Alliance Navy Base Becomes Furry Death Camp

by Pixeleen Mistral on 25/06/07 at 10:34 pm

Half ur base r belong 2 us
Mercz and /b/ form alliance to take over Alliance Navy’s Emit Time base
/b/’s short lived Fursecution concentration camp

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk & Ace Graveling, War Correspondent

Arbeit Macht Fur

June 20 was a bad day for the Alliance Navy of Second Life. Behind on land tier payments, they lost control of half their Emit Time sim base to forces aligned with another militia – the Merczateers. Even worse, a clan of /b/ griefers set up a furry concentration camp on the former AN base, and began masquerading as the AN.

AN’s trouble began about 1:25 AM SLT June 20th when one quarter of the Emit Time sim – and half of the Alliance Navy base – was placed up for sale and was promptly bought by the “Ailiance Navy” – the first i appears as a capital letter in an attempt at deceiving the casual observer. Three members of the Ailiance Navy (or AiN) maybe familiar to Herald readers: IntLibber Brautigan of Brautigan & Tuck Holdings, Ethan Schuman of the Merczateers militia, and Tizzers Foxchase, who is associated with the /b/ and Woodbury University.

After a brief chat with last week with Tizzers Foxchace (who is now serving time with the banned), I spoke at length with Ethan Schuman about how his group was able to take over the Alliance Navy’s base and turn it into a parody of the AN. While Mr. Shuman was not pleased with all of the /b/’s actions, I learned that Mr. Shuman felt collaborating with the /b/tards was a small price to pay for the victory over the AN .

Defending the world?

It may not be surprising that the Furry death camp only lasted a few days before the Linden game gods removed it and handed out a number of bans. The police blotter friday showed that the Lindens had been busy in Emit Time sim – though some might wonder at this, since Emit Time is on a private estate.

Furry execution area located just past the ovens

Mr. Schuman whisked me up to a plywood platform in the stratosphere so that we could talk without being hit by the boxes of organic cornmeal the /b/tards were shooting while riding an iconic /b/ vehicle – the screaming longcat. Protip: turn your speakers off if there is any chance of a screaming longcat in the vicinity.

AN’s new nieghbors

Ethan Schuman: I was who found out about the fact that the Alliance Navy didn’t actually own the lease on this half of their land, and who came up with the idea to buy it. Anyways, after I found out that the AN didn’t own this half of their land, I talked to the guy who did. He’s a good friend of mine.

Pixeleen Mistral: and?
Ethan Schuman: When the Alliance Navy lost their sim, it was because of the fact that they didn’t have enough money to pay for it. He gave them money, and gave them this quarter of the sim. In return, he was not compensated, nor was he even thanked, and he was treated quite badly by them. When I talked to him, he was having financial troubles. That sort of treatment is typical on the part of AN. He was in need of cash, and I saw an opportunity to strike at AN through unconventional methods.

Pixeleen Mistral: well, going after their finances is really post-modern. so then what happened?
Ethan Schuman: So, I united a group of like minded individuals, including IntLibber Brautigan, Aryte Vesperia, and Anthony Lehane, and the four of us purchased the plot at full price for the remaining term of the lease. It is important to note that all of us paid from our personal funds, not group money.

AIliance or Alliance – which is doper?

Pixeleen Mistral: did you tell anyone, or do this quietly?
Ethan Schuman: We did it quietly, though IntLibber had the idea to start up another military group next door. The rest of us just wanted the chance to take the land plot and return all their stuff. Anthony and I particularly enjoyed it because of what was done to the Merczateers Kremlin oh so long ago

Pixeleen Mistral: so payback was sweet?
Ethan Schuman: I should note that IntLibber funded the majority of the buyout, the rest of us put in smaller amounts, with my own donation just a token amount.

Pixeleen Mistral: this is interesting – it took a loooong time to spring the trap
Ethan Schuman: Payback was delicious. The reaction of the Alliance Navy has ranged from name calling, threats of legal action, to flat out harassment. But then again, when you consider the absolutely despicable behavior of Admiral Harlequin Salome, who personally banned me from all AN land and spread untrue rumors that I was sexually harassing AN members simply because I KNIFED him…

Pixeleen Mistral: good lord
Ethan Schuman: …their reactions have been par for the course. Their Marine Commander actually told me I could “Go die in a hole.” Not very commendable behavior

Pixeleen Mistral: well, they are under a lot of stress now
Ethan Schuman: The bottom line is that we beat them, fair and square, in a field of battle they are not used to fighting on (the intellectual battlefield), and which they are poorly equipped to do so.

/b/ looking for furries

Pixeleen Mistral: that is why I said this was really post-modern – its the cyber-war instead of the grunt war in the trenches
Ethan Schuman: A popular joke amongst those of us familiar with the AN is that it’s only cheating if the AN’s opponents think of it first.

Pixeleen Mistral: financial people can be warriors too, I guess
Ethan Schuman: In this case, I saw a weakness on their front, I gathered my troops, and I exploited it (while remaining well within LL terms of service and traditional rules of engagement), and we were victorious.

Pixeleen Mistral: so once you had the AN’s land – you let the /b/ people loose on it?
Ethan Schuman: Though, I must add that I’m not personally happy with the presence of the Woodbury/PN/griefer crew down below us, though they are here at the whim of IntLibber, and as he paid for most of this…

Pixeleen Mistral: ok – so that is IntLibber’s doing
Ethan Schuman: The original intent was supposedly to form a parody group and run around acting like idiots. I should rephrase. IntLibber took measures to try to make the new group a legitimate military faction. I don’t think he anticipated the explosion of /b/tardery that has manifested itself. The only reason I remain in the group is because I have owner rights, and have the ability to reign them in if they get too far out of hand.

Pixeleen Mistral: how far is too far?
Ethan Schuman: Well, I won’t go into specifics, but the Alliance Navy admiralty are culturally diverse in real life, and symbols of hatred such as swastikas are things I won’t tolerate anywhere. There is a double standard here, as the Alliance Navy admiralty sanction acts such as slander, and once went as far as to crucify an effigy of Aryte Vesperia, who is a devout Christian IRL. However, even with those actions, I will not allow anything of similar sort to be employed.

/b/ trooper

Kovirr Hesse: I remember that. . . lol. Don’t forget the head on the pike.
Ethan Schuman: The Alliance Navy are masters of spin and deception, and if you speak with them, they will downplay or ignore the immoral and unethical actions they routinely stoop to in an effort to demoralize, bully, and break their opponents.

Pixeleen Mistral: ic
Ethan Schuman: Speak with anyone who has ever been a target of one of their campaigns of intimidation, and you will discover them for the treacherous snakes that they are.

Pixeleen Mistral: they certainly have enemies but you may have shown that they are not as powerful as some thought
Ethan Schuman: The AN is quite formidable on the battlefield, but if you take their guns away and make them fight with strategy, logistics, and intellect, their typical defense is to stick their fingers in their ears and scream until their faces turn red. Kind of like what they do when you defeat them in battlefield combat, but that’s beside the point. This event really bothered them. It was to the point where Harlequin Salome decided to leave SL for a while, though he was back after only a few hours.

Ethan Schuman has a sweet feeling right now

Pixeleen Mistral: anything else you want the Herald readers to know?
Ethan Schuman: It is VITALLY important to note that our intent was not to unlease the hordes of… however you wish to classify the mess below us… onto the Alliance Navy, and that this is a private venture. We simply wanted to smack them in the face and go “OH YEAH!” in the Kool Aid man voice.

Pixeleen Mistral: well, I think you did that and there may be some collateral damage as well
Ethan Schuman: Some, which is unfortunate, I will admit.

Pixeleen Mistral: but that is really IntLibbers doing
Ethan Schuman: That little mess is his venture, though I’ll be heading down there to help clean it up later on. The Alliance Navy leadership are dishonest, cowardly, hypocritical, and they have no honor. Something like this has been a long time in the coming, and I’m personally quite honored to have been Karma’s hammer.

90 Responses to “Alliance Navy Base Becomes Furry Death Camp”

  1. Artemis Fate

    Jun 27th, 2007

    I thought it was a little strange originally that LL went after an anti-furry build, but after seeing some of the pictures and descriptions, I’d say it’s much more likely they didn’t give a shit about the anti-furry aspects and were removing it because of the strong holocaust and Nazi connotations, like Economic Mip said. If there’s anything that LL has always harbored a zero tolerance policy too, it’s Nazi groups, Nazi symbolism, and Nazi imagery.

  2. Random Joe

    Jun 27th, 2007

    You know, this who scene has given me great insight into what Second Life is like. It has really caught my attention. Due to the lack of media coverage this game gets, I thought for sure it was just another generic MMO, but now I see it can be anything you want it to!

    So now I may be convinced to actually purchase second life. BTW, if you’re wondering, I found this website through an old Penny Arcade news post from 2003.

  3. taquito

    Jun 27th, 2007

    >> “When are you children going to grow up? Or, go back to the teen grid where you all belong.”

    Nox I take that as an insult…

  4. taquito

    Jun 27th, 2007

    And “haha” at AN since they don’t fight fair just like TG’s New rome, AN probably is illegally on TG and that’s how Darckk keep’s his land…

  5. RV

    Jun 27th, 2007

    Everyone associated with this idiocy should be ashamed of themselves, including the supposed referee Ethan Schuman. He claims the AL is “dishonest, cowardly, hypocritical, and they have no honor”… I don’t know if that’s true or not, but from what I’ve seen it certainly applies to him.

  6. Luca V

    Jun 27th, 2007

    “Yes Madrick, it will end soon, for they have offended the last person willing to pay their tier for them, he sold them out legitimately after being badly treated. Who will Harle go to now, when The Woofer (now known as Dorien) is three months behind on tier? Their Tethys base was also subject to some urban renewal lately. Eventually they’ll be restricted to their quarter sim in Emit Time, the only question is whether they’ll still have the ‘other’ AN as neighbors…..”

    Considering the amount of money I just donated, I seriously doubt that Dorien is behind on tier. Tell me Intlibber, when did you go from being a money hungry land “baron” to being the right hand gimp of a military group who are basically lodgers?

    I would also like to know what evidence you have towards this whole “LOL AN HAS NO MUNEYS” comment, since some of the more financially secure members not only contribute to Dorien, but run their own sims aswell.

    Whilst I don’t agree with the land being sold off and then lied about, the furry death camp, or the fact that this was done because the Merczateers really suck hard at SL combat… I do have to say that the /b/tards did get a few lulz. They’re not the guilty party in this.

    /b/ was given this parcel in Emit Time by Intlibber, who in turn obtained it from Uildiar Kuhn knowing full well that it was part of an Alliance Navy parcel that he had contributed to. The guilty party isn’t even Uildiar as much, since he was just utilizing his land. Intlibber, aswell as those who played yes men with him (Aryte Vesperia, Lurdan Huszar, Ethan Schuman…) seem to think that two wrongs make a right. Jonathan Arna and I were the only two responsible for taking the “Kremlin” building in Badnarik (Merczateer sim) during a prolonged operation, and we acted alone, without any approval or intervention from any AN personnel aside from ourselves.

    I purchased the Kremlin… as the /b/tards would put it, for the lulz, and I got lulz out of it.

  7. Tharik Oyen

    Jun 27th, 2007

    “Obvious you haven’t been around for very long.”

    No, I have not, but I am aware of the fact that certain groups HAVE put up swastikas all over the grid.

    I am also aware that those actions spawned the land management tools of today, effectively retarding the griefer threat significantly.

    I am also aware that banning everyone in a griefer group and dissolving the group will do absolutely zero because they will be back in no time with Alts and a different group.

    So, in this particular instance their bad taste antics were confined to one area, an area you could leave if you wanted to.

    Honestly, I thought it was hysterical. Yes, bad taste, but so what? There’s a blurred line between Cris Rock and Michael Richards and it mainly has to do with the delivery, or the audience.

    Who exactly would be offended by this? Who is threatened by this? Jews? Furries? (discounting the fact that there is no such thing as Anthromorphic cats and dogs and hence its impossible to commit genocide against them).

    So, these guys get suspended, yet I guarantee I could find genuinely harmful, deviant, and unhealthy (not satirical) SL pursuits that get a pass from the Lindens (stuff like simulated rape, slavery, et al.)

    Seriously people, grow some thicker skin.

    “Griefers,” well done. Got a good laugh on an otherwise boring Monday morning. Thank you.

    Also, I eat dog. *smile*

  8. Tharik Oyen

    Jun 27th, 2007

    PS. Remember the song,

    “It’s springtime for Hitler
    in Germany.
    for Poland
    and France.”

    from “The Producers?”

    The Furry Death Camp is along the same lines. It’s harmless and it’s hysterical.

  9. Nacon

    Jun 27th, 2007

    I think I’ll take an honor to repeat something that once said here for bloody stakes….

    “When are you children going to grow up? Or, go back to the teen grid where you all belong.”

  10. James Dagger

    Jun 27th, 2007

    As I posted before: Second Life Herald becomes worse and worse. Why are you posting such a crap? Some kids (yeah, kids) are playing war. Uuuuh… *war*! Well, great, let them play and don’t waste your and our time with that.

    This site has been really great, but times are changing. bye. I won’t come back.


  11. Madrick Burnfield

    Jun 27th, 2007

    I think SL Herald should stop reporting on anything to do with Alliance Navy or The Merczateers, since they never get their facts all straight and everytime they write a story it only causes more tension between the groups themselves and people around us. Also the despicable fact that actions of the few affect people’s oppinions on the many. I think I’m more ashamed with SL Community rather than Herald. People who are not involved have no clue what has been going on and frankly they can comment but they certainly can’t tell us how to execute our actions nor can they argue with the sole facts we lay out on the table. We have people grief us because they saw a biased article about us on the herald, and they believe they are a “Messengers of The Lindens” sworn to “save” SL from apparent “Greifers” who keep within their own walls or within enemy walls in secluded, enclosed environments away from the public. All these events that have been published on this website have made people aware of our presence, but quite frankly we’ve been around for quite a while and big events always have happened. But noone knew or cared. Why must people care if we keep to ourselves? I myself am a furry, I was unaware of the /b/ tards presence and to be bitterly honest I was disturbed when I eventually did go to the camp. Had I known what they had been up to I would not have condoned it. I would like to clear up the fact that it was not an act of our group but merely some bored individuals deciding to act like children. I was aware of the purchase of the land and found that funny as it was a completely legal action meant to inflict damage to the enemy on mental and physical levels. But like I said you may not see anymore articles after a while as this will be ending soon..

    -Merczateer High Command
    General Armii
    Madrick Burfield.

  12. Murderfiend Juutilainen

    Jun 27th, 2007

    What I find so funny is that people get their nuts in a twist about nazi imagery yet communist imagery is A-OK. Considering the actions of the communists in the former USSR, China, and elsewhere make the Nazis pale in comparison. Memories of total war perhaps? Nazi-Chic is quite popular in asia, oddly enough.

    So, on a more related note – Looks like I picked a hell of a week to go on vacation.

  13. SqueezeOne Pow

    Jun 27th, 2007

    I really think SLH and the war groups in SL could mutually benefit from some old timey WWII-style war reporting rather than stuff like this. All this does is bait people and make a bad social situation worse between the groups. I don’t like the AN much but they still deserve a fair shake. The facts will speak for themselves…or maybe that’s why there’s always such spin and otherwise one-sidedness in these war “articles”.

    Also, it would be nice if there was actually more war and less of the AOL chatroom pretend hacker antics. I mean, you guys have private sims for christ sake! All you do is patrol your isolated land and kill whoever shows up. What’s the point? At least when everyone was located on the main grid you could get a run for your money!

    The whole SL combat scene would actually be pretty cool if you guys got over yourselves and each other, came up with some rules and/or combat system that would even the odds and force people to use actual tactics and strategy instead of phantom super artillery and other corny items and start acting like military institutions and show some discipline and respect for your opponents.

    Otherwise you’ll always be nothing more than griefer gangs with pretty costumes.

  14. SqueezeOne Pow

    Jun 27th, 2007

    “What I find so funny is that people get their nuts in a twist about nazi imagery yet communist imagery is A-OK.”

    That’s because the Nazis made a whole group of people famous, protected and powerful through their actions. The fact that my previous sentence will probably be called “anti-semetic” is proof even though it’s just a historical observation.

    The Communists only killed their own people so this never happened.

    Everyone that found the Furry Concentration Camp offensive should watch Mel Brooks’ “To Be or Not To Be” and re-evaluate the situation.

    “Heil Hitler!” “Heil Myself.”

  15. shockwave yareach

    Jun 27th, 2007

    Mel Brooks is funny. /b/tards aren’t.
    Mel Brooks pokes fun at himself and his own as much as other. /b/tards don’t.
    Mel Brooks made a living at being funny. /b/tards make zilch with their “humor”.
    Mel Brooks makes clever use of visual gags. All /b/tards can do is crash sims and be ugly to some groups.
    Mel Brooks amuses large numbers of people. /b/tards only entertain themselves.

    Mel Brooks is to /b/tards what fish are to bicycles.

  16. NobodyImportant

    Jun 27th, 2007

    shockwave yareach:
    -Some people would say that /b/ is funnier than Mel Brooks.
    -This is bull, /b/-tards constantly berate and poke at each other. Everyone takes it in stride, those who don’t are laughed at.
    -Being funny is not always about making money.
    -You’re confusing /b/ and PN. Not all PN are /b/-tards, not all /b/-tards are PN. And again, some people may find /b/ memes “clever use of visuals”. The fact that you don’t is moot.
    -/b/ amuses more people than Mel Brooks on average, because the average /b/-tard population is very high.

  17. Matt Tempel

    Jun 27th, 2007

    all im going to say, is i am a member of the Alliance Navy, and am proud of our group. also, as a FORMER griefer, i find The Mercz actions to be desperate and childish. buying the land, fine, thats a legitimate way of GRIEFING, but, i was told that the mercz are members of the SLSALT pact about not allowing certain actions in sl combat, oh wait, thats only when you guys feel threatened, if it suits you, you claim your in SLSALT, if it doesnt, you say you arent.
    oh, and as a side note, SLH, im appalled at your unprofessional reporting, report both sides of teh story, not just an interview with one of the leaders of the mercz, and taking his word as law.
    -Matt Tempel
    Alliance Navy Marine

  18. Hazim Gazov

    Jun 27th, 2007

    “Mel Brooks amuses large numbers of people. /b/tards only entertain themselves.”

    Who said we were TRYING to entertain you?

  19. Hazim Gazov

    Jun 27th, 2007

    Quite a few people were suspended that had nothing to do with placing nazi hate propoganda or anything like that. all someone did was place a prim that said “furries ruin everything”, and they were suspended for 7 days :(

  20. Ethan Schuman

    Jun 27th, 2007

    There is an ocean of difference between letting something stand and agreeing with it. I don’t harbor anti-furry sentiments, many of my friends (including Aryte Vesperia) are furries. However, something I do believe in is the freedom of expression, and while I might not agree with what the /b/tards had to say, I do agree with the fact that they had a right to say it. They were given land to voice their opinions on, and they did so. You can agree with it, disagree with it, or find it distasteful, but in my opinion, the majority of what I saw didn’t cross the line (that which did was deleted or returned). Since it’s our land, which we lawfully purchased the lease to (sorry Alliance Navy, but just because someone says you can use something for a bit doesn’t make it yours), we can do what we want on it, so long as we remain within Terms of Service, and we chose to let the /b/tards use it as a sandbox. It’s as simple as that.

    Agree, disagree, find it distasteful, or whatever. You have your right to have an opinion, whatever it may be. Just know that most of us really couldn’t care less what it is.

  21. Caine Toll

    Jun 27th, 2007

    Matt Tempel, to clarify. The SLSALT was thrown out the window many months ago in agreement to start up a new treaty, or treaties..rather. Though all military factions signed it, it’s not even in use, therefore is null and void. Your petty argument that you’re breaking rules of a treaty that isn’t even active is rather pointless, and hilarious, only showing how truely intelligent you really are.

  22. General Lizard Aruk

    Jun 28th, 2007


  23. Alex

    Jun 28th, 2007

    (I’m assuming this new treaty is STABLE, Caine)

    “…all military factions signed it, it’s not even in use, therefore is null and void.”

    Not in use by who? The Merczateers? I think you’ll find that if you ever actually stopped and engaged in a friendly bit of fair combat (having said that, I don’t recall the Merczateers having visited Dorien for quite some time, apart from one assault which was promptly squashed) STABLE is still very prevalent. So, you’ve just admitted that you ignore it? Your move.

    A treaty is signed so that it is constantly active. I’m not sure where you got the idea from, but you can’t just turn off when you don’t feel like playing by the rules.

  24. Aruk

    Jun 28th, 2007

    Faggots D:

  25. shockwave yareach

    Jun 28th, 2007


    I can agree with that. Me, I don’t give a hoot what the PNs and /b/whatevers have in their places. Doesn’t affect me a bit, even if I visited there. We should all have the freedom of expression in our own spaces.

    Now, when these folks can learn to leave the furry sims alone and let THEM have THEIR “difference of opinion” in THEIR “own space”, then and only then will I rush to their defense. Since the PN and /b/tards enjoy trashing other groups and crashing sims so much, I’ll not shed a single tear that they finally pissed off the Lindens and got their long-time-coming asskicking.

  26. mootykips

    Jun 28th, 2007

    The PN weren’t the ones making this shit by any means, shockwave, we’re smarter than that. It’s the other /b/tards who take SL as srs bsns. We’re long past treating it that way, so we strike from the shadows, not make giant expansive parody complexes.

  27. Karl Reisman

    Jun 29th, 2007

    Economic Mip, you need to be less offended by 70 year old incidents , and take u the cause of Darfur. Pissing and moaning about the Nazis, just to maintain your “Progressive cred” helps nothing and makes you incredibly easy to manipulate. frankly I found the idea of the Furry deathcamp hilarious, though old as it was done online a decade ago in a text based MUCK all ready.

    IF anyone needs good quality Sculpted prim GI and German Helmets I will have some ready shortly, for about 200L.

  28. Anonymous

    Jul 3rd, 2007

    nice advertising karl lol…

    also, to those who are saying that the Merczateers doesn’t follow SLSALT, I seriously believe that you have not even read the SLSALT. It is VERY open-ended, which is one of the reasons it was dropped. Also, AN loves to say that Merczateers doesn’t follow SLSALT, when they in fact have thrown it out the window, and only bring it up when it suits them.

    Also, I am a furry, and while I was slightly offended when I heard of this, it is no big deal, because NONE OF IT IS REAL!!!!
    I will start worrying when people coming knocking on my door to take me away…

  29. Kirill Moskvitch

    Jul 3rd, 2007

    That’s good fuck you to the Alliance Navy *high five*

    So why does this bring so much controversy? I don’t understand. Furries are HIV positive animals…just ’cause they are overcooked at a summer camp shouldn’t make this a humanity issue, especially since they aren’t human.

    Furries cause lag! Furries spread retroviruses! Furries are the scourge to Second Life. Burn ‘em all yee-haw!

    BTW – The Alliance Navy needs to stop legally flagging everything, it’s as redundant and pointless as the nation’s terror level according to Homeland Security…

  30. Tomothy Conover

    Jul 9th, 2007

    In light of all the long comments, I’m just putting “Heh” to sum it up.


  31. Kizzi Greggan

    Jul 11th, 2007

    And in other news.

    The Alliance Navy and the Secondlife Sky Navy have ended thier long lasting alliance.

    All this happened after Harlequin Salome, a AN Admiral, refused to share his cookies with SLSN High Command.

    Shame on you Harlequin… Shame on you!

  32. Ohh dear….
    poor AN!
    Firstly: congratulations to Penny Cao and SLSN High command for seeing sense, AN were going to frame you rof attacking them anyway.
    secondly: all of raideurs SLSN gear has now been de activated :-( . if SLSN needs any engineers to make them new gear or give them current stuff IM me, you have AM’s full support.
    I would like to congratulate whoever has banned AM from dorien. I know you are all sore losers.

  33. rtbh99

    Jul 25th, 2007


  34. Nanao Mahfouz

    Aug 2nd, 2007

    A shame to see how fun SL combat between two of the longest-standing factions has devolved in my absence.

    See you all real soon.

  35. Nik Ohara

    Aug 5th, 2007

    See, what I find interesting about all this is that if it was any group other than the Alliance Navy who’d had their land yanked out from under them (much less a group that was an *enemy* of the AN), the AN command staff would be laughing hysterically, and making snide comments about how “that’s what you get when you try to beat the system”.

  36. Vash Crimson

    Aug 10th, 2007

    How the hell did /b/ and PN get ahold of my Gallows??

  37. The Wayward

    Oct 10th, 2007

    I’d like to post a salient comment I found while cruising SL Herald stories about the war between the Mercz and AN, as a bit of light reading.

    The following is a comment from the article , cut from the tail end of a litany against the AN posted by one mister Ethan Schuman.

    All I will say is that Merczateers will not stoop to the levels you do in battle, now or ever, and we will never attempt to ruin someone’s day just to prove a point.

    Posted by: Ethan Schuman | April 10, 2007 at 03:19 PM

    It’s interesting, how quickly one’s morals may dissapear when the oppertunity to ruin someone’s day just to prove a point arrises.

  38. Secondlife Mercenaries, SLM

    Mar 14th, 2008

    ive been general, 1st in command of the secondlife mercenaries.
    AN, alliance navy are, and have been our enemy for just over 2 years now.

    the reason of this was the an decided to attack our base for us becomming an upcomming army, made for the protection, and freedom of other secondlifers.

    We had a base, in land also used for a club, but it wasnt intended for a military fortress, it was a centre, a recruitment centre.
    after a random tip-off, the AN attacked us, the manager of the club was confused, just as us.
    he was a good friend of mine, and payed for my armys weapons and supply’s, after the attack he lost all the members in his club after the shoot out, after we managed to stable the situation, and my team of 6 men managed to stand that air raids, mortars, and standard weapon fire being hearled at us, they went.
    the next day we was ejected off the land, and left to patroll sandboxes since.

    we still patroll sandboxes, carrying weapons trying to act as close to our training as possible, knowing we cant actually fire, we are thrown away like a piece of dirt.

    yes i have alot fo stories on the AN, good and bad, but all i think is… the AN want publicity, not respect.

    yes they are well trained, but they are rude and frustrating…

    on the 1st of june, SLM will be hosting a major recruitment operation to rebuild the army to its feet.
    we can handle the building, we just need land, if anyone is interested or wiling to help, or has any questions, please email me at…


  39. anon

    Mar 15th, 2008

    this article is nearly a year old you idiot

  40. The nobody

    Oct 25th, 2009

    Hmm, interesting references in there… to bad I’m familiar with the lot of it. It’s amazing how many folks can say they won with so very little proof, even then considering how the furry population on second life has grown over the years in acceptance… I would say that this has become one big lie for folks trying to stroke there egos.

    But that’s only my opinion, and from the looks of how griefers and others behave on SL… I’m defently not in the minority there either.

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