Can Weapon Sales Save FurNation – And Second Life?

by Pixeleen Mistral on 04/10/11 at 3:13 am

Corsi Mousehold moves from sexbeds to combat - a desperate bid to pay land fees for furs

FurNation administrator Corsi Mousehold left a message at the Herald offices early this evening to express continued deep concerns about Stroker Serpentine's full permissions release of the SexGen sexbed base and animations, and claimed Mr. Serpentine's actions are a deadly threat to Mousehold's furry enclave, saying "His actions were intentional. He intended to destroy FurNation by releasing the Ultra full perms. I would like an interview."

corsi 002
Corsi Mousehold

After rushing to the Herald offices, I was able to contact Mousehold for an exclusive interview on this important topic.

During our conversation, I learned that Corsi had asked Mr. Serpentine for use of a motion capture rig to create new sexbed content to combat the freebies spreading like wildfire, but was told "your 'community' is about to go bye-bye..don't waste your time".

We discussed the difficulties in pursuing a Digital Millenium Copyright Act takedown of Second Life content -- which ironically enough was one of the motivations for Stroker Serpentine's lawsuit against Linden Lab. With muddled claims on the intellectual property that makes up the SexGen bed and the prospect of little beyond lawyer-enriching legal action, Corsi considered several options.

For furry avatars who frequent FurNation all hope is not yet lost.

I learned that Mousehold hopes to become a weapons dealer to generate enough revenue to keep Furnation's tier payments current. We also went on to discuss Herald founder Urizenus Sklar's suggestion that Second Life's only hope for survival is to combat-enable all land - an approach almost certain to lead to a resurgence in the in-world economy, more interesting cybersex, a marked decrease in abuse reports, and enhanced shopping experiences via gameifaction.

Will Linden Lab CEO Rod Humble take heed before it is too late for not only FurNation, but Second Life itself? We can only hope.

corsi 001

Corsi Mousehold: Releasing the Ultra full perms was not a 'Nice Gesture' like he made it out to be.
Pixeleen Mistral: my impression was Stroker was making it clear that he was leaving SL permanently by releasing the bed base full perms
Corsi Mousehold: Not true.
Corsi Mousehold: He may be leaving SL but the release was to intentionally fuck me over.
Corsi Mousehold: [2011/09/28 16:12] Corsi Mousehold: What have you done ..... Stroker that will kill the income I was relying on to keep FurNation running.
Corsi Mousehold: [2011/09/28 16:13] Corsi Mousehold: I heard you gave the base out full perms. The scripts would have been okay but the animations too ... FurNation's done for.
Corsi Mousehold: [2011/09/29 4:07] Corsi Mousehold: I can ask if you still have the Mocap setup, I could save my community using that and making animation overriders ... Would you be willing to sell it to me?
Corsi Mousehold: He responded today.

Pixeleen Mistral: what did he say?
Corsi Mousehold: [15:04]Stroker Serpentine: (Saved Mon Oct 03 08:40:03 2011) Your "community" is about to go bye-bye..don't waste your time.

Pixeleen Mistral: so what do you think he meant by that? you could get another mocap setup
Corsi Mousehold: He once threatened to kill FurNation by giving away the animations full perms.
Corsi Mousehold: That was over a year ago in the last fiasco.
Corsi Mousehold: I think he just made good on his promise since he wasn't making anything off it anymore.

Pixeleen Mistral: Jumpman Lane claimed that you used him as a hitman - maybe Stroker was unhappy about that. Jumpman has been relentless
Corsi Mousehold: I didn't
Corsi Mousehold: Jump and I talked a while back in the last fiasco but I hadn't talked to him for months until recently when Stroker said he was leaving.
Corsi Mousehold: When Stroker sued the lab I wished him luck.
Corsi Mousehold: From there it was assumed on the rare conversation that I had with him that we were okay with each other.
Corsi Mousehold: Not on friendly buddy buddy terms but not hating each other.

Pixeleen Mistral: whatever settlement Stroker and Linden lab came to was never made public - perhaps Stroker thinks SL is doomed because of problems with getting content protections going
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker never made anything off the Lab.
Corsi Mousehold: It was just a promise that the Lab made to help content creators.

Pixeleen Mistral: did the Lab keep it's promise?
Corsi Mousehold: Hard to say.
Corsi Mousehold: I haven't had a chance to deal with the lab on the subject.
Corsi Mousehold: But in talking to them on the phone it seemed like the hotline Lindens were unwilling to help.
Corsi Mousehold: I kept asking how soon the content would be removed if I file DMCA takedown.
Corsi Mousehold: They wouldn't answer.

Pixeleen Mistral: that is odd - to fit into the DMCA safe harbor provisions you have to remove the content in a reasonably fast fashion
Corsi Mousehold: Yes.
Corsi Mousehold: But would the lab actually go all out and remove it from every persons inventory?
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker gave his own stuff away ... He loses that.
Corsi Mousehold: But mine and Briggi's he didn't have the right to.

corsi 003

Pixeleen Mistral: well - they are supposed to - and they run the asset server database thing - but maybe they never thought about handling DMCAs quickly
Corsi Mousehold: In this sort of environment the issue is that things will spread like fire.
Corsi Mousehold: And it has.
Corsi Mousehold: I have people randomly IMing me about the itmes being given away.

Pixeleen Mistral: do you guys have any sort of written agreement on who owns rights to those animations?
Corsi Mousehold: Not paper. But in IM's
Corsi Mousehold: And that was .... God .... YEARS ago. Those logs were lost on my last computer.

Pixeleen Mistral: If you do have rights to the animations, perhaps filing a DMCA is the way to see if the Lab can do anything about this
Corsi Mousehold: Not that easy.

Pixeleen Mistral: why not?
Corsi Mousehold: I file DMCA on Stroker. The base of the issue.
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker counters.
Corsi Mousehold: What then?
Corsi Mousehold: He doesn't have to actually do anything other than say he had permission.
Corsi Mousehold: Burden then falls on me to take him to court.

Pixeleen Mistral: copyright lawyers don't work cheap
Corsi Mousehold: In the meantime the beds and animations are all out there.
Corsi Mousehold: Spreading like fire.
Corsi Mousehold: Passed around the grid.
Corsi Mousehold: Months would go by and my buisness is lost.
Corsi Mousehold: And that is even if I can afford to do it.
Corsi Mousehold: Sure I would win but I would still lose everything in the process.

Pixeleen Mistral: so it sounds like you need to find another mocap rig if you are going to stay in the animation business and just walk away from the sexgen ultra base animations
Corsi Mousehold: I still have the animations I added to the Titanium and Mythril that he doesn't have.
Corsi Mousehold: So my choices are to file DMCA and since Stroker is doing this to blatantly fuck me over, He would counterclaim and I would surely go under.
Corsi Mousehold: Or ... Add his handful of animations he added to the Ultra, to my scripts he didn't have access to and keep selling in a market that is drying up.
Corsi Mousehold: Or .... Do that and talk to scripters that know I am trustworthy and I can actually trust myself. And move on to another market.

Pixeleen Mistral: there could be questions about if it was "work for hire" too, or at a minimum who held the rights exactly - without paper agreements only lawyers would win
Corsi Mousehold: And you hit the nail on the head Pix.
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker is bankrupt. Even in winning the lawsuit ... He has no money for me to win.
Corsi Mousehold: Sure Florida is a state you can garnish a paycheck from but he's a plumber. He can work under the table and out of the almighty tax doller.

Pixeleen Mistral: so - what do you plan to do?
Corsi Mousehold: Option C.
Corsi Mousehold: What else can I do?

Pixeleen Mistral: so - come up with some new product?
Corsi Mousehold: Yes.
Corsi Mousehold: I have literally thousands of people that visit the FurNation sims daily. Tens of thousands monthly.
Corsi Mousehold: I am working with a scripter to build weapons for SL Combat.
Corsi Mousehold: I have a couple of them lined up. I will build and animate and get the sounds for them all.
Corsi Mousehold: They script them
Corsi Mousehold: We split.

Pixeleen Mistral: maybe that will work
Corsi Mousehold: I have one SL Military group looking into using just my weapons already. Because they are unique.

corsi 004
Second Life sex merchant plans to become an arms dealer

Pixeleen Mistral: so becoming an arms dealer may be the salvation of Furnation
Corsi Mousehold: Pretty much.
Corsi Mousehold: I would rather not say what we're doing in an interview because I don't want someone else to beat me to the punch.
Corsi Mousehold: I would be changing the name of PawPadz to "Armed and Armourous"

Pixeleen Mistral: Urizenus Sklar told me a couple days ago he thinks LL should make all sims in SL combat-enabled
Corsi Mousehold: LOL
Corsi Mousehold: BAD IDEA

Pixeleen Mistral: Uri said it might be the only thing that could save SL
Corsi Mousehold: Oh yeah. That would be a griefers paradise.

Pixeleen Mistral: think of the arms and shield sales - you'd just shoot the griefers
Corsi Mousehold: Hold on let me raid across the grid and shoot this couple on the adult mainland trying to fuck in a skybox.

Pixeleen Mistral: fucking in a skybox on the mainland is crazy already though
Corsi Mousehold: Hey Baby. Oh God you are so HOLY SHIT WE GOT INCOMING!!! KEEP SUCKING GIRL I'LL SAVE US!!

Pixeleen Mistral: LOL it would add a whole new dimension to cyber
Corsi Mousehold: Yathink?
Corsi Mousehold: Wow baby that orgasm was NUCLEAR!!!
Corsi Mousehold: Yeah sweetie that's cause a bomb went off. I haven't cum yet.

Pixeleen Mistral: don't give away any trade secrets...
Corsi Mousehold: I could keep the jokes going for hours on that idea.
Corsi Mousehold: Shopping would be a warfare in and of itself.
Corsi Mousehold: HOLD ON .... LET ME .... GET .... TO ... THE ..... VENDOR!

Pixeleen Mistral: I think it might be fun - buy before you are shot - the gameifaction of in-world shopping could be a win
Corsi Mousehold: It would certainly be funny as fuck.

Pixeleen Mistral: making SL more funny would be good for SL - too many people take this far too seriously
Pixeleen Mistral: take those JLU guys for instance
Corsi Mousehold: JLU ... The grid would be better without them.
Corsi Mousehold: That's what I need.
Corsi Mousehold: An automatic Kryptonite rifle.
Corsi Mousehold: Kalel is so into his RP I swear he would probably delete his account if you shot him with one.

Pixeleen Mistral: yeah - at this point nobody wants to associate with the JLU
Corsi Mousehold: I still find it funny that JLU thinks SL combat is low end griefing.
Corsi Mousehold: Freaking Retards.
Corsi Mousehold: I think I saw a list somewhere that has SL military members that got profiled by the JLU
Corsi Mousehold: I was disappointed that I was not on the list.

64 Responses to “Can Weapon Sales Save FurNation – And Second Life?”

  1. IntLibber

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Weapons sales are one of the few markets that can sustain a sim, but really, one sim only, I doubt corsi will build enough inventory fast enough to save more than one FN sim, and even then, only if he busts ass 24/7.

  2. Edna

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Rats in Second Life? LL needs to put out some d-Con.

  3. GG3

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Er, buying sims yet don’t have enough money to pay for them without extra revenue? Wow.

    And the weapon dealing is so…bleh. Furs either like sex or weapons it seems the most. And their both 1,000L+ range


    Dear titty-man, those aren’t rats…those are flea-fetched wolves/dogs, coyotes, etc

  4. Yiff In Hell

    Oct 4th, 2011

    SL Combat SUCKS!
    does anyone here’s Kids beg them for $L at xmas time so they can go into SL combat sims to buy guns and armor! HELL NO! they run screaminginto the videogame store to buy the newest Call of Duty, or military FPS (first person shooter) not a silly Online cybersex MMORPG.

  5. Corsi Mousehold

    Oct 4th, 2011

    There is revenue in rentals on the sims to take up most of it. The weapons are only to take up the deficit. That’s all we need to do at this point.

  6. LOL

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Corsi you are so pathetic! Here you are crying about how Stroker leaving SL is going to kill your FurFag yiffpile and yet here we got Jumpman Lane saying YOU PAID HIM to run stroker and company out of Secondlife! What the hell did you think was going to happen? Did you think Stroker would just hand over all his crappy animations, objects, scripts and maybe even his avatar to you so you could keep your virtual fetish alive? THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT CORSI!

    Lift up your fursuit, grab your balls (if ya got any) and STFU already! Maybe you can hire Jumpman Lane to now run all the Weapons makers out of SL! You dumb furry tosser!

  7. IntLibber

    Oct 4th, 2011

    me thinks you need to consider hiking rent.

  8. Jumpman Lane

    Oct 4th, 2011

    best of luck Corsi! if furnation survives strokers whole second life was fail!

  9. hobo kelly

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Corsi is going insane. Furnation is full of fail and aids and should be closed up for good. Stroker, thanks for the final blow. It took a lot but you did it. Oh and weapons? They are all free. Go over to the Castle Armory and grab the newest hottest assualt rifle right there in the entrance because they are…. free

    The one thing that might make some money for a short while would be a Furry Shooting Range. If you took some of your disgusting multi-dick furfags and made a shooting range where they would travel along in a row, or pop up with a target on their chest and charged a small fee to come along and blow them to hell, you might make a linden or two. Or start a Furry Safari where you sell Furfag Tickets. Hunters could come along and buy a Furfag Pelt Ticket (or two) and then head out into the field to find and blow the hell out of some disgusting furry thats lurking in the long grass trying to fuck a hole in the ground. Blow them to fucking hell. And then the hunter gets to take the Furry Head home to hang on the wall as a souvenier of the kill… I know I would pay some money to antagonize and kill some furry after making it flop wounded and bleeding around the sim while I reload…

  10. Jumpman Lane

    Oct 4th, 2011

    [22:30] Jumpman Lane: fuckit maybe we’ll bury the alphaville herald next! think anybody’d pay for that?

    hehehe a joke at a brainstorming session…but i forget the punch line!

  11. Lum Lumley

    Oct 4th, 2011

    What a surprise, the SL Herald’s answer to SL’s woes? Nonconsensual griefling/PKing. Because clearly SL is only fun if you can make someone else miserable.

  12. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Disclosure, idiot. Stroker, your move?

  13. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Actually, I kind of take that back, that log looks fake to me. Could be wrong, so if it isn’t, still disclosure.

  14. hobo kelly

    Oct 4th, 2011

    ok Mischief Makers here we go with the Tuesday morning Cartoon… this morning we rock the dial on the cartoon machine aaaall the way back to October 2006 and the OklaCon where Humpman Lame’s boss is singing a little song. And doing a little jig. Sing a little song… do a little jig… Mischief Makers you may not want to watch this if you ate breakfast already. Remember to keep your hobo junction clean and tidy and vomit free… so with that warning… here we go… Corsi singing: 69 Gay Raccoons… take it away…

  15. CheerGirl Allen

    Oct 4th, 2011

    @hobo kelly

    That video actually made me spit my coffee out and laugh like a maniac. Too Funny!

  16. sergal

    Oct 4th, 2011

    ok first thing first, corsi has copybotted armours, he copybotted a prototype armour set that sylver buu was making, sylver saw HER armour on someone else and she went batshit crazy.

    corsi is a content thief and all HE can do is steal things and then sell them as his own.

    sylver filed a content theft letter but lindenlabs came back and said it was all in corsis name blah blah blah.

    furnation is dying a slow painfull death, its time to put a bullet in its head and let it die.


    i know the REAL OWNER and he DID contact LL about getting the furnation name removed from corsi’s sims and corsi FAKED a phone call saying he was the REAL brandname owner and he had changed his mind.

    lets just say a shitstorm ensued.

    corsi just DIE already

  17. Emperor Norton hears a who?

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Hobo Kelly @ “I know I would pay some money to antagonize and kill some furry after making it flop wounded and bleeding around the sim while I reload…”

    So you really think that it is blood they are bleeding? Seriously dude, this is a game. Most likely the furffy your ragging at is off watching Spoog Bob Square Pants while you “kill” his avatar.

    One of the more hilarious things about Second Life is how everyone gets sucked into thinking the avatars are real somehow. You really want to piss off one of the gun bunnies let them shot at you and say things like “ouch”, “the pain” “woo is me” “tell my mother I love her” and otherwise mock the sheer virtualness of this virtual reality game.

    So I guess even the Heralds master plan won’t work in the end too because of smart asses like me.

  18. yiff you

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Corsi Copybotted that entire avatar I watched him do it at FurNation Hell.

  19. Yep

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Go getem Tiger :P

  20. Kiddoh

    Oct 4th, 2011


  21. sergal

    Oct 4th, 2011

    @ Tilly Milly

    “I am sorry this has happened to you Corsi”

    ok you either dont know corsi’s history or your and asskisser or your corsi.

    corsi’s history in secondlife is widely known as he actually was involved in the 2006 hacking and BILLION $L theft which got hundreds of furrys PERMA-BANNED hell he even got his BEST FRIEND perma banned and LIED to his face, untill the hacker sent him an email filled with voice mails from corsi, needless to say corsi dident make a furcon for 4 months after what his now EX-best friend did to him.

    did you know there are INNOCENT people out there STILL paying back the hefty fines imposed on them by LL because corsi told LL they were to blame.

    corsi made enough cash from that clusterfuck to buy NEW sims BUT then sold them for a massive profit claiming he “lost them” because he couldent afford the rent for them.

    yeah you REALLY need to check out what the JLU has on corsi.

    even tho the JLU are total assholes they were spot on with corsi

  22. Gundel Gaukelei

    Oct 4th, 2011

    Weapon sales? In the Lindens “collision detection done right is still on our todo” Laglife? In the “Uhm, did I hit you or was it a crash?” lands? U srs!?

  23. IntLibber

    Oct 4th, 2011

    I have to agree with Hobo Kelly, if Furnation became a big safari area where people could come and shoot wildlife with Corsi branded weaponry, would be the best solution for all. The furry community could profit off the griefer community by giving it what it wants.

  24. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 4th, 2011

    The only knowledge I have of Corsi is one time when I was banned from a roleplay city for having a non-human avatar (even though I was not roleplaying and was just there to help someone set up one of my products). Corsi was one of those who came “to my rescue” when I had complained about it to a friend and I had to leave when I heard “him” on voice through his obscenely hilarious mouse-o-matic voice changer. (Incidentally, half of those who TPed in from one person or another to “help” were also so put off by the voice that they left as well.)

  25. Hahahah

    Oct 4th, 2011

    @Tilly Milly

    “He’s broke and his name and reputation are destroyed, ”

    Broke? where do you get your information, Jumpman Lane? Stroker’s Morgage is paid off, his kids are in pridave schools, his wife drives a nice new german car, he just added a pool to his house and from the photos on his flickr looks like he bought a brand new harley with cash. If that is what you call broke then sign me up!

  26. Dave Bell

    Oct 5th, 2011

    If Corsi produces an SMLE with animations to suit a “mad minute”, I’d be interested.

    Oh, and a Rifle No. 5 while he’s at it.

  27. Pappy Enoch

    Oct 5th, 2011

    Hell wif a SMLE, Dave. Ol’ Lee-Enfield am rite good for shootin’ deer, but I wants me a Bren Gun, like ol’ Uncle Tiberius Earle Enoch done brung back from the Big One.

    Hoo whee. Me and Jezz done run off the Revenuers wif that shootin’ iron. Blowed up their State Car, too.

  28. Eva Ryan

    Oct 5th, 2011

    Corsi needs to quit placing blame on someone else for his own failure to sustain FurNation. He needs adapt to changing conditions. This is true in the real world as well as in SL. Shit happens, and when shit happens, doo-doo occurs. Get over it, adapt and maintain. The only other alternative is to die or fade away.

    If the sex bed trade isn’t cutting it, how about expanding your inventory of available products to include not only weapons; but, also avatars.. mesh avatars.. or perhaps fashion. Whatever the product line is, it needs to be able to have enough cash-flow to sustain his pet project,, namely, FurNation.

  29. GG3

    Oct 6th, 2011

    Stroker pulled a lulz

    Didn’t their mommies teach em serpents have venom?

  30. GG3

    Oct 6th, 2011

    -Opens Umbrella-

    What a shetstorm.

  31. GothGirl Demonia

    Oct 6th, 2011

    I honestly don’t udnerstand why you would try to file a DMCA over stroker for giving away his stull full permissions, I mean if he created it he legally owns all copyrights over his stuff reguardless of what damage it does to anyone else giving it away full perms so there is no legal reason to DMCA such.

    Now if you created the animations, emailed them to him for example, and then he used them without your consent you would have to take him to a court to settle it if he counter files the DMCA, and without any signed agreement it gets really messy as the defender would obviously win even without the need to hire an expensive lawyer if they know the copyright law themselves.

    Hey I like Furnation, I dont go there much for anything or do anything there, but I know people are always looking for more Mocap furnature, and next-gen sex stuff, so you should create some more unique stuff and hey I always got ideas for stuff like that but it would take a lot of time, scripting, etc to do such and I am sure it would sell well.

    As far as guns that is another options of course.

    But false DMCA claims themselves are illegal, and honestly I dont see anything wrong with giving something out full perms if you are quitting SL like he is, but that is me.

    I hope that FurNation or whatever it is can remain open and find another way to pay for their tier, of course the best way to pay for tier is renting out land I think, but hey I mean if you cant afford to pay for your sim yourself, and always have a backup plan then its best not to own one at all, that is the way I see it because if you buy a sim and have 3 friends paying like $75 a month, and then something goes wrong and the others cant meet the tier payment then you are screwed if you cant come up with it so its always best to have a plan B.

  32. Bunjie

    Oct 6th, 2011

    Didn’t read it, didn’t need too either.. moving onto selling other product lines shows maturity in the face of a wailing banshee of furries worried if Furnation will survive as a service and event space… oh wait em… well what ever it’s used for now. *wink*

    I know people only do things when it’s directly effecting them and the same goes for me, I know I’ve only been able to force myself out of a rut when some shit befalls me, and I guess Corsi has been gorging himself on the numinous cheese burgers thrown at him not least the ones offered to him by force at furcon. So in all likelihood has never actually needed to pull his weight and do anything other than scream for moar! but I’m glad to imagine him acting normally and doing something to secure his income.

    Not sure what immaturity the above conversation canceled out this good direction (if any) but I’m sure it will work out, if not he’ll have to do what everyone else has to do “drop a few sims” and apologize to people hes kicked out now he needs the income, or start apologizing those about to be ejected for not meeting his endless upstanding morals.

    By the way I totally approve of the new av :) the tennis ball in the mouth was a nice touch, will you put a sock in it by Christmas?

    Can we also get a Post 6 Corsi? we’re due another furrie and what could be better than someone that invokes our need to play fetch, I also have a couple of big balls here if you want to play some time so look me up you know where to find me, somewhere other than Furnation.

  33. Dubbleyew

    Oct 6th, 2011

    That guy’s nuts if he thinks turning off safe everywhere will save SL. If SL becomes a “game” then people will just quit to play REAL games. The reason I choose to spend time on SL is because it’s a place I can chill out with friends. If it becomes a game then…might as well just close it and go back to playing left 4 dead 2.

  34. GG3

    Oct 6th, 2011


    But of course! Pixels are so…real!

  35. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Oct 8th, 2011

    note: Stroker seems to have the same writing habits as corsi.

    Honestly I think Stroker could give less a shit about furries and SL at this point.

    Typical paranoia and victimization due to butthurt.

    Corsi is so ego-driven that of course someone’s broad actions were targeted at just him!

    give me a fucking break.

  36. GG3

    Oct 8th, 2011

    I have a feeling strokers secretly did not like furries!

  37. me

    Oct 8th, 2011

    The issue is not about the end of SL, the issue is really a need people feel to express themselves.

    SL offers a way for people to express new ideas and test things out.

  38. IntLibber

    Oct 9th, 2011

    I’ll tell you a story that Stroker told me a few years ago, about some of the reasons why he broke up the partnership with Briggi and Corsi.

    Firstly, Briggi and Corsi refused to share the legal costs of the actions Stroker took to protect Eros’ intellectual property, claiming that they just worked for him so it was his risk (funny how they don’t mention that now that they are trying to claim ownership of some of the IP in Stroker’s products, eh?).

    Secondly, at one point, Briggi came to visit Strokers family for a barbecue. You know, one of those nice family events one has with the grill by the pool. Briggi chose to show up in real life WEARING FURSUIT, along with his human “pet” also in fursuit and BDSM wear, on a leash crawling on the floor. This was in front of Stroker’s wife and kids, so any normal human being can see how this would be a sort of final straw…. and yet furries claim they are normal human beings, it is this sort of “normality” that creates the real public loathing for furries. Of course, not all furries are this extreme or perverted, but its not like those who are suffer any sort of ostracism or other negative feedback in the furry community for their extremism.

  39. Tilly

    Oct 9th, 2011

    Anyone who has had there IP distributed FP without their explicit permision has every right to file a DMCA. Stroker had NO right to do what he did regardless of what Corsi or Brigs have done. You have also discounted the fact that he shat all over Craig as well, despite the fact Criag asked him why he did it and stroker didn’t care.

    And From what I understand strokers kids wouldn’t have been surprised by BDSM or furrys on a rope, as it seems they are exposed to this kind of stuff look who the father is for christs sake.

  40. jerry

    Oct 9th, 2011

    I understand why the DMCA’s were filed, they had every right to file if those items were distributed with out permission. So they were social inept who cares, that is beside the point. Distributing someone elses work without permission is wrong, period!

  41. IntLibber

    Oct 9th, 2011

    The entire point of them producing work for Stroker was for it to be redistributed. He’s the boss, they have no say in how he chooses to price the content he distributes, at either L$10,000 or 0 L$ is immaterial: he DID have the right to distribute the work.

  42. jerry

    Oct 9th, 2011

    Thats funny I wonder why ALL the creators of the animations are saying he didn’t. I don’t know any of them, all I know is 3 creators have filed DMCA and all 3 say he did not have the right to distribute their work FP.

  43. jerry

    Oct 9th, 2011

    I’m unsure what you have against furries and really I don’t care. But to call them perverted and then stand up for someone like Stroker seems a bit strange to me, after all he is the same person who stood up and started a speach with I’m Kevin Alderman and I’m a pervert. So your point about furries seems to be a moot one. I would think anyone invited to the home of such a person would expect there to be perversion.

  44. IntLibber

    Oct 9th, 2011

    Jerry, it is a matter of record that Briggi and Corsi worked for Stroker, as have other people. They produced content on a “for hire” basis under copyright law, and gave him full permissions copies of their work to sell as part of his products. Under copyright law, you cannot rescind that permission just because you dont like the price he is selling the content at. I suggest that you study copyright law and the facts of the case rather than just going on the inworld bullshit some butthurt furries are spouting. I’ve actually studied copyright law so I know how this works. Those DMCA’s are false, and guess what? Filing a false DMCA is a crime and a tort, and those content creators will be getting in big trouble for filing them when it comes out that they lied about permissions. Try reading the DMCA law itself some time…. you fools need to study this stuff before you spout off like this….

  45. Miss J

    Oct 9th, 2011

    Jerry all of this can be solved if Corsi would stop whining about the work he did as a for-hire-basis. He gave Stroker full perms willingly anyway. Corsi has a choice to make better animations for a very outdated sexgen bed.

    Personally, If I were Corsi I’d be embarrassed at whats been leaked to noobs and go out of my way to make better animations.

    And just because Mocap animation is around and “expensive” doesn’t mean he can’t make better ones. He can try making better animations with Kinect for example. Corsi is being extremely lazy on trying to use weapons as a temporary band-aid to his already failing sims.

  46. Gundel Gaukelei

    Oct 9th, 2011

    After all, doing business in the redlight-district is for men, not mice. I’ve been told, it’s the same with arms dealing.

  47. Dave Bell

    Oct 9th, 2011

    What croggles me is the idea of somebody using Mo-Cap to make sex animations for SL.

    It sounds as if there’s a whole can of worms there. I would have that all involved are over-18, and that can be documented. That’s the standard for films, and it might not apply to Mo-Cap, but if there’s trouble about things, it’s the sort of info which could keep you out of jail.

  48. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 9th, 2011

    @ Dave Bell

    I doubt they were seriously fucking when they made the animations. Probably just dry-humping. (That would explain why they are so misaligned…)

  49. Yep

    Oct 9th, 2011

    So if LL decides to delete all of these sex bed animations, how will they determine if the engine is part of the give away or the ones sold with items before the big give away?
    If LL does do a mass wipe of inventory a lot of people who spent a lot of Lindens will be very mad at LL and the furries.
    Furries wonder why the gid hates them so much, causing LL to delete peoples items that they paid 20 or more USD for will really make the furries even more loveable.

  50. lolol

    Oct 9th, 2011

    Tons of free weapons in SL. I bet cori would make his weapons like Black-Ops products. send a kill script to diable the weapon if the builder decides the weapon is not being used properly.

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