Rebuilt New German Army A Growing Threat

by Alphaville Herald on 30/11/07 at 7:07 am

Better uniforms, multi-prong strategy, and Mercanzeteer alliance

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

New_german_armyEarly in 2007, a series of violent pro- and anti- Front National (FN) protests sparked by Jean-Marie Le Pen supports’ in-world presence ended up on the doorstep of the Modern German Army in SL – creating what the German Army referred to as ‘unbearable French lag’ at their base in Porcupine sim.

Since those dark days in January, the New German Army has been adapting and refining its uniforms, weapons, and tactics to become a formidable foe for those who might try to reign in its expansion. While it is reported that the Mercanzeteer militia has taken a policy of appeasement toward the Germans – is this really a wise course? More importantly, what is the secret to the German’s success? Tristan Mineff recently took a time for an exclusive interview with the Herald. What I learned may give other armies pause – can anyone stop the German army’s expansion? What will this growing threat do to the shaky balance of power between SL militias?

Tristan Mineff: Hai thar, Frau Mistral.
Pixeleen Mistral: Hi Tristan – what’s new?

Tristan Mineff: the German Army. we Rebuilt.
Pixeleen Mistral: really? how is that going?
Tristan Mineff: we are now a potential counterweight to AN and mercz power.
Pixeleen Mistral: seriously?
Tristan Mineff: indeed.

Tristan Mineff: In fact, we defeated AN’s old ally.
Tristan Mineff: AM. SLSN. and DAE. even got new uniforms.

Pixeleen Mistral: the new uniforms look nice
Tristan Mineff: Yeah, i like them. KC made em. he’s a good builder. made them in like a day.

Pixeleen Mistral: so you have a good builder – how about scripters and weapons experts?
Tristan Mineff: Yep. Our people are now Veterans of real life too. We have anakin boyd. he scripts for us. Chaos Kilara. Makes realy nice weapons for us. We have 10,500 square meters of land.

the “Deutscher Prasident of one of the Best armies in Secondlife”

Pixeleen Mistral: you must have good financing
Tristan Mineff: We run completely off donations. We just have really cool people that like to help us out.

Pixeleen Mistral: how many people in the army now?
Tristan Mineff: like 150.

Pixeleen Mistral: you have been recruiting!
Tristan Mineff: indeed.

Pixeleen Mistral: what do the AN and Merc say about all this?
Tristan Mineff: Hmm. AN doesnt bother with us anymore. they concern themselves mostly with Merczateers. we don’t bother them right now anyway. as for merczateers…
Tristan Mineff:[8:37] Salvatore Noriega: we have some problems with merczateers and heard that they piss in their pants when they see you so we thought it would be good to ally with you”.
Tristan Mineff: Basicly that sums it up.

Pixeleen Mistral: sounds like you are gathering your strength
Tristan Mineff: Yeah, we need to gather a lot of strength to become one of the bigger armies. We are definatley in the top 3.

Tristan Mineff’s first life

Pixeleen Mistral: I’m glad you got more land – that was pretty bad when you were stuck by those french guys lagging up the sim
Tristan Mineff: Yeah, It was a loong time ago. Frenchies left when we sold land. Our luck. Lol. We needed the money anyway, we had land offers elswhere.

Pixeleen Mistral: so where is your base now? which sim?
Tristan Mineff: Oh we have 4 independent parcels. 3,000 meters in Malvern.

Pixeleen Mistral: smart – you have multiple bases
Tristan Mineff: Yeah. Kinda hard to defend 4 independent bases. But it is easier because we can have different base’s for different things. the one in Malvern, is a training base.
Tristan Mineff: 3,500 meters in Chiaksan is Headquarters.
Tristan Mineff: we have 2,500 meters in Ddalgi. Basicly just a place for the Divisions to Organize.
Tristan Mineff: Another 3000 meters for Our biggest branch. the Luftwaffe. its also a building site.
Pixeleen Mistral:wow

Pixeleen Mistral: it must have been hard work to do all this. I mean its not easy to organize this sort of thing
Tristan Mineff: Aah, i have very good commanders for that. I don’t do it all alone. We rely a lot on co-operation. Other armies simply say. “TP here, we are attacking”. we order our Divisional groups to different areas in prong’d attacks. Thats what is leading to our late success’s.

Pixeleen Mistral: so strategy is your secret weapon
Tristan Mineff: Indeed. Other armies claim Discipline, Co-operation. we simply claim, We are friends and comrades, and we use Strategy. Not discipline.

Pixeleen Mistral: that makes sense – it allows for more flexibility
Tristan Mineff: Indeed, our people are more willing to listen to commands. We ask that our soldiers question orders. Because it ensures that Problems the commander didn’t forsee are Fix’d.
Pixeleen Mistral: sounds like it could be more fun, too – getting bossed around all the time is not my idea of fun

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  1. Will Szymborska

    Dec 3rd, 2007

    Since iv came from Teen Grid, a place where military groups are usualy even more immature and random, with 13 year old Halo fan’s running around, I’m amazed how crap like this could even exist… On Main Grid.. “LULZ WE R GURMANS 4 REEL, NEw UNIFURMES YAY kpls”.

    -Will Szymborska
    [BT] Black Talon Member 2006-2007

  2. Raiden Zanx- Alliance Fleet division NCO

    Dec 3rd, 2007

    Proteus is right. This article is laughable, and arguably the worst SL Herald article I ever seen.

    Back when I was a newbie,I had a horrible war declaration article written out of impulse. This article seems to rival it’s stupidity.

    Posted by: Inuyasha Deere | December 01, 2007 at 04:18 PM

    Appoligies Mr. Deere but you are still a newbie in the eyes of 99% of civilized non-griefer militarys and 20% of the griefer ones… But actually, this isnt about a insult for once but indeed a compliment on an actually valid point!
    Prepare for the qoute! *Alliance Fleet crews scramble to there battlestation’s and sirens flare as the qoute prepares its final run* “This article is laughable, and arguably the worst SL Herald article I ever seen.”

  3. Raideur Ng

    Dec 4th, 2007

    The last force I saw Tristan with was the SLA, along with their general. Tristan, I believe you will support this.
    Tristan, provided you play fairly, your group should look forward to an enjoyable conflict with multiple groups.

    Thank you for stating your base locations as they are not mentioned in any of your groups or member’s profiles.

  4. Raideur Ng

    Dec 4th, 2007

    Tristan, where are your bases? The one in Chiaksan doesnt exist. Neither does the one in Ddagi. The base in Malvern is a D.A.E. facility? Where is the -German Army- Land?

    Im perfectly serious, where is it, you dont give coordinates.

  5. Inuyasha Deere

    Dec 5th, 2007

    Appoligies Mr. Deere but you are still a newbie in the eyes of 99% of civilized non-griefer militarys and 20% of the griefer ones… But actually, this isnt about a insult for once but indeed a compliment on an actually valid point!
    Prepare for the qoute! *Alliance Fleet crews scramble to there battlestation’s and sirens flare as the qoute prepares its final run* “This article is laughable, and arguably the worst SL Herald article I ever seen.”

    Posted by: Raiden Zanx- Alliance Fleet division NCO | December 03, 2007 at 09:05 PM

    If you think you will get a response of me screaming, moping, and bragging about myself, you shan’t acquire such a statement. That just provided me a good laugh.

  6. James Benedek

    Dec 7th, 2007

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    1. You guys blow yourself up when you step on our land
    2. all you use are rocket launchers
    3. hahaahah you wish you were in the top 3 armies in SL.

    James Benedek
    2142 Commander

  7. Archie Lukas

    Dec 7th, 2007


    As a member of the International red cross, where can we inspect your base of actions and compliance with the Geneva Convention?

    Failure to comply will mean we will dry up your credit, re-possess your land and homes and bury all your art treasures in deep homes in the mountains, guarded by Goblins with nasty attitudes.
    Your daughter will be sold to pony schools and your sons will be genetically altered to become ballet dancers and florists.

  8. Hua Yifu

    Dec 8th, 2007

    After reading the numerous comments left by various leaders of SL militaries, I must agree upon some of the negative comments about this article.

    First, apparently, “Merczateers” was spelled incorrectly.
    Also, the journalist did not make any comments that are not biased or trivial.
    From what I read, the reporter clearly did not spend any time observing the experience and attitude of the actual German soldiers as well. Instead, he/she made partician compliments toward the army.

    As you know, I visit the German Army HQ almost daily, and I have numorous opinions to state.

    Most of the soldats and recruits do not have enough knowledge about SL combat tactics.
    For example, they do not know who their allies and enemies are.
    During one occasion, when I spawned in the base armed, the soldats did not know I am neutral, and they actually yelled “FREEZE” instead of shooting me. I wonder if they would do that when an armed hostile loom into the HQ.
    Also, most of the grunts are somewhat arrogant. they assume that they are a part of one of the most powerful armies in SL, when they are actually not.
    They also arm themselves with freebies and griefing tools.
    I noticed that even recruits recieve access to use all the German weapons, including rocket launchers, shotguns, and automatic rifles as well.

    I find the recruiters irresiponsible as well, for they have been recruiting anyone that is willing to join, including complete newbies, griefers, and idiots.
    Most of the recruits are easily promoted to soldats despise their idiocy.
    The most ironic item I found in this army is the fact that the recruits and soldats are allowed to use their own weapons.

    As a conclusion, the RoG lacks experienced soldiers, and it definately is not the third most powerful army in SL.

  9. Mult Merlin

    Dec 11th, 2007

    Wow, this article is pretty cool
    luv the interview.
    Power can be good
    and this guys got it
    but with power
    comes a threat
    with a threat
    people retaliate.
    This guy better keep an eye out
    for his own good ;)
    -Mult Merlin

  10. crimson87 allen

    Dec 18th, 2007

    hahaha tristan you maybe good but once a griefer always a griefer, i remeber that day to pauleh

  11. Hua Yifu

    Dec 25th, 2007

    For your information, people, Tristan Mineff was banned from SL. His new username is “Tristan Blazer.”

  12. Tristan is dumb Nazi

    Dec 27th, 2007

    Tristan is dumb nazi.
    He even admited it by wearing a tag with SWASTIKA.

    -No comment-

  13. Steve319 Cao

    Dec 30th, 2007

    Now usualy I would get online see these posts rant at her magisty queen zinsky of the AN I meant Sparta but quite honestly this post is far to inportant to me for that yea my spelling sucks yes my grammers non existant ive never once claimed it was anything other than what it is but zitsky if you had one as many battles in your pathetic millitary carear as me you may actually be able to produce some kind of responce that for once does not poke fun at a quite aparent but totaly un sl related weakness If I were in your postition I would be far more concerned with the increaseingly agravated group of spartan officers within your ranks calliing you a power hungry moron but wait now im getting off topic.

    The reason im actually posting is to actually set the record straight on Tristans comments bellow is the official Account of the SLSN/Rog War

    Firstly during the SLSN Bondi Beach period Rog and SLSN enjoyed a breif alliance until it became clear Rog were complete greifers who had managed to piss off most of the groups we were seeking to foster ties with so the alliance came to its end this immediately promted a declaration of war by the germans on SLSN we had some minor battles to be honest we didnt pay an awful lot of attention to them

    Then they pissed me off SLSN moved to its first sim of Endless Love 3 weeks later Tristan with help from Paul Kendal hacked the old SL sky navy main group and proceeded to purge the group without question a low point in the SLSN history but Trist I thank you for it mate because god did it bring the group together like never before were had a goal now the complete and utter desimateion of ROG

    during the newxt 5 months Rog were engaged daily defeated daily I had so many pictures of surrendering germans and slsn flags its not even funny I also have a signed surrender document from the General himself shortly after Rog dispanded

    If anyone would like proof of any of these events please im me in game or im keith suen or erreh yue for proof I can comment about AM or Dae but as for SLSN son shine you never once defeated us and even dispanded im tempted to bring slsn back one more time just to kick your ass.

    Thank you for reading

    Steve 319 Cao C-1 Fleet commander Mc Fleet
    (Former SLSN Commander)

  14. Bruno Ziskey

    Dec 30th, 2007

    How funny you are Steve. Very well, I won’t comment on your failure at being able to type in a clear and concise manner. It does get rather boring after the first 100 times. Also, your pitiful attempt at getting me to start inquiring into my Spartans thinking I am a power hungry person is also pointless. I am not so easily deceived by petty tricks with no proof to back it up. I am also going to choose to ignore that rather pathetic attempt to insult Sparta for being the Alliance Navy’s ally as you have caught me in a good mood tonight. In fact, I could say about the same with the relationship of Mercz and MC but I won’t. Again, I am in a good mood tonight.

    Happy New Years (Even to the ignorant griefers of SL)
    Bruno Ziskey
    King of Sparta

  15. ultranoobpker

    Jan 19th, 2008

    lol sl suckz ppl r nerds runescape is much better u noobz

  16. FoxMulgrave

    Jan 25th, 2008

    Steve319, next time you post a comment can you either write it in standard english or give us all a translator link? I am aware that myself, along with numerous others are still trying to decipher what ‘existant’ is and who ‘zitsky’ is, if you mean Bruno, at least have the decency to spell his NAME right.. I would be inclined to agree that RoG suck, they grief, and Tristan wears a shield most of the time, but hey.. SLSN can hardly talk, they orbit, spawnrape, use phantom bullets, have no rank structure….. oh, and all ‘their’ technology is really modded AN stuff.. just thought I ought to point out that the last time you made something of your own it ended up looking like something a robot may excrete had it a digestory system.

    -Fox Mulgrave, Ex- AM Grand Marshal.

  17. Eye Korobase

    Apr 3rd, 2008

    *After a 3 day Assault by the Merczateers, the Republic of Germany disbanned

    Also the Last assault was filmed:

  18. Vasily Letov

    Apr 3rd, 2008

    Recently the commandation in RoG changed. Tristan left SL and Amory Gears became the new RoG leader. He used to serve in GA with his alt as i heard but i don’t know why he was choosen rather than any other RoG/GA General… Maybe it was because he was allready leading a military, the Legio Infinitus…

  19. Vasily Letov

    Apr 9th, 2008

    See the interview of the new RoG leader on :

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