to read but I won’t use it or any of his stuff in anything, I don’t care if he didn’t (and couldn’t) make any of it himself. It’s low quality crap anyway, but on top of that I don’t need the kind of legal liability that comes with doing anything with this stuff. Stroker is crazy. His lawyer is too.

    @Nelson: That is your friends subtle way of telling you to go get laid.

  39. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 3rd, 2011

    @ bubblesort

    That wouldn’t get anywhere, they had both the intent to make it full permissions and performed the delivery of sending it around. It’s public domain now, no matter what he tries to sue under.

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  41. Miss J

    Oct 3rd, 2011

    Even if you did make some items from this craptastic freebie set of sexgen products , you gave stroker full permission to do what he wants with them. Even if you did have rights to dcma the animations, why not go out of your way to produce better ones? what ever happened to updating your products/improving them? Isn’t this what content creators do?

  42. IntLibber

    Oct 3rd, 2011

    Really, Corsi, you were paid to produce those animations, in IP law that is what is known as a “for hire” IP transfer, Stroker owns full rights to do whatever he wants with them. It’s amazing the amount of bawww you see in SL from people so blatantly ignorant of the law. As for Prok selling the freebie for 100L or more, thats legal too, but Prok’s sold other people’s freebies for years, we all know what a pathetic uncreative piece of crap she is, I consider whatever she charges people to be a tax on stupidity.
    Now, Pix, can we get on to some bigger stories?

  43. Yep

    Oct 3rd, 2011

    Yeah go getem Tiger :P

  44. Kati

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Just like Eloh Eliot releasing skin psd’s MURDERED THE SKIN MARKET! OH NOES!

  45. Miss J

    Oct 4th, 2011

    The skin market is 99% based off those psds LOL

  46. LOL

    Oct 4th, 2011

    @Content Creator

    “I am a Sex Bed content creator in SL. for the last 3 years this has been my RL job”

    Will you put that on your CV or resume when looking for your next Real World job? I bet it will look something like this

    Work History
    2008-2012 Created Sexual Animatons for 3D bedroom sets in the videogame Second Life.
    Positions held All of them
    Sallery 6500L a week
    Accomplishments I was able to create the first Penis attachemnt out of Mesh
    Reason for Leaving “It was only beta”
    Refrences Jumpman Lane

  47. GG3

    Oct 4th, 2011


    Second-Life has one of the WORST “sex” animations ever. Compare to all the others (and i’m talking about top-of-the-line animation companies) it’s as enjoyable as two glitchy rocks going at it. Did i also mention most of the “sounds” are ripped from porno clips? LOL, didn’t see that one ‘coming’!

    The “white stuff” looks like potty-shower going through heads, arms, etc. It’s a freak-show disaster at it’s best and paying 1,000L+ for the price of a cheeseburger with fries.

    Here’s a resume:

    For my job i loooooooove to make fake 24 bit bitties on second-life! Sometimes the bits don’t fit and they slip outside a stomach or into an eye! My RL job is stuck within the four-walls of second-life, where I can only exist (else I would look like a complete and utter failure to real professionals that would make my stuff look like chicken poo).

    I also throw up an easy-bake oven bed I made in 5 minutes using google-sketch, then a texture ripped from google! Throw in some sounds and jinky animations, and there you have it! My profession!

  48. Yep

    Oct 4th, 2011

    LOL, If this is the same Content Maker that I met in Inworldz, He is a nice guy and very likable. Someone must have pulled his chain and made him mad.
    Don’t judge him by this post. :P

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