Sea of Drama to Link Soviet Woodbury to W-Hat Goons

by Alphaville Herald on 25/10/09 at 3:46 pm

More artistic mashups now possible?

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

WU again1
A new sim – Soviet Woodbury – appeared on the map just south of the W-Hat goon’s WHAT sim Saturday, marking the end of a forced migration for one group of residents displaced by the collapse of Intlibber Brautigan’s BnT land empire.

Woodbury community organizer Tizzy Teardrop tells the Herald the WHAT and Soviet Woodbury sims are to be connected by a sim to be named “the Sea of Drama”. Negotiations are also underway to connect the Digital Worlds community to form a trifecta of meta-gameplay and virtual world artistic pursuits with significant synergies hoped for from the cross-community virtual and artistic connections.

WU again5

CensoredMy Lunt – a long time W-Hat community member – stopped by to offer the new neighbors friendly greetings and suggested a themed build for the new soviet base involving phalluses in outer space – although it was unclear what sort of space suits would be appropriate. With the workers’ new paradise to be named the Tikki-Wikki build already under construction, it was unclear when or if the phallic outer space theme would be adopted.

What sort of art should we look for from the newly formed federated creative collective? Will this alliance usher in a new era in /b/tard and goon cooperation? Sharing a common anti-communist enemy seems to be doing a good job of uniting at least this community.

14 Responses to “Sea of Drama to Link Soviet Woodbury to W-Hat Goons”

  1. A guy

    Oct 25th, 2009

    At the risk of sounding pretty immature, I still have to say that this article is pretty win.

  2. Bunny Brickworks

    Oct 25th, 2009

    Art? Coming from this bunch of ass clowns and retards? Sorry, Pix. But please read up on the definition oF art again.

  3. Butt Mint

    Oct 25th, 2009

    Because it’s real artsy when you have duct-tape covering your nipples, accompanied by a slutty skin covered in pixelated sweat as if you spent the entire night sweating your ass off on a dance pole… or is that body oil? I have no idea. Just saying…

  4. Poop Should Not Be Green

    Oct 25th, 2009

    I heartily endorse this product and/or service.

  5. Bunny Brickworks

    Oct 25th, 2009

    Oh hai… dunno who you are referring to but I never used duct-tape on nippels or body oil in my pics – which I btw do NOT consider art but edited screenshots. Misinformed much? And again… people hiding in anon *rolls eyes*

  6. Jumpman Lane

    Oct 25th, 2009

    good luck tizzeh! too bad about Int! Hi bunny, your stuff IS art YOU know that, that chump must besome kinda fag lol

  7. Robble Rubble

    Oct 26th, 2009

    Bunny it’s pretty funny you are calling out people being griefers by trolling an article’s comment section. Why don’t you buck up and visit either of the sims before jumping to conclusions?

  8. Witness X

    Oct 26th, 2009

    Art…where did that come from, oh yes, it was IntLibber and his infinite wisdom who convinced Woodbury to take the art of the metaverse side of promotions. We all see how well that worked out.

    I’m still surprised the rank and file at Woodbury isn’t upset with Tizzers. He tried to pay face value to changing what Woodbury was about in SL and he did it with IntLibber, a person who would usually fit the mold of a griefing target. It is the case of the blind leading the blind while selling out.

    Looking at the very large and public failures of Woodbury, I would be concerned if I was W-Hat. Everything Woodbury touches dies.

  9. Bunny Brickworks

    Oct 26th, 2009

    Robble, I didn’t use the word ‘griefers’. I called them ass clowns and retards, that’s quite a difference.

  10. Darien Caldwell

    Oct 26th, 2009

    So good of Woodbury to finally drop the pretense, and confirm they aren’t education related. Honesty always is the best policy.

  11. Sylauxe Zhao

    Oct 26th, 2009

    I wouldn’t call W-Hat retarded. But they are all about the ass there. Heck, who doesn’t love a good man ass?

  12. Robble Rubble

    Oct 27th, 2009


  13. Laffta

    Oct 29th, 2009

    W-hat surely has not sunk so low.
    Mark my words, if this “sea of drama” thing is for real I’ll be logging in again more frequently to ruin all your fun.

  14. Witness X

    Oct 29th, 2009

    Pandering to Tizzer’s rapidly collapsing card house of lies will not save the Herald. He’ll just pull you down with him in his death spiral.

    Saying you’re a voice against griefing and then the next week trying to prop up a griefer gang as legitimate isn’t going to help you in the weeks and months to come.

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