Leveling Up In The Game of Second Life

by Alphaville Herald on 04/05/08 at 10:07 pm

Is Plexus Linden hoping for a new griefing flava while protecting SL residents from those who would do them harm?

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

“SL combat groups fight each other in their bases…who does that? I want to design a combat system that will work in non-combat areas – real armies and groups fight in cities full of people who want no part of it” –Supercool Sautereau

The on-going asset server attacks, self-replicating prims with DDOS payloads, and mega-IM and e-mail spam all started making sense to me Saturday evening while I was talking to Supercool Sautereau. Comrade Sautereau is a fan of traditional SL warfare and – as far as I know – has nothing to do with grid crashing or this sort of thing, but as the Soviet Premier pondered how to take his in-world combat game to the next level by moving the battle beyond damage enabled combat sims, I started understanding what is going on with the griefers and the Linden Lab “governance team” — everyone is trying to take their game to the next level. Too bad for the civilians caught in the crossfire.

For a griefer ready to level up, going from tweaking the noses of a few metaverse residents to virtual world-wide disruption is a natural move — and eventually leads to the possibility of taking on the game gods themselves. This seems to be the case with the DiSSENTiON group – who occasionally regale the Herald staff with tales of their exploits — such as taking advantage of borked SL features to create widespread IM spam.

However, all is not lulz and immersive gameplay in the big-time griefing arena – there is also the issue of respect. Sadly, if the chatlogs provided to the Herald are real, it appears that griefer/governance team relations have deteriorated to the point that the mutual respect that ought to characterize a friendly competition has gone out the window:

Bellatra Kips: tonight was only a very small taste
Plexus Linden: hahahaha
Plexus Linden: what?
Bellatra Kips: that was fun wasn’t it?
Plexus Linden: small taste of what?
Plexus Linden: this is old school…
Plexus Linden: I mean c’mon
Plexus Linden: nothing new.. nothing tasty

Apparently the Linden governance team has moved from account bans to account bans combined with taunting in an effort to protect the metaverse. Perhaps that will work – banning accounts while maintaining open enrollment in Second Life has not been stunningly successful.

Plexus Linden: I know more than u think, child
Plexus Linden: ;-)
Plexus Linden: and here is what I know.. too….
Plexus Linden: do not think u are beyond.. being Butthurt in a small cell

This particular exchange has apparently upset the PN/griefer community – or been taken as evidence that certain staff are losing their cool – and solemn oaths were sworn to take this to Robin Linden in hopes of better customer service – or improved sportsmanship and gameplay.

While I wondered about the likelihood of Robin Linden siding with those who have repeatedly created certain issues with the asset server, I sought out Plexus Linden for an interview, and found the ban stick wielding Lab staffer in an affable mood:

Pixeleen Mistral: There seems to be some controversy in the goon/griefer community right now. They are concerned that you were using bad language. Now – this does seem a bit odd. I mean they are complaining that you were not providing courteous customer service, but I don’t think they pay anything to LL. Still – I’m getting these complaints – they say they are going to Robin Linden to complain, and I’m thinking this is one serious case of unintentional irony
Plexus Linden: Any resident in SL has the absolute right to voice their concerns to managers, supervisors or other

Pixeleen Mistral: Pretty much anyone can make an account – even after you guys ban them. Seems like a no-win situation for the governance team. From what I am hearing, the griefers are stepping things up a bit, but maybe they are just role playing – its really hard to separate their boasting from reality
Plexus Linden: Governance Team works solely on facts gathered to determine appropriate responses or actions taken against any account violating TOS

Pixeleen Mistral: it is unfortunate that the facts are never published so that there are checks and balances – that lack of transparency leads to speculation. I hope it all works out for you
Plexus Linden: I am confident everything will work out as expected in our continuing efforts to protect SL residents from those who would do them harm ;-)

Pixeleen Mistral: well – my advice is turn off damage enabled land – that will keep the avatars from being harmed. I’d be more concerned about Linden Lab sustaining damage though
Plexus Linden: We have a very good team here… in all areas..

Still the mystery remains – why has the governance team taken to taunting and challenging the griefers to improve their weapons? Boredom? A new theory of game company/community relations? Residents advance a number of theories.

One theory supposes that creating a more emotionally charged atmosphere improves the g-team’s sense of immersion in “protecting the residents” – though I am still not clear on how improving the griefer and governance team’s immersive experience helps anyone else – except perhaps the Justice League Unlimited. But as Comrade Sautereau points out, wars are fought in cities full of people who want no part of it.

Another theory suggests that the real issue is turmoil inside the Lab – where the prospect of a new CEO has staff looking for ways to emphasize their importance – and the importance of the problems they “solve”. In this scenario, the Lindens may not mind driving people into the griefing community by repeatedly banning or suspending clean accounts for questionable reasons. Rather than look for ways to engage disgruntled residents in the success of the virtual world, creating a larger griefing community could mean a bigger governance team with certain benefits for the g-team members. This sort of moral hazard may beyond the ken of the game gods – but is certainly a possibility. Of course there is a downside — creating a large a class of players who’s gameplay is wrecking the game, since all other forms of play have been closed to them. But if you were trying to level up, perhaps that would be a risk worth taking.

[full IM log between griefer and Plexus Linden]

[19:01] Bellatra Kips: hey there, old buddy, old pal
[19:02] Bellatra Kips: just dropped in to baaawwwww some more
[19:02] Plexus Linden: lol
[19:02] Bellatra Kips: PROTIP: Im not in the PN, I just happen to be tight with a few of the more influential ones
[19:02] Bellatra Kips: thats how they got copybot;)
[19:03] Plexus Linden: hahahaha
[19:03] Plexus Linden: influential PN
[19:03] Plexus Linden: bizarre terms
[19:03] Bellatra Kips: well they’re pretty disorganized
[19:03] Bellatra Kips: but there is a new entity on the horizon
[19:03] Plexus Linden: they always were
[19:03] Bellatra Kips: things are going to change
[19:03] Bellatra Kips: tonight was only a very small taste
[19:04] Plexus Linden: hahahaha
[19:04] Plexus Linden: what?
[19:04] Bellatra Kips: that was fun wasn’t it?
[19:04] Plexus Linden: small taste of what?
[19:04] Plexus Linden: this is old school…
[19:04] Plexus Linden: I mean c’mon
[19:04] Plexus Linden: nothing new.. nothing tasty
[19:04] Bellatra Kips: old school has nthing todo with it
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: disruption on a wide scale\
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: spamming copybot links
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: and using an malformed IM exploit to make trouble
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: oh wait
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: you didnt know about that?
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: its on jira
[19:05] Plexus Linden: no kidding
[19:05] Plexus Linden: I know more than u think, child
[19:05] Plexus Linden: ;-)
[19:05] Plexus Linden: and here is what I know.. too….
[19:06] Plexus Linden: do not think u are beyond.. being Butthurt in a small cell
[19:06] Bellatra Kips: lol
[19:06] Plexus Linden: lol
[19:06] Bellatra Kips: I am
[19:06] Bellatra Kips: Im not doing it for the lulz….we aren’t doing it for the lulz
[19:06] Plexus Linden: ugh
[19:06] Bellatra Kips: every person you ban
[19:06] Bellatra Kips: comes to me
[19:06] Plexus Linden: yeah, cuz that didnt work… apparently
[19:07] Plexus Linden: lulz
[19:07] Plexus Linden: hehehe
[19:07] Plexus Linden: Dissention..
[19:07] Plexus Linden: I mean.. CMON???
[19:07] Plexus Linden: who thought of that crap
[19:07] Bellatra Kips: lol
[19:07] Plexus Linden: its like.. I dunno
[19:07] Bellatra Kips: can you get any more pissed about it?
[19:07] Plexus Linden: something in a generic pill aisle at Walmart
[19:08] Plexus Linden: I am not pissed
[19:08] Plexus Linden: its childish
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: thats the hole goal dont you see
[19:08] Plexus Linden: and stupid
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: we will play on all of the dissent
[19:08] Plexus Linden: oh please…lol…
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: create more
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: every hates LL right now
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: we’re using every tool at our disposal to help that along
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: some more subtle thn others

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  1. Look who's a sucky reporter now?

    May 6th, 2008

    Pro-tip: Lrn2write

    “creating a large a class of players who’s gameplay is wrecking the game”

    whose != who’s

    Grammar FTL.

  2. Nidol Slazar

    May 6th, 2008

    “This is the only part of your post that annoys me. All of you morons “sitting back with your popcorn and watching the show.” That is possibly even less original than dropping black, self-replicating cubes all over the grid.”

    It’s because they are all roleplaying faggots who think it’s clever to say an action in their message, as if they are superior. It’s funny how they favor one side of the argument and state their opinions while degrading the opposing side, then claim to “sit back and watch the show”, yet they already stated their dumbass comments beforehand, so they are now a part of the argument rather than being a bystander. Yeah… you’re actually not that clever assholes.

  3. SmackyShootsHockerDink!

    May 6th, 2008

    I hope DiSSENTiON shuts the whole place down. Kick the legs out from under it. Save unsuspecting people from the likes of Plexus Linden. Word.


    May 7th, 2008

    Oh a little correction there. I never heard or seen Plex claiming to be a /b/tard, I only mentioned it because I saw similarities in the lingo, and someone complaining about it somewhere… cant find it anymore. Doesnt matter.

    “It’s because they are all roleplaying faggots who think it’s clever to say an action in their message, as if they are superior.”

    Hold your horses there. Yeah I’m a roleplayer, that’s my main game in Second Life. But ehm… that has naught to do with being superior, nor am I roleplaying here to make myself look superior. In fact, I am not roleplaying, I was posing a question. I dont know how you put ‘roleplaying’ and superiority together, that makes no sense at all.

    Nor have I claimed to be more clever then anyone. I have said that I find some people a little less mature then others, which again has nothing to do with roleplaying. is asking about the whereabouts of popcorn and beer roleplaying?

    And I’m not in any argument, in fact I woulndt know what the argument you mention is about really. What is it? Plexus being bad for SL and LL or not? Intlibber being Plexus’ alt or vice versa? Pix being prok? which argument are you talking about here? Heck I dont really care, I am posting this because do feel I need to correct you before you make more wild assumptions.

    I am just voicing my amusement at this article, the responses and in general griefers, articles about them and by them, and all the drama following on those articles. So, by all means, bawwwww some more. This is better then the phunnies in the morning newspaper.

    Waiter! ‘nother beer please!

    (oops! I did it again. Entertainment and bawwww go! :D )

  5. derpderp

    May 7th, 2008

    ITT: Plexus is down/asperger-raging and mouthfoaming at all the people on the SLH.
    Keep up the good work, man.

    You’re helping us by a great deal by banning our targets and other legitfags.


  6. PerPlexus Ejectus

    May 7th, 2008

    Maybe the report on Fox News that they aired *TODAY* showing video from within SL and telling the world about how Second Life is a nasty haven for Pedophiles and Underage Kiddies who like to buy virtual drugs and go to virtual rape rooms has Plexus a little PerPlexed. Maybe it was that US Senator that they had on the tube as a part of the story who was saying that he was starting a new thing to go after SL (which will include Plexus) to clean it out that has him feeling a little bit “off” today. Probably furfags involved no doubt. The PN warned you about them pedos Plexus.

  7. nedniL suxelP

    May 7th, 2008

    DinkyHockerShootsSmack! has to be the gayest name I’ve seen on slh yet.

  8. Witness X

    May 7th, 2008

    “Plexus apparently tried to claim that I copybotted a megaprim”

    Posted by: IntLibber Brautigan | May 06, 2008 at 02:42 AM”

    I lol’d, I could explain how impossible it is to make a megaprim with copybot, but it doesn’t matter, Plexus is just a failure. It’s bad enough that Plexus sounds like a blatant gaiafag, but apparently everyone seems to know more about SL than him.

  9. Angel Fluffy Uses Copybot AND GETS CAUGHT LOL

    May 7th, 2008

    Speaking of Copybot….


    FYI: If you’re going to use copybot, don’t be a dumbass about it and forget to configure it.


  10. Why Bother

    May 7th, 2008

    @ Angel Fluffy Uses Copybot AND GETS CAUGHT LOL

    We’re not idiots. We’re not going to fall for something that can easily be made up and put together. Herald writers and supposed staff may be morons, but the most of us commenters are far from being as moronic.

    Try harder.

  11. anon

    May 8th, 2008

    Nidol Slazar: trolling is a paradox.

    In one sense, it is necessary to involve yourself. However, the involvement has to be false: for example, intentionally seeming dense or inflammatory. If you honestly post your opinion, you can’t claim “trolling”. Only shitty trolls do that to rationalize the fact they’re wrong.

    Sometimes it requires constant involvement along the process as well to keep it going. Same thing.


    May 8th, 2008

    How fucking dare anyone out there make fun of me, err, I mean Plexus after all he’s been through!

    He lost her aunt, he went through a divorce. He had two fuckin kids.

    His husband turned out to be a user, a cheater, and now he’s going through a custody battle. All you people care about is….. readers and making money off of him.

    HE’S A HUMAN! What you don’t realize is that Plexus is making you all this money and all you do is write a bunch of crap about him.


  13. So Deep in the Closet You're Finding Christmas Presents

    May 8th, 2008

    @ Why Bother

    lol ok Angel you “didn’t” get caught using copybot.

    I realized beforehand that slfags have given your ilk a pass and will continue to do so, and didn’t expect it would change now.

    You guys can believe it or not if you will, but your own players are working to destroy your own economy by copybotting anything they can get their hands on. He’s only one of the many doing it. Unfortunately for him, he was a stupid fuck and didn’t know how to configure his bot properly.

  14. Just Me

    May 9th, 2008

    Chatlogs? Do any of you morons know that chat logs can be fabricated? LOL

    Without having any reference to the previous conversations that the two had, how can anyone make judgements, assuming that the logs are even authentic?

    Protip: Don’t believe everything you read, especially in the Herald.

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