Can Weapon Sales Save FurNation – And Second Life?

by Pixeleen Mistral on 04/10/11 at 3:13 am

Corsi Mousehold moves from sexbeds to combat - a desperate bid to pay land fees for furs

FurNation administrator Corsi Mousehold left a message at the Herald offices early this evening to express continued deep concerns about Stroker Serpentine's full permissions release of the SexGen sexbed base and animations, and claimed Mr. Serpentine's actions are a deadly threat to Mousehold's furry enclave, saying "His actions were intentional. He intended to destroy FurNation by releasing the Ultra full perms. I would like an interview."

corsi 002
Corsi Mousehold

After rushing to the Herald offices, I was able to contact Mousehold for an exclusive interview on this important topic.

During our conversation, I learned that Corsi had asked Mr. Serpentine for use of a motion capture rig to create new sexbed content to combat the freebies spreading like wildfire, but was told "your 'community' is about to go bye-bye..don't waste your time".

We discussed the difficulties in pursuing a Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown of Second Life content -- which ironically enough was one of the motivations for Stroker Serpentine's lawsuit against Linden Lab. With muddled claims on the intellectual property that makes up the SexGen bed and the prospect of little beyond lawyer-enriching legal action, Corsi considered several options.

For furry avatars who frequent FurNation all hope is not yet lost.

I learned that Mousehold hopes to become a weapons dealer to generate enough revenue to keep Furnation's tier payments current. We also went on to discuss Herald founder Urizenus Sklar's suggestion that Second Life's only hope for survival is to combat-enable all land - an approach almost certain to lead to a resurgence in the in-world economy, more interesting cybersex, a marked decrease in abuse reports, and enhanced shopping experiences via gameifaction.

Will Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble take heed before it is too late for not only FurNation, but Second Life itself? We can only hope.

corsi 001

Corsi Mousehold: Releasing the Ultra full perms was not a 'Nice Gesture' like he made it out to be.
Pixeleen Mistral: my impression was Stroker was making it clear that he was leaving SL permanently by releasing the bed base full perms
Corsi Mousehold: Not true.
Corsi Mousehold: He may be leaving SL but the release was to intentionally fuck me over.
Corsi Mousehold: [2011/09/28 16:12] Corsi Mousehold: What have you done ..... Stroker that will kill the income I was relying on to keep FurNation running.
Corsi Mousehold: [2011/09/28 16:13] Corsi Mousehold: I heard you gave the base out full perms. The scripts would have been okay but the animations too ... FurNation's done for.
Corsi Mousehold: [2011/09/29 4:07] Corsi Mousehold: I can ask if you still have the Mocap setup, I could save my community using that and making animation overriders ... Would you be willing to sell it to me?
Corsi Mousehold: He responded today.

Pixeleen Mistral: what did he say?
Corsi Mousehold: [15:04]Stroker Serpentine: (Saved Mon Oct 03 08:40:03 2011) Your "community" is about to go bye-bye..don't waste your time.

Pixeleen Mistral: so what do you think he meant by that? you could get another mocap setup
Corsi Mousehold: He once threatened to kill FurNation by giving away the animations full perms.
Corsi Mousehold: That was over a year ago in the last fiasco.
Corsi Mousehold: I think he just made good on his promise since he wasn't making anything off it anymore.

Pixeleen Mistral: Jumpman Lane claimed that you used him as a hitman - maybe Stroker was unhappy about that. Jumpman has been relentless
Corsi Mousehold: I didn't
Corsi Mousehold: Jump and I talked a while back in the last fiasco but I hadn't talked to him for months until recently when Stroker said he was leaving.
Corsi Mousehold: When Stroker sued the lab I wished him luck.
Corsi Mousehold: From there it was assumed on the rare conversation that I had with him that we were okay with each other.
Corsi Mousehold: Not on friendly buddy buddy terms but not hating each other.

Pixeleen Mistral: whatever settlement Stroker and Linden lab came to was never made public - perhaps Stroker thinks SL is doomed because of problems with getting content protections going
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker never made anything off the Lab.
Corsi Mousehold: It was just a promise that the Lab made to help content creators.

Pixeleen Mistral: did the Lab keep it's promise?
Corsi Mousehold: Hard to say.
Corsi Mousehold: I haven't had a chance to deal with the lab on the subject.
Corsi Mousehold: But in talking to them on the phone it seemed like the hotline Lindens were unwilling to help.
Corsi Mousehold: I kept asking how soon the content would be removed if I file DMCA takedown.
Corsi Mousehold: They wouldn't answer.

Pixeleen Mistral: that is odd - to fit into the DMCA safe harbor provisions you have to remove the content in a reasonably fast fashion
Corsi Mousehold: Yes.
Corsi Mousehold: But would the lab actually go all out and remove it from every persons inventory?
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker gave his own stuff away ... He loses that.
Corsi Mousehold: But mine and Briggi's he didn't have the right to.

corsi 003

Pixeleen Mistral: well - they are supposed to - and they run the asset server database thing - but maybe they never thought about handling DMCAs quickly
Corsi Mousehold: In this sort of environment the issue is that things will spread like fire.
Corsi Mousehold: And it has.
Corsi Mousehold: I have people randomly IMing me about the itmes being given away.

Pixeleen Mistral: do you guys have any sort of written agreement on who owns rights to those animations?
Corsi Mousehold: Not paper. But in IM's
Corsi Mousehold: And that was .... God .... YEARS ago. Those logs were lost on my last computer.

Pixeleen Mistral: If you do have rights to the animations, perhaps filing a DMCA is the way to see if the Lab can do anything about this
Corsi Mousehold: Not that easy.

Pixeleen Mistral: why not?
Corsi Mousehold: I file DMCA on Stroker. The base of the issue.
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker counters.
Corsi Mousehold: What then?
Corsi Mousehold: He doesn't have to actually do anything other than say he had permission.
Corsi Mousehold: Burden then falls on me to take him to court.

Pixeleen Mistral: copyright lawyers don't work cheap
Corsi Mousehold: In the meantime the beds and animations are all out there.
Corsi Mousehold: Spreading like fire.
Corsi Mousehold: Passed around the grid.
Corsi Mousehold: Months would go by and my buisness is lost.
Corsi Mousehold: And that is even if I can afford to do it.
Corsi Mousehold: Sure I would win but I would still lose everything in the process.

Pixeleen Mistral: so it sounds like you need to find another mocap rig if you are going to stay in the animation business and just walk away from the sexgen ultra base animations
Corsi Mousehold: I still have the animations I added to the Titanium and Mythril that he doesn't have.
Corsi Mousehold: So my choices are to file DMCA and since Stroker is doing this to blatantly fuck me over, He would counterclaim and I would surely go under.
Corsi Mousehold: Or ... Add his handful of animations he added to the Ultra, to my scripts he didn't have access to and keep selling in a market that is drying up.
Corsi Mousehold: Or .... Do that and talk to scripters that know I am trustworthy and I can actually trust myself. And move on to another market.

Pixeleen Mistral: there could be questions about if it was "work for hire" too, or at a minimum who held the rights exactly - without paper agreements only lawyers would win
Corsi Mousehold: And you hit the nail on the head Pix.
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker is bankrupt. Even in winning the lawsuit ... He has no money for me to win.
Corsi Mousehold: Sure Florida is a state you can garnish a paycheck from but he's a plumber. He can work under the table and out of the almighty tax doller.

Pixeleen Mistral: so - what do you plan to do?
Corsi Mousehold: Option C.
Corsi Mousehold: What else can I do?

Pixeleen Mistral: so - come up with some new product?
Corsi Mousehold: Yes.
Corsi Mousehold: I have literally thousands of people that visit the FurNation sims daily. Tens of thousands monthly.
Corsi Mousehold: I am working with a scripter to build weapons for SL Combat.
Corsi Mousehold: I have a couple of them lined up. I will build and animate and get the sounds for them all.
Corsi Mousehold: They script them
Corsi Mousehold: We split.

Pixeleen Mistral: maybe that will work
Corsi Mousehold: I have one SL Military group looking into using just my weapons already. Because they are unique.

corsi 004
Second Life sex merchant plans to become an arms dealer

Pixeleen Mistral: so becoming an arms dealer may be the salvation of Furnation
Corsi Mousehold: Pretty much.
Corsi Mousehold: I would rather not say what we're doing in an interview because I don't want someone else to beat me to the punch.
Corsi Mousehold: I would be changing the name of PawPadz to "Armed and Armourous"

Pixeleen Mistral: Urizenus Sklar told me a couple days ago he thinks LL should make all sims in SL combat-enabled
Corsi Mousehold: LOL
Corsi Mousehold: BAD IDEA

Pixeleen Mistral: Uri said it might be the only thing that could save SL
Corsi Mousehold: Oh yeah. That would be a griefers paradise.

Pixeleen Mistral: think of the arms and shield sales - you'd just shoot the griefers
Corsi Mousehold: Hold on let me raid across the grid and shoot this couple on the adult mainland trying to fuck in a skybox.

Pixeleen Mistral: fucking in a skybox on the mainland is crazy already though
Corsi Mousehold: Hey Baby. Oh God you are so HOLY SHIT WE GOT INCOMING!!! KEEP SUCKING GIRL I'LL SAVE US!!

Pixeleen Mistral: LOL it would add a whole new dimension to cyber
Corsi Mousehold: Yathink?
Corsi Mousehold: Wow baby that orgasm was NUCLEAR!!!
Corsi Mousehold: Yeah sweetie that's cause a bomb went off. I haven't cum yet.

Pixeleen Mistral: don't give away any trade secrets...
Corsi Mousehold: I could keep the jokes going for hours on that idea.
Corsi Mousehold: Shopping would be a warfare in and of itself.
Corsi Mousehold: HOLD ON .... LET ME .... GET .... TO ... THE ..... VENDOR!

Pixeleen Mistral: I think it might be fun - buy before you are shot - the gameifaction of in-world shopping could be a win
Corsi Mousehold: It would certainly be funny as fuck.

Pixeleen Mistral: making SL more funny would be good for SL - too many people take this far too seriously
Pixeleen Mistral: take those JLU guys for instance
Corsi Mousehold: JLU ... The grid would be better without them.
Corsi Mousehold: That's what I need.
Corsi Mousehold: An automatic Kryptonite rifle.
Corsi Mousehold: Kalel is so into his RP I swear he would probably delete his account if you shot him with one.

Pixeleen Mistral: yeah - at this point nobody wants to associate with the JLU
Corsi Mousehold: I still find it funny that JLU thinks SL combat is low end griefing.
Corsi Mousehold: Freaking Retards.
Corsi Mousehold: I think I saw a list somewhere that has SL military members that got profiled by the JLU
Corsi Mousehold: I was disappointed that I was not on the list.

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  1. General Drama

    Oct 10th, 2011

    Wouldn’t it be an absolute fucking tragedy if Furnation just popped out of existence?

  2. Legion Conductor

    Oct 11th, 2011

    Too bad someone’s already ripped a hole into the gun market.

  3. IntLibber

    Oct 11th, 2011

    now now, fake General Drama, think of the rest of SL that would then be subject to illegal immigration of homeless furries, overrunning their sims, fapping in their sex beds and spamming furporn everywhere. Furry ghettos are a public service.

  4. Kat Michigan

    Oct 11th, 2011

    Wow. A “furry” is just another character type. Nobody says we need neko or vampire or demon ghettos. Why is it that people can not accept people- same or different- anywhere. Learn some FUCKING tolerance and grow the hell up. People like you guys are what make these VR environments hateful. Go the hell on and leave sl alone- better off without people like you!

  5. jerry

    Oct 11th, 2011

    The whole twitter thing has gotten way out of hand, when people start talking about taking peoples kids away, that’s just to much, jumpman and labrat (aka stroker maybe) are both crossing the line

  6. IntLibber

    Oct 11th, 2011

    LoL Kat, vampires and demons are rpers, a ‘furry’ is not just another character type. Lurk moar.

  7. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Oct 12th, 2011

    @ Kat, …can we have those too?

    though those groups tend to not be obnoxious and pushy, when they are, they also get called out and get a lot of shit.

    (nekos are just borderline furries anyway)

    I rarely see vampire people going around going “FUCK YOU I’M A VAMPIRE PLEASE ACKNOWLEDGE ME” or people in demon avatars pushing that it’s their persona and you will be like them too.

    They fuck off when people tell them to fuck off, or when called a cornucopia of fun names.

    Furries go batshit insane and stick around and endure more punishment to fulfill their victim complex. Then feeling inadequate or insecure, will try to convince others to become furries like them, mostly so they can have a fetish partner.

    That’s the real reason people dont like furries, they believe they are above any and all laws because they’re “special” and dont believe that they have to do what others say to do, just everyone else better do as they say instead. “Hey fuck off I dont want you here” translates into “I HATE YOU AND YOUR KIND OH GOD I WILL EXTERMINATE YOUR KIND LIKE THE JEWS”

    and eventually it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, namely when it gets so obnoxious that people want to see furries suffer a horrible fate.

    Our good friend Corsi here, is the embodiment of why people hate furries.

  8. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Oct 12th, 2011


    I smell a sockpuppet.

  9. Axel Oakleaf

    Oct 13th, 2011

    There seems to be a glitch on here with posting comments

  10. Erk Gloom

    Oct 14th, 2011

    Corsi is just a fat loser IRL who doesn’t deserve to have any amount of furries buying stuff from him, and Stroker is amazing for doing what he did. I salute him. I seriously do. I don’t give a fck about the furnation sims, I think they should’ve been deleted years ago. The abominable people that I’ve met in there are nothing short of disgusting and unattractive ogres completely devoid of personality.

  11. jerry

    Oct 14th, 2011

    @At0m0 Beerbaum

    Gee At0m0 Beerbaum if you smell you really should move away from your pc and take a bath

  12. Bunjie

    Oct 15th, 2011

    @At0m0 Beerbaum Not all furries are like Corsi, you’ve just in some situations (trolling) seen a large collection of ones that rub you up the wrong way, if I rub you up the wrong way here I could hardly give a fuck as that’s the “culture” of this site and I endure to express your treat me how I piss on you etiquette which is a heads on mentality no pun intended, but I do think you deserve a re-pounce and I shall reply.

    Putting etiquette and the culture of this site aside for a moment, Why must we endure too much of your fallacy? you’re neither educating nor sharing a logical opinion that balance’s with everyone elses first hand experiences, and opinions like yours are hard to quantify to everyone else as experiences are wide and variable depending on what point of entry to a fandom or experience someone is approaching along with what kind of pre-convictions they bring into the argument and onto the table and why they visit somewhere in the first place.

    And if your whole outlook on a fandom/estate and opinion on others is based on, I trolled them and they bawww a bit so it must be true that all furries are like this, then I’m not sorry to say you need to express yourself in some other way that relates to a general view everyone can understand and sympathize with as the whole stereotype is out dated, as is calling someone a furfag we’ve long since moved on (FYI I don’t talk for the fandom) based on the fact that the fandom is now so wide and diverse that holding an opinion that everyone is the same or everyone will be the same when they join is a cyclical fallacy of your own mind.

    Mind Fuck? Hardly.. Point is while I have met some of what you express as an opinion I don’t define a whole fandom or whole atomistic experience as “this” and this “stereotype”, “sim”, “Furnation brand” is what everything spins around and what everything will be like in the future.

    And the fact Corsi is publicly changing his primary income revenue should not be thought of as his only income I have no idea what other things he sells or what other things he generates income from but I’m sure as hell understanding that sims cost a lot more than sex beds can pay for.. perhaps like idk renting land? so the be all and end all can’t be sex only stroker could get away with that but he was rich to begin with right? he’s no Anche? yes be made money off the beds but I’m sure if he could do that he had other RL stuff going on and making him money right?

    People and furries move on though you seem stuck in the past and if what you express that Furnation is still stuck in the past not counting the sex beds and bawwwing and the gun sales then I challenge you to prove it in an article.

    At random on an alt go visit Furnation and other furry sims, then GO Ask Corsi for a guided tour on another alt as well as of other furrie places.

    Do it as a series like Post 6 but with less pron because I’d love it if you and Pixeleen mistral wrote up conflicting opinions because that really would be something worth thinking about.

  13. Smugly

    Oct 15th, 2011


    Oh hey another unintelligible wall of text from Ambassador Moron of Planet Moron.

  14. Sunny

    Oct 17th, 2011


    Hey, Bunjie had some good ideas. How can you insult another ones culture without trying it out? Hello that raciest or Furiest. There is nothing wrong with it.

    I found his post to be intelligible. It’s very insulting for calling someone a Moron and some could see it as Trolling…

    I’m not a furry nor do I want to be a furry. I just don’t like it when other post insults about people they don’t know nor want to learn about.

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