Alien28 vs Plagiariser — part 6

by Alphaville Herald on 28/07/09 at 7:24 am

UFOs, aliens in shocking battle against Second Life intellectual property theft

by Coke Supply


[PROTIP: there is a secret message on Coke's collar - click on each image below for a full-sized view of the comics. New readers may want to start with the previous episodes - the Editrix]






[ be continued...]

22 Responses to “Alien28 vs Plagiariser — part 6”

  1. mdkkfc voom

    Jul 28th, 2009

    best comic in SL make more

  2. Prok's Huge Underpants

    Jul 28th, 2009

    This “story” has gotten beyond retarded. Just stop already.

  3. Coke

    Jul 28th, 2009

    Thank you :) I will keep making them :)

  4. Professor C

    Jul 28th, 2009

    So here I get this random IM that the Coke Supply Masturbation session has started up again. I came back to the Herald and here before me starting the absolute stupidity back once more is Coke.

    And as such I must exclaim to you as follows:

    HOLY SHIT COKE GIVE IT A REST FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!! Can you please stop stroking your E-Penis for five seconds to get over yourself? I mean seriously are we on that much of a witch hunt that you have to do this over and over and over? Seriously! You are talking about theft of Intellectual property but entirely missing the fact that the character you are fighting about is a copy written design in the first place by someone other than any of you. You’re all in the wrong over this and screaming like a little whining baby does not make you right and this Zilo guy wrong.

    Give it a freaking REST already. No one cares.

  5. Coke

    Jul 29th, 2009

    @Prok’s smelly underpants:

    Wow, I was only trying to make people laugh!

    To be frank, many people have said that this is the best episode so far (I think part 2 is better, personally). Anyway, as there has been a lot of negative comments about the comic on this site, I’ve decided to manifest all that negativity into the persona of a new character that will be appearing in future issues. One that hates me and the comic, and is consistently bitching and moaning about how much of a bitch I am for exposing the rampant content theft within Second Life, and does their best to justify why any attempt to expose copybot abuse is, well, “retarded”.

    Maybe that might please you instead?

  6. Coke

    Jul 29th, 2009

    @Professor C

    LOL I was wondering when you would turn up again!

  7. mdkkfc voom

    Jul 29th, 2009

    okie whos the shithead post This “story” has gotten beyond retarded. Just stop already. under my name if u know who u r dont expect mercy from me dickward and 2nd if u dont give a shit about this why the fuck would u still cared if Coke still doing it if u do cared that means

    A ur a spy that send from Zilu
    b ur a Zilu’s friend
    and c if i know who post that ur dead

  8. mdkkfc voom

    Jul 29th, 2009

    why do u care if u said no one cares already LOL thats kinda wrong LOL ur saying that if u get ur stuffs CBed and u wont give a shit huh LOL

  9. mdkkfc voom

    Jul 29th, 2009

    above massage is post by me mdkkfc voom not coke

  10. Darien Caldwell

    Jul 29th, 2009

    Saying it’s ‘the best one so far’ is kind of like saying out of 6 piles of dung, this one smells the best.

  11. good god

    Jul 29th, 2009

    I met Coke Supply years ago at some crappy contest where she was beaming her friends in to have them vote for some picture she’d drawn, or something some “friend” had drawn. I dunno, i don’t remember exactly except that she was obviously an irl man and a seriously toxic bitch in SL.

    I can’t follow the comic because it’s like something written by an angry child, but i’m disappointed that the herald would reprint it, and if i were the avatar who is being roasted in it i would sue Coke and the herald for defamation.

  12. Professor C

    Jul 29th, 2009

    You have driven me back out of lurking and into the daylight. As I can see Coke you have not changed in the least. Still high up over yourself.

    Last night I decided to see what truth there was to all of this. As it turns out the two people Xeno and Zilu worked together on the project in the first place and thus BOTH of them are then able to sell it. It was a trade off.

    Zilu is actually not as much to blame as Xeno is for talking Coke into putting out this hate comic to ruin Zilo’s sales.

  13. hahaha

    Jul 29th, 2009

    Oh good god, Coke. You’re as overly dramatic and just in “victim mode” just like our old attention troll Penny Sautereau.

    The story is stupid. Get over it. You’re not winning any “moral victory” with your little diatribe, you’re just looking like a shallow, vapid, emo bitch with an unkillable “attention whore” streak in you.

    Your story sucks, face it.

    @mdkkfc voom
    Hooked on phonics can work for you too.

  14. janeforyou Barbara

    Jul 29th, 2009

    I known Coke for yares, shes awsome women,, good builder and creator, the comic are awsome, all them rude comments on this talks for it self, seams that ppl are jaluse on what coke do,,you got rights to talk and tell your opinion and critisise, but rude stupid comments just dont hit, makes you just look stupid.Coke are a good hard working women.

  15. mad english teacher

    Jul 30th, 2009

    Good lord, janeforyou. Your command of the language is atrocious. With your displayed lack of intelligence, it’s no wonder you find Coke so inspiring.

    And I’m not the one making Coke look stupid. Her emo little story is doing just fine in that regard. And you’re hardly the person who should be calling anyone stupid. Maybe you’d be taken a little more seriously if you could actually communicate in proper English, instead of this half-mangled garbage that teens are known for nowadays.

  16. janeforyou Barbara

    Jul 31st, 2009

    @mad english teacher

    I am not English or American, i am Norwegian, i am sorry if you got problems reading what i say,i can wright this in Norwegian for you, then you can trye to understand that.When it comes to my intelligence that you are trying to insult your comment speak for it self, you got no idea in my intelligence or who i am or what i do or have done.

  17. LOL

    Jul 31st, 2009

    OK, when this Mini comic started to show up on this site, I made a comment about how FUCKED UP it is that, these people are caliming someone stole thier concept, Design and started screaming DMCA, TRADEMARK and COPWRITE shit. So I looked on a few website and made the observation these fools were fighting over a 3ird party’s Trademarks and Designs. In this case it just so happened to be, James Camron, H.R. Giger and Twentith Century Fox.

    SO WOULD YOU PLESE SHUT THE FUCK UP already. If you REALLY want to know who own the Design, Copywrite and Trademarks for Alien, Aliens, Alien 3 and the rest of em I suggest looking on a few sites, fo instance:

    If you on this page here:

    it says:

    Copyright Holder:
    Twentieth Century-Fox.

    or maybe you want to check out the ORIGINAL ARTIST’S SITE HERE:

    and read this:

    The H.R. Giger designs, paintings, and sculptures on this site are the copyrighted works of the artist. Their use, reproduction or distribution without the written consent of H.R. Giger or his authorized representatives is strictly forbidden. All photographs on this site are the copyrighted images of the individual photographers whose consent must also be obtained before any use.

    in my opnion

    @Coke Head, you should go lookin an mirror, point @ your reflection and scream THIEF!

  18. janeforyou Barbara

    Jul 31st, 2009

    Why have not Fox or who ever done any bout this? Thay do know it.
    Go take a look at scifi items in SL, also all the MJ items and avatars, and Elvis.
    If a dude sing a Elvis song.. dress in Elvis costumes,get a Elvis hairstyle, even do his face look like Elvis, you think Lisa hunt them down cuz she got the rights to Elvis items? I can continue… “Lord of the ring..Harry potter….etc.”

    The creators LOVE to have all this out there RL and on VR, why? to keep up the popularety! BUT if you copy some to make millions.. thats a other storie.The copyright holders dont come in before there are serius cash in it,, then maybe you get a good deal :-)

  19. Professor C

    Jul 31st, 2009

    @ mad english teacher

    I suggest you leave janeforyou Barbara Alone. There are those that have trouble speaking and typing languages that are not their native. And I would bet that she can type English far better than you can type out Norwegian any time. Jane had earned my respect as well as a few others. As for her opinion on Coke we do disagree but I am not about to start a flame war here. This is a place for personal opinion on the topic at hand not a screaming session over one another.

    @ janeforyou Barbara

    Good Day to you.

    @ LOL

    Thank you for finally getting the documentation needed for this.

    @ Coke

    I notice that you have not spoken a word since I last pointed out the truth behind the initial conflict that started this entire mess. Did you finally go out and have a look for yourself? Or have you known all along and you are just trying to drum up sympathy sales for Xeno while crushing his former partner?

  20. templar cuttita

    Jul 31st, 2009

    i think its outrageous, That someone with no talent to create there own inventions can steal anothers brilliance, and i say this that coke is the true inventor and anyone who wants a avi should see her and not that imposter,

  21. LOL

    Aug 2nd, 2009

    @janeforyou Barbara

    Infact Twentieth Century-Fox, is looking at all the trademark violations and monitary damages caused by SecondLife and XstreetSL. to name a few…. The Simpsons, Family Guy, ALIEN, American Dad… Taser opened the flood gates. When that Story broke in the financial times, other Multi-Billion dollar a year studios started to look VERY CLOSELEY at second life and XSTRRET SL. Proof is in the fact that XSTREETSL has gotten alot more strict in the reviewing of thier items. So strict infact that items that are not in violation of TM or Copywrites are often removed by XSTREET staff because they are ignorant to Trademark laws and choose to “when it doubt, Remove it” Even the old trick of saying “inspired by” is no longer working thanx to taser and the spineless Linden lab.

  22. Coke

    Aug 11th, 2009

    @ Professor C:

    The reason why I did not respond to your comments until now is that you were talking out of your arse, and I wanted to wait to see exactly how much shit would come out. You stated;

    “You are talking about theft of Intellectual property but entirely missing the fact that the character you are fighting about is a copy written design in the first place by someone other than any of you. You’re all in the wrong over this and screaming like a little whining baby does not make you right and this Zilu guy wrong.”

    When did I ever claim that I owned the copyright to Giger’s work? When did I ever say that I owned the copyright to Fox’s work? And what exactly do you think I write this comic for, anyway? If you had kept your eyes on the ball, you would know the full story behind what happened between Xeno and Zilu, and you would know that it’s got FUCK ALL to do with the avatar I created!! Oh and I seriously doubt that you are friends with Jane! I’m quite sure of that, considering the comments she made against you here when the comic was first published!

    @ “Good God” (thats you isnt it Professor C)
    You wrote the following;
    “I met Coke Supply years ago at some crappy contest where she was beaming her friends in to have them vote for some picture she’d drawn, or something some “friend” had drawn. I dunno, i don’t remember exactly except that she was obviously an irl man and a seriously toxic bitch in SL.”

    When did I enter a picture competition with any of my own artwork? Or any of my friends work? When was this? Why would I behave like a “toxic bitch” if I was right there at the competition I was taking part in?!! Who the hell are you anyway?!!! Stop changing your name!!!!!!

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