Virtual Sex Industry Mud Wrestling Continues

by Alphaville Herald on 21/09/08 at 7:32 pm

Corsi Mousehold suspended for “disclosure” after posting SexGen contract chatlog in-world?
SL Sexbed Industry’s Dirty Laundry — Part 3

by Pixeleen Mistral, Irrational Affairs desk

Just how messy the SexGen trademark disagreement between Stroker Serpentine and Corsi Mousehold has grown became clear when my iMojowire 3g went off this afternoon. Corsi Mousehold had located a screenshot of an IM chat with Andrea Faulkner and sent a copy of the screenshot to the Herald. In the chatlog, it appears that Stroker’s deputy Faulkner relays words of Stroker’s agreement to allow independent sale of the SexGen platinum bed.

the chatlog – closeup and transcript after the jump

While the undated chat does not explicitly grant Mousehold the right to use the SexGen trademark, it contains a suggestion that Mousehold had filed a DMCA takedown notice against Mr. Serpentine’s business – presumably for unauthorized use of content — most likely animations or scripts used in the SexGen sexbeds.

close up – click for larger version

Andrea Faulkner: Ok… I caught up with Stroker… and I got a positive response… but he’s kinda dropping this in MY lap now so I’m trying to figure out which is the best way to do this for both of us
Andrea Faulkner: You get your bases from Briggi for the Diamond already right?
Corsi Mousehold: Honestly? My ideas for the best. We all sell everything ourselves. Because of what happened between Briggi and Stroker that is never goign to mend. …Unfortunate but Meh. Nothing we can do
Corsi Mousehold: I have mod rights to Briggi’s stuff but I do not have full permission copies of everything yet.
Andrea Faulkner: Right… so basically you get your bases from Briggi..
Corsi Mousehold: We were in in process then this came up and went on pause.
Corsi Mousehold: But yes I get everything from Briggi
Andrea Faulkner: So… Stroker is essentially saying that yes, you can get Platinum bases from Briggi and sell them with his blessing
Andrea Faulkner: I actually thought you guys were selling them anyway
Corsi Mousehold: My long term goal is to be a little more proactive than reactive to the same end that Stroker is taking. I am goign to be going out to set up vendors in other peoples stored with basses in the beds. Basically everywhere and wiping MLP off the planet.
Corsi Mousehold: Briggi is I am not
Corsi Mousehold: Now I can
Andrea Faulkner: well… tell her… or I’ll tell her… copy this conversation, whatever you want… and tell ehr WE SAID you can sell them
Corsi Mousehold: I will fax the DMCA recention notice in a few miniutes

Andrea Faulkner

This chat – if genuine – lends some credence to the idea that Ms. Mousehold’s right to sell SexGen may have some legitimacy – it would be interesting to see how an RL court would handle this sort of evidence. Are agreements reaching in IM verbal agreements or written agreements? Did Andrea Faulkner have the authority to make such an agreement with Mousehold?

how much authority does Andrea have?

Later in the afternoon the drama got deeper as Mr. Serpentine posted a comment mentioning that there is a picture on a prim displayed at Corsi’s store in that contains a chatlog and “The parties disclosed on the chatlog have been informed”.

Posting chatlogs in-world without the explicit consent of all parties involved is a common practice, but is also technically a violation of the Linden Lab Terms of Service and can lead to account suspension if interested parties can find friendly Linden Governance team members to drop the ban hammer.

Apparently, finding friendly Lindens did not prove difficult, as under an hour after Mr. Serpentine’s comment, Mousehold posted a followup comment: “I would thank you in person however Stroker’s friends all screamed at Linden Labs about the posting of the contract Andrea allowed me to share and thusly got my account suspended”

This episode raises a number of questions. It is impossible to judge from the chatlog if there was merit to Mousehold’s DMCA takedown, but we wonder about the claims that some of Mr. Serpentine’s allies have made – was Corsi and Briggi Bard’s sexbed work really work for hire? Can Mr. Serpentine produce agreements stating this? Is it significant that after the DMCA complaint was filed, an agreement to allow sales of jointly produced products followed?

In any case, the general outline of Corsi Mousehold’s legal argument seems to be that, as Corsi told me, “A court will judge that as a written contract between Eros LLC and myself”.

Will Second Life my help usher in the legal concept of a hybrid written/verbal agreement via IM thanks to a sexbed creator trademark dispute?

17 Responses to “Virtual Sex Industry Mud Wrestling Continues”

  1. Corsi Mousehold

    Sep 21st, 2008

    I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack … Accounts unsuspended Thank you for everyone’s undying support. I can’t thank you all enough really. :)

  2. LOL

    Sep 21st, 2008

    Corsi..that was the shortest suspension I have ever seen, you must have linden friends. you sell Stroker’s anims?…just curious

  3. Corsi Mousehold

    Sep 21st, 2008


    OMG you made my day. Thank you! :)

  4. General Drama

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    Everybody knows the first suspension you get from the g-team is an hour, usually nobody but the account holder notices it. The next one will be three days, then seven days, then two weeks, then permban.

    There are several other ARs in the pipeline…. So Corsi, when are you going to DMCA Stroker again?

  5. Andrea Faulkner

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    1) Posting my prvate IMs publicly is a permaban offense under the SL TOS. Abuse report has already bee filed.
    2) I’ve managed Strokerz Toyz since 2006, and to this day do not have full perm SexGen or the authority to give it to anyone else.
    3) The conversation mentioned was permission for Corsi to sell Briggi’s bases, which do have some of Stroker’s poses in them. At no point was Corsi Mousehold EVER given permission to obtain full perm SexGen, and further, Briggi Bard was never given permission to distribute full perm SexGen to Corsi or ayone else. Therefore, they are BOTH in violation of Stroker’s copyright, and both persuable under the Digital Millinium Copyright Act.

    See.. Stroker has already won two precident setting cases demonstrating his ownership of SexGen and paving the way for protection of the rights of digital content owners. As usual, Corsi lives under the delusion that he in some way has any rights here, or that Briggi is in ay position to grant them. Briggi WAS a compesated scripter, and Corsi WAS a compensated animator, but they only continued to do business by Stroker’s leave, and that leave is revoked.

    The End

  6. Corsi Mousehold

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    @General Drama

    Actually I was banned for a week for that one but … Like I said I am back.

    @Andrea … WAY to backtrack there. First you claimed I was never given a license to sell and I was not selling SexGen. Then I show that and it changes to Oh Yeah Corsi was given a license but we have to revoke that now cause we feel we need to. Now Briggi and I are COMPENSATED for what we have made? Okay okay I have to challenge this one. Show me how I was compensated. Show me the contract I signed. And show me the contract Briggi signed where she and I were paid for our work. Oh … Wait a sec no that doesn’t hold water already since Stroker himself said Briggi and her were partners. And another flaw in that. How are you going to sue for copyright on scripts that were made by Briggi? Cause that means she has the copyrights for the scripts. So Andrea stop talking out your ass please and leave this to the grownups. You’ve already basically shown that Eros LLC was lying through their teeth about all this.

    Just agree to cease and desist the sale and distribution of Briggi and my creations … And Eros LLC can keep the SexGen Name and everything created by Stroker. It’s THAT EASY.

    Again. Stroker has claimed to me to have new scripts that are Mono compatible and states our animations suck time and time again. Stroker is making MoCap animations … So I still fail to see where the big freaking deal is here.He gets rid of ours Gets rid of us Gets more space in his beds to do this and wins a draw with his ex business partners. He’s only won court cases by default meaning the other party never showed up. That’s not a precedent unless it’s fought.

  7. Tani

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    Looks like Briggi and Corsi should just pack up and start their own bussiness, this Stroker guy doesn’t seem to be able to achieve a flying shit without either of them. Gotta’ love it when some scat-lovin’ freak like Stroker takes advantage of some talented scripters and animators for his own gain, and then goes around on a shit-flinging rampage when it doesn’t come out for him as well as he’d expected.

  8. derpderp

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    Corsi steals shit all the time, especially from other furfilth in furnation, even hires other people to copybot for him because hes too stupid to work the bot, then claims he can have people banned from sl via the registry at the drop of a hat. Yet at the end of the day he changed virtual diapers, gets banned from rainbow tiger for pedophelia, and dodges burgers at furry conventions. Yep, sure is a badass.

  9. a real person

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    omg… lol… rollin…

    someone change this off of channel 2 hahaha

  10. General Drama

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    Whats so delish here is that furnation is on the verge of bankruptcy and has only been surviving by Corsi’s profits from selling of pirated sexbeds. Once LL does the take-down and blacklisting of Corsi’s entire product line from SL, furnation will soon be reclaimed (or Corsi will have to turn the sims back over to Nexxus Ambassador who he scammed them from in the first place last year with the help of Fayte Baxter’s credit card fraud).

    Furnation dies cause of Corsi’s greed…. how ironically fitting.

  11. Ben

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    such fail, such fail from both sides….for fuck’s sake.
    Corsi, you practically own FN, as filthy as it’s become, why not start up some company based around the FN name or something, rather than be as redundantly stupid as this.
    I mean c’mon, you act like a 12 year old drama whore, it gives all furs a bad name.

  12. adolf irony

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    Do you sell an animation for sticking your head up your butt while holding a slice of pizza, also can I get a pale skin to go with that

  13. Anora Peart

    Sep 24th, 2008

    Wow many of you are idiots, those claiming Corsi dose copybot shit should be shot in the head first of all as I spend allot of time whit Corsi and watch Corsi build everything from scratch even the damn animations so pleas don’t accuse people of shit unless you have concrete proof.

  14. LOL

    Sep 25th, 2008

    @Anora Peart

    Corsi is a Thief. Proof is here in the SexGen Articles. as well a few other websites! I bet you are 1 of his Child furries he likes to Diaper and have sex with! Are you a Scat Rat too?

  15. capn carnage

    Sep 25th, 2008

    damnit you beat me to it :P
    add in that anora is another man behind a female av
    toss in about 3 other of corsis admins there all like transvestties…i’m scared HOLD MEH.

    ppl are worried about furrys taking over…fuck that am scared of the men pretending to be women and go as far as using voice masking software to sound like chicks, where in fact they are chicks with dicks.

    FFS get a grip, theres proof all over hell he even asked one of his own admins (who later he kicked and banned and AR’ed because that admin refused to copybot any more shit and told corsi to fuck himself.
    Anora you really need a grip on reality, this is now a legal problem and in a legal system meaning anything you say here will TOTALLY fuck corsi up.

    80% of the ppl at furnation are good ppl, the good admins that WERE there but are no longer admins were good ppl but corsi is now bringing in ppl that no-one likes because there assholes, selkit diller changed his tune when he got his own sim and made his own company and corsi basicly BEGGED him to come to FN because ppl were leaving FN to goto his sim even though selkit was a bigger asshole than corsi BUT at least you could talk to him unlike corsi whos ban happy and corsi kicking,banning and abuse reporting because “i can” OR “i dont like you” or the best yet “i cant be assed”.

    heres a kick in the face for previous furnation admins, corsi has gotten the ppl that caused the sims to be shut down in 2006 & 2007 and made them ESTATE MANAGERS, fuck he even has some PN’s as staff, beat that kitlets

  16. capn carnage

    Sep 25th, 2008

    @General Drama
    corsi scammed a lot of ppl and corsi has now caused one of fayte baxters victims to declare thereself bankrupt because LL’s lawyers succesfully got a court order from paypal to get that persons RL details and chased that person for $8000 + legal fee’s in short that person WAS to pay back $20,000.

    not bad for a person who wasent even in SL when that credit card fraud went down and who also was the victim on both sides, credit card used in Columbus Grove Ohio, even though that person doesnt even live in the usa.

    and get this about fayte baxter

    He lives in Columbus Grove Ohio

    His favorite platform is Linux

    He plays video games and posts when he beats them, also likes hacking them when hes done

    Hes admitted to hacking games such as World of warcraft, everquest

    He hacked the website to steal funds

    Hes stolen $39,000+ in United States Dollars

    and yet he and corsi convinced LL to put the blame on ONE single person

  17. Hummmmmm

    Sep 27th, 2008

    Long ago, when dinosaurs duckwalked across SL, a furry known as Nexxus Ambassador ran Furnation Worlds, he receded from SL, and Corsi Mousehold took over, seem odd? I’ll explain why.

    Back in this day (roughly september 2006), Corsi Mousehold teamed up with Fayte Baxter, a person otherwise unknown to the Nigras, to script an ingame object that can essentially generate fake linden dollars, and alot of them. These hacked monies, combined with credit cards stolen by the both of them, combined to roughly 20 Billion L$. As any Nigra knows, this kind of money doesn’t last in SL, as Lindens eventually find it, but Corsi and Fayte knew this, so what did they do? They sent this stolen L$, a large fraction of the 20 billion, to Nexxus Ambassador, knowing he would be fined heavily as LL demanded their typical 150% fine from him, which he couldn’t pay. Nexxus was forced to drop SL and Furnation, and Corsi was right under him to catch it.

    Corsi and Fayte sent chunks of this hacked e-money to others, who were also fined out of their ass, such as Chmarr Walcott, but they’re not as relavent.

    Typically both Corsi would be b& along with Fayte (who would move onto another account), but it would turn out that and Corsi was e-friends with some unknown linden on the g-team (the people who typically issue bans), so each was cut a break. Today Corsi himself is aiming for a spot among the lindens, and considers himself a shoe-in.

    —A trusted Linden.,

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