Peaches Limondi — Post 6 Grrrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 30/10/10 at 2:19 pm

[Before the cries of "Oh God, another repeat!" fill the comments section, please look at the calendar. Each Halloween I like to grab at least one of the more recent models and have her dress up for a special Post 6 Trick or Treat edition. The reason is simple- each model's 15 minutes of fame as a Post 6 feature should be about the model's style and look. If I use a new model for one of the holiday features, we get to see them dressed up as a Pumpkin or Uncle Sam, but we lose their style. Peaches Limondi was a recent model who agreed to Trick or Treat for us this week, so it is with great pleasure that I introduce her as this week's Post 6 Halloween Treat ~Timothy Morpork]

Peaches Limondi

Hello Again!

It’s good to be back here on the pages of Post 6. Last time I was here it was because my Master made me pose. This time I am more than happy to because it was a real turn on to show you my body. My Master also enjoyed my photo session, and even made me come back after the feature ran to thank Mr. Morpork in a very personal way. I have since serviced your photographer several times at my Master’s request, which may be why he chose me for the honor of posing again. I can only hope he’ll let me thank him, very orally, for this second bite at the apple, or cherry as one of you readers called it last time I posed.

Ok, so I made all that up. Well, I made a lot of it up- as part of the roleplay my RL husband and I are doing with the Peaches character. If you missed who I am and what I do in SL, go back and read my original Post 6. Hopefully someone has provided a link somewhere around here.

As this is "our world" and it’s allegedly driven by "our imagination," my world is very bright and vibrant because my imagination is very active and I have the best time making up scenarios to play out in this awesome digital sandbox. Which brings me to some viewer mail from last time. I was well warned about the comment section of the Post 6, and was ok with all the comments, (although frankly Nelson, you really need to get out more), but this one struck me as odd.

James Freud quoted something I said, which was:
“I only wish more people would get over their hang-ups and give in and “live” a little…”

And then added his thoughts:
You’re a married couple, both lucky enough to have compatible fantasies, yet only act on them online through avatars? I’d say that’s two pretty MONSTER hang-ups right there!

Peaches Limondi

My reply:
No. You’re way off base here and quite entirely missed the point. Our RL sex life, as far as it’s any of your business, is very healthy. We cyber in SL because my husband is away on the road a lot. We experiment with various fetishes and such here because SL provides us a safe place to do it. It also provides us a cheaper way to do it. I mean, I’m sure you have the means to outfit a complete dungeon in your home, or undergo some sort of advanced genetic modification program to see if you like being a furry, but frankly, I’d rather spend my RL money on other things, so we dabble here and experiment there, and things that turn us on might occasionally make an appearance in our RL bedroom. Thanks for your analysis anyhow Dr. Freud, now go get yourself another Dr. Pepper from Mom’s fridge.

Sorry to get sidetracked like that, but that one bugged me because it was just so wrong.

I know a bunch of you also got hung up on the BDSM and Dom/Sub stuff I talked about last time, but that really is just a fraction of the roleplay my husband and I play here. We have several alts each and we use them to create whatever characters and whatever scenarios strike our fancy. I only hope that some of you have a special someone with whom you feel comfortable enough to let down your guard and play a little "dress-up" once in a while. It really is a LOT of fun.

Peaches Limondi Halloween 3

So, to Halloween. I love Halloween, and I am completely crazy about the zombie picture Timothy took in the first picture. I have spent the past few days going through some of the sims that the Lindens have listed for us under their haunted showcase, and it has been great. There are so many talented builders and designers working to create this place, I don’t know why the whole computing world isn’t here enjoying this.

I am truly honored to be back here again. Thanks to Timothy for inviting me, and thanks to the readers for all those nice comments last time, and thanks to my Master for allowing me to be here <grin>.

Happy Halloween Everyone!

19 Responses to “Peaches Limondi — Post 6 Grrrrrl”

  1. Cayce Urriah

    Oct 30th, 2010

    Very nice work on the pictures.

  2. Inniatzo

    Oct 30th, 2010

    Oooo… very smexy. :)

  3. Katharina Lysette

    Oct 30th, 2010

    I love this post also the first one. Role Playing is wonderfull. My opinion – this lady is very intresting person and looks absolutely breath taking.

    Wonderfull posting.

  4. Skye D.

    Oct 31st, 2010

    Aww…I liked Peaches the first time, and this time is no exception. The made up story was a little “TMI”, but at least it was just a story.

    And the pictures are good too! The middle one is a little dark, but the others are pretty cool.

  5. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 31st, 2010

    I actually did think the first and third pictures were reasonable this time around, but still not a fan of Poast Shit overall. And the rant about your sex life was unnecessary, as was the stuff about your Master…

  6. Skye D.

    Oct 31st, 2010

    I don’t see any problems with her addressing some of the comments from her last appearance. Especially if some of them were off base. Better to explain and get your point across, then let people stand by their misconceptions.

  7. SlShapeshifter

    Oct 31st, 2010

    Girl, ‘hung up’ is a understatement, especially since it turned into ‘I Hate Your Kink War Round # 3042′ in the comments. Seriously, people.

  8. Mary Elizabeth

    Oct 31st, 2010

    “My Master also enjoyed my photo session, and even made me come back after the feature ran to thank Mr. Morpork in a very personal way. I have since serviced your photographer several times at my Master’s request, which may be why he chose me for the honor of posing again.”

    This certainly explains a lot about Post 6.

  9. Obvious Schism

    Oct 31st, 2010

    “This certainly explains a lot about Post 6″

    I resent the implication of this statement. The closest I ever got to Timothy’s casting couch was being the box that it was delivered in.

  10. Rebecca

    Oct 31st, 2010

    Dear god

    So the latest Post 6 opens with Timothy making a snide comment about how people are always complaining about his reusing the same models. Then we have the actual Post 6 model who uses her SECOND bite at the cherry to take a swipe at a Herald reader who dared voice an opinion the FIRST time she appeared.


    Seriously, is there any chance of someone else being given the job of Post 6 photographer? This one is fast running out of ideas and stopped making any effort a long time ago.

  11. Joe Blow

    Nov 1st, 2010

    I love how every week someone wants a new Post 6 Photographer and every week Pixeleen ignores them and Morpork does whatever the hell he wants, including last week’s awesome troll.

    Let me guess Rebecca, you just happen to know a photographer….

  12. Rebecca

    Nov 1st, 2010

    Sorry to disappoint you Joe Blow but no, I don’t know any photographers and don’t have any suggestions to make and don’t have any secret agenda unfolding as I use political machinations, propaganda and disinformation to manoeuver someone I know into the position of Post 6 photographer.

    Nice try, I can see where you’re coming from but in this case you were completely wrong. Sorry about that.

  13. Joe Blow

    Nov 1st, 2010


    Ah, my bad, you’re just a hater. My mistake.

  14. Rebecca

    Nov 1st, 2010

    @Joe Blow

    No, not a hater, just someone who’d like to see a bit more effort from the Herald and its staff.

  15. Jow Blow

    Nov 1st, 2010


    I disagree. I believe you are a hater. The timing and specific gripes of your comment make no sense otherwise.

  16. Rebecca

    Nov 1st, 2010

    Fair enough Jow (missed the key there 8P), I’m not planning to get into a big argument about it, feel free to enjoy your opinion <3

  17. Rod

    Nov 2nd, 2010

    oh lawd.

    two words for the Post 6 model, “u mad?”

  18. woooot

    Nov 2nd, 2010

    the best post 6 posting in ages. bravo peaches!

  19. Lila

    Nov 3rd, 2010

    Mary Elizabeth- For the record, I never slept with or offered to sleep with Mr. Morpork, and he never propositioned me. While I’m a little surprised to see that paragraph in the profile, just know it’s a person-to-person basis on what route relationships take- or don’t take.

    People didn’t seem to object to my profile … and it didn’t really get many comments. ;) I’d say there might be a pattern on the kind of people that get profiled (Lemons seems cool, btw!) but I’m probably just pretty boring…

    Timothy seemed really excited about the landmarks I took him to for the shoot and how the pics were coming out, but I also know the dude is VERY busy and rarely on SL. Maybe splitting duties with someone who knows a lot of interesting people/content creators/etc. etc. might get everyone involved interested again?

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