Nanao Mahfouz Ejected From Alliance Navy!!!

by Alphaville Herald on 15/07/08 at 7:41 am

Former Admiral to pursue other interests, spend more time with family

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Mr. Mahfouz studies his civilian options in an elaborate heads up display

As word spread of the ejection of former Admiral Nanao Mahfouz from the Alliance Navy last weekend, the big questions in the Second Life militia community went un-answered. What will Mr. Mahfouz do next? Is the Alliance navy’s base in Dorien sim in danger of Mr. Mahfouz selling the land? What caused the disagreement?

Seeking answers, I made a visit to the AN base and managed to take one picture of Mr. Mahfouz before I was killed – but learned that Mr. Mahfouz was turfed out of the navy due to long standing disagreements on leadership direction.

Pixeleen Mistral: Was there some sort of change in AN command?
Nanao Mahfouz: And what about them? You’ve come groveling back here hoping for another story you can twist into some sensationalist scandal to attract more avid readers?
Dexhen Helios: holster

Pixeleen Mistral: well – I’m a reporter, and there are these rumors that you are out of the AN command Nanao – but the sources are all outside the AN
Nanao Mahfouz: No, I know who you are, reporter wouldn’t be the appropriate title.

Pixeleen Mistral: so I do the reporter thing, and ask questions
Hades Juran: Nanao is no longer a member of the AN at all. Leave now Pixeleen, you are not welcome here
Nanao Mahfouz: Yes, I’m out of the AN. Here’s your cookie for sharp, top-notch investigative journalism.

Pixeleen Mistral: but you own Dorien, what will happen to the sim?
Nanao Mahfouz: Nothing will happen to the sim. It’s staying here, just like it is, as I promised I’d maintain it.
Pixeleen Mistral: that is good for the AN
You died and have been teleported to your home location
Teleport completed from

It was unclear if I was killed due to an accidental weapon discharge by one of the Alliance navy troops as I stood at the spawn point for the Dorien base or if this was due to enemy action. In any case, it seemed wise to continue the interview at a distance, via IM.

Pixeleen Mistral: so Nanao – why did you leave the AN? I’d like to be able to tell your side in the story I’m writing but I guess I can always go with “Nanao refused to reply” – and let the speculation run wild in the comments section – but it seems like it would be better if you had your say
Nanao Mahfouz: Like you asked for my side of the story last time?

Pixeleen Mistral: I’m asking this time
Nanao Mahfouz: What makes this time different, miss hot shot investigative reporter?
Nanao Mahfouz: Here, how’s this for you then, since you’re asking. I didn’t leave, I was ejected.

Pixeleen Mistral: so this was not your choice — but you will still support the Dorien sim?
Nanao Mahfouz: Yes.

Pixeleen Mistral: there is already a lot of speculation going on – do you have any idea why you were ejected? was there any advance notice – or was it a surprise ejection?
Nanao Mahfouz: No, there was plenty of advance notice. I was kicked because I no longer agree with the directives and motives of high command, their leadership, or their intent on masking themselves behind their own failures to adhere to the doctrine and standards which they establish.
Nanao Mahfouz: This group is left to suffer because of the actions – or rather the inactions – of a few.

Pixeleen Mistral: it sounds like there was a fundamental disagreement about leadership – those are always tough. So you will now be pursuing other interests and spending more time with your family?
Nanao Mahfouz: I’ll be spending more time doing what I do. Combat, and building. The AN is no longer a fun experience, and the only reason I stuck around – obligation – no longer exists.
Nanao Mahfouz: So yeah. I’m gonna pursue other interests, relax a lot more, build for myself and all that feel good metaverse bullshit.

107 Responses to “Nanao Mahfouz Ejected From Alliance Navy!!!”

  1. Ethan Schuman

    Jul 28th, 2008

    Eye, Ordo makes fun of you for the exact same reason everyone else does: You are a dumb ass. The whole reason you’re trying to lash out against Mercz and Ordo is because finally got tired of you humping the legs of the female members (or in the case with Boggen, who you THOUGHT was a female until you found out otherwise afterward) and it gave Mercz an excuse to do what we’ve wanted to do since Ordo left you on their doorstep, rang the bell, and ran. Even Merczateers Ventrilo is somewhat more tolerable without you there. I’m sure I can speak for everyone of relevance when we say GG on joining PoS Coalition. You should fit in fine with your failure of a leader.

  2. Zrazor Rozenstrauch

    Jul 28th, 2008

    “Not wishing to get into an argument with you on the subject but I also disagree with the Ordo being the most hated group on the grid I would firmly place that title at Christophs doors.”

    Bitches always gotta be hatin’. >:[

  3. Karlhockey Forte

    Jul 28th, 2008

    I am suprised you could not come up with anything to even defend yourself with, not even a try. Didn’t even try and disprove anything I said, so that can only mean that I am 100% right.”

    More that I just don’t care to rip every false statement you made apart. I have better things to do.

  4. Eye Korobase

    Jul 29th, 2008

    Ethan Schuman
    o Ethan, how wrong you are. I am not angry with merczs about anything really. My Only real target is Ordo. Again Ethan, you are wrong about many things. Ordo did not remove me, I lefted and gave Aryte my fairwell notecard to sent to the other Ordo members, in which he did not do. Also just because YOU do not like me, does not mean everyone hates me. Just a reminder, I am not the one who freaked out about the AN and said they were going to come back and destroy everything and you wanted merczs to use grifer tactices to fight them. Shame shame. I guess old dogs can’t learn new tricks.

    O Karl, If you had better things to do, you would not been in Ordo. Also if your posting on here then that is not really any better. I mean, since you ACTUALLY had the time and affect to post your 1 sentence, wouldn’t you have time to actually post more then one?

  5. Zrazor Rozenstrauch

    Jul 29th, 2008

    “Again Ethan, you are wrong about many things.”

    Hay, remember that time Ethan Schuman said that the Mercz combat-blockade on VG would force it to disband within a month?

    Man, that Ethan is such a hoot. :D

  6. Confused

    May 16th, 2010

    What is the Alliance Navy anyway?

  7. General Drama

    May 17th, 2010

    Gee, Confused, a bit late to the party? This one’s been sitting dead for nearly two years. Harlequin is back in charge of AN, AN is still a marginal group of griefers and retards.

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