17 Sims Crashed in Swastika Pattern. Rosedale Sim Among Them

by Alphaville Herald on 12/08/07 at 6:57 pm


SL Gang Leader Vows Revenge

By Urizenus Sklar

We are used to griefers taking sims offline, and it happens so often we usually ignore it. But this time, Cinda Valentino, an old friend of the Herald and leader of the Valentino Mafia (one of the oldest vigilante groups in SL), asked that we call “enough” on this one. In the following Interview, I talk to Cinda, who lost many family members in Nazi death camps. She has vowed that her group will be proactive in the matter, since, in her view, the Linden’s are unwilling or unable to solve the problem and apparently unwilling to seek help. As Cinda asks of the Lindens, “WHERE R THEY??… WHY CANT WE TALK TO THEM ANYMORE??… WHAT ARE WE PAYING FOR?”


Valentino Boss, Cinda Valentino

Uri: Cinda, today around noon your time you checked the grid map, and what did you see?
Cinda Valentino: I opened it up, and at about 55% zoom out, I saw several red sims in the shape of a Swastika. Lusk being the top left corner.

Uri: by my count on the screenshot there were around 17 sims down, in the shape of a swastika, is that what you saw?
Cinda Valentino: yes, exactly

Uri: including the Rosedale sim
Cinda Valentino: I would have to look to be positive. I took a screenshot

Uri: is that the screenshot you gave me?
Cinda Valentino: yes it is

Uri: What was your reaction when you saw this?
Cinda Valentino: Well, being that I am jewish, and have lost countless great aunts and cousins and my great grandparents to the holocaust, I was VERY ANGRY

Uri: What did you do?
Cinda Valentino: I went to the largest group of people that were near the downed sims, and started asking who the Nazi was

Uri: what did they say?
Cinda Valentino: they told me to stop living in the past, [that it was] probably some child, or racist, and [they] shouted a few other things

Uri: Who do you suspect did this?
Cinda Valentino: I have no idea, I wouldn’t want to accuse anyone, because I have no info to go on, but I FULLY intend to find out, I can guarantee that.

Uri: How are you going to find out? Through your intelligence network?
Cinda Valentino: yes, it is EXTENSIVE, plus it is relatively easy to go and look at which sims were involved, see who lives there, for money? theres ALWAYS SOMEone willing to talk. then I would get confirmation somehow, I don’t go on what one person would tell me.
Cinda Valentino: however, the fact that the Lindens didn’t see this is sickening to me as well Uri………

Uri: What are you going to do when you find out who did it?
Cinda Valentino: I can’t really say at the moment, I really don’t want to say period, wouldn’t be very smart, but in one way or another The Valentinos have ALWAYS made people pay in some DEAR FASHION. most are no longer with us

Uri: What it it turns out to be a large internet group like the Something Awful Goons (W-Hats), or the 4chans, or the Patriotic Nigras?
Cinda Valentino: that makes no difference, 1. you can only fit SO many people in a sim if there is a fight of some sort, and Kuchiki and I took out over 20 people alone the other day, with no help, so they can have 1000 members, makes no difference to us.

Uri: So your mafia family is fully active again?
Cinda Valentino: absolutely, however it isn’t ever something we want to go announcing to everyone, I was away for a bit, but I’m back, we have revamped and we sit still and keep a low profile, until we have to get at someone or someTHING, like this. We’re not like other Mafias, that go around telling people everything we do, that is why I am still here, after all these years and battles.

Uri: Earlier you made it sound like you hold the Lindens partially responsible for this. Why is that?
Cinda Valentino: responsable for it happening, MAYBE not, but you must admit, one would have the power to do such a thing, and unlike when we started in SL, not all Lindens are what they’re CRACKED UP to be… but…they should have SEEN IT… WHERE R THEY??… WHY CANT WE TALK TO THEM ANYMORE??… WHAT ARE WE PAYING FOR?

Uri: well, most people aren’t paying anything
Cinda Valentino: I think that is part of the problem

Uri: Suppose we find out that these are just some stupid kids trying to get attention, and they don’t realize what the swastika really means. What would you say to them?
Cinda Valentino: I would find it very hard to believe, being that it would take quite a bit of work to down all those sims, for the persons involved to not know its meaning. and yes, they are trying to get attention. the wrong kind.

Uri: Some people say that we shouldn’t report this because we are just giving attention to these people. What do you say to that?
Cinda Valentino: in most cases, I would totally agree, and maybe people will say it’s just because I’m a Jew, but… when it comes to racism, the incineration of millions of people, anything as disgusting as that, it SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED FOR ONE SECOND. Once we tolerate it, IT’LL HAPPEN AGAIN.

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