Kicking Second Life Addiction – A Life Outside The Grid

by Alphaville Herald on 24/11/11 at 9:58 pm

by Tenshi Vielle - founder & former publisher of Shopping Cart Disco

I joined Second Life in 2006, and it wasn't long before I was meeting folks on the grid and making a digital name for myself, something I never had when I was growing up. As a child, I was far too smart and far too shy to be bothered with any social aspects of life. Second Life, strangely, was my foray into a niche-type fame (or infamy as many of you may be apt to categorize me) from running a 2,000 to 3,000 and sometimes 5,000 hit-a-day website that operated solely on the gossip on the grid and attempting to fight the good fight -- and making enemies in the process.

Tenshi Vielle in Second Life (file photo)

My time spent on the Second Life grid was an entire escape from reality. In late 2005, I was pregnant, going to school, and working 3 part time jobs. By 2006, I had my baby and had joined Second Life after seeing an article in Wired magazine - and joining simply to laugh at the ridiculous hype this virtual world was getting.

I began making friends in-world, and logging in was a daily thing after my morning cup of coffee. When I wasn't out with my family, my newborn slept on my lap or in a seat near my feet. The burdens of my real life built up, so I threw myself into building something I could actually manage in Second Life - a small, stong website, a reputation, a cause to log in. I spent a lot of time supporting the artists of SL, large and small. They became my close friends.

When I found myself with one part time job and the baby, I found employment in the virtual world with a real-life company on a short term basis. It became more of an excuse to log in, because they were sending me actual checks with official pay stubs. My newborn was growing, I couldn't shake the baby weight between caring for him, my so-called depression, and attempting to care for my injured baby-daddy who had also moved in with myself and my family.

The burdens grew. Folks who didn't like me in the virtual world stalked me, called me all kinds of names, harassed me, blamed me for ruining their birthdays, even their anniversaries. It got ridiculous.

Shortly afterwards I was also moving in real life to find a job. The economy in my home state was tanking hard, and I was sorely affected. I worked a job as a janitor - yes, any port in a storm - and not only caught scabies that year, but pinkeye, two cases of the flu, and god knows what else. It was not a job I wanted to continue.

Logging in became more and more of a chore, and I had lost my desktop computer in favor of a laptop. In desperation, I elected co-administrators on my website and began dealing with social issues and helping with stories for the site via text message while at my new job. It was just too much.

I never realized I was so deep into Second Life until a tiff over administrative rights on the website caused me to dump my virtual best friend, which pulled a domino affect into other online friendships and caused me a lot of personal pain. I'd never cried over anything in the virtual world before - not the digital riff raff, griefers, nothing - but this was different and I realized I was far too invested with people I didn't even really know anything about.

My virtual life fed my ego in a way my real life couldn't - my word was important to other SL users. I could assist making a virtual artist, or help bring them down - something I attempted to avoid doing until I felt just cause for it. The group I fell in was small, cliquish and petty, sniping at each other and then being the world's greatest frenemies scripted by a bad episode of Desperate Housewives. Ostracization was a favorite technique of theirs.

I had more virtual shoes and clothing than I did in my real life - and I had, at one time, owned a lot of shoes and clothing in my real life. I had more hair styles in my virtual life.

After being homeless in real life for about a month, after getting kicked out of my "midway" place after moving (but thankfully keeping my newly aquired job) I attempted to continue work on the site as I had before, but couldn't.

My life was still a mess. In the course of three years, we rented an apartment; we bought a house; then my relationship went so far south that I thought I was at the cusp of hell. I sold my web site for $200 and used some of the money to pay for an apartment for a month so that I could escape my dissolved relationship and move on.

I kept my virtual friends up on what was going on in my real life and why I was absent, but my own life narration began to sound absolutely ridiculous even to me, despite the fact that I was living it. How could anyone go through so many horrible things and be able to talk about it online and believe it? There are so many sociopaths in Second Life who make up horrible stories (including medical diseases and traumas) for attention, but I wasn't one of them. I was simply logging what was actually happening to me, which was as hard for me to believe as the one living it as anyone reading it.

My virtual life is in shambles now. I rarely ever log in - I think I was last online about two weeks ago, for a half an hour. I couldn't find anything I wanted to do, and everyone who was online on my friends list seemed completely foreign to me.

Those friends I had in Second Life that I truly loved, I took with me to my first life. They are on my personal Plurk account, they are on my Facebook. I stayed at one SL friend's for a week after I left my relationship and my home. She allowed my son and I to shack up over there until other arrangements could be made, and even drove with me a good 100 miles to make sure everything was going to be alright.

Although my virtual life no longer exists, I prefer my real life. Second Life has become secondary, although I am not completely sure whether it's due to my real life becoming so busy (work and a small child) or if it's because Second Life, in general, seems vacant save for my old friends that still hang around. I now have a low profile and the virtual stalkers have moved on to other prey. I have no idea what is going on with the artists I used to help protect - I believe many of them have moved on from Second Life as well.

I firmly believe the worst and best thing about Second Life was how heavily it was propelled by its users - and how often it was held back by its developers.

As for Second Life in my real life, I spoke about it often while I was still involved heavily. Now it's like a dirty secret. My friend asked me how I knew one of my Second Life friends last night, and I hemmed and hawwed and avoided answering all I could until I could avoid no longer, and gave a very vague answer. It's not the friends in Second Life I'm trying to keep hidden; it's the fact that I was once so deeply involved in something that revolved so heavily around basic social psychology, and that I so easily handled it, that becomes embarrassing.

Those of you still hanging around Second Life more than 2 hours a day, I would advise you to please consider logging out for a while and doing something else. Go out, talk to a stranger, ask them about the weather. Keep your virtual life, but learn how to keep it proportionate. Video games only temporarily assist in making a person feel better. The secondary benefit is that Second Life, as a platform, appears to be tanking. Unless there's a sudden resurgence of popularity due to the open development available (with no support from the developers themselves) you are, so to speak, putting your money in a hole.

140 Responses to “Kicking Second Life Addiction – A Life Outside The Grid”

  1. elizabeth (16)

    Nov 30th, 2011

    shoulda left it til next year tenshi. stroker already won the 2011 flounce award

  2. Even though we had our share of spats over silly things, I only wish you all the happiness in all your lives.

  3. Johann

    Dec 1st, 2011

    Jeez Sweetie….sounds like you’re a real mess…in rl and sl…think it wise to follow any of your advice? You know what they say, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one.

  4. Someone

    Dec 1st, 2011

    Who gives a shit what you do?

  5. Myrrh Massiel

    Dec 2nd, 2011

    …well-said, tenshi…

  6. Nicholas Reality

    Dec 2nd, 2011

    So needless to post that crap. You lost your integrity, ok. Might happen. You publish it in SL, think about it. You feel bad about all that, really, girl TRY THINKING!!! Why does alphavilleherald support this? What should we think) Virtual realities are BAD? Damn Tenshi your life really s*cks, being homeless and such, but: WTF! Shouldn’t this be a blog about Virtual Worlds and not about some ficking homeless and lost ppl?


  7. candid

    Dec 2nd, 2011

    I do not feel sorry for you tenshi, it’s called karma, you were a bitch, it’s that simple. You bullied people and looked for drama and then you sensationalised it as best you could. You ruined several people with your toxic bullshit, then it bit you in the ass. Perhaps you could see this a life lesson. What you give out comes back x3. this further enforces that bullies and bitches in Sl are just cowards whoose RL’s suk

  8. LOL

    Dec 2nd, 2011

    once knew a kid in school who’s parents sent him to Nintendo Rehab.

  9. hobo kelly

    Dec 3rd, 2011

    Adeon Writer: “I always assumed the Alphaville was the SL version of obnoxious sensationalist tabloid magazines you see at checkout.”

    Cristiano: “I like to refer to it as the Bottomfeeder Gazette”

    Why don’t you two pusillanimous puss bags go over to Ravenglass, rent a room and learn how to play “Hide the Yule Log in the Cat Lady’s Ass” as you spread your AIDS around. Also known as the Kitty Roca Reclamation Project.

    Two more good reasons to shut SL down before more good unsuspecting people are exposed to toxic asses like those.

  10. Gundel Gaukelei

    Dec 3rd, 2011

    Alternate realities are not the cause of anyones RL fail. Its more like the fuse. But you brought the explosives.

  11. FredIsDead

    Dec 3rd, 2011

    The Herald as tabloid covers the waterfront from silly to sullied and along the way has broken major stories in SL. Alas, one of Its former staffers badly lacks the editing discipline the Herald proffered. Its thin veneer of Shock! Outrage! covers careful story development, fact-checking, a charming belief in honour and art and fascination with human/avatar behaviour. It refuses to be embargoed. And it seldom bans commentors. Can you say the same for your local rag or blog? What’s that, you don’t read your local rag? Case closed.

  12. FredIsDead

    Dec 3rd, 2011

    Quick post-script: not you, Tenshi.

  13. Bunjie

    Dec 3rd, 2011

    @hobo kelly

    When did he say this?

    Cristiano: “I like to refer to it as the Bottomfeeder Gazette”

    I get why he said it and all, especially with Prokofy being ex-herald and a total bottom feeding land baron / drama queen vs some of this blogs older articles and a few trolls, but it’s way more fun here than on most blogs / sites and that’s likely for reasons other than not just being here to make sales from teh drama!

    Ask anyone about SLU and I think they’d be lying to you if they replied any different than, as great as SLU can be it has it’s own rep of drama for the pure reason of gaining signature views = sales, even I knew that way before I signed up at SLU as it’s the modus operandi of not only his forum but the main LL ones as well, and not just that it’s seen as a place to defame your rivals businesses that usually results in them being either run out of business or run off the grid, and this taking place while the person brewing that drama might be sponsoring that thread ¬.¬ and raking in the sales.

    Milking drama is a long standing tradition in media circles, drama for profit is bottom feeding in a sense but the Alphaville Herald’s been keeping it real since October 23, 2003 according to Wikipedia and it doesn’t seem profit motivated anymore, other than a book ludlows wrote and that’s not exactly shoved in my face as a must purchase advert on every new article.

    Unlike at SLU where threads (drama) has resident sponsored adverting throughout and the ability to pay for memberships to remove adverts, so who’s the real bottom feeder? if what he said was related to drama? vs when he said it? and when the AH became less profit motivated? I understand he needs to make money to fund the site but there seems to be some hypocrisy here in that he can’t see hes also “Bottomfeeding” from drama to support it, but then uses it as an insult to say his site/forum/blog is better than the AH’s outgoing message and rep?

    I only want to contribute to an issue and not someones wallet, though I did get a temp 30 day ad-free membership while the JLU thing was going on at SLU because I was caught up in the “issue” and felt a need to support an open space to express it, but I canceled it later as I don’t like giving money to someone who subjects me to Prokofy’s thread shitting without the ability to question his moderation style or lack of interest in pursuing a ban hammer for someone who clearly is not in a thread to get a resolution.

    But IS only there to stoke the drama towards her blog and then has the balls to complain in a jealous toned article that he’s making money from that thread “drama” and shes not!

    I like SLU and the ability to say things on it like I can here that I won’t get me banned (I don’t mind being seen as bad/evil/what ever), but it’s not my answer to everything inSL as it’s down sides are far too wide of morality under that shady surface of ad hoc respectability that certain merchants would have you believe they are.


  14. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Dec 3rd, 2011

    Wow, I love how all the people who are still heavily vested in SL, take this an an attack and go on an insult fest, which is why I say the griefers in SL are some of the more respectable people inworld, the rest of the “community” is full of antisocial, hateful people who have no sense of humor and are eternally bitter.

    Hell, I’m a bitter person, but not to the extent of some of the comments I’ve seen.

    In any case, despite Tenshi’s past in SL (lol who gives a fuck?) She is absolutely 100% correct.

    It’s what I’ve been trying to tell people, get out of SL, stop spending so much time in the game, it corrodes your well being and who you are, hell I started getting infected by the absolute hatred that everyone has for each other ingame.

    This is why I say “community”

    Also look at any of the past stories, how many comments arent snarky or full of hatred? You can probably count them on your fingers.

    In any case, I can tell you from personal experience, I have a job, planning on starting my own company soon, looking into the real life real estate market to start buying up properties and renting them out, on the side (hell why not start 2? down economies are perfect for this sort of crap, see which one is successful!) I have a wonderful girlfriend, and my well being and motivation are much better. I feel like my old personality is coming back, you know, before I got myself involved in this shit.

    I did make some RL friends from SL, though I mostly talk to one of them now. But beyond that, I consider SL to be a rotting corpse, and it’s rotting the minds of those who still play it. You have to wonder, what is going to happen to these people once Linden Labs goes “We’re closing our doors forever!” and you know they will not announce it in advance to give you time to get your stuff, no they’ll just one day not allow you to log in, and say “sorry we’re closed lol”

    Think about that for a bit.

  15. Bunjie

    Dec 3rd, 2011

    Evidence: the popular JLU thread being used as a way to “deal” with someone they don’t like by posting about them at the end of it to “inform” others, aka those who wont read the thread and will jump to the end to get the conclusion.. or those following an issue similar but that only has one persons word for evidence.

    While I appreciate being informed, the AH at least investigates it’s claims where as anyone can make a defaming thread or post at SLU which results in others jumping the gun to attack and harass that resident.

    At least the comment sections here are some what less flooded with the opportunity to cause mayhem as most wont risk sticking their necks out, but it does happen but not nearly as much as at SLU.

    So If the AH is a Bottom feeder Gazette then he should at least recognize SLU could be seen as a Bottom feeder Forum.

    And if I’m Bottom feeding in these comment sections, wheres my carrots? other than me letting you know who I am via the 3 sea shells because I sure as hell don’t make money from what I say.


  16. Yep

    Dec 3rd, 2011

    “Ask anyone about SLU and I think they’d be lying to you if they replied any different than, as great as SLU can be it has it’s own rep of drama for the pure reason of gaining signature views = sales, even I knew that way before I signed up at SLU as it’s the modus operandi of not only his forum but the main LL ones as well, and not just that it’s seen as a place to defame your rivals businesses that usually results in them being either run out of business or run off the grid, and this taking place while the person brewing that drama might be sponsoring that thread ¬.¬ and raking in the sales.”

    How do the little drama whores @ the SLU run people out of business? Most of this small handful of SL residents shrill back and forth on their forum feeding each other. Yet to the average SL resident, they do not know or even care about any of the SL related forums.
    The SLU’s drama only means something if you allow it to.

  17. candid

    Dec 3rd, 2011

    Cristiano: “I like to refer to it as the Bottomfeeder Gazette”

    Cristiano, ever heard the saying Pot, Kettle, ffs, that pathetic forum is so full of drama whores it’s a joke. Swamming anyone who doesn’t hold the hive opionion. pathetic

  18. Sonatrix

    Dec 4th, 2011

    I’m glad to see someone realize that there is/was a problem and make a change to fix it. SL may not be the original problem, but it definitely can become bigger than the problem itself when you let it. I so often wonder about people who spend all of their time online (myself included), what do they do for work? How to they function outside of their computer areas? Sometimes I even wonder how their children survive, sadly. It’s too easy to get caught up in the distraction that is SL. It can do so much for people; be it in love, business, or otherwise. I’m glad you’re taking a step back.

    For those of you attacking Tenshi, all I have to say is, why? She just said she was leaving, she’s out of your hair. Wish her luck and be done with it. Geeze, the woman posted a heartfelt explanation about her life and why she was the way she was, and all you can think to say to her is, “You deserved it.”? Even if she was completely insincere about everything that was said, I think your reactions say way more about you as people then her. And if it bugs you that she advises us to limit our SL time, then maybe you should evaluate why that bothers you so much.

  19. Dontspill McGinnis

    Dec 5th, 2011

    That there, is a “Star” comment, Sonatrix.

  20. IntLibber Brautigan

    Dec 5th, 2011

    SLU owners/admins calling others bottomfeeders is the ultimate in irony. I’m sure Cristiano said it with a straight face too…

  21. GG3

    Dec 6th, 2011


    Second-Life WILL eventually close it’s doors. It’s the ones who have invested years, time, and money into the platform that will be hit-hard the most and may be a shock (and possible wake-up call) for. Logging into SL has become a daily, empty, unfulfilling ritual for them and it seems like the virtual world holds anything important anymore that they value it as close to their RL. I doubt SL be around the next 15/20 years or so and still maintain the popularity it had back in 2006 by the way it’s going now.

    There are those in SL who simply carry the wrong attitudes and it ends up getting brushed up in a silly drama-venom fest. Honestly I never seen a game where “enemies” are made forever and people want to be pleased constantly for their in-world titles or presence, or the amount of utter-silence provided with very low to little entertainment means in-world without violating some mind-bending “rule”.

    Forbid if you don’t blend in with the social e-herd “established” in SL (which is a= a still, silent avatar, b= a still, silent environment or c=some dude that owns land/sells stuff) it’s pretty much disasters at that point. You know, the “such-n-such doesn’t fit in so let’s out-cast em” type you’d experience in High-School or a mob going back to the 1700′s where they had “witch hangings” for folks being ‘different’. Not because you did anything wrong necessarily, but because you are “different” and they don’t like that!

    Lol social pressure. It’s like medieval times on Second-Life. I’ve seen a few log into SL, get crushed by it,never return or they just became so droned by the game that they started to behave as SL dictated and not who -they- were before SL!

    Avatars does not have a soul. It cannot breath, it cannot feel, it cannot love. It only does what it’s commanded to do at the hands of the puppeteer. What could have started as a healthy cultural environment has slowly decayed into a metal infrastructure of a broken society in the artificial realm.

    Try going to the gamer societies or even the mod societies. There are some who act as badly as a bottom-feeders but the majority are easy to hang out with and chill. They got humor and won’t crucify you(most of the time) for petty stuff that’s elevated on SL.

  22. James Doe

    Dec 6th, 2011

    Cristiano: “I like to refer to it as the Bottomfeeder Gazette”

    Chuckles that is funny statement from that drama queen he. He and Joshua have been drama queens in many forums and blogs for years. Feeding the same drama the author of this article was doing can we say snapzilla.
    You read the post they have how they all are arguing what is actually is an addiction.
    Then you have Joshua the other drama queen, arguing because having an addiction to chemical is not the same as an internet or gaming addiction. Because we all know Joshua is so knowledgeable in all this stuff considering he went to school or college for what?
    How do they define SLU being different than this blog or even proks? They all do the same thing. Give a persons opinion that’s it.

  23. IntLibber Brautigan

    Dec 6th, 2011

    just ask Joshua if a drug addiction is on the same level as a jizz addiction… in b4 spaz attack.

  24. LOL

    Dec 6th, 2011

    after reading, commenting and trolling this post, I do have 2 questions I am asking myself regarding SL &\or Videogame Addiction that was sorta covered in the post.

    At what point does Second Life stop being just a videogame and becomes the deffinition of a full blown addiction for the adverage person?

    Tenshi goes into some detail about the ammount of time and real world money she put into her Avatar on various social media sites as well as SL. She does not say however at what point the addiction began, just that she is now forced to face the results of being a single mother with no home which brings us to my second question,

    At what point should Tenshi said to her self “I have a problem” and sought help in order to avoid the real world outcome we are all now reading and posting about?

  25. GG3

    Dec 7th, 2011

    SL stops becoming a video-game when it’s evaluated above real-life responsibilities and becomes a virtual face-book.

  26. hobo kelly

    Dec 7th, 2011

    as a child of the mid-50s Los Angeles you will forgive me, however I was steeped in this kind of stuff as a kid:

    The human race will begin solving it’s problems on the day that it ceases taking itself so seriously. To that end, POEE proposes the countergame of NONSENSE AS SALVATION. Salvation from an ugly and barbarous existence that is the result of taking order so seriously and so seriously fearing contrary orders and disorder, that GAMES are taken as more important than LIFE; rather than taking LIFE AS THE ART OF PLAYING GAMES.

    To this end, we propose that man develop his innate love for disorder, and play with The Goddess Eris. And know that it is a joyful play, and that thereby CAN BE REVOKED THE CURSE OF GREYFACE.

    If you can master nonsense as well as you have already learned to master sense, then each will expose the other for what it is: absurdity. From that moment of illumination, a man begins to be free regardless of his surroundings. He becomes free to play order games and change them at will. He becomes free to play disorder games just for the hell of it. He becomes free to play neither or both. And as the master of his own games, he plays without fear, and therefore without frustration, and therefore with good will in his soul and love in his being.

    And when men become free then mankind will be free.
    May you be free of The Curse of Greyface.
    May the Goddess put twinkles in your eyes.
    May you have the knowledge of a sage, and the wisdom of a child.
    Hail Eris!

    (circa 1958, The Principia Discordia)

  27. T-Bone

    Dec 7th, 2011

    Still no new article on the Herald, I see.

    Still people posting about this rather lame, stop-gap article, too. Which kinda goes to show many just ‘want to be heard’..or read, in this case…and the article they comment on could be about the return of Hitler or recipes for lean times, and they would not give a hoot, but spout some crap or have a dreary slanging match with another equally dumb poster.

    Oh, Dear. It does seem SL isn’t the only thing in trouble.

  28. Yep

    Dec 8th, 2011

    “Oh, Dear. It does seem SL isn’t the only thing in trouble.”

    I know, where is Tiger? :(

  29. Debi Dastardly

    Dec 8th, 2011


    “You are hopeless. Your response wasn’t an explanation of any kind, just a repeat of the first untrue accusation.

    1) how could I be misinformed about Tenshi’s “article”? I read her dribble and got to the opinion that she is nothing but a self-centered, self-promoting, self-important loser. Maybe you’re her alt?

    2) yes, I mimicked you. Guess why? Because it doesn’t fulfill any need and is just downright annoying. As you have just proven, thankyouverymuch.

    Now go home, torture your cats or try to trroll someone else. Maybe you find a willing viction in your own local kiddie league.”

    Yawn, you fail at every step Dorca Floater

  30. JustMe

    Dec 8th, 2011

    I guess the articles are going to be a month apart from now on

    10/24, then 11/24 .. so I guess we wait for Christmas Eve for the next one. And the Herald says that SL is dying LOL !

  31. Jumpman Lane

    Dec 8th, 2011

    Ain’t no mo’ damn Herald! I see Pix online alla time and Uri ain’t dead! I yap with that fool on Facebook every other day! The founders and editors of The HearLd just don’t care bout coverin the news (or wtf they CALL news) no more! Hehehe!

  32. hobo kelly

    Dec 8th, 2011

    ok, I guess we are going to have to take over some of the AH duties for Pix just to help out a little bit. If I was the Assignment Editor right now for the AH “where its heavy” news team, I would say to you all: “ok what stories are out there in SL that need covering right now. give me some of your ideas. the more absurd it makes SL look, the better. the bigger the dramafest it will cause the better. I know you guys, you can produce, so lets hear some ideas…”

    when we decide on a story then we can go out and dig dig dig :)

  33. Paul

    Dec 8th, 2011

    I had to LOL at the venomous and bitter comments by Johann, Someone, Nicholas, Candid, and others… How appropriate! They illustrate perfectly one of the main points of this article, i.e. that (as the author said) “Video games only temporarily assist in making a person feel better” and in the case of SL, it seems like one of the ways people find comfort in this escape from RL is by being miserable, bitchy, and generally reveling in the drama. Johann, how long did it make you feel better for, after you posted what you posted?

  34. Reader

    Dec 8th, 2011

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  35. Emperor Norton

    Dec 8th, 2011

    Oh me on my. Seems over at Krypton radio they are accusing Pixilteen of being a less than a neutral reporter on the antics of the Wrong Hands.

    Dear me, did the Alphaville Herald just expose itself to legal action by become part of the story? Is this why the silence? One would think it would take exceptional stupidity to do that with the way Second Life works, but then again human stupidity is such a constant. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    If you listen very carefully you can hear Jumpman laughing his ass off,…

  36. Emperor Norton

    Dec 8th, 2011

    Oh dear me, the things ended up on moderation. Why it sounds like a certain SL tabloid maybe doing damage control. LOL

  37. [...] SL an Addiction for the Depressed? [...]

  38. JustMe

    Dec 9th, 2011

    Speaking of the Herald being behind the times .. Linden Realms has been up and running over a week now, and still no article or review of it.

  39. Edna

    Dec 9th, 2011

    Personally, I would like to see more stories from Pappy. What the hell ever happened with Scion Chickengate for example? What about a story about the mainland becoming a mess of huge abandoned parcels? You don’t even have to wait for it to be auctioned anymore. There is so much the Lab is just saying “Send us an IM that you’ll take over the tier and its yours”.

  40. hobo kelly

    Dec 9th, 2011

    ok, see, we have two good ideas already. Emperor Norton, since you apparently already have tracks on the Krypton site I assign you to go back over to that den of pedophilic depravity and try to make some sense out of these wild hallucenations you are refering to and come back here and try to write it up in some kind of coherent fashion with a beginning a middle and and end while trying to limit the amount of your depression that drips into your style. well done, now go, get busy…

    JustMe, you sound like you have already been checking out these new fake games within a fake world that LL has now bestowed upon us so I am assigning you to going to one of these Realms and experience it for us in words, and pictures too if you want, and then come back here and spill your guts. but dont come back until you get the sauce for us. now scat…


  41. Reader

    Dec 9th, 2011

    hobo mies the director now.

  42. Reader

    Dec 9th, 2011

    so hobo mies, you play SL because you want to make it look bad.
    interesting but not a surprise. conflicted much?

  43. Reader

    Dec 9th, 2011

    where the AH is concerned. let’s just say that what is being witnessed now is the proverbial scattering of the roaches when the bright lights are suddenly forced on in what was otherwise a darkened room. Pixelteen knows what’s up. ships always try changing course just before they sink. Pixelteen has been piloting a very BIG ship and it isn’t easy to steer. What’s on that ship is the about baggage..“…when the whip comes down…”

  44. Reader

    Dec 9th, 2011

    interesting moderation filter is interesting

  45. hobo kelly

    Dec 9th, 2011

    not bad ideas there Edna. Pappy sure was an expert on camping out. Squatting too. now I’m not sayin’ nothin’ ’bout yer picture up thar, butah In the absence of Pappy, unless he shows up and you can team up with him, I assign you to dress up like a well dressed Squatter and go out and find some of that thar squattin’ going on all over these plentiful abandoned lands which saturate the mainland now. thats like both of your ideas rolled into one. nice job, now get squattin and see what drama turns up. you can requisition the AH ford F150 and use it for as long as you need it…

    Reader, what are we going to assign you to… hmm… you used the word “Denizen” on here once. The only other person to use that word on here as far as I can tell was his high crustyness Lord Uri himself. I’m not sure what that means. In the mean time while I think about that, there is a rumor going around that the JLU never wash their lyrca spandex Super Dance uniforms until they rot out in the crotch and I would like to assign you to go in undercover and find out if that Venkman or that Tamtom are suffering from improper ventilation in their Super Dance uniforms or if the Scientologist Holy Sub Layer underwear is keeping them warm. use the word “Denizen” a lot to get you in real good with them. no pictures on this assignment, thanks. now fly away little funmonkey you have work to do…

  46. Reader

    Dec 9th, 2011

    hobo mies,

    you made me laugh. thanks! casual friday humor is an abosolute must. never said you weren’t capable of being funny on ocassion, only said you are dumb as a bucket of rusty nails. GJ but I decline your directives. engaging superheros isn’t my cup of tea. enjoy sniffing the spandex crotch-work yourself. something tells me you have a fancy for that anyways

  47. EnCore Mayne

    Dec 12th, 2011

    it’s not more than sad, it’s just too real.

    putting in as much as you can, as much as you are, into the game was always a problem for empty people filling a social difficulty/disorder.

  48. Pappy Enoch

    Dec 12th, 2011

    @Hobo, I wouldn’t touch them cha-cha bingos on Edna wif yo’ hands, lessen sum feller were a-payin’ me first.

    I are still squattin’ here and there, hoping that that-there Linden Realm thing will have a place fo’ a poor ol’ fat man in a broke down F-150, a Shine Jug (also broke), and a broken heart.

    Oh boo hoo poor me (etc.).

    Now I were writin’ reg’lar fo’ Miss Pix, but she done dropped off’n the map.

    @Edna, I heared that Miss Petunia mite come up wif a new story about how she done got out o’ prison after me an’ Jezz done got the best o’ her in court. We was livin’ in Miss P’s mansion, re-warded to us by the judge, but Jezz’s Meth Lab catched fire, blew up (with four o’ her boyfriends) and burned the place down.

    I done telled that gal to stick to makin’ Shine.

    Now when Miss Pentunia finds all this out, I reckon she will be out to kill me and my rotten sister (who could use a good killin’ but still am family) so who knows? I mite git me out my #2 pencil (broke, too) and scribble me down sum’fin soon.

  49. Dontspill McGinnis

    Dec 12th, 2011

    Oh “Reader”,

    You should really stop trying to be clever.
    You aren’t smart enough, or funny enough to make it work.

    Maintain your nonsensical comments, wild rants unimaginative and juvenile insults. When you have no talent, it’s usually best to stick to what you know.

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