Jumpman Lane Leaps To Lab’s Defense – Burns Stroker Serpentine in Effigy

by Alphaville Herald on 01/01/10 at 6:47 pm

Slut Magazine owner's pictorial campaign against Second Life SexBed Entrepreneur

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk


Taking a cue from the NoH8 campaign, Jumpman Lane hopes to mobilize metaverse sentiment against Stroker Serpentine by inviting well known avatars to join a pictorial campaign supporting Linden Lab. Asked for comment about the effigy, Mr. Serpentine said, "Which one? LOL" and went on to point out that Jumpman  "has done more for raising awareness then any posts/litigation we have garnered, people immediately ask 'What Lawsuit?'". According to Mr. Serpentine, at least one burning effigy has been rezed in his in-world shop.

Jumpman Lane has been waging an ongoing campaign against Mr. Serpentine's SexGen business on various forums and in his own literary publication – Slut Magazine – apparently concerned at the potential effect of the class action copyright and trademark infringement lawsuit brought by Stroker Serpentine and Munchflower Zauis.

Putting his own unique spin on the NoH8 idea, Mr. Lane hopes to entice players to pose next to a burning effigy of Mr. Serpentine nailed to a cross. I learned of the new campaign when Mr. Lane contacted the Herald yesterday and offered me a chance to join:

Jumpman Lane: sa pix
Jumpman Lane: since strokers baner ad ran out
Jumpman Lane: u wanna take a effigies pic?
Jumpman Lane: show ur supprt for linden lab?

Pixeleen Mistral: is someone going to pay standard ad rates for it?
Jumpman Lane: nooooo
Jumpman Lane: we aint runnin an ad in ur periodcal
Jumpman Lane: lol
Jumpman Lane: we are startong a pictorial campaign
Jumpman Lane: like the nohate one
Jumpman Lane: where queers wanna marry
Jumpman Lane: onlyi ts
Jumpman Lane: famos people and sl business
Jumpman Lane: posing beside an effigy of stroker

Pixeleen Mistral: what kind of effigy?
Jumpman Lane: uve never seen it?

Pixeleen Mistral: no
Jumpman Lane: pretty good likeness actually
Jumpman Lane: well take a gander at it

[I decline Jumpman's teleport offer]

Pixeleen Mistral: I'm working a story right now – sorry I can't join you
Jumpman Lane: well il passu one
Jumpman Lane: rez it later

Pixeleen Mistral: thanks
Jumpman Lane: np
Jumpman Lane: i rezed one at his dump

Will Jumpman succeed in helping the Lab – or could this be a case of volunteer assistance that the Lindens would prefer to avoid? This would not be the first case of overzealous SL fanboys attacking perceived threats to their favorite game.

25 Responses to “Jumpman Lane Leaps To Lab’s Defense – Burns Stroker Serpentine in Effigy”

  1. bubbly boo

    Jan 1st, 2010

    This is one of the more retarded things SL has produced recently.
    Also that effigy is very poorly made.

  2. Sigmund Leominster

    Jan 1st, 2010

    Jumpy’s back – poor spelling and all! What’s even more interesting is his apparent support for the Evil Empire against Stroker. I find myself strangely torn as to where to stand on the issue. On the one hand, I believe Stroker has the right to defend his intellectual property using the law – and the law applies to virtual worlds as much as real ones. But I think suing LL is wrong because I don’t believe it’s right to hold LL responsible for the actions of others. I smack to me of the old-fashioned “sue the folks with money, not the actual folks who have none.”

    Of course, I should also admit that I am now well into celebrating the New Year by imbibing home-made White Russians and my ability to think straight may be impaired ;)

    Welcome back Jumpy – looks like no-one bought you a dictionary or a spell checker for 2010.

  3. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 1st, 2010

    heheh i just read it lmao… guess who got unbanned on the offical linden blog! meeeeeeeeeeee! i’m in deep with these pesky lindens, and bubbly boo its the pic, that thing is well made lmao


  4. Rok Ramona

    Jan 1st, 2010

    Ive been here since beta,and i find myself asking,who in the hell is this jumpman?ive seen his replies in the comments and have always figured he was one of uri s alts when he was drinking…………

  5. DJQuad Radio

    Jan 2nd, 2010

    @Sigmund – I find it ironic that you call people out about English lessons and then say something as intelligent as “I smack to me”. Is assclown in your dictionary?

  6. Pappy Enoch

    Jan 3rd, 2010

    I still want Jumpy’s butt! Git over here, boy!

    His English am perfect, so y’all shut up. He ain’t got to talk for what I wants…just squeel.

  7. Sigmund Leominster

    Jan 5th, 2010

    @DJQuad: “assclown” is in my dictionary, however “proofreader” clearly isn’t ;) And as for Jumpy’s command of the English language… why, he makes Pappy Enoch seem positively erudite. But more amazing than that is the fact that Jumpman is rooting for Linden Lab! You go, girlfriend.

  8. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 6th, 2010

    pixeleen u need a new graphix card :) that effigy looks better than that!

    @ Sibby the bitch! I am a man of letters lmao! and everyone knows i love second life!

    @ everyone ask urself is ur sl better orworse since the lawsuit lol

    @djquad! tell that fool again heheheheh

    @ uri ya gonna post this one or whut?

  9. Garmin Kawaguichi

    Jan 7th, 2010

    A cross! Fire! Linden Lab has curious supporters! Brrrrr! I have the back hairs standing on end!


  10. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 7th, 2010

    @garmin. the enemies of linden lab are pikers, sure! but we are after one thing: powah! and we mean business!

  11. Shan

    Jan 11th, 2010

    This picture, i mean cross is just childish. How old are you? 10?
    Gosh! Grow up!

  12. Slut Mag Centerfold

    Feb 16th, 2010

    I was sent a notecard named “strkoer ar” today by Jumpman Lane along with an animated gay statue of what Jumpy claims is an effigy of his avatar. Jumpman then encouraged me to file an abuse report for somthing he himself did just a few weeks prior.

    Jumpman Lane: rezz the object
    [16:40] Jumpman Lane: ar it under jharrassment
    [16:40] Jumpman Lane: defamation
    [16:40] Jumpman Lane: be sure to slap his name in the abuser spot

    The note is as follows:

    15 feb 2010, [time] [location] of my report but this takes place all across the grid as Stroker shared the object in many of his groups

    Stroker Serpentine created this object intending to maliciously defame Jumpman Lane violating 4.1IV of the tos: (iv) take any action or upload, post, e-mail or otherwise transmit Content as determined by Linden Lab at its sole discretion that is harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, causes tort, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, invasive of another’s privacy, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable; compare the name, Jumpman Lane to Humpboy Lame, the title Kang of SL to info found in Jumpman’s profile

    Jumpman was in essence giving me a report to copy\paste against this stroker guy, for what i asked? Jumpy could not even tell me because he could note remember. Anyhow just wanted to say jumpman lane is an idoit.

    and to the self proclaimed king of digital slut land Jumpman Lane,

    Thanks for all the $L you gave me, Thanks for choosing to fuck my avatar during the Centerfold Shoot, and most of all thanks for allways reminding me never to do drugs.

    P.S. In real life I am a man :-)

  13. Jumpman Lane

    Feb 16th, 2010

    lol we dont HAVE a centerfold hehehehe u must be confusin me with hef! hehehehe and keep sending those ars!

  14. Supply Chain

    Feb 19th, 2010


    Is the “HumpBoy Lame” object harassing?

  15. Coke Supply

    Feb 19th, 2010

    @ Supply Chain:

    I don’t know but I recieved TWO of them from the same person – maybe THAT is harassment of ME as well as Jumpman lol

  16. Jumpman Lane

    Feb 19th, 2010

    yup! ar it hehehehehe!

  17. Supply Chain

    Feb 20th, 2010

    @ Coke Supply – 2 eh now normally I would say lucky you, but in this case …… :)

  18. Jumpman Lane

    Jul 14th, 2010

    Fuck stroker serpentine

  19. darkfoxx

    Jul 14th, 2010

    Whats with the religious bullshit in this thing? Is the intent to compare Stroker to Jesus or something? Id AR this for being insulting to my religion. Protesting stroker’s lawsuit, fine, i also think he’s an idiot, but this is in veery poor taste.

  20. Funny Bunny

    Nov 22nd, 2010

    Why did you waste space writing about this guy?
    Jan 2010, he is an irrelevant relic.
    Come to think of it, this SL rag the alphaville herald has become irrelevant too.

  21. Trigger

    Sep 20th, 2011

    Dude, you came in too late as usual, from I’ve seen in previous, illiterate rants, still can’t put together a coherent sentence.

    Stroker isn’t even in SL anymore and his sim is slated to go offline soon. Time to wake up and smell the espresso.

    If you could get out of your wheel chaired state of inebriation, you’d probably not have to grief to get off.

  22. happytime

    Sep 20th, 2011

    Maybe he should try to organize a protest in front of the white house demanding George Bush resign too.

    Stroker and Sexgen have moved on to new and better things. Perhaps it’s time you do the same.

  23. anti JLU

    Oct 3rd, 2011

    Jumpman has always been a fruitcake from the top shelf. You cannot blame the 29 year old snot nose for lacking a real life. So he can justify his lack of IQ here on blogs. Not to mention he got banned in the past by Torley on even the slwiki while making tons of Jumpman alts to be a total jerk off.

    I bet he is just a fat little 29 year old loser, sitting at his mom and dads acer jerking of on his own lame ass looking pics. I know i sound jealous no of him, i know he will come back here with a spectacular smart-ass remarks trying to insult my intellect.

    The irony? He is right i am jealous !

    I WISH I HAD THE BRAIN SIZE OF THAT SHRIMP i would properly have less of a RL and way better quality life here in Second Life like he does. Being a walking target, because in his narrow vision bad publicity is still publicity .

    Well funny…a loser=a loser.

  24. muziekfreak1980 miles

    Oct 3rd, 2011

    Thing i learned reading this

    1 Jezus did burn on the cross
    2 Jumpman is a border liner
    3 Stroker is old news
    4 It is oke to post on a very old OP, not being shamed about it .
    5 Sl herald never alters logs! (bad gram proofs it) mine included :P
    6 It is ok to be mean to others

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