The Artemis Fate Interview: Justice League is Unnecessary and Overzealous

by Alphaville Herald on 18/09/11 at 8:34 pm

Longtime SL resident asks Linden Lab for statement on anti-griefer groups' limits

by Robble Rubble

[In Robble Rubble's exclusive interview with Artemis Fate, Ms. Fate - a respected class-of-2003 resident - points out that the Justice League Unlimited and similar anti-griefer vigilante groups are superfluous and attract exactly the sort of behaviors they claim to fight. She goes on to ask Linden Lab for a statement on exactly what is fair game for the vigilante groups and what should be off limits. - the Editrix]

Artemis Fate

Robble Rubble: So you've been on the grid a long time, can I ask what brought you to Second Life?
Artemis Fate: I used to be on Active worlds a little bit, I had came across it in the summer of 2003, but it was pretty rough then and I looked over it. Decided to try it in October of the same year and ended up getting really into it. Been around ever since.

Robble Rubble: Very nice, that's a long history on the grid. Can you give some insight into it? What sort of things do you spend time doing? What projects do you work on? What's your biggest accomplishments or even failures? Do you like long walks on the beach?
Artemis Fate: Insight into the history of the grid? It's changed rapidly while at the same time staying much the same. I used to be a builder, but I haven't done much in a while, due to moving from college into the 9-5 work world. My main project has been Nexus Prime, which has been on hold for a while, but there's some stuff in the works now that mesh is around. And sure, why not.

Robble Rubble: So it's safe to assume you are familiar with the recent controversy about the Justice League Unlimited?
Artemis Fate: And the two before that.

Artemis 3
Artemis Fate believes the JLU has violated the spirit of the ToS

Robble Rubble: Let's not get too ahead of ourselves, can you tell me about your first awareness of the JLU? How did you hear about these people?
Artemis Fate: One of them came into Nexus Prime on a call, I'm not sure if someone had a communicator or if they were just patrolling. Nikola Shirakawa, who was a Green Lantern at the time.

Robble Rubble: Was this a positive or negative experience for you?
Artemis Fate: Largely negative, I didn't need an outside group using shields and other scripted tools to handle attacks when I could use sim tools. I ended up having to force her out of the sim since she was surprised that I wouldn't want their help. Afterwards Kalel Venkman IMed me saying much of the same and pointing out rather absurdly that the sim would be unprotected without their help. I asked them to not come around here, and apparently they did add Nexus Prime to their list of sims "not to patrol".

Robble Rubble: What sort of words would you use to describe the Justice League Unlimited and their practices?
Artemis Fate: I'd describe the Justice League itself as unnecessary, and their practices as overzealous.

Robble Rubble: That's a lot less four letter words than I would use.

Robble Rubble: Were there any other interactions with the JLU in Nexis Prime?
Artemis Fate: I'm sure they're generally good people on their own, and that they have good intentions, but together they're going overboard.
Artemis Fate: After that first one I never heard about them in Nexus Prime again, so I'm assuming they kept to their word.

Robble Rubble: What is it that caused you to to get involved in the recent discussions about the Justice League Unlimited on the SLUniverse and Second Citizen MKII boards?
Artemis Fate: The presence of a wiki had been something that was rumored about them the first I heard about them, it was interesting to see proof of it after the first leak, and how it evolved after every leak after that.

Robble Rubble: Have you ever felt you were a target of the JLU? Have you been contacted in world by any of the JLU members since the recent public backlash over the latest round of brainiac wiki leaks?
Artemis Fate: If I ever was, I was never aware of it. They don't have an article for me as far as I know, only a few mentions here and there.

Robble Rubble: What do you think will be accomplished by bringing this issue to the public?
Artemis Fate: I simply would want LL to make an official statement regarding the operation of anti-griefer groups in SL, what they can do, what they can't do.

Robble Rubble: I see that you have Greenlantern Excelsior to task on numerous occasions, what is your opinion on GLE's quality of damage control?
Artemis Fate: Poor.

Robble Rubble: heh

Robble Rubble: Do you think GLE's apologies are credible or are nothing more than that of an apology due to being caught, similar to what happened when Zenmondo was caught in the thread?
Artemis Fate: I don't think I've seen GLE apologize for anything.

Robble Rubble: He does seem adept at wiggling out of that.
Artemis Fate: At most, I've seen him say he regretted the comment regarding sending Nebula a threatening e-mail. [:0]

Robble Rubble: Do you have any questions you have or would have asked the JLU that remain unanswered, and if so would you care to share them with me? Any thoughts on why Kalel has refused to respond to most accusations himself?
Artemis Fate: The most obvious one would be why some of this information is necessary, and why measures haven't been taken to review and verify information put in the wiki for accuracy and necessity.
Artemis Fate: As for Kalel, I don't know. I haven't talked to him much outside of that one contact so many years ago, he seems paranoid and used to being in control now. I imagine it's a bit like Joseph McCarthy, who GLE seems to like so much, who was afraid to bring Charlie Chaplin to stand, knowing he'd lampoon him, so he revoked his right to re-enter the US when he was out of the country.
Artemis Fate: And if there's one thing serious men like that can't stand, it's being made fun of.

Robble Rubble: He does get his tights in a bunch over the smallest things.
Artemis Fate: That does seem to be the case.

Robble Rubble: So do you think the Justice League Unlimited have done anything to violate the Second Life terms of service or the community standards? Because at the end of the day, while people are screaming about ethical dilemnas, legal threats, letters to daytime television hosts and FBI investigations, do you think there is even a chance of making Linden Lab take action?
Artemis Fate: In terms of the letter of the ToS? I'm not sure. In terms of the spirit? Definitely. As per whether Linden Lab would take action, keep in mind that alt-detection and IP grabbing were not necessarily against the ToS until they were made so due to the community outrage.

Robble Rubble: Do you think that JLU members linking to their KryptonRadio blog while simultaniously ARing and getting people removed from search for posting links to blogs critical of them demonstrates any sort of bias that the Lab has in their favor?
Artemis Fate: No, I don't think so. From the evidence I've seen, they once were able to sway more than a few lindens to their cause, but that day seems to have passed, now they talk about in their meetings that none of the Lindens will pay attention to them.

Robble Rubble: In the SLU thread you were talking about an experiment with an alt, Night Sun, could you tell me about that?
Artemis Fate: That was around the same time as the last leak. People were claiming that the JLU was ARing them for being critical of the group. I decided to test out the theory myself using an old alt I had made but never used. I made a sign that was critical of the JLU but not violating any part of the ToS. I actually had a discussion with GLE through the alt and he agreed that it wasn't against the ToS (this didn't stop him from ARing it however). Then I basically sat around and waited to see what would happen.

Robble Rubble: What ended up happening?
Artemis Fate: I got suspended for disclosure. I decided to try again, this time changing the sign from a link to the leaked wiki to a Herald article chosen for no disclosing material. I got suspended again for Disclosure after that. So I removed links to anything in general, and left just the sign. I was suspended for defamation at that point.

Artemis 2
Artemis Fate: "Linden Lab has been a mystery in their actions"

Robble Rubble: So what are your thoughts on JLU members linking their KryptonRadio blog in world, a blog that often discloses the RL names of their critics and is full of articles that seem to be written with the intention of grandstanding and defaming their critics?
Artemis Fate: Well, the disclosure suspensions were referenced to linking to the wiki. I think if LL is doing suspensions for material hosted outside of SL, that's a pretty grey area. I don't think people should be suspended for what they say outside of SL, but at the same time I can understand the problems with having a link to a site in world that's full of readily available disclosing information. All in all, I think that the Linden who suspended for it was wrong, not that it was wrong to link that site in world.

Robble Rubble: Do you think that the recent calls of people to contact outside intervention (FBI, Scotland Yard, Ellen lol) will have any effect without Linden Lab taking direct action?
Artemis Fate: I think any outside authority besides Linden Lab would and should disregard it entirely. On the scale of utter travesties of justice that require their attention, this is extremely low ranking (Even for Ellen).

Robble Rubble: Do you have any recomendations on how people can get Linden Lab to take action?
Artemis Fate: I really don't, in all this time Linden Lab has been a mystery in their actions. Sometimes they let things slide, and other times they crack down hard. I do think, however, that they are very aware of this, and have probably already thought out what actions they might or might not take and how it would effect the community and their ToS.

Robble Rubble: What do you think about the fact that a common red herring to many of the criticisms that are posed to the JLU are that they come from people they consider to be "griefers"? And in that light if the fact that many former members of Woodbury, W-hat or members of The Wrong Hands, openly admit to many of the wrongs they have done in the past, do you think that those people's criticisms of the behavior of the Justice League Unlimited should be discarded simply because they were or are admitted griefers?
Artemis Fate: I think no one's point should be disregarded because of their background, if they can make a good point.

Robble Rubble: Some argue that the behavior of the JLU actually creates more griefers on the grid than they prevent due to the collateral damage of innocents being considered guilty by association, getting banned, then returning to the grid as griefers when they previously would not have done so had it not been for the JLU action. What do you think of this theory?
Artemis Fate: I think the JLU make for amusing targets for griefers, which in itself keeps ones around who would otherwise get bored. I know that a lot of the people in Woodbury and otherwise didn't really grief either, but just were involved in a group that was known for it, and they got caught up in a ban for that too. I have no idea if that kind of collateral damage theory is true, but it sounds reasonable.

Robble Rubble: Artemis, I thank you for your time, but before you go. What are your predictions about how this will ultimately end?
Artemis Fate: I honestly couldn't say, during the Emerald fiasco, I was thinking LL would let it slide again, like they had so many times before. Instead they cracked down on the viewer hard and took it apart in a matter of a week or two. For this, I don't know. I'm hoping at the very least they'll make a statement regarding it.

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  1. Yep

    Sep 22nd, 2011

    GLE you are so funny HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

  2. Yep

    Sep 22nd, 2011

    “Reading comprehension is important. It was indeed a chat log from within SL:”


  3. Senban Babii

    Sep 22nd, 2011

    “Again, JLU does not owe an explanation to anyone.”

    Oh? Do you consider yourselves beyond the law? I’ve got news for you cupcake. You’re not. I suggest you read less JLU and watch more Incredibles. The superheroes in that were shut down over legal claims for the harm they caused, remember?

    I’m actually curious about something. Above it points out that Kalolcakes already had some kind of file open by law enforcement. This could actually get very interesting very quickly if true. Which is why I think that we should be *very* careful to avoid using any kind of defamatory or libelous comments or labels when talking here or elsewhere about the JLU. Stick to the facts and provide evidence otherwise we only weaken any case against them for the future.

  4. Yep

    Sep 22nd, 2011

    “Again, JLU does not owe an explanation to anyone.”

    Then why does GLE keep coming out here to explain to everyone?

    This guy is so funny. Come give us more to laugh about GLE. :P

  5. Astolat Dufaux

    Sep 22nd, 2011

    Well you certainly put me in my place, GLE! lol

  6. Innula Zenovka

    Sep 22nd, 2011

    “Sixteen people. There’s the total number of opponents who were so angry that they had to post in this thread. Most of them had to post over and over to pad the comments, making it look like there’s lots of opposition. But actually there are only sixteen people here who dislike JLU enough to post about it. As I said before, this issue is circling the drain.”

    That’s a woeful argument, even by your standards. A paper publishes a news story about cyberstalkers. A tiny fraction of its readership — for that is all it will ever be — take the trouble to write to the paper expressing their views on the topic. Does the editor conclude the rest of the readers have no view on cyberstalking or aren’t that interested? Not if he or she has any sense, to my mind.

    The point is, GLE, that normal people don’t keep compendious notes on folks they meet, in either SL or RL, When they do keep notes it’s personal stuff that they don’t share with others. And they find self-appointed vigilantes to do compile such dossiers and wikis somewhat creepy, even though they probably don’t write to the papers or post on internet discussion boards about it.

  7. Tux

    Sep 22nd, 2011


    ‘Reading comprehension is important. It was indeed a chat log from within SL:’

    GLE, I wrote it, with Atlas. I assure you it was a Skype chat. It looked like a SL log right? Could it be Skype logs are very similar?

    [21/09/2011 20:28:39] Dontspill McGinnis: Hey Tux, can you point out the link to the bit where Maverick is discussing using yours and Atlas’ comments from your blog in an AR? I can’t find it :(
    [21/09/2011 20:28:55] Dontspill McGinnis: and Hi (wave)
    [21/09/2011 20:35:50] Tux Winkler:
    [21/09/2011 20:35:56] Tux Winkler: (wave)
    [21/09/2011 20:36:35] Dontspill McGinnis: awesome, thanks… i wanted to make sure i had the facts before replying to GLE on the Herald
    [21/09/2011 20:42:13] Dontspill McGinnis: do you recall which post on your blog it was over?
    [21/09/2011 20:42:40] Tux Winkler: Atlas’s Mum’s auction
    [21/09/2011 20:42:45] Dontspill McGinnis: kk
    [21/09/2011 20:42:55] Dontspill McGinnis: :) Thanks
    [21/09/2011 20:53:26] Dontspill McGinnis: Thats was an IM inworld? or skype?
    [21/09/2011 20:53:44] Tux Winkler: Skype

    That was from last night in Skype. Looks like SL but we all know Tux isn’t in search. So yeah, I do not even need to make changes. Skype and SL log the same way. Good Job on a bunch of false AR’s.

    ‘If you didn’t, then one of your friends did, and I took the hit for it.’

    You took a hit for it? What do you mean?

  8. Artemis Fate

    Sep 22nd, 2011

    “And the reason was essentially correct – I was on the wrong side of the argument, and the administration wanted me gone. Any reasonable admin will send a private message to a user who violates a rule for the first time, informing him about the violation and promising disciplinary action if the violations continue.”

    Again, what’s your proof for this?

    Furthermore, what’s your explanation for why Vagabond, ZenMondo, and Hewee were NOT banned despite being on “the wrong side of the argument” as you suggest. If SLU banned for supporting the JLU, it would stand to reason that all 4 members of the JLU would have had administrative action placed on their accounts. Only you were, and for a reason that was not due to your arguments.

    Disclosure was brought up in the thread repeatedly as not allowed, and everyone carefully trimmed their posts and links accordingly, only you absolutely refused to do so. A suspension can be a warning, as you know from SL, but here’s the warnings in the thread by Cristiano:

    Your ignorance is not an excuse. You are engaging in active defamation of a group, the thing you claimed to have such an issue with when it was done against the JLU, that’s hypocrisy.

    “Prokofy and me. So much for diversity, eh?”

    You entirely ignore my point about how Prokofy doesn’t even support the JLU and Prokofy is banned from just about every single SL forum messaging system and continue to push this point. If you’re going to continue pretending that Prokofy is one of the JLU’s best defenders, are you going to remove the “Griefer” tag from his profile in Brainiac?

    Here’s one of Prokofy’s early posts on the JLU:

    That’s not support of the JLU, he doesn’t like you guys, you just both happened to hate the same people at the time.

  9. Artemis Fate

    Sep 22nd, 2011

    “Sixteen people. There’s the total number of opponents who were so angry that they had to post in this thread. Most of them had to post over and over to pad the comments, making it look like there’s lots of opposition.”

    I’m not sure why you’re pulling out this argument again. For one, it has nothing to do with the logic of the debate points at hand, for two, it involves faulty statistics gathering, last time you only gathered people from the last dozen or so pages of a thread, and this time you’re only counting people who posted on this post. Here’s a better source:

    248 people have signed that so far, you have to use a real name or second life name or it gets removed. But really, even that’s besides the point. It could be one person pointing out everything that’s been pointed out, and the points you’re trying so hard to avoid would still be valid.

    P.S.: Compare that number to the number of people who’ve posted in support of the JLU who aren’t actively members of the JLU, and don’t you dare include Prokofy. I’ll bet that number is closer to “0″.

  10. Reader

    Sep 22nd, 2011


    “Have you ever heard of a discussion board called SL Universe? You might have some fun over there!”

    Fun for what, 2 postings, only to be censored forthwith? No thanks. I do try to glean the readable stuff from over there but it can be tedious; much worse than here. SLU is a padded cell. Good thing I have an eye for spotting Zippy the Pin Head’s phrase repetition disorder, with one eye closed and my hand over my mouth.

  11. Dontspill McGinnis

    Sep 22nd, 2011

    @ GLE

    I just got home from work, and It looks like Tux has answered for me.

    You KNOW that the guys in TWH use Skype rather than inworld IM, so why pretend otherwise? You have even discussed the fact in one of your meetings, saying how it was now near impossible to obtain chat logs because of it.
    We will never know whether the chat WAS used in an AR of coarse but it is very evident that you guys were willing to at least discuss the possibility of fabricating an AR from them, however weak.

    That begs the question what other AR’s have you fabricated?

    And sorry, but I can’t help finding your personal outrage at having been AR’d somewhat ironic.

  12. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Sep 23rd, 2011

    “Any reasonable admin will send a private message to a user who violates a rule for the first time, informing him about the violation and promising disciplinary action if the violations continue.”

    Just like you guys do? You know how you guys like to be administrators and shit and think you are lindens..

    Are you insinuating that you’re not reasonable?

    Also history proves that LL tends to be unreasonable, and everyone here knows that the Lindens have a shoot first and don’t ask questions later response to any incident, which is why you like to go on AR parties. You know this and you know that it’s easy to get rid of people you do not like by abusing the system.

    If you were such righteous crusaders about forcing others to adhere to the TOS, you wouldnt have to resort to such measures.

    Frankly, GLE, you need to sit back and look at what you’re saying and doing. You’re being worse than the supposed griefers you go after. You attack anyone and everyone who is critical of you, and abuse the system knowing what the outcome is.

    Then you got to realize, that this is a game, and all you’re doing is sapping the fun out of it for everyone else so you can help Kalel get off on his power trip. That’s all the JLU is about, powertripping for one man, and a few who join up to go after “bad people”

    Like others have said, there is NOTHING normal and sane collecting docs on people and stalking them. Hell, what Tizzers did in October of ’07 to dear ‘ol Kalel (which in all honesty was nothing, if he truly had malicious intent, Kalel would have real reason to be fearful for his life) is nothing compared to the shit the JLU pulls. Even driving someone to suicide for “betraying” you is a cruel low. If you had my info, or Tizzers’ info, or anyone in woodbury, I would bet that one of your members would go the extra mile to cause physical harm, or trying to ruin someone’s life just because “they’re bad.” In a fucking videogame.

    This is why people are not too fond of you, and there was such an uproar at SLU. You are worse than the people you claim to protect others from.

    To sum up your activities on SL in relation to other people; You’re like a bad date who stabs other guys who look at your date, but then proceed to brutally rape her when she says no.

  13. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 23rd, 2011

    i guess s stroker finally gaveup !!/StrokerSerp
    and he thinks inm the king of sl

  14. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 23rd, 2011

    @ Jumpman Lane

    Wow, look at all the people that care:

  15. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 23rd, 2011

    As it turns out, Jump­man Lane is actually a moderation word.


  16. Mocksoup Graves

    Sep 23rd, 2011

    You forgot me!

    GLE, you are really an asshat, you know. You can’t seem to get that people who have no dog in this fight (aren’t asking you to patrol, aren’t ‘griefing’, etc) really are repulsed by you and your organizations actions. It’s disturbing that you don’t seem to grasp this fundamental notion.

    People think the JLU is creepy. Dieandra shouting about how awesome the JLU is and showing up at people’s unmarked parcels in your name is CREEPY. It’s weird, and it’s unnatural and you really need to get a handle on this.

  17. Mocksoup Graves

    Sep 23rd, 2011

    If you are getting ‘censored’ at SLU, you really have to be doing some screwed up stuff. Hell, until this last round of bat shit crazy, Prok was back posting.

    If you got banned in 2 posts, there might be something wrong with YOU. XD

  18. Paul

    Sep 23rd, 2011


    my thought exactly. who is this jumpman guy, and why does he think we care about his issue in the middle of this thread?

    @mocksoup: Both griefers and the JLU are creepy, weird, unnatural to those with no dog in this fight. exactamundo!

  19. Yep

    Sep 23rd, 2011

    LOL :P
    “Wow, look at all the people that care:

    Go getem Tiger :P

  20. Reader

    Sep 23rd, 2011

    Someone suggested I go take at look at the Rodvik my dot secondlife dot com wall or page or whatever you call it. I did. There is a lot of pathetic moaning going on over there, that is being ignored by those that count. I immediately had sound images pop into my head of bellowing sea porpoise in heat , like you see at Sea World (the sound, not picking on anybodys weight…) The posts speak for themselves and the silent treatment is telling as well. Glad to see LL adding another mechanism for all the obsessive compulsive types to rant about cartoon-life until they are blue in the face. And remember when I pointed out the repetitive (?) pasta ? Well I was pleasantly surprised to find another one of those familiar entries that stuck out like a sore thumb from this poor soul:

    “dimitrij – we are still waiting….”

    So I will say it again to set the weekend straight:

    Brick wall to the skull much?

  21. Reader

    Sep 23rd, 2011

    And to all those trying to bash or scratch their way out of their own padded cells or that one called SLU – Do yourself a favor and intensify the experience; play ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ on endless loop for full effect.

    Have A Nice Weekend!

  22. Dontspill McGinnis

    Sep 24th, 2011

    @ Reader

    Why is it that you feel you must insult people who take issue with the JLU, Reader?
    Please do try to explain, without raging (if that is at all possible) what it is that makes you see red. If it were really just indifference, as you claim, surely you would just ignore the whole thing.

    Paul is at least playing both ends against the middle, so I can sorta respect his stance, but yours seems to come from some strange world of hurt and rage against anyone who has any anti JLU sentiment. It is little wonder you are accused of being a JLU sock puppet.

    So what is it? Why is this such a big deal for you?

  23. IntLibber Brautigan

    Sep 24th, 2011

    Dontspill, clearly because “Reader” is some sort of JLU sock puppet. This is normal for them. They are far too cowardly to come out and identify themselves publicly with an avatar name that would immediately identify and discredit their comments…

  24. Dr

    Sep 24th, 2011

    Interlibber? Really? You haven’t screwed over enough people yet or even semi-embarrassed yourself enough that you are still showing your face in public?

    Please, do the SL residents a favor and Just. Go. Away.

    You are a joke, a thief and an embarrassment to Second Life.

  25. GG3

    Sep 24th, 2011


    Nope! JLU’s been exposed.

    Find a dayjob

  26. had enough

    Sep 24th, 2011

    And Green Leotard levels up to FurFagg

  27. fararden

    Sep 25th, 2011

    LOL. Go getem Tiger. Sorry Yep.

    @ Jumpman Lane

  28. IntLibber Brautigan

    Sep 25th, 2011

    Dr., LOL, a thief huh? Then wheres all the money? Oh, yeah, LL stole it all, along with my sims, accounts, everything, which is why I’m suing the lab for a half million bucks. But thats ok, keep spewing your bullshit. The real thieves in SL are the ones in charge. I never stole a dime.

  29. GG3

    Sep 25th, 2011


    Has anyone question the fact that they pay LL thousands of dollars for lands that you don’t own, that aren’t even real?

    That’s mortgage money, people! And it’s all being blown on pixels!

  30. Yep

    Sep 25th, 2011

    Fararden :P

  31. Reader

    Sep 26th, 2011


    Who let you out? Back into the padded cell you go pal; we’ve requested that the attending nurse “up” your dosages as matter of concern. She agreed. Sensitivity to insults when you are one of the most insulting hood-wearers involved with this charade is most laughable. Save your questions for the doctor. You aren’t taken seriously in most quarters; so don’t bother witth the questions.

    ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ comes out this week, remastered for your lunatic enjoyment. Take my advice and loop on it infinitely.

  32. Reader

    Sep 26th, 2011

    IntLibber you are far from being relevant. Easily ignored, but what the heck, I just thought I would say “Hi !” anyway.
    Living in the past much?

  33. IntLibber Brautigan

    Sep 26th, 2011

    @Reader/Kalolzcakes: Once again, you are as ignorant as you always are…. stay tuned.

  34. Dontspill McGinnis

    Sep 27th, 2011

    @ Reader

    At least if you are going to try be inventive on your raging insults, please do try to make them at least mildly entertaining.
    You just come across as a cry baby as it is.

  35. [...] consider notoriously toxic trolls such as Jumpman Lane, Kalel Venkman’s Justice League Unlimited vigilantes, or Prokofy Neva — and the level of effort required to spend years tracking and [...]

  36. Brandon

    Jan 18th, 2012

    What a load of shit. These are the same people who wanted to put Seal Team six on trial for killing Osama Bin Laden. I believe the JLU and GLE are good people and have good intentions. You don’t need “an amusing target” for greifers to attack, I logged in today and a newbie started rezzing flying particle cubes again. The JLU showed up and put down a particle killer effectiviley helping my computer. (I was lagging a lot) With the particles gone I could at least teleport out of the sandbox before I crashed. I have never known the JLU or the Green Lanterns alike to be anything other than helpful.

  37. Innula Zenovka

    Jan 18th, 2012

    @Brandon — I’m not sure what a particle killer is, but the only way I can think it could work is by flooding the area with so many small, invisible particles that other ones didn’t render on your computer (you can only see so many particles at once).

    A far better solution, to my mind, which I suggest you use in future, is to open up your Advanced Menu (CTRL+ALT+D if it’s not showing), scroll down to “Rendering Types” and uncheck “particles”.

    Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+= to toggle them on and off.

    You don’t need any special equipment (or special costume) to do it. Just remember to turn particles back on later.

  38. Tux

    Jan 18th, 2012

    @ Brandon

    Why have your particle count so high if your pc can’t handle it? You called the griefer (i before e except after c correctly applied) a newbie, but I believe you are the noob. You have not set up your client correctly and you don’t know how to turn particles off (something which has been in the client for all time).

    So to a noob, like yourself, the JLU may appear to do good. When in fact all they are doing is flooding the region with even more particles. As Innula correctly guessed, the JLU’s particle killer is merely a series of linked emitters spamming a localised area.

    As for them being helpful, well that is relative. I could go on explaining this relativity to you but I fear it would fall on deaf ears. However, if they was really being helpful they would have told you how to kill particles yourself, instead of making you believe they are your saviours. Thus justifying themselves by making you believe you need them.

    If you learn the game, its controls and set it up correctly. You will see the effects on the server, caused by having an AR party TP in and scan the sim with their high resource HUD’s and attachments.

  39. LOL

    Jan 18th, 2012

    Ban Prok

  40. potosi abonwood

    Jan 18th, 2012

    What Tux said. If they were truly here to ‘save us from the griefers’ they would go about explaining how to protect yourself. Handing out notecards with all the tips and tricks on it. The most helpful info I got was from Nexus (a former admitted griefer) over on SLU. The JLU just want to keep the illusion in place.

  41. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jan 19th, 2012

    Brandon, clearly you are suffering from Downs Rage, and are as gullible as any short bus rider. There is no such thing as a “particle killer” that works unless the person using it owns the land or otherwise has authority to modify land settings. Since it is a public sandbox you are dealing with, and I’m assuming you mean a Linden sandbox and not one on a private sim that some idiot sim owner was dumb enough to give JLU land powers on. It is, however, rather easy for someone to fake one up and claim to be killing particles that they themselves are actually creating by themselves or with the help of an accomplice, in order to con some gullible noob like yourself into believing their vigilante bullshit.

  42. James Doe

    Jan 19th, 2012


    Why do you feel the need to put down people and insult them.
    Your comment about short Bus riders is insulting since you have no clue and just think that short bus is for the mentally handicapped.

    I am trying to understand how what the JLU patrolling a sand box is any different from sims that have their own security force and share info on the people they deal with? All the JLU haters seem to think its only the JLU that does this.

    Second Life gives every player a place to write notes about people we meet. That others can not see.
    You honestly think that these sims with forums don’t share chat logs and other stuff about people they meet or AR or Ban?
    You all act like the JLU are the only ones who do this stuff.
    Woodbury people shared chat logs all the time so do the Wrong Hands groups and many others. They even document these people.
    They just haven’t been hacked or exposed like the JLU.

    Seriously you all think you are all so innocent.
    If you look back at the whole Redzone issue how many people were documenting Zfire? Many people were in SLU forums and other places.
    These places dug up so much dirt on Zfire and these were the people who screamed about internet Privacy and Alt detection?
    These same people that scream about that then turn around and do what they rage against.
    Potosi, Nexus and his group the ones screaming about privacy and what the JLU do have a website showing not only the JLU personal Names and address’s but others as well. The give info out to make it look like they are helpful but they are no better than the JLU.

  43. grinch

    Jan 19th, 2012

    JLU never worked and niether did GLE, this just looks like another reason for us griefers to rally around a cause in the name of lulz. The more attention you give these idiots……………..Never worked never worried us at all, jlu and gle are pathetic and no better or effective than a redzone or your average conspiracy wack. So we at kinggoon think it would be in everyones own best interest to SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Dontspill McGinnis

    Jan 19th, 2012

    @James Doe

    As usual, you ignore all the evidence and invent a hat full of your own.

    We have proved time and again how the JLU have stalked people in world and out to extremes NO OTHER GROUP has EVER even comprehended before. Including recording names and ages their real life children and telephoning people’s real life places of work and/or education in an attempt intimidate them. even in world there is proof of them at the very least considering pulling words spoken in Skype and pretending they were said in world to fabricate AR’s.

    The JLU wikki exists to collect as much data on people in world and out to be used for one purpose and one purpose only. To coerce people that they don’t like (which is just about everybody.)

    How very noble of them.

    /me waits for the costume change and sudden appearance of Mr Angry. aka “Reader” saying how I am repeating myself again…..

  45. James Doe

    Jan 19th, 2012

    Don’t spill really,
    Please I refer you to the whole RedZone issue and Zfire.
    Look at all the people searching out every little issue about him.
    These were the same people who are against the JLU docing Zfire.
    Sure it happen to catch a criminal. Do the ends justify the means then?

    I also will point you to the SLU forums and the Help Sue JN area where many people were supplying Mister JN info on several people.
    Then JN called the persons Home and Work place as well.
    I don’t see people raging against JN and the group at SLU.

    So please stop assuming others don’t do the same thing.

  46. Tux

    Jan 19th, 2012

    How funny, after stating I still use the name Tux in Second Life I have not one, not two, but three obvious alt accounts IM me. Couldn’t see that coming XD.

    I did wonder if people would desperately scan the search results to try and find me. I guess I wondered correctly. Some people have way too much time on their hands (or are way to obsessed). There has, as yet, been no visit to my land though. Shame really, I have some wonderful scripts there.

  47. Innula Zenovka

    Jan 20th, 2012

    @ James Doe — you ask, “You honestly think that these sims with forums don’t share chat logs and other stuff about people they meet or AR or Ban?”

    I’m a manager on a large group of sims, and I can assure you that all we do is send a brief notice round the admin group saying someone’s been banned and why, so everyone knows what’s going on and people know what to say if they get IM’s saying “Why can’t I get onto the sim any more?”, and so that the estate managers can consider an estate ban if appropriate.

    We most emphatically do not compile wikis on people (nor share chat logs, come to that). Ban ‘em, record the fact, and forget about them, we do.

  48. Dontspill McGinnis

    Jan 20th, 2012

    @ James D’oh

    I will stop insulting your intelligence, as you have now made it quite obvious that you don’t have any.
    Please point out to me where i have said that the JLU are the only group ever to have dox’d somebody?

    You can’t, how odd…

    I have consistently been pointing out that the JLU been doing it for years and on a much bigger scale than anyone else, more systematically than anyone else, and more maliciously than anyone else. One of their members has confirmed the validity of much of the leaked information publicly.

    and you call me repetitive…

  49. potosi abonwood

    Jan 20th, 2012

    @James Doe at what point did I say Nexus was innocent of anything or comment about his views on privacy. All I said was that has given out better information on how to protect yourself from griefers than I’ve ever seen the JLU do.

    Please stop trying to put words in my mouth like you do everyone else.

  50. James Doe

    Jan 20th, 2012

    @Don’t Spill

    “maliciously than anyone else.”
    Wow you are so far off base on that.
    SLU owner and his Buddy JN have done this type of things more Maliciously than the JLU ever has. Little owner boy over on SLU forums allows JN to get ahold of people IP address’s and then they can track down people they don’t like and harrrass them. All the time while they cry they are being the ones harrassed.
    Seriously you need to open your eyes up a bit more beyond the JLU.
    Lets look at Nexus and all with his little website where he had posted all the JLU members and other people who they felt they could harrass’s Address and Personal Information on the web. Sorry I can not believe you people are so narrow visioned to not see that others are just as bad as the JLU and sometimes worse.
    There are pages of that over in the SLU forums and you know what makes that worse. Its all done on an open forum where the “owner” says no personal info is to be shown or linked to Unless its done by JN.
    Then there were pages and pages of things on Zfire and all his personal info and people looking for his criminal records. All these things are done for malicious intent.

    Yes Nexus starts giving advice on how to protect from griefers when the JLU out played him. So he can look like the good guy that he was the victim. Funny thing is he isn’t in SL anymore is he? He plays on Opensim now.
    These supposed Pink Hands, TWH and all these other groups who support actuall griefers all attack the JLU because the JLU out played them all. Thats why Tux and Don’t spill and others still comment on these things and call other people stupid or Noobs when some one says they haven’t has issues with the JLU.
    The Pink Hands is a Joke since several of their members support Documentig of others just as the JLU and then some of their members also support griefing. TWH well they do still grief.

    @Innula Zenovka
    Please I have been in many “large sims” And sims that have forums guess what the private areas of these forums the owners share lots of stuff. Now just because i know a couple do it and you don’t doesn’t make everyone do it, But it also doesn’t make that others don’t. I would bet a good percentage do keep records.
    Please lets have these JLU hackers start hacking other Groups forums so we all can laugh about the Inworld chats that people have.
    Also your a poster over on SLU you know JN and others Document and Find out all they can about people.
    Its the same deal here with everyone up in arms wanting to know who I am. Bunch of cry babies who Must know who you are so they can harrass you and document you.

    For all these people who say I am obssess over this still they love to keep coming back and posting don’t they?

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