Alliance Navy Landowner SL Incest/Ageplay?

by Alphaville Herald on 07/06/08 at 8:24 pm

ex-Admiral’s Nanao Mahfouz’s double tool leads to chatspy trouble

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

If the whispered rumors are true – and the over-the-top chatlog is real – the position the Alliance Navy leadership finds itself in must be excruciating. Former Admiral Nanao Mahfouz was allegedly involved in roleplaying incest ageplay with Jezabeth Poutine when a bullet with a scripted chatspy bug was fired into the home where the couple was enjoying some interactive creative writing. The bugged bullet relayed the chatlogs out of the love nest, and the drama began.

Jezabeth has had some wild adventures with Nanao

Cyber sex is as common as lag in Second Life – but certain conventions are generally observed. Cyber in open chat is frowned upon as an invitation to trouble, and Linden Lab takes an extremely dim view of anything that appears to encompass sexual ageplay. But when the improvisational literary lust is rising, some residents are known to shortcut safe-cyber as their muses invent, and then engage in some rather sordid scenes. The virtual sex chat narrative is dutifully logged by Linden Lab as it is relayed between participants, and other residents with the right sorts of virtual spyware can share in the fun – then pass the logs on. And this brings us to the story of a certain Admiral in the Alliance Navy.

The logs of the Mahfouz-Poutine encounter include detailed descriptions of Nanao’s impressive physique – with a penis, a second penis, and a tail. Also impressive was the consistent use of plurals in descriptions of Nanao’s twin tools – staying in character is the first rule of roleplay – though what sort of soldiers the Alliance Navy has been recruiting could be a subject of speculation.

[WARNING: If you are (i) at work or (ii) under 18 or (iii) easily offended by things like incest ageplay STOP READING NOW!]

The chatlogs passed to the Herald include gems such as:

[13:42] bullet: Nanao Mahfouz/me’d seized her firmly by the hips, not wanting to miss out on the sudden penetration as his throbbing lengths filled, squeezed their way into both of her tight, young holes…lifting his hips to draw the writhing tendril of his tail beneath him, the meaty, smooth length coiling about her forearm…

[13:42] bullet: Jezabeth Poutine/me …She whimpers, her little body bucking forward, arching down as she watches between her own thighs and down between his, “yes Daddy.” She pants out softly before pressing her hips down, pausing to whimper as his thick meats painfully stretch her holes that had gone unused in his absence, “Nygh!” Her gaze intently watching her own plush, pink babycunt suckling in her father’s huge tool.

[13:47] bullet: Jezabeth Poutine/me lets out a loud breathy cry of shock and pleasure as she feels the strength of her father’s grip on her young hips and then the slamming tug downwards, rendering her powerless as she is suddenly stretched wide near torn on her father’s enormous lengths… …She blushes deeply the color flooding down to her tiny babytits as they bounce with the next hard slam of his cocks…

and so on.

Nanao has had the privilege of knowing Jezabeth

Could this explains how Admiral Mahfouz suddenly was out of the AN and an ex-Admiral to boot? But ex-Admiral Mahfouz is the titular owner of the Dorien sim where the Alliance navy base is located, and he was quickly reinstated in the AN after a one week absence, although he lost his rank and had to repeat basic training.

Our sources tell us that a certain amount of blackmail vigorous negotiation took place as the AN leadership considered what the loss of the Dorien sim land could mean — possibly another furry death camp. Meanwhile, ex-Admiral Mahfouz may have been concerned about the Linden governance team swinging the ban stick as they clean the metaverse of undesirables in preparation for M Linden’s appearance at the Second Life 5th birthday celebration.

Seeking the reaction of rank and file Alliance navy troops, I stopped by the Dorien base, where Izaea Qinan explained the situation to me:

Izaea Qinan: Nanao was one of two members who was, in his off time, roleplaying on private land.
Pixeleen Mistral raises one eyebrow

Izaea Qinan: Someone from another group came in, fired off a spy bullet at the home, and gathered logs of the two. He took out choice bits, of people saying things like “baby girl,” to try and make it look like ageplay.
Izaea Qinan: He then circulated the logs around. Got dozens of people to abuse report them.

Pixeleen Mistral: they were cybering in open chat?
Architect Jarrico: A lot of people do variations of ‘cybering’ in spatial chat.

Izaea Qinan: I think the fact that nothing came of it speaks better than anything else to the fact that nothing was really happening. And as it was two people, on personal, mature land, enjoying themselves together, Well… people will go to great lengths to try and smear us as a group. Personal attacks are a time-honored tradition. What two adults do in their own homes on their own time is their own damn business. It’s just an attempt to cause drama. LL is quick to ban ANYTHING resembling ageplay. Hell, look at the fifth birthday drama. The fact that both of the people are still around tells you what LL thought of it.

So the possibility of chatlog fabrication or doctoring cannot be discounted, particularly given the tense state of affairs between the various metaverse militia – certainly an organized effort seems to have been mounted to abuse report ex-Admiral Mahfouz.

A number of questions remain – given the apparent long-term relationship between Mahfouz and Poutine and the presumption that they are both adults — is engaging in some improvisational literary activities free speech, or have they crossed the line into broadly offensive behavior? Is double-cocked ageplay in textchat is an issue for Linden Lab? What if one of the participants has a tail?

Happily for the ex-Admiral, none of this appears to be grounds for permanent removal from the Alliance Navy – if you own the land the base is on.

96 Responses to “Alliance Navy Landowner SL Incest/Ageplay?”

  1. Official Templar Historian

    Jun 9th, 2008

    um, lessee, Templars is the secret fraternity of high AN commanders. One of their ships is called the Molay, named after the man, who, as it happens, was the head of the medeival Templars group who was burned at the stake by the King of France for usury, heresy, blasphemy, sodomy, and incest……

  2. limits

    Jun 9th, 2008

    “All I see is two adults on a beach, around the same time as the some called legit log. I don’t see pictures of chat history or them actually going at it. Also, I don’t see a child avatar to suggest that this was a picture of ageplay. All I see, is that you took two pictures of them sitting on the beach. And as far as titles go, does that mean everytime someone fucks an adult ava with the title Babygirl. That means they are practicing ageplay.”

    actually, if we posted anything more graphic (and yes we have the full sequence) we would be guilty of distributing child pron (note the diff in size vs nanao, and lack of breasts on jezabeth)….

  3. Michael Jackson comes to SL

    Jun 9th, 2008

    So basically Nanao is just became the second life Michael Jackson I love the way the AN have all been very quick to defend it but the facts are as follows

    1 the event happened thats proved complete with AN fleet ship in full view to me that constitutes bringing the Alliance Navy into it
    2 Nanao is a public figure so of course this was going to attract
    3 The An has been kissing Linden Labs ass for years I have no doubt in my mind that if he had been an in any other group he would have been banned from the group

    also full marks to the AN jag department its almost like your men have been given comment cards on how to respond to the herald face facts the longer he has anything to do with AN the worse he will drag there reputation through the mud he should do the decent thing and resign.

  4. Sin SIn

    Jun 9th, 2008

    So she was wearing a ‘Baby Succubus’ group tag? What a shame. I have a ‘Holy Shit’ group tag, does it qualify me as a saint? If so I need to call the Pope and reaffirm the whole thing. Come on people, calm down. I really have no idea about your wannabe-army-crap going on and to be honest I don’t want to know about your big boys with big guns games but this ageplay thing is more than absurd. Two adult people having ‘fun’ (who are we to judge if it is sick or not) on a private mature sim, it’s their business and theirs alone. Two adult people doing this on a public PG sim or one adult and a child doing it wherever, that would be reason enough to have the sickos banned, named and shamed. And those of you thinking that RP will manifest itself sooner or later in RL actions … go and have your heads checked. I use guns in SL, I love guns in SL, I even wear them when I have sex in SL – in RL I wouldn’t even touch these things and them being allowed in the US might be one of the reasons for so many people waiting in death row. And the chatlog? Well, it’s more than easy to fake chats and IMs just look at this: [10:12] Pixeleen Mistral: Sin Sin, you have the most beautiful avi I have ever seen. [10:12] You: Awwww, thanks. – Just for clarification, I have never met Pixeleen. And please remember: First they came for the ageplayers but I didn’t say anything cause I wasn’t ageplaying. Good night freedom of speech on a private mature sim, good night civil rights in SL.

  5. Justice Armistice

    Jun 9th, 2008

    [@ Corona - You're a fricking idiot. Keep on defending this shit, and have fun living with yourself at night. Twisted little freak that you are. People like you are what is wrong with society as a whole.

    Posted by: Anon | June 09, 2008 at 12:51 PM]

    Humans are wrong as a whole.

  6. Eye Korobase

    Jun 9th, 2008

    I love how everyone is getting all worked up over 2 perople’s RP. It is really kinda dumb and inmature. I say, drop the issue, because there is nothing to be for or against in something like this.

  7. I Koorobase

    Jun 9th, 2008

    lern spell gud

  8. Special_Fugazi

    Jun 9th, 2008

    People.. Get a life.. everyone.. not saying that it’s right.. but i am also not saying that it’s wrong. Think about it. I bet you have thought about doing this yourself. Also just because someone does it in RP doesn’t “DOES NOT” mean they will do it in Real Life. Anyone that Has a Problem with any of this IM. Last but not lease, who ever used the “chat-spy” can go shove-it.

    P.S. People that are talking shit aobut this and or arn’t Use your Real Second life name pusys.

  9. Super_Fugazi

    Jun 10th, 2008

    “Think about it. I bet you have thought about doing this yourself.”

    Oh definately! I dream about raping my daughter constantly!

    Sounds like someone needs to change his name from Special Fugazi to Special Ed….

  10. parrhesian

    Jun 10th, 2008

    Why don’t you freaks get a job and STFU? I mean ALL of you. My fucking God. It’s like being trapped in a daycare. This is what we discuss here? The SlickWilliesque soap opera bullshit of some imaginary naval force? farce?

    I’ll tell you fake garage army fuckers what.

    You’re like Mork on Happy Days – you’re in about two episodes. STFU you shark jumping little bitches.

  11. parrhesian

    Jun 10th, 2008

    “I love how everyone is getting all worked up over 2 perople’s RP. It is really kinda dumb and inmature. I say, drop the issue, because there is nothing to be for or against in something like this.”

    d00d – this is how these things work.

    All the world’s indeed a stage
    And we are merely players
    Performers and portrayers
    Each another’s audience
    Outside the gilded cage


  12. 2 cents

    Jun 10th, 2008

    1. Fantasy – NOT REAL

    2. Real Life – VERY real


    4. RP on SL – NONE of your damn buisness if you’re not involved in the RP

    5. People bitching about sexual ageplay – in need of help for failure to recognise the difference between 1. and 2.

    6. Please, learn and use the difference between sexual ageplay and ageplay.

    7. Aya Pelous – Some SL content creators are thieves. Clear case all content creation should be banned?

    8. Hazim – Furry deathcamp was meant as a protest for 2 people? lol fucking liar :D

    9. Anon – I think Corona can sleep at night pretty well defending this, as am I. *we* are not confused about the difference between 1. and 2.

    10. V for Vendetta – “People who fantasize about this sort of thing end up doing it some day in RL.” – fantasizing up facts does not make them real. There is no such proof, and it’s also complete bullshit.

    11. Fantasy VS Reality – such a big fucking difference between the two I’ll have to repeat it again for those who still dont get it.

    12. SL Herald – Come on, I know you guys can sink lower then this if you try! Go, Go, Go! Yay Team!

  13. Corona

    Jun 10th, 2008

    @ Corona – You’re a fricking idiot. Keep on defending this shit, and have fun living with yourself at night. Twisted little freak that you are. People like you are what is wrong with society as a whole.

    none of my comments defend pedophiles if you had read properly (assuming you are old enough to be able to read)

    deflowers your 7 year old daughter someday.’

    in which case they have commited a crime

    A pedophile is prob so by nature

    what i was attacking was intolerance of others
    but i guess your too blinded by bigotry to understand that

    consider this – the vast majority of child abuse is done by close relatives – not by ‘pedophiles’
    but only child molestation by strangers tends to get news coverage

  14. Corona

    Jun 10th, 2008

    I sleep soundly cos my conscience is clear of harm to others

  15. Corona

    Jun 10th, 2008

    Today ‘Anon’ atacks ‘paedo’s

    yesterday it was ‘ aspies’

    tomorrow it will be ‘trannies’ ‘faggots’ ‘spades’ ‘pakis’ and ‘nig-nogs’

    Anon sees itself as the voice of reason

  16. Angel

    Jun 10th, 2008

    Tenshi snuffles “You guys made me snort soda in my nose.”

    Well hun, it’s big enough!

  17. Corona

    Jun 10th, 2008

    one other thing concerning fantasy vs reality

    according to the chat log the male avatar had a double penis

    any suggestion as to how that might be done for real ?

    im sure there are loads of guys and gays who would love to know : )

  18. Corona

    Jun 10th, 2008

    re – LOL He has two cocks. Serious stuff. Don’t ask don’t tell, but does he have two anuses and a vagina too?

    lol always knew that one vagina was worth two cocks

  19. Eye Korobase

    Jun 10th, 2008

    anyone else say “unneeded drama for no reason”?

  20. LULZ_No Boobies

    Jun 10th, 2008

    Ok I saw the comment about the fact that Jez has small breasts, I’m sorry but some people Don’t like breast that are maxed out in size in SL, it’s fake and sick to some people like me, both real life and in the game. and you don’t need a set of DD to be a woman. I’m not defending kiddy porn or age play, but god damn just because someone is “real” sized and the other person has his settings maxed out doesn’t mean it’s age play. And as far as the chat logs from people that fire, or claim to fire chat spies, is only good for one thing, lining the bottom of a birdcage with.

  21. General Drama

    Jun 10th, 2008

    Eye Korobase,
    Oh plz, you know that SL thrives on drama, all these trailerpark titans and welfare project queens with their virtual clubs, sims, groups. Everybody who doesn’t fill their time with creative productivity lives on the drama. This includes especially some of the militaries, AN in particular, which has a history of banning and/or slandering anybody they go up against and are unable to defeat head on in combat, any land owner whose covenant they violate.

    When AN harassed Int’s residents, and he asked AN command to keep their troops under control, AN told him to fuck off. You (AN) bawwed when he banned you in response, you bawwed when many groups pooled resources for Emit Time, you bawwed when Kekken Biberman defeated you in 24 hours with nothing but a skullfucker.

    When the Mercz were producing a parody movie of the AN, Nanao and his apparent ex-wife bawwed to Lurdan, then to IntLibber. AN claimed their logo was a registered trademark, which it turned out is a lie (and given its been in the public for more than a year now without being registered, it is public domain now). Mercz dropped the parody project in good faith, hoping AN would start maturing.

    The rest of the militaries THOUGHT you’d all grown up when you signed the agreement with Mercz to end the boycott of the Iron Symphony against AN, in which you agreed to certain conditions, including NEVER using tracker missiles in combat, and unbanning IS members, including IntLibber.

    Your members reneged on your signed contract, they violated their word of honor to your ranks, and you failed to hold Harle or Nanao accountable for their actions as any realistic RP military group should. Nanao is reaping the whirlwind, Harle is beginning to see the same. AN will never be respected until and unless you start operating responsibly and maturely. Clean up your own house, stop blaming others for your own dirt.

  22. Pedo Bear

    Jun 10th, 2008

    “I’m sorry but some people Don’t like breast that are maxed out in size in SL” — LULZ_No Boobies

    Pedo Bear is sad, sad that you dont realize that anybody who is implicitly attracted to flat chested girlish figures with tags saying “baby succubus” is a closet pedophile as well as a demon worshipper.

    Wikipedia says about succubi:

    “In Western medieval legend, a succubus (plural succubi) or succuba (plural succubae) is a demon, who takes the form of a beautiful woman to seduce men, especially monks [1] in dreams to have sexual intercourse. They draw energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death of the victim.[citation needed] One such story[2] relates to a man in the town of Coblenz, who has been bewitched by a succubus, with whom he is forced to repeatedly fornicate, whilst in the presence of his wife.”

    and wrt their appearance specifically:

    “The appearance of succubi varies, but in general they are depicted as alluring women with great beauty, often with demonic batlike wings, and large breasts;:”

    It is therefore clear that a flat chested boy-like ‘baby succubus’ was fully intended to operate as a child, ergo it is sexual age-play, no doubt.

  23. Hades Juran

    Jun 10th, 2008

    One last thing, to General Drama’s last post. The agreement we made with the Mercz was for the Mercz only, not the IS as a whole. The incident which you speak of was us usuing seeking missiles on pilots of a different army who were using aim assists.

  24. General Drama

    Jun 10th, 2008

    “One last thing, to General Drama’s last post. The agreement we made with the Mercz was for the Mercz only, not the IS as a whole. The incident which you speak of was us usuing seeking missiles on pilots of a different army who were using aim assists.”

    Posted by: Hades Juran | June 10, 2008 at 06:03 PM

    The Ordo do not have any sort of tracing/tracking weaponry on their aircraft whatsoever. Harle’s excuses otherwise are both false, and the sort of barracks lawyering which everyone agreeed previously was a violation of the “Spirit of STABLE” clause aka “The Christoph Clause”. Of course, equating Harlequin and Christoph isn’t much of a stretch.

  25. Proteus Hand

    Jun 10th, 2008

    If someone other than Pix wrote this, they’re probably making a fuckton of money off the comments.

  26. Corona

    Jun 11th, 2008

    best be careful you dont call anyone ‘baby’ or ‘babe’ then – cos that clearly contsitutes peadophilia in some minds

  27. El Rob

    Jun 11th, 2008

    /me scrapes the bottom of the barrel.

    /me finds no more shite.

    /me is sad.

  28. Puck Goodliffe

    Jun 11th, 2008

    @V for Vendetta

    If someone like him set foot near my daughter, he’d be scraping his brains off the wall before too long.

  29. CrystalShard

    Jun 11th, 2008

    Why the hell do we need to read chatlogs of Nanao having cybersex?

    Actually, why do we even need to read about his sex life in the first place?

  30. General Drama

    Jun 12th, 2008

    “Why the hell do we need to read chatlogs of Nanao having cybersex?

    Actually, why do we even need to read about his sex life in the first place?”

    Posted by: CrystalShard | June 11, 2008 at 06:54 PM

    Why did you need to know the dietary habits of Jeffrey Dahmer?

  31. Corona

    Jun 12th, 2008

    Puck highlights the problem of intolerance quite well

    If someone like him TRIES IT ON WITH my daughter, he’d be scraping his brains off the wall before too long.

    is a reasonable response

    his version
    If someone like him SET FOOT NEAR foot near my daughter, he’d be scraping his brains off the wall before too long.

    is not a reasonable response

    as basically you are saying you would kill a pedophile merely cos they stood next to your daughter

  32. V for Vendetta

    Jun 12th, 2008

    @ Corona – You are an epic failure of an aborted fetus. That is all.

  33. General Drama

    Jun 12th, 2008

    Corona sez:
    “as basically you are saying you would kill a pedophile merely cos they stood next to your daughter”

    Pedophiles are generally accepted by psychiatry to be recidivists in excess of 99% of cases without surgical or chemical castration in most cases, or serious behavioral conditioning therapy in the less severe cases.

    So ya, Puck’s response is entirely reasonable. Beyond the threat of STDs, victims of child rape generally have an insanely higher rate of suicide and suicide attempts, mental illness, depression, PTSD, and other issues throughout life. Puck’s response is a fathers reasonable right of defense of his family. Dont you dare try to make this into a paen for pedo-rights. Go join NAMBLA (if you aren’t already, which is likely given your prior posts to the Herald).

  34. Nanao Mahfouz

    Jun 12th, 2008

    What? I really don’t see what the problem is here. So what if I RPed sexually with a baby succubus? So what if you let me near a five year old boy so I can do it again? What are you all going to DO about it? Nothing.
    Besides, it was just -RP-. Hence the succubus and not a human child.

    Also, Dorien is mine. The AN wouldnt DARE kick me out for this, even if I am a pedophile who sleeps with subordinates.

  35. lol

    Jun 12th, 2008

    ah shit man, it’s on! x-D

  36. FormerAN_Personnel

    Jun 12th, 2008

    “Also, Dorien is mine. The AN wouldnt DARE kick me out for this, even if I am a pedophile who sleeps with subordinates.

    Posted by: Nanao Mahfouz | June 12, 2008 at 02:50 PM ”

    They don’t have to kick you out Nanao, all they have to do it cut the lines and move to their own sim.

  37. berta

    Jun 13th, 2008

    epic luls.

  38. I can post under fake names too, Ethan Schuman

    Jun 15th, 2008

    It’s easy to post under someone else’s name when there’s nothing to verify.

    It’s even easier to hop on the self-assuming moral enforcement bandwagon when you’re spoonfed shit from a bottle of ass by someone who doesn’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

    It’s even easier to throw law and moral code around like a punchline when you pretend to believe in false pretenses and assumptions.

    But it’s even easier to fall face first into a sensational story.

    Gullable. Pretentious. Cocksmacks.

    Keep trolling, losers.

  39. Ethan Schuman

    Jun 16th, 2008

    Oh look, someone calling me out. I suppose I can take a few moments out of my schedule of relatively more important things to do to respond.

    Allow me to make this absolutely crystal clear: I do not condone this, and the only involvement I had in it was reading it, laughing my ass off, and then telling the person that gave it to me not to distribute it further. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had myself quite a few laughs about this, but that’s because Nanao is a whining sack of shit whose existence is barely justified by the fact that he serves in this country’s military. For all the evil shit he’s done to other people while waving his hands over his head crying about how unfair the world is, I’ll freely admit that I’m glad he finally got his. It’s also gratifying to see that other people share my opinion. However, this was not the way to go about it. I came on here once, posted my thoughts, and left. I’ve never been one to hide my identity when expressing an opinion, and I’m not about to start now.

    Now, I’m going back to the 24 IM tabs and 7 script windows that are hundreds of times more important than a horde of intarweb trolls.

  40. lulz Ethan

    Jun 16th, 2008

    ok ok so what about all the “evil” shit you’ve done Ethan? I’m not going to list since it’s hard for me to even think of what is the worst thing your done is. also I’d love to ask you what the fuck do you do that makes up for you lack of your own lack of morality or even a hint of humanity in your cold dead heart?

    do everyone a favor and go die in the big fucking hole you’ve been digging your self since I’ve known your pathetic sack of shit

    as far as what Nanao has done was hurt some peoples feelings by showing and telling how fail they really are, you ethan on the other hand have hand your hand in distributing person information, leaking gear, racial discrimination , buying out land and giving it to the PN, must I go on?

  41. Lil kid,

    Jun 19th, 2008

    If you rape kids in SL, you most likely like the thought of raping kids IRL.

    You dont rape kids in SL if the thought of doing it IRL would be disgusting to you.

    So to sum it up…Nanao = dirty pedophile …the fact has he done it (yet) or not isnt meaningful.

    By the heights AN goes to defend this, I bet most of AN must have ernomous collection of child porn on their computers.

  42. *comedy drum roll*

    Jul 9th, 2008

    Ladies and Gentlemen.. I present.. Nanao Mahfouz’s Military career after this log:

  43. Chris Hansen

    Aug 4th, 2008

    I’m detective John Kimble. Can I ask why you’re here today?

  44. L.

    Aug 7th, 2008

    The comments are more disturbing than the article and a lot funnier. The whole premise is ridiculous… SL is NOT REAL. Therefore, unless it’s tried in an imaginary court with imaginary jury and imaginary system of justice…
    And I agree with all who say it happened between two consenting adults in privacy and should be no one else’s business.
    That is all. Carry on, please, with your self-righteousness.

  45. Mary M

    Nov 26th, 2008

    Aww. Bless them. You gotta love all the drama whores. They do keep everyone else entertained.

    I’m agreeing with the “Ramming your opinion down someone elses throat is going to get anyone anywhere” bunch.

    /me gives all the bitching whiney hissy fit throwing ranters a cookie for amusing her. “Good work you cutsey little chickadees! Carry on.”

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    Aug 31st, 2009

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