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Discussion of Alphaville Herald being censored on Sims Online Stratics Message Boards?

Rumor has it that the Sims Online message boards run by Stratics had an interesting thread discussing the termination of Urizenus, but that it was wiped from the boards on the grounds that it constituted a “protest movement” or some such thing. We are looking to confirm this development. If you saw that discussion thread [...]

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History of the Sims Shadow Government, part 1: the prehistory of ssg.

In this post I begin recording a series of interviews with the typists of Mia Wallace, founder of the Sims Shadow Government. In this interview I speak with Mia’s female typist, and ask her about her first days in alpha, her previous life as Roller Girl, and the life and times of the Sims Sorority [...]

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For those of you who didn’t come via the story itself, had just posted a story on recent events that we have been reporting in The Alphaville Herald. I highly recommend this story, since it sythesizes everything in a comprehensible way. Here’s the link: Raking Muck in “The Sims Online” Dec. 14 addition: A [...]

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After a few moments of silence, Kale speaks on the termination of Urizenus

All right, I realize and fully concede that this comes from an impartial standpoint, so take it for what it’s worth or don’t take it at all- your choice. I won’t keep quiet any longer. The termination of Urizenus is just sad. Kale has refused to play the game since the whole sordid turn of [...]

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Maxis Moves Against Mazing!

With all this apparent harassment by Maxis going on you might think that we have become completely self-absorbed. Not so! We continue to bring you important news and reflections on life in Alphaville. Today I’m happy to introduce a new reporter, who wishes to remain anonymous (for obvious reasons!). Let me just say that he [...]

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Maxis Suspends additional accounts related to Alphaville Herald

In this Rapidly Breaking story, it appears that EA/Maxis is attempting to pursue its vendetta against the Alphaville Herald by banning additional sims from the game. Now the account associated with Doctor Legion has either been suspended or terminated. Doctor Legion has received no official statement of suspension from maxis, much less a justification of [...]

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EA/Maxis Permanently terminates Urizenus Account

EA has permanently terminated my Urizenus account, 11 hours after issuing a 72 hour warning/suspension. In the termination letter (below) EA falsely claims that I have “continue to list” in my profiles. In fact I immediately removed all references to the Alphaville Herald from my user bio. One presumes that this action is in [...]

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Maxis Harassment of Alphaville Herald Continues: Urizenus Suspended

In This breaking News, The Publisher of the Alphaville Herald, Urizenus, has been suspended for 72 hours for providing a link to The Alphaville Herald in his property description. Specifically, the offending statement in his property description was this: “Our newspaper/blog is online at” (see letter from EA Player Relations below)This is the latest [...]

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Evangeline: Interview with a Child cyber-Prostitute in TSO

In the following interview, notorious sim Evangeline goes back to her early days in Alphaville, and claims to have worked as a cyber-prostitute and then to have been a madam for various cyber-brothels under the guise of her sims Roxy, Tori, Fanki and then Dorian Merrill, claiming that at times she made the equivalent of [...]

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MAXIS is deleting in game references to Alphaville Herald

According to the sim Doctor Legion, Maxis has deleted references to The Alphaville Herald in her bio. Doctor Legion reports that the contents of her bio were simply “Read the Alphaville Herald,”. This message has been replaced by Maxis with the message “REMOVED BY MAXIS”. No explanation has been given to Doctor Legion. Tomorrow [...]

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