Sex and the Second Life City: A Dead End

by Alphaville Herald on 23/07/09 at 6:39 am

Reporter captured, humiliated — urban roleplay sim coverage continues

by Millennium Sands

It is night when the bus with our reporter comes to a halt. Stepping out on the street, she smells the stink of diesel fumes, stale cigarette smoke, and something else even less pleasant. As the bus pulls away, she realizes that she got off at the wrong stop.

Nearby is a run down service station. To the right, the road seems toloose itself in a wilderness, while in a distance to the left, thelights of a city beckon: Deadend City.


Spreading across just one sim, the town is much smaller than the Crack Den. However, the scenery equals its bigger counterpart in terms of atmosphere. Situated on a row of coastal hills, Deadend City has a distinctive mediterranean flair.

Players find support at a website with forum, and aside from the common notecards about RPG rules and basic required skills, automatic messages introduce newcomers to their situation when they enter the city for the first time (see above), making it easy to evolve an own story from that starting point.

It's exactly that point where our reporter finds herself, and it only takes a moment before her long slim legs carry her towards the lights that attract her like a moth in the night. It never occurs to her that these lights might lead to doom and burn her.

After a short march, one light stands out among the others. It's the illuminated sign of a motel. The promise of shelter, comfort, and a safe place to spend the night looks tempting to the girl, who's slightly aware that she might be too pretty for her own good to stay out on the streets at a late hour like this.

Upon stepping closer, she hears voices from the inside, talking french. Knowing no french at all, she can't understand what they say. It might be difficult for her to get a room here, but she's determined to give it a try at least and walks in.

A sleazy looking guy waits behind the counter, his bare chest tattooed from neck to navel. Next to him a woman is standing, only dressed in a bikini and boots. Their french is interrupted when they spot the young journalist, and without making matters too complicated by bothering with emotes, the guy switches to english and asks her if she's looking for a room.

The place doesn't look very cozy. Hesitating to get a room right away, our reporter tries to find out when the next bus will arrive. It turns out that she needs to spend a whole day in town before she might be able to leave it again, so she decides to stay for the night in this motel.

The guy tells her to follow him while he's leading her to her room, and together they walk downstairs, to a spacious suite that is already occupied by several french speaking people.

Our reporter is puzzled. It can't be true! Does that guy really expect her to share a room with a bunch of strangers she can't even understand? Confronted with an impertinence like this, she's about to protest as the guy opens a door and motions her over to keep on following him.

They enter a narrow corridor, and the girl begins to feel uneasy. Why didn't she see that door right away? Did she only overlook it, or was it hidden? And where is this guy leading her to? She can't see another exit from this passage!

Her worries become very substantial when they reach the end of the corridor, and the tattooed guy opens another door that was hidden and invisible before he touched it. But it's already too late to flee! At the very instant when she realizes that she had walked into a trap, the slender girl is grabbed and yanked through the door by the first emote she encounters in this sim. Within seconds, she's dragged along iron walls in an underground prison, pushed into one of the cells, and a door of steel bars slams shut behind her.

As she comes to her feet, her captor sneers at her from the outside, accompanied by a woman and a second guy. The comments they make on their prisoner while they talk to each other leave no doubt about their evil intentions. When they leave her for a little while, the young curvaceous reporter has more than enough reasons to cry for help.

After some minutes the trio returns and gathers again in front of the cell, enjoying the sight of their lovely captive while they frighten her even more with lewd statements and demands. One of them, a muscular black giant, tells her to strip naked, if she doesn't want him to come in and help her out of her clothes. Before the poor girl even had a chance to respond with a simple single line emote, the guy enters the small room.

Terrified, she backs off into a corner of the cell and hurries to get out of her skirt as fast as she can, to give him no reason to step any closer. Pleading and begging him not to touch her, she crosses her arms over her chest with the help of a special anim she carries in her chimera, in a desperate attempt to protect her body from the immediate threat of getting groped by his greedy paws. But as a set of poseballs is rezzed, she realizes that a fate far worse than just getting groped is coming her way.

Forcing the helpless girl down on her knees, the giant opens his pants, grabs her head by the hair, and silences her appeals for mercy in the most cruel and reckless way.

During the next minutes, the daring reporter pays a horrible price for ever being so bold as to even think about writing a story about capture sims. What makes matters even worse for her is the way her tormentor designs his roleplay, assumed there is any design at all: While she emotes her pretty ass off, depicting her actions and the variety of feelings she experiences during her ordeal, his responses are meager, to say the least. A few sentences in direct speech is all that comes back from him most of the time. Rough and lewd commands, barely filling a single line. It doesn't take long before the girl and her real life typist feel humiliated and badly exploited by this bad balance of roleplay giving and taking.

When he's finally done with her, he slaps her face and makes room for his comrade, who doesn't hesitate to rape her in the same fashion – and with equal "skills".

Meanwhile, the gang's third member, the woman, has entered the cell too. When our abused heroine receives another slap across her lovely face and her rapist lets go of her for a moment, she realizes that the woman left the celldoor open.

Not wasting time on another emote, the tormented girl dashes through the open door and runs for her life towards the exit of the cellblock. But all hopes for freedom shatter as she finds the door locked. The gang is enraged. Shouted commands order her back into the cell, and a whip is cracking. She knows she is doomed. They will drive her back into the cell and probably abuse her for the rest of her days. Despaired and in panic, she TPs out of this hell, actually fleeing more from another round of poor roleplay than from the sad fate she'd have to endure if she would stay.

Materializing at her home, sobbing and almost naked, she collapses in a state of shock.

[ be continued...]

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  1. Reality

    Aug 1st, 2009

    Scylla: Knock off the bullshit, ok?

    I don’t believe a word you have typed, period.

    Not even concerning your real life – not one part of it.

    The fact that your most recent response contains text that I did not type – “And kicked? And punched?” – shows more than anything else, just how disturbed you really are.

    I said you need to be slapped in the face and taken to a shrink so that someone can actually do something about this obsessive behavior of yours.

    Hmm, a “slap in the face” can also be verbal – such as my responses so far.

    I will leave you with this Scylla: Whatever you really are, don’t bother responding at all until you are capable of responding to what is actually written – not what your mind imagines to be written.

    transwoman, come back when you have some newer trolling material.

    Corona: Just stop responding.

    There is no such thing as objective debate when those who respond – like you and Scylla – cannot do so without implying thoughts and ideas which are not expressly written.

    Don’t like the response given? Stick to what has been written.

    All you seem to be able to do is come up with your own little ideas to place them on other people.

    Until you are capable of responding to what is written and not what you imagine to be written … you don’t need to be responding at all.

  2. realitycheck

    Aug 2nd, 2009

    Reality, you are perhaps the most repugnant individual I have ever witnessed making comments in the Herald. And that really is quite an achievement. Well done.
    You manage to make no valid points whatsoever, instead blustering inanely about some fabled ‘experience’ with a series of women who were apparantly asking for it anyway.. What subconscious responses are you talking about? At least give one point of clarity among the endless swamp of murky bile that you spew.
    If you weren’t such a poisonous, odious cretin your comments would actually be quite laughable in their staggering lack of knowledge, self awareness and the presence of any discernable point other than the bellowing of hot air.
    Your inability to engage with anyone in constructive dialogue hints at mental difficulties in yourself that you project onto others. I would encourage you to seek support for that, before the terrible bitterness becomes so entrenched that you lose all traces of humanity. In seeking that support I would further advise that you steer well clear of anyone who posesses any of the ‘skills’ or ‘qualities’ that you allege to used in providing, erm, ‘support’ for friends who have experienced abuse. For your future reference, telling someone that they should leave an abusive partner is, well, useless. They already know that and need to be able to have a safe space to explore their feelings and the barriers to leaving. Hinting – or in your case most probably stating – that it’s their fault anyway so hell roast them also rarely helps matters. Neither does general assholery.
    Finally, isn’t it about time that the Herald published something of some substance and from an alternative point of view that does not glorify and sexualise violence against women?
    Actually, another point. Jessica, why do you think it might be that women don’t want to prosecute? And are you aware of the statistics around what can often happen to women when they leave violent partners?

  3. Jessica Holyoke

    Aug 2nd, 2009


    I am not aware of those statistics. Why don’t you put them up so we can examine the source?

    And the discussion has digressed greatly from a sim where rape content is part of the experience to what women and men do in real life.

  4. Nazi Fur @ CARP

    Aug 6th, 2009

    Well d’uh. What good are women for, other than getting captured, kidnapped, raped, beaten, chained, suspended and abused?

  5. Enix

    Oct 21st, 2010

    1: “…empty substance…”
    2: “…dramatica derived from OPs introverted perversion of reality made manifest…”


    int COMMON_IDIOT = 0;
    int SPECULATION = 0;
    int OPINION = 0;
    int EPIPHONY;
    int FACT = 1;
    int MEMORY;

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