Griefer U

by prokofy on 22/04/07 at 10:48 pm


By Prokofy Neva, Dept. of Community Affairs

The Herald has been deluged lately with indignant complaints about weird goon goings-on in what is supposed to be an educational sim, Woodbury University. As usually with all the Eddie Haskelling and word-salad alibi-Ike sort of stuff involved, it’s hard to get at the truth — and as Uri always says, we’ll have to hope it emerges in the comments.

If you blinked, you missed it, but on April 12, the Lindens’ police blotter had this note:

Date: Thursday, April 12, 2007
Violation: Community Standards: Harassment, Soliciting Abuse
Region: Woodbury University
Description: Organizing abusive attacks on regions.
Action taken: Suspended 3 days.

In fact, oddly, googling the terms “Woodbury University” and “Second Life” gives you that police blotter item first, then somebody’s blog about visiting the island campus, and little else. This lack of hard information about the strange edu sim has spawned a persisent rumour that the U.S. government has funded this RL university, located in…Burbank, California (nee-noo, nee-noo, LL is in California!) to create a fake griefer group and launch simulated terror attacks on the unsuspecting SL population to study responses.

Our stringer, Aging Hippie Random Unsung, the Eternal Student, went out to Woodbury last night and came up with a different diagnosis. After being challenged by notorious Patriotic Nigras griefer Mudlips, on security detail but unable to boot anyone, Random concluded: “I figure the professor who bought this sim is on leave, and the Trustifarians have taken over,” he said.


When he arrived at the sim, it was being rebuilt, evidently after a griefer trashed it and caused what one source says was close to $1000 US worth of damage (?).

A hodge-podge collection of kids in motley uniforms and costumes of different genres greeted him, and despite the title “Woodland Security,” didn’t have the ability to eject Unsung on sight.

A frequent flyer griefer of the Ravenglass sims was seen in mufti sporting the faux “security” title, and it was either that the inmates had taken over the asylum, Unsung concluded, or the manager, one Tizzers Foxchange, described as “Woodbury Admin,” figured that the best way to guard a sim from griefers like the Patriotic Nigras in Second Life, was to hire the PNs as your security goons. Great concept!


Tizzers seemed very eager, while the others were word-salading and free-associating and clanging, to show that she has an exemplary record with LL, and does not engage in, or condone griefing. But we’ve seen it all in SL, and we know that one of the first things griefers do is make all these plausible-deniability groups like “Concerned Griefers of America” or go and donate to the cause of fighting cancer via the American Cancer Society to try to cleanse their tarnished image.

An avatar named MC Fizgig is described as the “Woodbury Professor” but there is almost no activity showing on his avatar, i.e. no picture, comments, First Life info, groups except “Woodbury” itself. So he may be AFK, and not realizing what’s happening, and not at all have a gig with the Dept. of Homeland Security — or he could have invented the PNs to test stuff. Who knows?

The Lindens used to have strict rules for any researchers coming into SL to study people, but with the corporate invasion and marketing explosion, all of that’s been thrown overboard, in part due to the bitching of the Herald about oppression of academic freedom. So it’s not known if there is anything remotely like this experiment claimed, or if LL knows anything about it. It is likely that Woodbury got the usual educational non-profit discount, however, of $150 for the sim instead of $195 (or a discount off the new tier of $295).

The rag-tag ranks of security at Woodbury consisted of one avatar running around crying “Sieg Heil!”, goose-stepping, and making “Heil Hitler” type of salutes in her Nazi regalia; another strange cat semi-dressed with a fez covering his private parts, and various other “hello kitty” sorts of avatars. If anybody interested in researching this chaos further, contact me for the chat logs.

By her own admission, Tizzers regularly reads 4chan’s site, which she described neutrally as a site for “Japanese image preservation” or some such nonsense, though everyone knows that it is Griefer Central for some of the worst marauders of SL. I’m not going to have to prove this in just a minute; watch the comments fill up with the worst kind of crap. Tizzers is also in some of the classic /b/tard groups like “Gay 4 Philip”.


Somebody needs to write Woodbury’s Board of Trustees or President and complain about these goose-stepping griefers who have indeed caused a lot of damage and lost business and down-time in SL for a number of sims — though the facts there aren’t confirmed, either, and it is hard to know who’s snowing whom on all this. The Lindens prove curiously unable to stop this, though rumour has it that they cull the PN alts every once in awhile and also infiltrate their groups to see what they’re doing.

I might add that if Homeland Security or for that matter any other government or university agency wishes to study simulated terrorism in SL, they don’t need to buy an island or have a special campus. Just come fly around the mainland with us on Governor Linden’s Estate : )

224 Responses to “Griefer U”

  1. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Actually, I’m open-minded, and able to entertain many hypotheses to get around the religious cant you people spot all the time.

    It’s one of your sacrosanct doctrines that there are “only a few who grief” and “you aren’t all bad”. I challenge that, based on scrupulous documentation inworld of the facts.

    No one will ever ever EVER buy this line you’re peddling about being griefers until you leave the groups and repudiate them. But you can’t. Because you’re all in on it, and it’s a ruse.

  2. Carigorp Matzerath

    Apr 24th, 2007


    There you go. Proving my point.

    HOW do you think I am “in on it”? I am large part of the group putting a stop to PN. Before you go saying that “the group must be in on it, then”, let me repudiate your inevitable close minded statement by telling you that most of the group is not /b/tards, including the leader and founder. So, why would I participate in this group if I was “in on it” or condoning the griefing aspect of anonymous?

  3. cickmy lunt

    Apr 24th, 2007

    once again showing how you singlehandedly keep the tinfoil industry afloat

  4. Atroll Isfinetoo

    Apr 24th, 2007

    1) NEVER DEFEND YOUR OWN POINTS. Don’t forget this monumental Internet argument cornerstone even if you fall down a well and get amnesia and learn you’re pregnant with your mother’s son’s evil twin. Never, under any circumstance, attempt to defend what you’ve said; just attack the other person’s argument over and over and over until one of you dies of old age or some legislative branch agrees to shut down the Internet forever. Defending yourself or your argument is a weak act of desperation which informs your enemy that you’re completely open to attack. The grizzled Internet debater will never address the validity of their previous claims, instead opting to forge ahead and stay on the offensive despite any erroneous or outright false statements they said in the past, effectively keeping the enemy on their toes. You should view Internet arguments as a really crummy fighting game: only the utter idiots bother pressing the “block / defend” button. While your enemy cowers in a corner with their arms raised above their face to futilely protect them, real men pull off complex 408-move combos that involve transforming into a fiery phoenix of doom and releasing unrelenting waves of liquid napalm Satan clown death upon them.


    FLAME: “hey fag i read ur article abotu Wootberrie and I juz wanna let u know ur stupid and dont know nothing about cars cuz WOOTBERRIE IS TEH GIULTY!!!!”

    INCORRECT RESPONSE: No, I firmly believe what I wrote is correct, Woodburry University and or Tizzers have had no TRUE connections to the PN or any other griefers for that matter. Merely stating that she is a /b/tard is not case in point. If you were a furry (which I suppose you are) and i called you a faggot you most likely disagree too.

    CORRECT RESPONSE: uhhhhhhh no, you’re wrong and stupid and dumb and u dont know what ur talking about so maybe u should get off the internet and instead go kiss a elf cuz ur dumb as a fool!!!

    Oh look, a young Conan O’ Brien is using the Internet to research how to use the mouse correctly.

    2) CLAIM YOU WORK IN WHATEVER FIELD YOU’RE ARGUING ABOUT. If you find yourself discussing anime, say you’re an animator who works for some Japanese company that manufactures games about nipples. If somebody begins complaining about web design, tell them you’re a professional web designer who has completed projects for large conglomerates such as Coca Cola and Macromedia and the moon. If you’re arguing about World War II and the political ramifications of Asia’s isolation sentiment, declare you’re the President of Asia. There is no subject that you, the professional, does not know about thanks to your extensive work in the field of, well, whatever you’re arguing. It doesn’t matter if all your firsthand knowledge of the subject derives from half an episode of “Pokemon” you overheard while cleaning your cat’s litter, the magic of the Internet allows you to have gained real-life experience of any given subject in any given industry at any given time!


    FLAME: how dare u say that /b/tards are sane! WTF is wrong with u?! If you looke at pictuers of dead people and other shock images then the president should kill u for being a murderar becuz pickturez are just like ppl and ur a muderer!!!

    INCORRECT RESPONSE: Well I may just be a rape victim, but I still think I have the right to laugh at a picture I find funny.
    CORRECT REPONSE: Well I may just be a chopped up dead hooker, but I still think my guts spewed all over the sidewalk are funny.

    3) IF LOSING AN ARGUMENT, FEIGN FRUSTRATION AND THEN CLAIM YOU’RE BLOCKING THE PERSON. Every person on the Internet harbors a secret fear of having their communications blocked by somebody, particularly when they’re devastating that person in an argument. If you ever make a critical mistake and discover you cannot match either the intensity or intelligence of the person whom you’re facing up against, simply descend into a spiral of frustration, one ending with a curt goodbye and notice that this person will never, ever, ever, ever be able to contact you again because you are putting them on your fabled ignore list of doom. Tell them in explicit, concrete terms you’re absolutely fed up with their idiocy and simply cannot bear to read another word of their text, and if you somehow accidentally receive another communication from them, your head will explode and shower the surrounding tri-metro area with fragments of your brain atoms. The announcement of your impending communications blockade serves as a true trump card, one capable of not only ending the argument, but additionally declaring you the winner because there’s no possible way for your opponent to get the last word, and as everybody on the Internet knows, the only way to win an argument is to get the final word!


    FLAME: i cant believe u said that teh guvenrmentz was dooing iternutz terror research in Second Life, tahts wrong, they are indeed doing such you damn ideiot, and i should know cuz my dad works for teh FBI and teh CIA last year and he’s in the social security which researches teh itenrnutz terrists

    INCORRECT RESPONSE: Upon completing some rudimentary research, I have reached the conclusion that you are correct and I was wrong! My apologies, dear sir, and thank you for revealing truth to me!
    CORRECT RESPONSE: GOD THIS IS SO POINTLESS!!! listen I am sick of saying this over and over, you obviously r to stupid to understand even BASIC ENGLITSH and Im getting sick of your dumb emails so I’m blocking u once and for all GOODBYE DUMB ASS! DONT BOTHER EMAILING ME CUZ I WONT GET IT, WELCOME TO IGNORESVILLE POPULATION: YOU, HOPE U LIKE TALKING TO A BLOCK LIST HAHAHAHAHA.

    Welcome to the Hitlernet!

    4) AT SOME POINT IN TIME, CLAIM THE OTHER PERSON IS A NAZI. Every, and I repeat EVERY Internet argument should involve at least one comparison to either Hitler or the Nazis. This is one of the most basic requirements of an average Internet debate, and although ignorant outsiders may find it silly to compare a person arguing on the Internet with an individual responsible for the execution of millions, this action represents one of the most traditional pillars of every online debate. The earliest recorded instance of the infamous “Nazi clause” can be traced to Greg “suprsk8r” Henderson, who used Q-Link in July of 1986 to call Alex “Dr_Millions” Wilson “the Adolf Hitler of preseason NCAA fantasy league basketball” over People Connection.

    FLAME: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no i dont think taht GI Joe could beat the Transformers in a battle cuz Optomus prime would like totally kill the shit out of duke and waht do u know about anything anyway u reteard

    INCORRECT RESPONSE: Dear Internet cur, I’ll have you know that your churlish actions and replies reek of an insolent ignoramus! Why, upon reading your cretinous claim, I let out a mighty scoff and nearly choked upon my brandy!

  5. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 24th, 2007

    As soon as anyone starts up the usual trademark W-hat Eddie Haskell mantra that there “only a few bad eggs” and “I’m here to clean up the group” and “I belong to the group that is in fact ending the griefing,” I realize, oh, it’s them again.

    Because that’s how the conspiracy works, with constant fakes and dodges and reversals like that.

    Sorry, but anyone who claims only a few are bad, and they are showing up now to clean up the group and rally those goods ones to helping to stop griefing will never get my vote, and I think many people in SL have figured out this ruse too.

    No, I’ll be happy to wait for the president of Woodbury or the board of trustees to get wind of this and weigh in : )

  6. cickmy lunt

    Apr 24th, 2007

    oh prok next youll say jews did wtc

  7. Dongs

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Posting in an epic thread.

  8. Joker|The_Immortal|

    Apr 24th, 2007

    This Pokofy Neva sits sits here at his lonely internet terminal wanting only one thing. Fame. Perhaps he could not get a job at a real newspaper because of his closed mindedness and inability to back up his information. I can only think of one, perhaps two syndications that would indeed pick him up. Weekly World news and the National Inquirer. In responding to this sad farce of an article. I have accidently and quite incedintly given him what he already has: more publicity, but I do this only to sway those next few people away from continuing this ordeal further. These “4channers” have already begun to call what any “/b/tard” would call anyone who seeks attention: a “camwhore.”

    It is easy to claim conspiracy or anything false for that matter. I could in fact lay claim that Prokofy Neva is a Socialist or even a Communist. All I would have to do is simply pick and choose various quotes from the aforementioned article and other previous articles. Take this quote for example: “The rag-tag ranks of security at Woodbury consisted of … strange [cats] semi-dressed with a fez covering his private parts, and various other “hello kitty” sorts of avatars.” and this one: “Somebody needs to write Woodbury’s Board of Trustees or President and complain about these goose-stepping “griefers” who have indeed caused a lot of damage and lost business and down-time in SL for a number of sims.” It would only take a short and brief explanation about how “Prok” is against the First Amendment and the rights that it justifies.(This would probably have no meaning to Prokofy since he is obviously Canadian)

    Yes, there is no proof that Woodbury sim has no affiliation with the PN. While the points above are leaning more towards the matter that Tizzers and MC Fizzgig are not indeed “PN” or “griefers”, there is no exact proof. However there is no exact proof that Woodbury is located on Mars either. Nor is there proof that Prokofy Neva is Random Unsung (or a Nazi for that matter either)

    We can only wait for the response of the University, while I hope to make contact with this MC Fizzgig and his higher ups. I cannot promise this. Just like I cannot promise that they will not attempt a lawsuit against “Prok” due to slander and libel. Lucky for Neva his ability to slander and attack anyone he damn well pleases is protected under 47 U.S.C. § 230. Which clearly exempts anything written on the internet. Perhaps because there countless cases like these already. However, if he were to take up this action in writing (a.k.a. true publication) the school could retort with just about any deemed action necessary. (although I am unsure of the outcome since Prokofy is indeed an Canadian Nazi) Seeing as the Herald is intended to be a true publication they should intend to follow the guidelines of syndication. As such, backing your arguments and covering your bases before you lay claim to some outrageous ordeal.

    Once again, I hope that you all will take this as a lesson. Do not give this man who so intends to build his fortune from “Lindens”(a.k.a Space Monies) but surely will take heed and not only listen to both sides, but consider for yourself the validity of the argument before you accept it as truth. Thus goes to whatever you happen to come across, may it be in print, on the television, or perhaps the radio. Evaluate, think for yourselves.

    May you all live in prosperity and in health.


  9. cickmy lunt

    Apr 24th, 2007

    >I could in fact lay claim that Prokofy Neva is a Socialist or even a Communist.

    now that is going too far. libel i say, libel! joking about communism is serious business!

  10. Artemis Fate

    Apr 24th, 2007

    “However there is no exact proof that Woodbury is located on Mars either. Nor is there proof that Prokofy Neva is Random Unsung (or a Nazi for that matter either)”

    Uh….actually there’s two links on this article’s comments alone from Prokofy’s blog with Prokofy stating he’s Random Unsung.

  11. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 24th, 2007

    At Robin Linden’s office hours today, several of us raised the problem of Woodbury University, the griefing of it, the people in the “security,” some of whom were involved also in the trashing of the VT memorial.

    And she merely replied that they were “contacting the professor”.

    So I helpfully suggested that they contact “Mary Ann” too. Whereupon she said, “What?”

    Seriously, we’ve all been contacting the professor. He’s either onleave, absent, AWOL, no longer in that program (adjust professors come and go with alarming speed sometimes) — it’s got to be kicked up further.

  12. Anonymous

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Curious, I recently went to 4chan, started mucking through the boards. I will not deny there’s creativity on there, some of the papercraft on there was awesome. On the other hand there’s alot of crap in /b/ section. Sure there was a couple of things made me chuckle, but for every ONE thing that did there were TEN downright horrible images that angered me.

    One in particular was an image, it had Martin Luther King Jr on it, it was a real estate for sale sign and it was shopped to read “For Sale| Nigger” to which the /b/tards laughed at, posted comments, and even posted more racist imagery. This was seriously dishonoring a man’s Legacy and it’s unforgivable. There were many other grotesque things laying about on /b/ including a picture of a woman pretty much ripping her anus apart. By participating, commenting, and posting imagery you /b/tards condone: racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, nazism, belittling and much much more vile. I’m sorry you /b/s are sick minded freaks. For every bit of intelligence and creativity you channers are capable of you end up negating all that with vile.

    Everyone see for youself, go to 4chan, view /b/. This is just MY opinion of /b/, make your own. If it comes to a similar view as mine, well that’s fine. If you become a /b/ yourself, fine. If you just don’t give a shit, fine.

    One thing though, I’m tired of seeing you /b/tards defend your right to be able to one of the sickest little cults on the internet.

    Majority of you may not grief in SL, raid or whatever, but your hands certainly are NOT clean, nor are your minds.

    >>Anyway, I know first hand all the aspects of the culture of /b/. The vast majority of /b/tards are regular people with some extra time on their hands. Don’t tag the actions of the few on to the majority. If a random black person beat you up on the street, would you proclaim that all black people are criminals?

    Why use black people as an example? Why try to compare this to racism? This is NOT racism here. Your example is void in my opinion. This is the internet’s view of an internet culture. By brining up racism to defend /b/ you insult a great deal of us, since, as I made example above, /b/ is filled with racist imagery. Very poor argument there kid.

    The argument keeps being brought up. “Well most /b/ don’t do this…” or “Most /b/ don’t do that…” by participating in that culture you are condoning the culture’s actions as a whole, you are participating along with your bad eggs as well as you good eggs.

  13. mootykips

    Apr 24th, 2007

    you guys do realize we’ve stopped actually hanging out in one place together to minimize bans, right?

  14. NobodyImportant

    Apr 24th, 2007

    To everyone talking about how horrible /b/ is:

    You’re right. /b/ is horrible. /b/ will rape your mind. /b/ will fuck with your head. /b/ will post shock images, racist images, make fun of people asking for help, tell people to commit suicide (become An Hero), and much more.

    Why? Because /b/ is the asshole of the internet.
    Every /b/-tard eventually learns a few simple things:
    -When on /b/, you can act completely different from how you would in normal life
    -When on /b/, nobody can be offended – and anyone who gets offended will be laughed at for hours on end
    -When on /b/, you will see horrible images; and in time you will not be fazed by them anymore
    -Cats are sacred, for whatever reason

    You may see zippocat, or the woman curb-stomping a cat, or any other horrible acts of animal cruelty on /b/. Those are simply poor attempts at trolling /b/, and will be saged (a way of helping users delete crap threads) into oblivion.

    Believe it or not, even though most (if not all) /b/-tards are assholes, cats are the only thing we really hold sacred. For christ’s sake, we have a day devoted entirely to nothing but pictures of cats.

    And, Prokofy, thanks for helping /b/.
    Your poor attempts at trolling only makes /b/ stronger.
    Pissing in an ocean of piss. It’s nothing new, and will only make the ocean bigger.

  15. Kerian Bunin

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Prokofy: Keep in mind that Hazim’s “Voter 5″ is different than and is apparently trying to capitalize on the notoriety of the group “Voted 5″.

  16. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Kerian: keep in mind that these are all the same people, same shit, different day, different alts, different group names, same assholes.

  17. Kerian Bunin

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Yes and no: they are different people (who I mostly find completely uncreative and annoying), however I’ll concur on same shit different day, and them being asses.

  18. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 24th, 2007

    No, same, you’re just part of the lying, distracting tactic yourself.

  19. Huh?

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Um, same eh Prok? Demand Proof!

  20. niggerfuck again

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Prokofy: You are completely batshit insane. Even Tubgirl has more a clue than you ever will.

  21. Tenshi Vielle

    Apr 24th, 2007

    /me giggles.

  22. Hazim Gazov

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Kerian, don’t be mad just because you have a griefball stuck in your ass :( . You don’t know what Voter 5 is ACTUALLY about, quit talking to furries and intlib.

    >>Tizzers is in on it, too. She praises 4chan as if she was unaware — or lying about — its role in spawning and perpetrating the worst griefing in SL.

    I praise *chan as if it’s where caturday spawned from, and it is. My role is making the stupidest crap on SL, most notably, the flying joke couch.

  23. Hazim Gazov

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Also, again, to Kerian. How the hell are you so sure who / how many the group consists of? It’s hidden and no-one in it ever wears their tags.

  24. Murderfiend Juutlainen

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Prok, go back to bed.

  25. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 24th, 2007

    >/me giggles.

    So, does joining in and giggling with infantile asstards who like to look at pictures of ripped anuses of people and other such vile crap give you a sense of power, Tenshi? I realize little else can help validate your miserable life.

  26. This Looks Shooped

    Apr 24th, 2007

    Prokofy, you write articles for a fake newspaper about things that happen in a video game… you’re not exactly royalty. The fact that you get off by attempting to verbally degrade the lifestyles of other people shows that you yourself have major security issues.

    TL;DR ~ You’re probably fat and ugly.

  27. SomeRandomGuy

    Apr 24th, 2007

    >>I don’t buy the Leninist line that these griefers’ groups have components that “aren’t about griefing”. They are all devoted to violent, nihilist, reductive ideologies that in fact make an entire atmosphere of griefing by recruitment, training, and support. I don’t care if most of them don’t pull the trigger. They are all indicted as being part of a conspiracy to impose will on others by force.

    We’re not forcing any ideology on anyone. That would be stupid, is someone is feeling forced on the internet they can just click an X to close the offending window. The recruitment and training you’re rambling on about simply and purely DOES NOT EXIST. The recruitment statement on the front page is like more of the joke. It’s too serious for it not to be. It’s injected with memes and bastardry. Training goes as far as “Here’s a standard PN outfit, take whatever weapons you like and go to town.” This isn’t about bringing more netizens into the fold of anger and destruction and hope of redemption from oppression, it’s a bunch of guys trying to annoy you. We’re in on the memes, not some degenerative Nazi agenda you pulled out of your ass.

    >>By participating, commenting, and posting imagery you /b/tards condone: racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia, nazism, belittling and much much more vile. I’m sorry you /b/s are sick minded freaks. For every bit of intelligence and creativity you channers are capable of you end up negating all that with vile.

    So when a tyrannical party rules over a nation with an iron fist, oppressing its people and causing famine, destruction and degenerative society, that the citizens of that nation are guilty because they allow it to carry on? I don’t like posts about racism, eyeraep, animal cruelty, bizarre fetishes or mutilation, but they exist on /b/. I go to /b/ for funny images. For memes and the idiotic banter and image macros they result in. It’s a stupid waste of time, akin to surfing a joke site. It’s much harsher than the average joke site, but you don’t have to stay. We can’t stop the horrible crap outright, and we wouldn’t want to because it goes against the idea of /b/. I know you’re just going to go off on a tangent of how I can’t possibly compare the plight of those poor people in developing countries to the daily going-ons of /b/tards and the like, and you’d be right. There’s no way we have it as bad as they do. They’re in danger of their lives every day, we’re set safely behind a computer screen, arguing over the trivial difference of whether a single site that glorifies desensitization is a greater problem than real terrorists.

    Surely the real terrorists are the bigger worry, but you’re focusing on the definition of all this, and it boils down to simplicity.

    We’re idiots, annoyances, trivial. We invade your e-lawns because we can and we find it funny. We bother furries because they rant on about how we have to like them because we can’t have a negative opinion of them (wait, what?). We’re not a highly organized cult of degenrates bent on enslaving minds and furthering hatred, specific or in general.

    You on the other hand, are making assumptions and spewing bullshit facts that make no sense. You keep demanding that we call ourselves fuckups, which is the only logical extension of the truth, right? We can’t be normal people because we don’t make any sense to you. We have to be e-terrorists or criminals or antisocial thugs. The more you can think of all of us as horrible, the easier it is for you to accept. I realize that you’ve made up your mind, but I would like to think I could change your opinion, because it’s not at all what you’ve decided it is.

    I know you’re going to read this and just scoff and huff about how I’m trying to rationalize a horrible thing worthy of nothing but annihilation, and I really ought to stop wasting my words on you for it.

  28. mootykips

    Apr 25th, 2007

    I agree with Murderfiend. gb2bed, Prok.

  29. MachineCode

    Apr 25th, 2007

    >>So, does joining in and giggling with infantile asstards who like to look at pictures of ripped anuses of people and other such vile crap give you a sense of power, Tenshi? I realize little else can help validate your miserable life.

    You really are completely incapable of processing sarcasm, aren’t you? I don’t know how to address ripped anuses, though. Wow. That’s. Um. Yuck?

    If /b/ is made of anything bad it’s trolls, people who get a kick out of others’ frustration with a situation they’ve created. They’re the kind of people that post the weird fetishes and catmangling that bother you so much. Those are the posts I acknowledge and skim over.

    You’re LOOKING SPECIFICALLY for the bad, so when you find it you go “There, there! There’s always something disgusting on the front page!!”


  30. Hazim Gazov

    Apr 25th, 2007

    agreed, gb2/bed/, prok.

  31. Anonymous

    Apr 25th, 2007

    “”The Truth: Prok makes bad assumptions, treats them as fact, then bases more assumptions on those new “facts” and turns them into facts. Prok… in short… is mostly full of shit.”"

  32. Anonymous

    Apr 25th, 2007

    “”The Truth: That’s the problem with Prokofy: she talks as if she knows something when she’s clueless. I don’t hate anyone. Not even loudmouth idiots like her. That would assume I care enough about them to waste time and energy hating them. I don’t.”"

  33. Joker|The_Immortal|

    Apr 25th, 2007

    “”Prok Claim: “csven really reveals himself to be an evil fucktard. Because he utterly misrepresents the nature of the Impeach Bush signs.”

    The Truth: I never supported what the Impeach Bush guy was doing. I did the only smart thing I could do and which I’ve told people to do in similar circumstances: I ignored him and the message. I removed my Attention (if you’ve read this blog, you’ll find I use that same method when dealing with corporate bullies). For all I know, Prokofy orchestrated the whole thing in order do what she previously claimed others were doing: promise an alternative and then “eliminate in the bid to crush others”. So I’m okay with people like Prokofy thinking I’m an “evil fucktard”. I’ll wear that badge of honor proudly as it gives me a warm tingly feeling.”"

    For this comment and others like it please redirect youtself to:

  34. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 25th, 2007

    This just in.

    Dear God. He’s in on it, too. *Sigh*.

    “Dear Prokofy Neva,

    Thank you for your inquiry. I prefer to tell my story to Reuters, the Chronicle for Higher Education, and the LA Times in order to ensure fair coverage and inclusion of student views. Who has ever heard of a reporter contacting an important source AFTER they wrote the article?

    Dr. Clift”

    I wrote to this Dr. Clift seeking a comment but didn’t hear back for a few days. I marvel at the concept that the news media is supposed to contact him and then wait for him to reply before it can do a story.

    A story like this is covered from within SL. Rarely does an SL story go out of SL like this and require some more investigation. Surely we’re limited in our ability to do that.

    I wrote him back a pretty stiff response:

    “Dear Dr. Clift,

    You sound like trouble. My God, I was afraid you’d be in on this — I was hoping for better and for some grasp at what is at stake here. I don’t see how, if you call yourself an academic, you could countenance goose-stepping Nazi-dressed goons, crashing the grid and terrorizing people, even in a virtual world.

    News coverage doesn’t wait until you’ve decided to answer your email, and a number of people, including Linden Lab staff, have tried to contact you for days.

    The readership of the Herald — the public — has a right to know, and we cover the story as best as possible. For weeks, we’ve been getting more and more queries and alarmed letters about Woodbury U, with more an more urgency, as on April 12, the island was taken down completely for 3 days as the avatars were punished. I was hearing all kinds of wild stories about that but was waiting to try to get some clarity. A story like this can’t wait forever, however.

    I’m sorry, but a forced “balanced coverage” of “the students’ views” when these students are perpetrators of actual crimes and destruction of property isn’t appropriate to be attempting on a free media. The students on the island now have been completely duplicitous and prevaricate constantly, trying to whitewash 4chan and their own role in griefing groups.

    I had no idea that deconstructivism and such had grown so widespread on campuses today that you’d imagine there is some justification for griefing of this nature in SL, under the guise of some “student’s free expression.

    Prokofy Neva”

  35. mootykips

    Apr 25th, 2007

    Yes, he’s in on the FBI/government conspiracy too, Prok. It’s down to you to uncover the deadly secret, on the run from gangsters to discover the final hidden secret of the 4chan Griefer Community before it is too late.

    Summer 2007, you will shake in your seat: witness the epic action-thriller, directed by legendary Second Life terrorist Plastic Duck and produced by Pool’s Closed Studios.

    Get ready for the blockbuster hit of the summer: The Mudkipian Candidate.

    This film has been rated QQ for excessive whining and some lulzy content.

  36. mootykips

    Apr 25th, 2007

    Also, you’re horribly misguided at the least if you think real academics would have the time (as the semester draws to a close) to respond to a question about a bunch of people putting DESU signs on their e-land.

  37. NobodyImportant

    Apr 25th, 2007


    This is reality knocking at your door.
    You received a fair reply, and you completely ignore it.
    You put your fingers in your ears and scream “la la la la, I can’t hear you, you must obviously be a griefer oh my god oh my god you’re trying to oppress me why does this have to happen to me why god why oh my god I’m going to sue” or some other shit, and completely ignore the fact that the SLH could look incredibly biased to someone outside the game.

    In fact, it is. As long as you’re a “reporter” here, there will be an unearthly amount of bias.
    Anyone who doesn’t share your view is instantaneously labeled as a Leninist, Nazi, Communist, fascist, or whatever lie you’re going on that day.

    As long as you’re handling the “interview” and this “case” about Woodbury, the students who are there will be unfairly represented in whatever HORRIBLE EVIL LIGHT you believe they’re under. My God, do you even look at what you write? Do you know how pathetic you look?

    Prokofy, your conspiracy theories are so far out there, I would be unsurprised if you went so far as to claim that space bees from Zolton-5 are in with the Patriotic Nigras, the US government, the Korean government, and the Decapodians of Decapod 10 were all trying to e-stalk you and make fun of your children.

  38. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 25th, 2007

    I’ve never claimed there is any conspiracy involving governments or anything of the kind. I *reported that* others believed this because they were hinted that, and came to believe it.

    I’d love for Los Angeles Times or Reuters to care about this. I’m afraid they may not, but let’s hope they can try to cover it objectively.

    Knowing how facile the mainstream press is about SL, however, I can just imagine how it will go. “We will not tolerate any griefers,” says Tizzers — and that will stand. Nobody will dig deeper. It will be taken at face value. “I understand why the Herald, a known tabloid, would be spouting conspiracy theories, but my students are just quietly pursuing research,” says the professors. Etc. Because they’re in on it, that’s clear.

    This will be an awful sight to watch unfold. I’m done.

  39. Anonymous

    Apr 25th, 2007

    >>I’m done.

    It’s about damn time. Go to bed Prokofy.

  40. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 25th, 2007

    My, you’re up late anonymous, homework not done?

  41. Padijun Loll

    Apr 25th, 2007

    ‘As soon as anyone starts up the usual trademark W-hat Eddie Haskell mantra that there “only a few bad eggs” and “I’m here to clean up the group” and “I belong to the group that is in fact ending the griefing,” I realize, oh, it’s them again.

    Because that’s how the conspiracy works, with constant fakes and dodges and reversals like that.’

    awesome, now tell us about the zionist conspiracy and the one world government and the one world banking system you paranoid delusional old hag

  42. NobodyImportant

    Apr 25th, 2007

    They’re PROFESSORS.

    You’re saying that because they believe their students are pursuing research in a metaverse environment, they must themselves be “in on” every griefing activity that passes through Second Life. You’re saying, basically, that the professors are PN members. That’s what you seem to be saying about Tizzers.

    As for the “it won’t be dug into” response, I counter.
    If their students are pursuing research in a metaverse environment and not causing physical damage; if they have not given any reason for their professors or any other higher-ups to doubt them, why should their actions be dug into? And don’t respond with some bull about “because they’re griefing! OMG!”, or attempts of implicating e-stalking, as you seem to do quite often with anyone who disagrees with your opinion.

    And by the way, I really, REALLY doubt the professors at Woodbury are /b/-tards. I’m sure they’re busy enough with real life business that they wouldn’t have time to visit a stupid imageboard like /b/ on 4chan. (No offense meant, my dear /b/-tard friends.)

  43. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 25th, 2007

    They condone and rationalize and whitewash the PN and 4chan behaviour both on the Internet and in Second Life. That’s appalling.

    The professors may not be some silly b/tard thing, they may be in more adult and serious versions of the RL equivalent though, for all we know. I think this question is worth asking. I find a hostile note like that shows where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    If this was some ordinary professor, he’d say something like “I’ll review the situation and get back to you,” not something defensive and hostile like “how dare you ask for a quote after the article is published”.

  44. NobodyImportant

    Apr 25th, 2007

    You’re supposed to gather your facts BEFORE you print your article, Neva. He was reminding you of that, and from what I can tell, he doesn’t seem to be too impressed by you.

    It’s quite easy to find plenty reasons to dislike you, by the way; if not simply from how you seem to enjoy giving half-truths, twisting words, and spouting conspiracies.

  45. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 25th, 2007

    No, you can’t wait and wait for weeks to gather facts. And facts are hard to come by in a virtual world with anonymous avatars in groups known for their routine manipulation and lying. I waited quite a bit on this story, getting complaints and stories in, and finally sent Random Unsung went out there. I think he pretty well established what’s up, I have the chat logs.

    I don’t care if some professor says to me who may either be out of the loop, or worse, even *started* with a nihilist and ultra-modern ideology about griefing groups on the Internet says to me; I don’t care if he dismisses me and I don’t care if he’s Noam Chomsky himself.

    Let the Los Angeles Times or Reuters cover it. WE know what’s really up here. We know it’s fake, what they’re all saying, and sadly, the professor is covering for them, to what extent is not clear yet.

    Again, I haven’t “spouted conspiracies”. I *reported on* people thinking there is a conspiracy. I myself don’t share that assessment. However, I realize that fits with your usual crazy lying shit to just spout yourself. That all comes with the territory.

  46. Reality

    Apr 25th, 2007

    A normal – meaning real newspaper or other news source would have waited to gather as much information as possible and in the absence of said information would have omitted those sections to add in a follow up article.

  47. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 25th, 2007

    I don’t give a shit what a “normal” newspaper would do. For one, a “normal” newspaper hasn’t covered it because…it may not rise to the test of being WORTH covering? For two, when an SLNN or Blingsider or even Reuters starts to cover it, it will be bland and lacking detail and will likely wind up whitewashing griefers as a result. We know what light treatment w-hat gets over at the Blingsider.

    My job is to get the story as it is available in world. It’s out there. It’s like a local newspaper or a wire service. If some bigger “international” paper wants to cover it, then they now have at least a tip sheet, and they know who to contact for at least some versions of the story, while they put it all together.

    The idea that newspapers are supposed to wait until they contact some figure in the story is some non-existent standard that only kids in a griefer group could dream up as yet one more way to rationalize and word-salad away what they’re up to.

    Anyone is welcome to do a better job than me on this story, the field is way open. I don’t think they’ll have anywhere near the depth I have on this, however, as they haven’t been on the grid watching the griefing up close and personal, day after day.

    Hazim Gazov griefed the Virginia Tech memorial, along with some of these other people. All this word-saladry completely obscures that obvious fact.

    All of this reminds me a lot of the Stalinists and fellow-travelers and apologia we saw in that day.

    Anyway, as I said, the field is wide open to report this story with whatever depth you can muster. Good luck!

  48. NobodyImportant

    Apr 25th, 2007

    Random Unsung, AKA you.
    For fuck’s sake, Neva, there’s already a link in the comments to one of your earlier Herald “reports” where you basically say “I am Random Unsung”.

    By the way, this look familiar?
    “I don’t buy the Leninist line that these griefers’ groups have components that “aren’t about griefing”. They are all devoted to violent, nihilist, reductive ideologies that in fact make an entire atmosphere of griefing by recruitment, training, and support. I don’t care if most of them don’t pull the trigger. They are all indicted as being part of a conspiracy to impose will on others by force.”

    Or this?
    “As soon as anyone starts up the usual trademark W-hat Eddie Haskell mantra that there “only a few bad eggs” and “I’m here to clean up the group” and “I belong to the group that is in fact ending the griefing,” I realize, oh, it’s them again.

    Because that’s how the conspiracy works, with constant fakes and dodges and reversals like that.”

    So much for not spouting conspiracy, eh Prok?

  49. Reality

    Apr 25th, 2007

    for one even a local newspaper makes certain they have the facts and attempts to do as little “opinion as fact’ type entries as possible. Two: Your ‘job’ is no different than any other reporter’s – with a single exception: Your boss does not care what you write or how you write it.

    Kindly respond only when you are in possession of evidence to back up any further ‘opinion as fact’ responses you may have. Failure to do so and failure to provide said evidence simply shows your lack of real, hard facts.

  50. Prokofy Neva

    Apr 25th, 2007

    OH, if that’s shouting conspiracy, great! I shout conspiracy then!

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