Designers Running AttackAlts? – Fashionista Shock!!!

by Alphaville Herald on 14/12/07 at 8:05 am

Why the Brutal Honesty blog cannot keep their mains clean
Ana Boogiewoogie sez: Amelia Abernathy = Tina Travanti & Elexor Matador = Lothian Utorid

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

I’ve been having a hard time writing this story – probably because it bothers me to see SL society descend to a level of nastiness that exceeds an overflowing cat litter box left fermenting in the sun next to a dumpster serving a French Quarter Gorean slave whore house. Should the payback for writing a story questioning the originality of an SL jewelry design be months of Brutal DisHonesty blog taunting capped off with a call for stalking? Apparently so, for anyone who frequents the SL fashion scene.

Maybe my problem is that I find it hard to justify supposedly upstanding, faux-friendly designers using internet sock puppets and secondlife-swiftboat blogs under alt accounts, when what is at stake is selling the pretend jewelry and clothes we dress our avatar dolls up with. The griefers keep reminding me that SL is serious business – enter at your own risk or GTFO. After over a year on the goon and griefer beat for the Herald, nothing really surprises me anymore – but I still get disgusted.

So – cut to the chase – earlier this week, the SL Herald’s iMojo wire was delivering a steady and credible stream of chatlogs from Ana Boogiewoogie suggesting that prim jewelry designers Amelia Abernathy and Elexor Matado are the “brains” running the über nasty Brutal Honesty blog as a beatdown vehicle to payback whomever they want to go after – while keeping their main accounts pristine, fresh, and clean. When contacted for comments prim jewelry designer Mr. Elexor Matador said, “Well, I’m not going to address it, to be honest. I’ve had enough drama over it for the last few days”.

But if these chatlogs are real, it is hard to believe the drama is over.

[2007/07/22 22:54] Ana Boogiewoogie: If you dun mind telling me your true indentity
[2007/07/22 22:54] Ana Boogiewoogie: lol
[2007/07/22 22:54] Ana Boogiewoogie: i’m curious
[2007/07/22 22:55] Tina Travanti: okay, but you can NOT tell
[2007/07/22 22:55] Ana Boogiewoogie: I never would
[2007/07/22 22:55] Ana Boogiewoogie: I hate Tenshi as much, if not more, than you do =P
[2007/07/22 22:55] Tina Travanti: or we can’t keep havin’ all this fun!
[2007/07/22 22:55] Tina Travanti: oh
[2007/07/22 22:55] Ana Boogiewoogie: Anyway to ruin her
[2007/07/22 22:55] Ana Boogiewoogie: is perfect for me.
[2007/07/22 22:55] Tina Travanti: lol
[2007/07/22 22:55] Tina Travanti: I’m Amelia Abernathy and Loth is Elexor Matador
[2007/07/22 22:55] Tina Travanti: omgm
[2007/07/22 22:55] Ana Boogiewoogie: Ah!
[2007/07/22 22:55] Tina Travanti: I told
[2007/07/22 22:55] Tina Travanti: lol

The story starts last spring – when Tenshi Vielle wrote an SL Herald story that noted surprising similarities between Elexor Matador’s jewelry and some RL Cartier designs. Claims of design copying and texture theft are endemic in the fashionista world, and most designers would have shrugged it off and moved on – but not Tina Travanti/Amelia Abernathy. And so Brutal Honesty was born.

[2007/07/22 22:56] Tina Travanti: ya Tenshi went after Lex and I just wanna KILL her
[2007/07/22 22:56] Ana Boogiewoogie: What happened there? I wasn’t in the loop for very long lol
[2007/07/22 22:56] Tina Travanti: he made me a Cartier necklace I loved
[2007/07/22 22:57] Tina Travanti: we got so many compliments on the set…he made the earrings, bracelet and anklet from his own imagination
[2007/07/22 22:57] Tina Travanti: we named it the Himalia which is Cartier’s TM
[2007/07/22 22:57] Tina Travanti: of course we didn’t know it at the time
[2007/07/22 22:58] Tina Travanti: and she did this major blowup on us
[2007/07/22 22:58] Tina Travanti: and she’s still harpin’ on it
[2007/07/22 22:58] Ana Boogiewoogie: Oh booooo.

How much fun can attackAlt sockpuppeting be if you cannot brag on your exploits to a few confidants?

[2007/07/25 13:53] Amelia Abernathy: we were saying that Loth and Tina are gonna be more popular than Lex and Ame
[2007/07/25 13:53] Amelia Abernathy: lol
[2007/07/26 16:20] Ana Boogiewoogie: I need to get awau from my drama
[2007/07/26 16:20] Amelia Abernathy: lol
[2007/07/26 16:20] Amelia Abernathy: Lex and I live in a bubble
[2007/07/26 16:20] Amelia Abernathy: and venture out for drama as Tina and Loth
[2007/07/26 16:20] Amelia Abernathy: hahaha
[2007/07/28 21:31] Amelia Abernathy: we just did her
[2007/07/28 21:31] Ana Boogiewoogie: Really?
[2007/07/28 21:31] Amelia Abernathy: oh ya
[2007/07/28 21:31] Amelia Abernathy: seams r us
[2007/07/28 21:32] Amelia Abernathy: is all about her
[2007/07/28 21:32] Ana Boogiewoogie: Ohhh.
[2007/07/28 21:32] Ana Boogiewoogie: Well it doesn’t have to be JUST her.
[2007/07/28 21:32] Amelia Abernathy: we’ll have to plan it well
[2007/07/28 21:32] Amelia Abernathy: Tina just posted an article tonight on the Mercury store
[2007/07/28 21:32] Amelia Abernathy: lol
[2007/08/23 14:55] Amelia Abernathy: hahaha that blog is goin nuts!
[2007/08/23 14:55] Ana Boogiewoogie: which one?
[2007/08/23 14:56] Amelia Abernathy: the kid avie post on BH
[2007/08/23 14:56] Amelia Abernathy: I so love stirrin’ the pot

We are sure to be reminded that it is possible to fake chatlogs, so I had a talk with Ana Boogiewoogie to enquire about her motivations, and see if she understood she is putting her own reputation on the line by coming forward.

Pixeleen Mistral: ok, so I understand you know who the Brutal Honesty bloggers main accounts in SL are, and my question is why come forward with this information now?
Ana Boogiewoogie: Well.. I had told their main account personal information about me.. And at first, I was so apprehensive about coming forward with it, that they would put out this info on me. But after they decided to try to pin the blame on me, I decided that it’s either take the blame for it, or just deal with the backlash of my info being broadcasted.

Pixeleen Mistral: so Tina’s main account is?
Ana Boogiewoogie: Amelia. Just like The Rag said.

Pixeleen Mistral: and Lothian?
Ana Boogiewoogie: Elexor. I know i’m going to get hassled either way. I just feel like it’s time to do the right thing. I know everyone’s gunna say my excuse for not coming forward is lame and whatnot, but i’d rather be harassed for that than to be harassed for knowing and not saying anything.

Pixeleen Mistral: well – people get to make mistakes, and then get to fix them, so I think you are very brave
Ana Boogiewoogie: And just to say this for the sake of saying this, I don’t have a personal vendetta out for them, so this isn’t just made up BS lol I have better things to do than type up a fake chatlog.

Pixeleen Mistral: well – maybe people will be a little nicer to each other after seeing all this
Ana Boogiewoogie: I hope so.
Pixeleen Mistral: its OK to disagree – but it does not have to get super nasty

Second Life doesn’t really have a storyline – or the organized quests and levels seen in more traditional PvP and grind-centric games – so serious SL players are left to their own devices in the search for entertainment and drama.

Over time certain rules of the game have grown up – and maintaining your reputation is important if you plan to keep playing. For those who’s game is talking smack while running alt accounts, a certain level of circumspection is useful, right Amelia?

69 Responses to “Designers Running AttackAlts? – Fashionista Shock!!!”

  1. Brace

    Dec 14th, 2007

    oh FFS

    Tenshi was only working for the Sheep in the capacity of helping out with the CSI sims like dozens of us.
    She was never formally a sheep staffer. So if she was “fired” it wasn’t a big huge deal.

    wasn’t like she got booted from an official fulltime gig or anything.

  2. The roof is on fire

    Dec 14th, 2007

    @”Hey, watch out – they’ve got new alts again. Chriss Kondor and Tinelia Troglodite. Fitting names. Created 12/10 and 12/12. ”

    I don’t really believe that, why would she make an alt name so similar to AMELIA?

    I believe tina is amelia and loth is elexor, all 4 are very evil. But for those who wont believe it, how bout TP all 4 of them and turn on voice and let it roll.

    If there is a set time to do it, they could plan to have their friends sign on the other 2 accounts and pose as different people, but even still, unless it was practiced what to say and the posers had it down good, you may be able to tell if they are really different or the same. Hope that made sense im typing fast, gotta run! L8

  3. Anonymous

    Dec 14th, 2007

    Actually it looks like it is satire.

    Check this out:

  4. Morgana Fillion

    Dec 14th, 2007

    Interesting, Brace – so do you think Uri was just stirring up drama out of thin air with that comment, or going on how it was put to him by Tenshi?


    Dec 14th, 2007

    I can’t see a single individual in this drama that has behaved well. If anything you should be condoning all who have played part.

    As for Tenshi, she may have balls, but she has no integrity. For example, I think we all recall her post slamming Elexor’s jewelry for being fake,and it was well pointed out at the time that her much beloved Paper Couture was doing exactly the same thing. Exactly the same thing!

    To giver her the most minute bit of credit, and because she deserves very little in sum total, she did recant and apologize. I recall a comment from her about Elexor’s jewelry something about the whole point of SL was to have beautiful things we couldn’t have in real life.

    Nonetheless, Tenshi should seriously consider fixing her own internal filtering mechanism.. you know, the one that stops most of us from typing out every damned fool thing that crosses our tiny little minds. Think, Tenshi, think then type.

    All that aside. No matter what anyone says, it is an inappropriate response for an adult to attack an individual who has publicly apologized by starting up a blog and then proceeding to act in a way that can only be horrifying and utterly devastating to those who loved and cared for them, and is some instances (e.g Bethany Heart), impacting on their good name and reputation.

    Shame on them all. Shame on BH, shame on Tenshi and shame on those who feel it’s okay to break on promises of confidentiality to save one’s own skin.


    Very happy not to have and of them on my friend’s list.

  6. MerryGo Round

    Dec 14th, 2007

    Whoever the hell made the fake chris kondor, lothexor, and timelia name- you people suck. Don’t add more vegetables to the drama stu!


    Dec 15th, 2007

    Well, that’s interesting… my post just got attributed to Morgana Fillion and I assume that hers got attributed to me. I hope this isn’t the system you people used as proof of matching IP’s in your earlier accusations.

  8. plot tracer

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Who, outside a wee circle of roleplayers is interested in this? In fact the original article about Cartier copying probably, if anything, encouraged people to go check out their wee homemades. In the meantime, please check out klaatu congrejo’s article on the sllu blog. A real story.

  9. Prokofy Neva

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Here’s what’s interesting about this — Pixeleen going to bat for a reporter, with even pumped-up indignation and fury — when that was never done for me when I was far more seriously and hideously under attack. And here’s the reason why: by posting this article, in fact Pixeleen cleverly puts Tenshi even more under attack and makes her look even more ridiculous. Mission accomplished.

  10. Amatuer B

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Ok, Tenshi aside, YES PUT TENSHI ASIDE FOR A FUCKING MINUTE, The Brutal Honesty writer’s treatment of the the death of Ginny T was in such bad taste that even people like myself who don’t shop at the quad, wanted to vomit a little.

    They are bad disgusting people. The end.

  11. In Agreement

    Dec 15th, 2007

    I have to agree with Amateur B. The way they handled the whole Ginny thing was absolutely appauling, they were asked to remove the post and the comments but no, they wanted to watch the shitfest they find entertaining. Pathetic and disgusting are just two of the words that spring to mind.

    Also I noted on Elexors blog that Amelia claims she had drama, and fixed it, with a “Willow”, would this be the same one they also dedicated one of their blog posts too?

    They really need to get their stories straight, honestly.

  12. Beth Reynolds

    Dec 15th, 2007

    “Here’s what’s interesting about this — Pixeleen going to bat for a reporter, with even pumped-up indignation and fury — when that was never done for me when I was far more seriously and hideously under attack. And here’s the reason why: by posting this article, in fact Pixeleen cleverly puts Tenshi even more under attack and makes her look even more ridiculous. Mission accomplished.”

    So what’re you trying to say then?

  13. whatever

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Prok is just trying to make this about her like she always tries to do, that’s nothing new.

  14. Credibility?

    Dec 15th, 2007

    You know, if this were all true, don’t you think the BH folks would reveal this “Ana Boogiewoogie: Well.. I had told their main account personal information about me.. And at first, I was so apprehensive about coming forward with it, that they would put out this info on me.” supposed information??

    If anything, this points more at Ana B for being behind BH. Divert the spotlight to someone else with fake notecards and a good story.

  15. mj

    Dec 16th, 2007

    two questions – looking at the date/timestamps on the third group of chat – - why is it patched together to look like one conversation when it spans a month and the part at the end happened earlier than what came before?

    and also…how’d they try to ‘pin the blame’ on ana? I’ve seen very very little said by them (either pair of them). Is Ana the third member? There was one little comment in the Rag from some anon saying she was… was silence on that score what she means by pinning it on her?

    oh and one more… the Rag also promised 3 people had come forward with revelations…where are the other two?

  16. Ella

    Dec 21st, 2007

    This is happening all over SL people using alts to stalk and keeping their primaries out there. This is big business to them they make money off SL and they are willing to do anything lie, steal, cheat, fake a photoshop picture which is easily done. You don’t have to be anything more than a better artist and they use their “power” to rid themselves of competition. Who would know? Who would care? Revelations? Reality? You want to see a text book example? Look at what they did to Annejoy Paine and aDiva Couture and several other dressmakers,you can google her name and it pops up and even though every dress was changed out of good will by Anne Joy they still attack…They talked to land owner threatening to harass and shut down business if they allowed her stores to stay. Most allowed it to happen, a few stood up to them and they too were attacked and defamed, whats wrong with this picture? Where does this kind of Mob bully mentality stop? It stops when we stop it. Cowards use other people to do their dirty work and we look the other way because it doesn’t envolve us, which makes us cowards too.

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