Zito Corleone Resurrection! Mafia Don Lives!!!

by Alphaville Herald on 15/10/08 at 4:56 pm

Mafioso boss is back. Capisce?
Zito’s associate threatens Herald with legal action

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Zito Corleone – still damp from swimming with the fishes in cement overshoes

Expect the Nicholas-Corleone gang war to heat up again, now that Mr. Zito Corleone has miraculously been resurrected from an apparently fatal Linden ban. The Herald had previously reported that Zito had disappeared from the search people list – an action that observers agree is a clear sign of a Linden Lab ban from the metaverse. Yet Zito lives, although slightly worse for wear after a lengthy no-Second-Life experience. The Herald has not yet received a response from the Vatican regarding inquiries about the this apparently miraculous event.

Miracle or not, with the return to Second Life of Zito, the Corleone mafia seems to have become active again – with threats being made against the Herald.

Mr. mustang Letlow, a wise guy close associate of Mr Corleone, felt it necessary to send a series of letters to the Editrix over the weekend threatening RL legal action over a Herald story which revealed a Corleone conspiracy to abuse report the Nicholas mafia. Of course, threatening legal action for publishing chatlogs is classic Second Life gangsta style and we applaud Mr. Letlow for taking his thug life seriously.

“gotta say the articles about zito+stang+all of sl-v-nicholas was very hillarious…had me laughing at how desperate you are considering you had to break the law to get your ‘info’” – mustang Letlow

“I’m not sure how you come to the conclusion that I “had to break the law” to write those stories – I just report what I learn myself and what other people tell me.” – Pixeleen Mistral

“you did not have permison to post that conversation and that was a infringement of our right of privacy..remove it or SLH will have a legal issue” – mustang Letlow

“The Terms of Service for Second Life do not apply outside of Linden Lab’s servers nor do they constitute laws. While I can sympathize with your desire to keep that chatlog out of the public eye, documenting an escalating gang war is well within the public interest and is a legitimate journalistic pursuit.

I’m not sure how my source managed to acquire that chatlog, but since it was given to me outside of Second Life and I have not published it within SL, there is not even a TOS violation here. Given the state of Linden Lab’s technology it is unlikely that there can be any expectation of privacy in SL.

In any case, I am glad to have your implicit confirmation of the veracity of the chat session – but you have no legal leg to stand on.” – Pixeleen Mistral

“i wasnt refering to the TOS…right of privacy in RL DOES apply dumbshit” – mustang Letlow

29 Responses to “Zito Corleone Resurrection! Mafia Don Lives!!!”

  1. Reality

    Oct 15th, 2008

    I must say … someone is ill informed.

    mustang, real life laws have nothing at all to do with a pretend mafia within a fantasy world, nor the fictional character you portray.

    If any of your conversation occurred in a public space within Second Life you truly have no leg to stand on. If it occurred in an IM, then your only leg is the Linden terms of Service … which does not apply outside of Second Life – much to my own dismay.

  2. Aya Anabuki

    Oct 15th, 2008

    I can’t remember any legal precedence claiming it’s a legal breach of privacy to post a private chat log. Since mustang has essentially admitted that the chat logs are authentic, I don’t see how a defamation suit would be possible since the infringements were direct, non-copyrighted quotations from the plantiff himself. I think that Barrett v. Rosenthal (2006) and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act will cover SLHerald.

    What do I know though? I’m not a damn lawyer.

  3. Razrcut Brooks

    Oct 16th, 2008

    “i wasnt refering to the TOS…right of privacy in RL DOES apply dumbshit” – mustang Letlow”

    Mustang, please expound upon this legal truth you seem to have discovered..We eagerly await your judicial opinion to set a precedant for the future of every litigator to adhere to.
    So, your above prose that ends with the eloquent word: “dumbshit” describes a “right to privacy” for your animated, online persona? Wow. So, basically my cartoon character “Razrcut” has a legally protected right to privacy guaranteed by a constitution/TOS that is globally enforceable ?

    Mustang, your first homework assignement is to locate the United States “right to privacy” in our Constitution. You will have trouble explicitly finding it.


  4. Pollster

    Oct 16th, 2008

    Post Weekend Debate

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    - 51 | 98


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  5. Anonymous

    Oct 16th, 2008

  6. pretendmafiasarestupid

    Oct 16th, 2008


  7. LOL

    Oct 16th, 2008

    A pretend mafia trying to use the Law to get thier way… thats a 1st…
    I allways thought the mafia broke the law openly not stand behind it like a finoik

  8. Anonymous

    Oct 17th, 2008

    real mafia would “make an offer they cant refuse” and usually result in some people being dead.
    but seeing as people cant die in SL, just get banned, they just cry like little shits.

    you’re not a mafia, just a bunch of crybaby roleplayers.

  9. Nicholas Mafia

    Oct 17th, 2008

    Are you really sure he is resurrected? I would check search again ;)

  10. question?

    Oct 17th, 2008

    if Letlow is SO connected with Philip and other higher ups(as reported in previous coverage)then what’s with all the crying and baseless threats? Go do your thing SLM member and leave the rest of this crap to the other butthurts we know and love.


  11. ohaibaizito

    Oct 17th, 2008

    LOL @ THE BAWWWWWWWWWW Mustang!!!!1!! And LOL @ Zito Corleone not in search AGAIN…god you kids just dont learn. Been wtfpwned so many times and filed so many fake abuse reports that even Linden Lab is probably just fed up with the horse’s ass and got rid of him again. And while i thought Zito was the biggest dumbass, it turns out that Mustang is up on deck for Bawwtard of the 2008. Oh noes halp me, they posted mai pixel convo. ha!

  12. nicholas mafia

    Oct 17th, 2008

    are you sure we really arent gay? i would check for the vendetta sim and see that we got butthurt again go baww to someone that cares you dumbass towelheads

  13. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Oct 17th, 2008

    There is a checkbox in your profile that determines whether you show up in search or not. Mystery solved.

  14. Ben

    Oct 17th, 2008

    yay, what would sl be without the blingtards playing imaginary dress up and cops n robbers

  15. Jumpman Lane

    Oct 17th, 2008

    Pix u rock babe! I unnastan! It’s just I don’t read about the rp wars. What I DO know is that the Lindens crash as much as we do (maybe more) and the hardware and software they use to discipline us is just as wonky as SL itself so that some tard like Zit Corleoney could appear to be banned while only suspended. (NOT the same thing!) See Lindens are actually friendly and wanna be ur pals (add one today or get their bear). But make em mad and they can do crap to you that takes 3 or 4 Lindens and a coupla English and Indian telemarketers to fix

  16. IntLibber Brautigan

    Oct 17th, 2008

    “Mustang, your first homework assignement is to locate the United States “right to privacy” in our Constitution. You will have trouble explicitly finding it.”

    232 years and this still hasn’t been fixed. Someone should file a bug report to the US government.

  17. nicholas mafia

    Oct 17th, 2008

    dont remind us about our vendetta sim
    we luv’d that sim man
    dont taze me bro
    and stop putting stuff in your profiles that makes us
    makes us
    oh nooooooo



  18. random reader

    Oct 17th, 2008

    if mustang,tony,zito,and all the people that keep 1)proving you wrong/2)showing you up/3)not backing down from you…are not a threat…then why is there such an issue about them? is the nicholas mafia in love with them?or are they secretly afraid of them so they are trying so hard to get rid of them? please answer me that riddle.

  19. hurf durf

    Oct 18th, 2008

    There is a checkbox in your profile that determines whether you show up in search or not. Mystery solved.

    Posted by: GreenLantern Excelsior | October 17, 2008 at 02:13 PM

    That only applies to the All search not to the people search. If you’re out of people search, which was shown then typically you’re permabanned.

  20. nicholas mafia

    Oct 18th, 2008

    “apparently fatal” FATAL?
    “Corleone conspiracy” CONSPIRACY?
    WTF? Pixeleen did you make it out of high school or are you one of those “I gots a G.E.D. in my late twenties” achiever types?

    Eva heard of Websters? Better yet, eva pulled yourself from the typepad.com site long enough to actually use Google to look up definitions?
    Your improper use of words leaves much to be desired from us (the readers) and it appears that YOU desire little in the way of thinking with your noodle!

    WORD/s/ to your mother! (hopefully she has a full fledged diploma)


  21. Afroduck

    Oct 18th, 2008

    Be careful or the pretend mafia might put a giant pixel penis on your pretend lawn.

  22. Briscoe

    Oct 21st, 2008

    One word :


  23. random reader

    Oct 21st, 2008

    so with no response from this so called powerless nicholas fuckbuddy group…im going to suspect that no one can be hurt by them? is that what im understanding?OH btw…if you get offered to by one of their viewers..dont Sammy Emmons a nicholas capo likes to say that they are able to steal accounts through this viewer..say chease(or is it queso?)

  24. hrdshf

    Oct 21st, 2008

    protip: acting like your a part of some mafia in a fucking game like second life could just leave you failing just as hard as a furfag.

  25. nicholas mafia

    Oct 21st, 2008

    sammy is a basement hidin puke!
    Lil bagged that f**k and made derik run from ballers the other nite like the pussy he is and Lil flipped all those nicholas tag wearing chicks like the fleas they are

  26. Ruprecht

    Oct 22nd, 2008

    These mafia retards are the pinnacle of stupidity in SL.

    If you’re ever thinking of joining one of these mafias, lay your nuts on a sturdy table and smash them with a hammer.

  27. Dont ya want too know

    Oct 25th, 2008

    SL still has Mafia, what could they possible do, for real its not like when there was 40k of us in game and some of us ran the world, want real mafia news – find news on Mo Mo, Alyeska Zamboni and Onesong.

  28. Wasting Time

    Oct 28th, 2008

    Write a real story, Not ones about some 50 year olds fighting over who shot me with the fake bullet I want revenge! Although I dont really agree that all mafias are as fake as this one, I have seen some actually do good things in SL, That includes helping others…Perhaps we should stop giving Nico and Zito the attention they desire, If we want a half decent mafia story, look for a group that doesnt need to use the AR, to attack their opponents…

  29. agree'd

    Oct 28th, 2008

    ref: Wasting Time

    I totally agree with “write a real story”. It’s obvious these LL bans are achieved with AR’s coming from the other side. So here we have two rivals gangs submitting ARs against eachother, for what? Zito and his associates AR the Nicholas for using service disruption tactics and Nicholas AR Zito for his use of ARs? or for being a total annoying pain in the ass? I don’t get it.

    Is this some kind of publicity stunt on the part of the Herald staff? It seems Nicholas “runners” always favor the Herald side of the story. Publish some mafia stories with real action or move on to something new please

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