Leveling Up In The Game of Second Life

by Alphaville Herald on 04/05/08 at 10:07 pm

Is Plexus Linden hoping for a new griefing flava while protecting SL residents from those who would do them harm?

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

“SL combat groups fight each other in their bases…who does that? I want to design a combat system that will work in non-combat areas – real armies and groups fight in cities full of people who want no part of it” –Supercool Sautereau

The on-going asset server attacks, self-replicating prims with DDOS payloads, and mega-IM and e-mail spam all started making sense to me Saturday evening while I was talking to Supercool Sautereau. Comrade Sautereau is a fan of traditional SL warfare and – as far as I know – has nothing to do with grid crashing or this sort of thing, but as the Soviet Premier pondered how to take his in-world combat game to the next level by moving the battle beyond damage enabled combat sims, I started understanding what is going on with the griefers and the Linden Lab “governance team” — everyone is trying to take their game to the next level. Too bad for the civilians caught in the crossfire.

For a griefer ready to level up, going from tweaking the noses of a few metaverse residents to virtual world-wide disruption is a natural move — and eventually leads to the possibility of taking on the game gods themselves. This seems to be the case with the DiSSENTiON group – who occasionally regale the Herald staff with tales of their exploits — such as taking advantage of borked SL features to create widespread IM spam.

However, all is not lulz and immersive gameplay in the big-time griefing arena – there is also the issue of respect. Sadly, if the chatlogs provided to the Herald are real, it appears that griefer/governance team relations have deteriorated to the point that the mutual respect that ought to characterize a friendly competition has gone out the window:

Bellatra Kips: tonight was only a very small taste
Plexus Linden: hahahaha
Plexus Linden: what?
Bellatra Kips: that was fun wasn’t it?
Plexus Linden: small taste of what?
Plexus Linden: this is old school…
Plexus Linden: I mean c’mon
Plexus Linden: nothing new.. nothing tasty

Apparently the Linden governance team has moved from account bans to account bans combined with taunting in an effort to protect the metaverse. Perhaps that will work – banning accounts while maintaining open enrollment in Second Life has not been stunningly successful.

Plexus Linden: I know more than u think, child
Plexus Linden: ;-)
Plexus Linden: and here is what I know.. too….
Plexus Linden: do not think u are beyond.. being Butthurt in a small cell

This particular exchange has apparently upset the PN/griefer community – or been taken as evidence that certain staff are losing their cool – and solemn oaths were sworn to take this to Robin Linden in hopes of better customer service – or improved sportsmanship and gameplay.

While I wondered about the likelihood of Robin Linden siding with those who have repeatedly created certain issues with the asset server, I sought out Plexus Linden for an interview, and found the ban stick wielding Lab staffer in an affable mood:

Pixeleen Mistral: There seems to be some controversy in the goon/griefer community right now. They are concerned that you were using bad language. Now – this does seem a bit odd. I mean they are complaining that you were not providing courteous customer service, but I don’t think they pay anything to LL. Still – I’m getting these complaints – they say they are going to Robin Linden to complain, and I’m thinking this is one serious case of unintentional irony
Plexus Linden: Any resident in SL has the absolute right to voice their concerns to managers, supervisors or other

Pixeleen Mistral: Pretty much anyone can make an account – even after you guys ban them. Seems like a no-win situation for the governance team. From what I am hearing, the griefers are stepping things up a bit, but maybe they are just role playing – its really hard to separate their boasting from reality
Plexus Linden: Governance Team works solely on facts gathered to determine appropriate responses or actions taken against any account violating TOS

Pixeleen Mistral: it is unfortunate that the facts are never published so that there are checks and balances – that lack of transparency leads to speculation. I hope it all works out for you
Plexus Linden: I am confident everything will work out as expected in our continuing efforts to protect SL residents from those who would do them harm ;-)

Pixeleen Mistral: well – my advice is turn off damage enabled land – that will keep the avatars from being harmed. I’d be more concerned about Linden Lab sustaining damage though
Plexus Linden: We have a very good team here… in all areas..

Still the mystery remains – why has the governance team taken to taunting and challenging the griefers to improve their weapons? Boredom? A new theory of game company/community relations? Residents advance a number of theories.

One theory supposes that creating a more emotionally charged atmosphere improves the g-team’s sense of immersion in “protecting the residents” – though I am still not clear on how improving the griefer and governance team’s immersive experience helps anyone else – except perhaps the Justice League Unlimited. But as Comrade Sautereau points out, wars are fought in cities full of people who want no part of it.

Another theory suggests that the real issue is turmoil inside the Lab – where the prospect of a new CEO has staff looking for ways to emphasize their importance – and the importance of the problems they “solve”. In this scenario, the Lindens may not mind driving people into the griefing community by repeatedly banning or suspending clean accounts for questionable reasons. Rather than look for ways to engage disgruntled residents in the success of the virtual world, creating a larger griefing community could mean a bigger governance team with certain benefits for the g-team members. This sort of moral hazard may beyond the ken of the game gods – but is certainly a possibility. Of course there is a downside — creating a large a class of players who’s gameplay is wrecking the game, since all other forms of play have been closed to them. But if you were trying to level up, perhaps that would be a risk worth taking.

[full IM log between griefer and Plexus Linden]

[19:01] Bellatra Kips: hey there, old buddy, old pal
[19:02] Bellatra Kips: just dropped in to baaawwwww some more
[19:02] Plexus Linden: lol
[19:02] Bellatra Kips: PROTIP: Im not in the PN, I just happen to be tight with a few of the more influential ones
[19:02] Bellatra Kips: thats how they got copybot;)
[19:03] Plexus Linden: hahahaha
[19:03] Plexus Linden: influential PN
[19:03] Plexus Linden: bizarre terms
[19:03] Bellatra Kips: well they’re pretty disorganized
[19:03] Bellatra Kips: but there is a new entity on the horizon
[19:03] Plexus Linden: they always were
[19:03] Bellatra Kips: things are going to change
[19:03] Bellatra Kips: tonight was only a very small taste
[19:04] Plexus Linden: hahahaha
[19:04] Plexus Linden: what?
[19:04] Bellatra Kips: that was fun wasn’t it?
[19:04] Plexus Linden: small taste of what?
[19:04] Plexus Linden: this is old school…
[19:04] Plexus Linden: I mean c’mon
[19:04] Plexus Linden: nothing new.. nothing tasty
[19:04] Bellatra Kips: old school has nthing todo with it
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: disruption on a wide scale\
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: spamming copybot links
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: and using an malformed IM exploit to make trouble
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: oh wait
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: you didnt know about that?
[19:05] Bellatra Kips: its on jira
[19:05] Plexus Linden: no kidding
[19:05] Plexus Linden: I know more than u think, child
[19:05] Plexus Linden: ;-)
[19:05] Plexus Linden: and here is what I know.. too….
[19:06] Plexus Linden: do not think u are beyond.. being Butthurt in a small cell
[19:06] Bellatra Kips: lol
[19:06] Plexus Linden: lol
[19:06] Bellatra Kips: I am
[19:06] Bellatra Kips: Im not doing it for the lulz….we aren’t doing it for the lulz
[19:06] Plexus Linden: ugh
[19:06] Bellatra Kips: every person you ban
[19:06] Bellatra Kips: comes to me
[19:06] Plexus Linden: yeah, cuz that didnt work… apparently
[19:07] Plexus Linden: lulz
[19:07] Plexus Linden: hehehe
[19:07] Plexus Linden: Dissention..
[19:07] Plexus Linden: I mean.. CMON???
[19:07] Plexus Linden: who thought of that crap
[19:07] Bellatra Kips: lol
[19:07] Plexus Linden: its like.. I dunno
[19:07] Bellatra Kips: can you get any more pissed about it?
[19:07] Plexus Linden: something in a generic pill aisle at Walmart
[19:08] Plexus Linden: I am not pissed
[19:08] Plexus Linden: its childish
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: thats the hole goal dont you see
[19:08] Plexus Linden: and stupid
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: we will play on all of the dissent
[19:08] Plexus Linden: oh please…lol…
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: create more
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: every hates LL right now
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: we’re using every tool at our disposal to help that along
[19:08] Bellatra Kips: some more subtle thn others

64 Responses to “Leveling Up In The Game of Second Life”

  1. RoFLKOPTr

    May 4th, 2008

    ITT: d3adlyc0d3c thinks he was the one who gave us Copybot

  2. FrizzleFry101

    May 4th, 2008

    “the Lindens may not mind driving people into the griefing community by repeatedly banning or suspending clean accounts for questionable reasons.”

    That actually does help us more than you probably think.

    Also alot of those “questionable” bans you talk about are often from JLU, go tell Kara Timtam to lose weight or make fun of one of her e-friends and you’ll see for yourself when she logs into her linden alt.

  3. Disgruntled

    May 4th, 2008

    I had my account suspended for unknown reasons by LL. And they are not answering my ticket. So I’ve lost money and possessions and have no recourse. Transparency, a way to appeal the decision, and to see what my accusers supposedly have no me, would go a long way to make me feel better. LL is losing the hearts and minds of its base. They should take a look at history and see how that goes.

  4. IntLibber Brautigan

    May 4th, 2008

    Keen insight Pix, this is exactly whats going on. Plexus has become the ‘dirty cop’ on the g-team beat, banning people for no reason, just cause someone at the JLU said they were bad news.

    Plexus takes banned JLU members off estate banlists if they want to spy on the residents and have already made themselves unwelcome (a violation of the estate owners contract with Linden Lab).

    He makes statements that would be considered sexual harassment in a real world workplace (guess what Plexy? You do work in a real world workplace, justice is coming).

    He uses alts in his own personal estate to file abuse reports in order to evade private estate owners from receiving abuse reports that should be filed in their sims.

    Plexus discloses private account information to JLU members in violation of his employee handbook and the ToS.

    They also blacklist (i.e. delete) every prim ever created by anybody they decide to put on their permanent blacklist. Previously well behaved, ToS abiding persons who were harassed endlessly by Plexus (and Harry) to the point they snapped and did something bad, now find all of their customers for their content on the grid suddenly lose what they paid hard earned money for. Collateral damage due to Plexus’ abuse.

    Finally, whenever you appeal the actions of a g-team member, rather than going to some independent office for evaluation… it goes right back to the g-team for round-filing and excuse making. Appeals to g-team actions should be handled by the LL counsels office, outside the control of Harry or Cyn’s ability to coverup.

    If you want some semblance of due process in SL, then go to the JIRA and vote for the following proposal: http://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SVC-2230

    This will take appeals out of the hands of the g-team and put them in the hands of someone independent of the gestapo-team’s chain of corruption.

  5. Alyx Stoklitsky

    May 4th, 2008

    tldr; Plexus gets in on the trolling.

  6. Supercool Sautereau

    May 4th, 2008

    I’m glad my personal ramblings can be of some assistance, though it would be nice to be asked whether I’d like to be part of an article or not in advance.

  7. DinkyHockerShootsSmack!

    May 4th, 2008

    Rock on Plexus.

    We need that attitude to spread at the Lab.

    Anyone else throws these kids bags of dog shit back in their faces, and it’s all lulz and epic win, but when a Linden finally does it, its srs bidness…

    *big grin*

    kry moar kidz

  8. Supercool Sautereau

    May 4th, 2008

    By the way, I think that in Second Life there are fates worse than death. I’d sooner be shot in a damage-enabled zone, and sent to a homepoint free of any chaos, than be griefed with some replicating prims or some such nonsense. In damage-enabled zones, you can come back and kill griefers, or kill troublemaking people before they start making trouble at all.

    Unless you have estate powers, I think there are few defenses as effective as damage-enabled land.

  9. DinkyHockerShootsSmack!

    May 4th, 2008

    “This will take appeals out of the hands of the g-team and put them in the hands of someone independent of the gestapo-team’s chain of corruption.”

    Cry moar you worthless piece of shit.

    You closeted professional victims are always reminding others that the internet isn’t serious, so shut the fuck up already punk. It isn’t real life. If they want to be as unfair as possible, that’s their right. Live by the lulz, die by the lulz.

    You’re starting to sound like Prokofy, Godwin invoking loser.

  10. Havlova Benavente

    May 5th, 2008

    Plexus is now my favorite Linden.

  11. Rape-Ape

    May 5th, 2008

    DinkyHockerShootsSmack! actually sounds alot like Plexus, from the chats I had with him.

    Anyways I think it’s hilarious to see what’s supposedly the main SL governance linden acting like a child all the time, to the point where even PN looks down on him.

    [20:58] Plexus Lax: well ya know this is all in fun man
    [20:58] Plexus Lax: they made a game with all this in it
    [20:58] Plexus Lax: that is a greeat thing
    [20:58] Plexus Linden: more fun when u are having buttsecks in jail! Yeah!
    [20:58] Plexus Linden: put that in your stupid blog.. all twisted and stuff
    [20:58] Plexus Linden: oh!
    [20:58] Plexus Linden: hey!
    [20:58] Plexus Linden: oh!
    [20:58] Plexus Linden: hey!
    [20:58] Plexus Lax: jail?
    [20:58] Plexus Lax: for what?
    [20:59] Plexus Lax: hahaha
    [20:59] Plexus Lax: playing a game
    [20:59] Plexus Linden: tell Deadly… to stop baaawwwing if u all still talk with him
    [20:59] Plexus Linden: kinda tired of it
    [20:59] Plexus Lax: thousands of us on here doing this man
    [20:59] Plexus Linden: nah
    [20:59] Plexus Linden: not thousands
    [20:59] Plexus Lax: yes i talk with them daily man
    [20:59] Plexus Linden: and I only care about a handful of ya!
    [20:59] Plexus Lax: what
    [20:59] Plexus Linden: Yeah! Wooohoo!
    [20:59] Plexus Lax: im special
    [20:59] Plexus Linden: tell him Plexus is tired of him baaawwwing
    [20:59] Plexus Linden: and he needs to not have esex with guys
    [21:00] Plexus Linden: eSex
    [21:00] Plexus Linden: Huuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    [21:00] Plexus Lax: really if I am doin any real harm in a vertual game i will stop man imn not a criminal
    [21:00] Plexus Linden: buh bye..see yaz

    I have plenty of logs like this, but this one in particular is a real keeper.

  12. Witness X

    May 5th, 2008

    Why would Kara Timtam need a Linden alt when the gang can just call on corrupt old Plexus Linden? Use some common sense, here kiddies. Fact is, you aren’t safe from the Lindens no matter who you are or are not friends with. The JLU doesn’t have any special connections, they just know how to properly abuse the system. The Lindens don’t listen to Venkman’s griefers because they like them. They listen because they get hit with a dozen or two abuse reports from different people. If you would stop dropping particle bombs and just AR-spam like they do, you could easily get them wiped off the grid.

  13. DiSSENT

    May 5th, 2008


    haha you’re the only one BAAAWWWWWing in the comments. Raged much, faggot?

  14. DinkyHockerShootsPlexus

    May 5th, 2008

    me thinks DinkyHockerShootsSmack! = Plexus Linden

    Sounds just like his abusive tone.

  15. whisper2u

    May 5th, 2008


  16. Lord Kamina

    May 5th, 2008

    How amusing. You threaten to take away their own private Linden fuckbuddy, and the JLU starts signing onto the SLH with alts and defend him.

    Plexus has done more to help the PN than any single Linden by throwing out random B&s and showing people how ridiculous Linden Labs really is.

  17. anon

    May 5th, 2008

    taking advantage of an exploit that’ll be patched anyway in a day or so is no fun, nor is spamming. be creative, you faggots.

  18. Dinky = Plexy

    May 5th, 2008

    yeah, Dinkyhockershootssmack! is Plexus. We know Plexus is 50 years old or so, and “Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack” is a teen novel published in 1972. Only someone Plexus’ age would have read the novel as a teen.

  19. GreenLantern Excelsior

    May 5th, 2008

    Thank you for publishing the full chat log. It’s clear from the context that Plexus was making a joke when he referred to the griefer being “butthurt” in a jail cell. Plexus, like all the G-Team members I’ve met, has a great sense of humor. You can try to make this sound malicious and nasty, but it’s not.

    “…griefer/governance team relations have deteriorated to the point that the mutual respect that ought to characterize a friendly competition has gone out the window.”

    Just how much “mutual respect” is owed to someone who is attacking your company? An attempt to crash the Second Life grid is not what any reasonable person would call “a friendly competition.” What was Plexus supposed to have said to the griefer? “Thank you for attempting to destroy my corporation, sir. Is there some way that I may assist you in your efforts?” I’m glad to see the G-Team get a little satisfaction. It must be frustrating to sit there day after day, trying to keep the grid up and running while these jerks are causing problems. Plexus talked to him in a nicer way than any of us would have responded.

    And now look who crawled out from under his slimy rock, none other than Intlibber Brautigan. He’s just coming off a one week ban because of his misdeeds, and anyone who knows him can testify that he needs to take a permanent vacation from Second Life. He caused me to be removed from a group that I really enjoyed (the Merczateers), just because he disliked my membership in another group that he fears (the JLU). The whole story is linked in my SL profile. Read the chat I had with Intlibber, note his lies and paranoid ravings, and then read what he posted here and calculate how much of it is true and how much is lies (hint – I don’t see a single true statement in his entire post). If that man told me that water is wet, I would go check to make sure it was still true. When the permaban hammer finally falls upon his misshapen head, there will be a gigantic celebration. I’ll bring the donuts!

  20. Lakel Kenvnam

    May 5th, 2008


  21. Istar Goomood

    May 5th, 2008

    Seriously, what kind of a loser has time to “grief”? I barely have time to log in and check my IMs between real life goings on. Is this what I’m working for? To pay taxes to support welfare programs for socially retarded lazy asses with no real life, social life, job, or responsibilities? Put them in prison to service “Big Al”‘s sexual needs? Yeah, guess who pays for the griefer’s honeymoon suite, medical care, and three squares in prison? Us tax payers of course. A better course is for Linden Lab to come up with a program to educate these losers on the “benefits” of suicide.

  22. Digital Digital

    May 5th, 2008

    Wonderful customer service…

  23. Witness X

    May 5th, 2008

    Sounds like Tizzers is all butthurt. Wa wa wa. “I know, let’s get Pixeleen to write a slam piece! That’ll fix him! Ooooh, hot diggity!”

  24. RoFLKOPTr

    May 5th, 2008

    @GreenLantern Excelsior:

    Did you even read the rest of that chatlog? If you do, then you will find that Plexus was being even more immature than most griefers. All he did there was make himself look like a total fag. Personally, I don’t see that chatlog as disrespectful; I see it as Plexus showing his true self: a man-loving fails-at-counter-trolling furfag. That’s all.

    Also, anybody in a professional environment is expected to act professionally, no matter what the context. What you said, GLE, simply proves to all of us that all you ever do is sit on your fat rump fapping to whatever digital boobies come your way. You have obviously never had a real job involving real people in a real workplace.

    Also, also, IntBlubber will never be permab&, lol. He brings way too much publicity (read, “money”) to SL. The Lindens don’t care how much trouble somebody brings to the grid, as long as they bring customers. The Lab knows that none of their customers have lives enough outside of SL to cancel their premium membership due to a couple of grid attacks. They just sit there writing angry letters and threats (that’s all they are: threats) to leave, but they will never actually do it. LL does not care about you.

  25. UncleBill

    May 5th, 2008

    I’m confused; all I’m seeing from that exchange is a ‘Dissenter’ trying to flex some muscle or something with Plex, who just isn’t taking him seriously.

    Considering the fact that when ‘Dissention’ first popped up here on the Herald, the comments section basically filled with suggestions from more talented griefers to help them, I find it hard to take them seriously either.

    Anyone remember the old Mad TV skits with Stuart? Kind of a disturbing man-child character, his tag line was “Look what I can do!” which he’d shout out right before doing this weird spastic leap in the air.

    That’s all I’m getting out of the Dissent thing…

  26. dongs

    May 5th, 2008

    Plexus was a nobody until N3X15 caged him with a seizureball while wearing a crossdressing hitler av. It was fucking awesome.

  27. Witness X

    May 5th, 2008

    Tizzers Foxchase: Y R I banned?
    Plexus Linden: This guy again.


    Tizzers Foxchase (in a new alt): I’ll get U, I’ll tell Pixeleen, she runs SL!
    Plexus Linden: This guy again.


    Tizzers Foxchase (through his Pixeleen sock puppet): Wa wa – hey, why is everybody WALKING AWAY?

  28. FrizzleFry101

    May 5th, 2008

    Plexus was a nobody until N3X15 caged him with a seizureball while wearing a crossdressing hitler av. It was fucking awesome.

    Posted by: dongs | May 05, 2008 at 12:41 PM

    This is true, before N3X15 did that (there’s also a video, it can be found on Plexus’s PN wiki article), the only linden PN cared about at all was Frontier, the screenshot of Kalel Venkman and Frontier Linden caught yiffing ingame is still priceless. Not to mention Frontier Linden yiffing with Angel Fluffy with his Effsey Nelson alt.

    JLU has gotten people banned from SL for writing badly about them on SLH from what I’ve seen, so it’s reasonable to believe they have a linden alt or two, or Plexus bans whoever they want with no questions asked.

  29. Rape-Ape

    May 5th, 2008

    Talking to Plexus Linden makes me feel like I’m on Gaia Online, or in middle school.

    [14:12] Plexus Linden: Hey!
    [14:12] Plexus Lax: YES BITCH!
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: I wanted you to know that they have no drug test ehre!
    [14:13] Plexus Lax: So what is yur fav drug then eh
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: Well no one will believe s o…..Crach cocaine is my fav
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: I keep a glass pipe in my LL mnini van and in my desk here
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: i am sure you have your drugs 2
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: oh you knew i was black right?
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: WELL my momma was
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: wooohoo@
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: IF they only knew
    [14:13] Plexus Lax: who PN?
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: ,, no
    [14:13] Plexus Lax: LL
    [14:13] Plexus Lax: yup
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: LOL…hahahaha
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: hahaha
    [14:13] Plexus Lax: yes
    [14:13] Plexus Linden: puff, ddam spilled tthe backing soda…
    [14:13] Plexus Lax: u Glass monkee

    [20:56] Plexus Linden: Hey!
    [20:56] Plexus Lax: your funny
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: I see that Nx315 had to sell his stuff
    [20:57] Plexus Lax: i believe all im told on games
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: his parents kicking him out
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: and i am sure.. u all are gonna avenge his passing
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: wooohoo@
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: and obody cares!!!
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: wooohoo@
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: and obody cares!!!
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: LOL…hahahaha
    [20:57] Plexus Lax: all a joke he is like a 24yr old LL employee]
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: ,, no
    [20:57] Plexus Lax: really
    [20:57] Plexus Lax: yup
    [20:57] Plexus Lax: shhhh
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: he isnt actually
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: hahaha
    [20:57] Plexus Lax: yes
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: he pwnd u
    [20:57] Plexus Lax: for real dude
    [20:57] Plexus Linden: nope
    [20:57] Plexus Lax: so like I said maybe
    [20:57] Plexus Lax: come over to our side
    [20:58] Plexus Linden: trust me
    [20:58] Plexus Linden: trust me
    [20:58] Plexus Lax: hehehe
    [20:58] Plexus Linden: lives with his parents and he is 19 or so
    [20:58] Plexus Linden: maybe 20
    [20:58] Plexus Lax: well ya know this is all in fun man
    [20:58] Plexus Lax: they made a game with all this in it
    [20:58] Plexus Lax: that is a greeat thing

  30. Witness X

    May 5th, 2008

    Look, mommy – monkeys flinging poo!

  31. Raideur Ng

    May 5th, 2008

    I would think an easy way to have damage enabled grid-wide wars and restrict the ability of griefers would be to have an avatar toggle option: If enabled, anyone else with it also enabled may kill you with damage objects, anywhere. Those with it off aren’t effected.

    Same goes with push enable settings and other options. This would keep someone safe from orbiting, etc. Griefing using particle spam can be turned off.

    And honestly, a griefer would have to be worried about others to walk around with his damage system off. It would just allow those who want to pick a fight do so much easier than griefing sims or causing disruption.

  32. fuck

    May 5th, 2008

    Hey I have a chat log too

    [19:01] Bellatra Kips: I’m gay
    [19:01] Plexus Lax: Hehe everything we do is gay
    [19:01] Bellatra Kips: Hehe that’s gay
    [19:02] Plexus Lax: Hehe, we’re gay
    [19:02] Bellatra Kips: Hehe hurr

  33. Witness X

    May 5th, 2008

    LOLOL! What fun! The PN are jumping in now – I didn’t think they’d have the balls, now that Nexie’s trading sweet nothings with his FBI buddy..

  34. DinkyHockerShootsSmack!

    May 5th, 2008

    Wow, maybe these kiddies ARE taking lessons from Prok. zomg linden alts everywhere!?? Yiffing, posting on SLH, and on and on apparently! except any capable “hacker” could determine that my IP # originates 1500 miles away from SF. Poseurs.

    Non-paying users of the service get to demand no respect, especially when they display absolutely no respect for anything themselves.

    Spoiled, disaffected kids who are products of detached parenting, taking out their angst at mommmy and daddy by acting out on the interwebs. Kids act out when they feel no lurve. It’s just one big teen angst bawwwwwwwfest.

    Bawwww more kidz. Rage moar. I’m lulzing the entire time. It so damned ironic that it’s poetic.

    I guess I’d be pretty angsty too, if I were working at the Pizza Pizza and playing video game shenanigans with other pasty kids, and living at home well past the time where people used to nudge the little shits out of the nest. Maybe their parents realise that they are so arrested in their development that they are afraid to let them go out on their own. Could be.

  35. FrizzleFry101

    May 5th, 2008

    ITT: plexus linden is still raging under several names.

    Also, “Witness X” (the butthurt one, not the JLU-hating one that posted first), N3X15 wasn’t v& unless they allow IRC and servers in jail, moron, It’s been over a week since those LL idiots cried to the FBI and the simply doesn’t care about someone who makes shoopedlife and shoots virtual dicks at lindens, making fun of people is not a crime. Also enjoy our perfectly legal and unstoppable copybot.

    Plexus himself likes to make empty FBI threats also, coincidence, maybe?

    DinkyHockerShootsSmack!, stop bawwwww’ing (thats 5 w’s, btw, newfag), your rants are growing in size and blatant butthurt and would overtake prok if you keep on going.

  36. Witness X

    May 5th, 2008

    “making fun of people is not a crime.”

    No but hate crimes are as well as posting people’s personal information with the INTENT of harassing them.

    Defend yourself moar and prove that you’re just crying moar along with everyone else.

  37. Lord Kamina

    May 5th, 2008

    lol, Faggot X, back to spouting your wild Prokofy-esk nonsense. I think we must’ve struck a nerve that broke a few of your brain cells. Oops.

    With that in mind.. OBJECTION!

    Any personal information obtained was publicly available, therefore, it is a matter of public record.

  38. JLUWUBomber

    May 5th, 2008

    Kalel has apparently gotten so butthurt over things that he planted a real fake bomb in the Media building on the RL Woodbury campus today, at the same time a meeting of the SL Woodbury Campus team was taking place. Nobody hurt, just a package with wires and a comically ticking clock, but given Kalel has made death threats against a WU student in the past, this is worrisome, esp when one considers that Plexus Linden relies on Kalel to feed him reliable bullshit …. I mean information, with which to ban people….

  39. Why Bother

    May 5th, 2008

    JLUWUBomber said: “…real fake bomb”

    Oxymoron much?

    Sheesh trying to spin an already horribly spun Herald article, or what passes as an article on this blog.

    You see the light at the end of the tunnel? It’s a train coming your way PN, Intblibber, and the various Herald people.

    :::grabs some popcorn and kicks back to watch the rest of the show:::

  40. lol dongs

    May 6th, 2008


  41. Dr. Internet

    May 6th, 2008

    Everyone in these comments are failures.

    Especially Plexus.

  42. IntLibber Brautigan

    May 6th, 2008

    Actually, I was banned for less than a day, because it was determined by higher ups that the ban was completely baseless and corrupt. There is an internal investigation ongoing. Plexus apparently tried to claim that I copybotted a megaprim, which is obviously impossible, beyond the fact I have never touched copybot. When it was realized his accusation was bullshit, I was restored in less than 24 hours.

    See this is a prime example of what I’m talking about: Plexus divulged personal information to JLU members, a violation of LL policy, about someone who is totally innocent. He filed a false ban that was overturned cause it was clearly based on bullshit. This clearly demonstrates that he needs to be fired from Linden Lab, beyond the chatlogs above, he makes LL look like a really really shitty company full of thugs, liars, and fraudsters.

    I suppose that will make Sandy Lindens job easier, with an even shittier reputation than before, fewer people will apply to work for LL.

  43. DinkyHockerShootsSmack!

    May 6th, 2008

    “DinkyHockerShootsSmack!, stop bawwwww’ing (thats 5 w’s, btw, newfag), your rants are growing in size and blatant butthurt and would overtake prok if you keep on going.”

    Yes I am so butthurt that I am on a blawg bawwwwing and fuming about unfair Gestapo Lindens and their supposed conspiratorial alts, just like Prokofy does.

    Fail at redirect, Stuart.

    Look what can do! I can make a bunch of cubes! Gawd I’m so cool!


  44. Witness X

    May 6th, 2008

    Of course you’d claim your ban was reversed in 24 hours – your reputation would be in the dumper if you didn’t.

    Oh, wait, it’s in the dumper. NVM.

  45. Witness X

    May 6th, 2008

    Ooooh, good one, Frizz. Just because it’s been a few days, you don’t think anything’s going to happen. Ever hear of a plea bargain?

  46. Wormbrain

    May 6th, 2008

    Normally, when my link gets plugged on a page, I check it out and I’m usually happy to see it appearing somewhere new.

    However, in this case.. I don’t know whether to be happy.. or scared.

  47. Witness X

    May 6th, 2008

    Kalel plants a bomb? Pix with owner displayed or it didn’t happen. He may be an asshole, but he’s not a /b/tard.

    Frizz – think hard. If Nexis was going to turn state’s evidence, he’d be trying very hard to convince you in the IRC that he’s not, wouldn’t he? Like right now.


    May 6th, 2008

    Hehee, is that ‘sum BAWWWWW’ I hear from all the butthurt PN-Herald fans and reporters? :D
    You guys should be really happy having a /b/tard among the Lindens, but I guess you arent cause you fail in getting him to ban every furry on the grid, hehe :)

    Hear that distant rumble? No it isnt your CPU fan in need of cleaning or the Hells Angels having a bikerfest downtown, it’s people and furries all over the grid laughing their proverbial asses off.


    “Talking to Plexus Linden makes me feel like I’m on Gaia Online, or in middle school.”

    Try talking to the average PN member. Plexus has a scholarship in English compared to them. Most stupid part tho, is that they *can* use plain English, but somehow didnt get the memo that l33tsp34k and shit like that hasnt been ‘cool’ since the new milennium. Even before that.

    Also also;

    It’s very easy to claim that SL’s problems with the asset servers and whatnot might be connected to griefers and other assorted persons with bad intent. But as far as I recall, and I have been playing Second Life for five years now, its never been running perfectly, and I can predict with absolute certainty, that it will not run perfectly and continue to have more and more problems for years to come.

    ‘in before’ all sorts of ‘butthurt’ comments replying hateful to this. Where’s my popcorn and beer?

  49. MachineCode

    May 6th, 2008

    >>’in before’ all sorts of ‘butthurt’ comments replying hateful to this. Where’s my popcorn and beer?

    This is the only part of your post that annoys me. All of you morons “sitting back with your popcorn and watching the show.” That is possibly even less original than dropping black, self-replicating cubes all over the grid.

    The rest of your comment is pretty much true. The furfags are laughing off in their hugboxes, we type like teenaged morons while raiding to piss you off. And someone who claims to be a /b/tard is a Linden? Being a /b/tard doesn’t mean anything anymore, not since it became popular to say “SUP BEE, IMMA CHARGING MY CHANGE THE WORLD LOLOL!!1″

    I just broke rules one and two, and didn’t mention that certain imageboard that people seem to liek so much. If you don’t get it, become an hero.

  50. DinkyHockerShootsSmack!

    May 6th, 2008

    “However, in this case.. I don’t know whether to be happy.. or scared.”


    Be scared. You’ve stumbled upon a community filled with self-important, aging, real life losers who think that Second Life is real life, and kids, who have been so spoiled since birth that their sense of entitlement is never sated.

    Which is why I don’t “play” it anymore. I’d rather have nails driven through my eyes. It’s a place where real life misfits with a whole host of neuroses congregate to make each other feel better about their pathetic selves. Of course, there are some decent, normal folk in there, but they are about as rare as francium is in the earth’s crust.

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