Naughty Dreamscape’s Age-Verified KidsBotz

by Alphaville Herald on 01/09/09 at 8:12 am

“Dress them as often as you want… Or not at all”

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Second Life residents seeking child avatars to enhance their virtual experience now have the option of playing with a perfectly behaved child. At the KidsBotz adoption agency in Waterton Way, bots dressed as children can be adopted for a L$2000 fee and L$899 per week.

Kid botz_005

According to Naughty Dreamscape’s notecard dispenser at the child adoption agency, the AI bots are connected to a chatbot system which “can even hold intelligent conversations, programmed to respond to over 3 million words and phrayses…  Or you can tell them what to say… on real time”.

The notecard goes on to say that the child bots “can do just about anything a real person can do. They can walk, follow, sit, use pose balls, stand, fly, talk, shout, dance, attack, change clothing and MUCH much more… you have total control, you can reskin, shape and dress them as often as you want… Or not at all”.

pay the sign to adopt Naughty Putzo

Some Second Life residents may be concerned about child bots which can hop onto any sort of pose ball – particularly bots which are adult verified and can visit the adults-only sims. However, the KidsBotz adoption agency is on PG-rated land, so the children are safe until they leave the adoption agency.

Ageplay or no, the stakes in the artificial life game have now been raised beyond farming Sion chickens – why not raise your own Naughty Dreamscape child?

But giving your heart to an artificial life form comes with some risk. Chicken farmers endure waves of chicken killing and must pay endlessly for chicken food, or their pets will die.

KidsBotz parents must pay ongoing weekly fees, and worry about the possibility of virtual child kidnapping. The bots are claimed to be “REAL child avatars that stay logged in, 24/7 through the KidsBotz servers and await your commands”, so responsible e-parents will certainly worry about what strangers might do to Naughty Putzo and her siblings while they sleep.

Kid botz

The KidsBotz notecard:


Tired of adopting kids on Sl only to have them soak you for Lindens and Land, lie to you and bail?   Now there is a better solution.

Thanks for visiting SL's most unique artificial intelligence.    KidsBotz ae REAL child avatars that stay logged in, 24/7 through the KidsBotz servers and await your commands.   They are the most well behaved kids on Second Life!

Our Kids have hundreds of functions.  In fact, they can do just about anything a real person can do.    They can walk, follow, sit, use pose balls, stand, fly, talk, shout, dance, attack, change clothing and MUCH much more…

They can even hold intelligent conversations, programmed to respond to over 3 million words and phrayses…  Or you can tell them what to say… on real time.

Oh, and did we mention that you can choose the rate in which they grow?  Or stay the same age forever?   Because you have total control, you can reskin, shape and dress them as often as you want… Or not at all…

They can also be programmed to send instant welcome IMs to people that visit your land, Landmarks, Group Invites and even copy/trans inventory offerings.   And they send it to people that visit your land, no matter where the child is on the SL Grid.

Also, all of our bots are Age Verified.   However, since they must be teleported by you, in order to go to an adult sim, you must be Age Verified also.

The cost?   You have TWO options:

Adopt one of our kids:   2000L Adoption Fee, and 899L Per Week Bandwith Fee

Make your own Child Avatar:   1000L Adoption Fee and 899 Per Week Bandwith Fee

Our kids only limitation is YOUR imigination.

Adopt your KidsBot today!

62 Responses to “Naughty Dreamscape’s Age-Verified KidsBotz”

  1. beatrix the noobslayer

    Sep 8th, 2009

    um victim? Are primbabies also meant to be used by pedo-bears?

    I think the bots are a dumb way to get ripped off and its probably true that monitoring them in that fashion is a breech of tos, but since they are not real people they probably wouldn’t have to be age verified. I not sure how bots work to be honest. But like I said before there are people who live on the adult grid. If they want to have a kid without dealing with a real person or people freaking out that a child av is on Zindra they might find this a viable solution. Just because pedo-bears exist doesn’t mean everyone is one.

  2. Atra Lupis

    Sep 8th, 2009

    How are the bots verified?

    Logic dictates that Naughty’s real life information was used for all of those accounts.

    As to the entire argument over Adult flagged sims … Zindra is not the only Adult flagged area out there. Many residential sims have had to reflag as Adult, just so they could keep renters.

    But this IS the Herald after all … A place where few of the commenters use their brains and where some can pretend to be above everyone else by playing the role of school teacher.

  3. Archie Lukas

    Sep 8th, 2009

    ……………. N O …………….
    Nuff said

  4. victimofnaughty

    Sep 8th, 2009

    ummmm Beatrice?
    Me being a victim of Naughty has nothing to do with these kidbotz. I have known her for sometime and know personally she is a scam artist.
    I stated that this turning into a perversion is nothin shockin to me knowin Naughty for over a year.
    I will go as far as saying that the “nice” comments written in here are probably written by Naughty herself.
    The point is maybe in a cold day in hell, Naughtys plan wasnt to have these kids engage in sexplay. But there are sick people out there and they WILL be used to fill someones perverted fantasy. Maybe not Naughtys intention but will be her causing. Its just a sick idea. Anyone that thinks that this is ok isnt really lookin at the bigger picture.

  5. beatrix the noobslayer

    Sep 8th, 2009

    oh I’m not denying it. it certainly seems like a scam. “you tired of being ripped off by a few scammers? well come to my place and pay me 6000 lind up front and 800 something a week and you won’t have to worry about being scammed again.”

    I honestly don’t see anyone shelling out that much for long even if they do get away with being sickos. But it as you say and she really really is a scammer I’m assuming you’ve reported her.

  6. Ski Denver

    Sep 9th, 2009

    im an sl kid and me and my sl dad brought one off these botz she is just a freind for me to play on the swings with dance with. so even though people are saying these are only made for bad there wrong. and with the name naughty omg get over it naughty is not just use for dirty confos. i said to my friends i cant come out today im grouded for being naughty. do i mean it in a sex way lmao i dont think so. also master dose not just mean sex either like i have a dog and im his master dose not mean anything dirty either so dont judge Naughty on what she dose or on her name because its just so the saying dont judge a book by its cover. if you dont like them dont buy them there not for everyone but there are good honest people that have brought a bot so stop wingeing on here and find someone else to slander
    Ski Denver 5 year old avatar

  7. Ski Denver

    Sep 9th, 2009


    these botz are real avatars and was made by real people that is how it is done because they are still real accounts

  8. beatrix the noobslayer

    Sep 9th, 2009

    I understand ski, but it just don’t seem right calling anyone master. Its the abolitionist in me. *plots to start a bots right movement* Free the bots!

  9. Ski Denver

    Sep 9th, 2009

    Before i came in sl master never ment slave to me it ment someone who tought you who helpped you learn your way

    but now because of people in sl making this name master sound somthing dirty people judge them honest people who dont think like these sick people

    maybe its time to talk to the people who made this word sound like somthing it is not.

  10. Alexander

    Sep 10th, 2009

    I have read some of the comments on the “chilbotz” (although not all), and have
    come to a relatively simple conclusion after a bit of mental debate with myself.

    Hopefully if you read this, and follow my logic, you will come to the same conclusion,
    as I believe my logic is quite sound.

    First, before we can begin debating the issue of chilbotz, it is only fair to take on
    one beliefe as sound: We/you/I agree that child avatars in secondlife are not inherently
    innapropriate, wrong, adult, or improper. If you disagree with this fact, then certainly
    you will be likely against the “childbotz” but, if you agree that child avatars (and bots,
    I should add) are not necessarily evil/inapproriate, then you should read this:

    The part of the human mind that compels a single person to engage in “age-play” before the
    child bot, required two people. One would have to find someone with similar compelling
    beliefs, engage them, and then perform the so-call ‘ageplay’. However, this type of
    compellation is obviously a very human one (bots do not attempt to engage in age-play on
    their own). In the case of the above, it requires two humans, with similar compelling
    (albeit perverted) desires, to engage in ageplay.

    Tha above being true, one can clearly see that the fact still lies: some part of the human
    mind in certain people compels them to engage in ageplay. Although it requires two people,
    it was very common, and likely still is in certain circles. This being the way it is, the
    “child bot” is no more innaproriate than a prim. Why? because although it would only require
    one consenting mind to involve a child in “ageplay” it offers not further convenience to the
    user other than that. One might not need to find a partner, but certainly as netizens we are
    well aware that finding such a person is not particularly hard in the first place.

    As for the other arguments: that one cannot moniter WHAT one does with the bot, therefore
    it is improper. To you I say this; It is no more possible to moniter what two adults to,
    then what one adult does.

    Finally, I offer this advice; what has been offered in this bot-child is simply a blank
    slate. A blank slate is no more offensive than what one chooses to draw on it, and secondlife
    is truly the largest of all blank slates. We are all well-aware that depending on what one
    decides to draw on secondlife, it can be beautiful, or quite offensive to some.

    Why then, would netizens who offer their time up to a game that offers such liberty, decide
    to curb the liberty of another who chooses to do nothing less than quite the same thing.

  11. Casandra Dench

    Sep 14th, 2009

    I have to agree with Alexander. The bots themselves are not inherently inappropriate. However, do I find it weird that the word ‘master’ instead of the word ‘parent’ or even ‘owner’ was used? Yeah. Do I find it awkward that the maker of the bots is named Naughty and that some of the bots themselves are named Naughty? Hell yes.

    I also know that the ALICE bot is amusing to hold conversations with for about ten minutes max. After you’ve exhausted the old jokes, it gets boring. No one is going to pay that much money for a fake kid that has the mental capacity of the SmarterChild AIM bot. Not if they want the kid as an actual SL kid. Maybe as models for kids clothng stores that can interact with customers, but you could easily set that up yourself for much cheaper. There’s no way these are going to be big on the grid. They’re overpriced and really rather pointless.

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