Second Life Twitter War Goes Beyond Nasty

by Pixeleen Mistral on 09/10/11 at 9:41 pm

LabRatuOut accuses Linden Lab staff of Stroker Serpentine smear campaign

The long running war of words between Jumpman Lane and Stroker Serpentine took a bizarre turn over the last two days after a newly minted Twitter account named LabRatuOut first tweeted a series of warnings to Mr. Lane asking that he apologize to Serpentine by 9 am PDT Friday or face dire consequences.


The deadline passed, and LabRatuOut then tweeted claims of links between Linden Lab staff and an orchestrated smear campaign against Mr. Serpentine intended to drive him out of Second Life.

Stroker Serpentine recently walked away from his Second Life adult animation business. Jumpman Lane told me in an interview last week that his anti-Stroker campaign had been greenlighted by Linden Lab staff - although he was unable to produce evidence of this.


In response to Jumpman's prolific, profane, and controversial tweets,  LabRatuOut has produced 173 tweets in the last 2 days. At this point it is impossible to know if LabRatuOut's claims are true. However, given the volume of pictures and profiles presented, significant effort must have gone into the campaign.

"The Life Safety Check on Stroker came from SanFran" - LabRatuOut

Claims made include the real life identity of Jumpman Lane (allegedly Jimison Hutchinson),  the connection between Jumpman and Linden Lab product manager Esbee Linden (Sarah Kuehnle Hutchinson is claimed to be married to Jimison Hutchinson), and a claim the former Linden Lab staff member Blue Linden is actually Jumpman Lane.  There are also claims that Esbee Linden's twitter account @kidmarmite "liked" Jumpman's effigy of Stroker Serpentine.

did LabRatuOut reveal Jumpman's real life identity?
Jumpman responds
Jumpman responds with profanity and retweets of LabRatuOut

True or not, the allegations are sure to create a drama storm of epic proportions in the Second Life player community. 

have the subpoenas begun to fly?

Given the links to what are claimed to be real life identities of high visibility Linden Lab staff, it would not be a surprise if this war of the tweets ended in legal action, a possibility that LabRatuOut has points out frequently, while citing legal precedent that can make an employer liable for the actions of employees.

It is hard to see how this can end well for anyone involved.

Did Esbee Linden like Jumpman's Stroker effigy?
Esbee Linden's profile at Metanomics

The Twitter war is only the latest development in a conflict that began after Stroker Serpentine filed a lawsuit against Linden Lab. Shortly after the suit was filed, Jumpman Lane began a vigorous campaign against Serpentine - a campaign which recently gained new visibility with the departure of Serpentine from Second Life, followed a few days later by his departure from Twitter.

If all this is a bit hard to follow, LabRatuOut provided a narrative thread in the twitter stream Saturday which is reproduced in part, below:

Good morning Tweeples I have a story to tell for #secondlife A story of intrigue and deception pull up a pixel and follow along
There once was this company named Linden Lab. Not a bad company as companies go. Their popularity was astounding
Linden created this world named Secondlife. They wanted it to be free and open to all. A world for adults to enjoy
Then along came Stroker Serpentine. Not a particularly creative sort, but a master of marketing. CBS took notice
First thing you know Second Life was flooded with every imaginable activity one could imagine. Some not so savory
Before long the Lindens were flooded with governance issues beyond control. Pervs, Griefers and Scammers abound
Philip and crew were overwhelmed by their diversity and tenacity. Some were tolerable others not so much
Stroker was in their face, having a ball at SLCC and garnering all kinds of support. SL was changing into Westworld
Several of these Lindens befriended Stroker and was surprised to find that he wasn't exactly the stereotypical perv
In fact they were surprised to find that Stroker was actually a decent man. Dedicated to his family and friends
The problem was good ole Stroke was attracting a bad element with all of his publicity. Lechorous types abounded
These Lindens tried to insulate their pervy pal as best they could to stem the tide of treachory around him.
Ole Stroke was dug in pretty good and it would take some earnest effort to break him free. SLCC's came and went
Then along came M Linden and he made some deep cuts in payroll. Lindens were lost. Second Life waned
Of course all of these Lindens kept their alt accounts and hoped for better days. Second Life could be saved!
That damn Stroker just couldn't stay out of the limelight. He sued Linden Lab and started a landslide of lawsuits
That didn't trouble the ex-Lindens so much, they were pretty PO'd at the Lab anyways. Stroke knew many of them
Philip decided that Rodvik was the man for the job! He could turn SL into a gaming platform. Teens were the future!
But that Stroker was a bad element. He couldn't stay off the airwaves. His Linden buddies had a plan! Infiltrate!
he only way to get close was to pretend to be a competitor. Stroker never met an enemy in SL. He had to be pushed!
Then that nasty Taboo episode aired and it made Stroke look bad and the Lab. These Lindens were livid!
Add on top here was Stroke partying with Woodbury at SLCC 2011. The horror! Stroke was being indoctrinated ZOMG!
Jumpman was the answer. But someone AR'd Jumpy for being underage. He had to pony up his I.D. to stay on the grid
Stroke's Linden pals were nervous. Their infiltrator could be outed. Jump was no fool. He was a man of letters!
Stroker's pals knew he was close to his RL family so they focused on using that against him. Jumpy was in overdrive
Jumpman had skillz. He could whip up a website in minutes. He learned that where he met his wife.
Now that his wife was back at the Lab. He could use his psychology skillz to oust the ilk that plagues SL.
Just as he did before. Only he wasn't Jumpman Lane then. He was a Content Creator. He made "bits" just like Stroker
But he didn't really have the stomach for it. Being a family man and a Linden. Like other Lindens, adult was no-no
Not to mention Ole Stroke had his bits in a freebie pack at his shop. This was war now! Stroker had to be targeted
Stroker was confused. Who was this "Jumpman" and why was he after him? They had never met. Or, had they?
You see Tweeples, Jumpy and his pals were doing this for Stroker's "own good". He was insulated by fleas and ticks
The Taboo episode was the last straw. They made Stroker look bad. Second Life too. They were about ratings only
And think of the children! Look how distraught his wife was! It was time to double down. Jumpman was enlisted again
Stroker was confused and distraught. Why was this character after him with such tenacity? What had he done to him?
@JumpmanLane..Shhh Fleabite/Blue Linden, I'm telling a story here!
@JumpmanLane or "Mr.Tom" whatever you prefer
You see Tweeples ole Stroke HAD met "Mr.Tom" once. At an SLCC a while back.
Stroker noticed his ring, being an Army man himself. But, Stroker wasn't supposed to know "Blue Linden"
Oh, and that cane was certainly a giveaway. Stroker didn't push the issue. He was obviously trying to be "incognito", but why?
I wouldn't look well to have a Linden making fleabits. And who knew what Taco and his pals were up to anyways.
But what Stroke's Linden pals didn't know is that he was moving away from adult. He was sick and tired of if.
They didn't know he had spent his last monies on a comeback. Stroker was an entrepreneur. He knew to change.
What Stroke's pals saw in his wifes face was fear. Fear that the "comeback" wouldn't take, Taboo was a shot of hope
Sadly, Taboo twisted the interview to suit their agenda. The IM's Stroker was getting in world were overwhelming
Jumpy got the idea to use Taboo as his weapon. Being a military man and a father he knew a bit of psy-ops
Jumpman was careful not to use terms like "incest" or "molestation". These could be legally used against him.
Jumpy has had a bit of experience with the law fighting the government for his injury. He was also a psych major.
The Lindens circled their wagons. A to Z they knew what to do. Smear Stroker's family until he gave up and quit.
This was a Smackdown! From General to Colonel's were called to the task. Get rid of Serpentine!
After all it was for Stroker's "own good" and that of his poor wife and family.
They needed to be "pesky" Keep the mission covert. After all, it could mean their jobs if they got caught.
But Ole Stroke had done a bit of psy-ops in his day too..He knew how to flush guilded turds as well. He pushed back
Stroker knew he was being played, so he played back. One by one the turds lost their guilding.
These were a crafty bunch, they had to cover their asses well. This was their playground. They made the rules.
The Wounded Warrior and his Colonels didn't plan on they themselves being infiltrated. Their ranks weren't closed.
So all you Tweeples and Sheeples out there in LaLa Linden land should wait for the last chapter of Jumpy's book
Jumpman should call it the "Guilded Turd". It has a nice ring to it. The saga continues. Juro Katani FTW!
For the record. Ole Stroke isn't much of a writer. He prefers the media. And lawyers. Flush that turd "Mr. Tom"
If I were you, I would polish up my latin re: "respondeat superior". LL has some flushing to do too! See ya soon!

Where does this all end? The tension between Internet pseudonyms, free publication platforms such as Twitter, an Internet that never forgets thanks to Google, and opaque agendas by the various players seems to have created a situation that will likely damage real life reputations no matter how the war of words is concluded.

Is this the sort of game you want to play?

186 Responses to “Second Life Twitter War Goes Beyond Nasty”

  1. LOL

    Jan 7th, 2012

    Looks like this war may finally be over! Chumpman Lame has quite the SL, Closed all his Social Media sites and even shut down his twitter. Guess the Lab needs to hire a new social assassin to harass SL players, and content creators now.

  2. Tux

    Jan 7th, 2012

    Lol, left SL = BS. Just ask Softs alt, who openly commented about another ban.

    I guess JL’s retard speak wasn’t making a good impression with the public masses. How are Linden Lab supposed to attract anyone over the age of 4 when a The Kang spouts his dyslexic shit all over the place?

  3. LOL

    Jan 7th, 2012


    let say that the retard was banned yet again from his only life… I highly doubt Softdick Linden also closed dumpy’s twitter, Facebook, Myspace; accounts as well as his stupid Pixel X digital crossdressing magazine site he owned and spent all his allowance on.

  4. Tux

    Jan 8th, 2012

    Of course not, he closed them. To save face. How would he explain the that his lawyers who closely guard his cash cow not being able to save him?


  5. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jan 8th, 2012

    Actually, in my experience, drama in SL is NOT exclusive to Americans. SLU in particular has europeans and aussies infesting it, and the anti-american smear drama on the SL forums is pretty extensive. While the JLU may be mostly Americans, its Proactive Security counterpart is a british organization of furballs. Granted PS itself has tended to be low drama although their alts have hardly been that, but they infested the British branch of LL before it was shuttered so they really didnt have much of a need to cause overt drama among the pubbie residents.

  6. Bunjie

    Jan 8th, 2012

    @Tux Oooh? hum? no more Jumpman Lane? why is this not in it’s own bawww article? unless what ever he did was so severe he’s ashamed of it getting out? as his MO is to milk every ban for publicity etc I find it highly suspicious he would just up and leave and not milk it to the end through pix.

    Even for lulz he’d have milked it before closing shop and I didn’t really notice that much he seems to have left without a squawk?

    Although with his enemy gone he has no reason to exist in world, as I guess most of what he did was to get one over on Stoker aka be better than him, so with no one to hate or level up against he probably lost interest and interest in fighting a ban? or is he off chasing stoker under another name now on some other platform?

    The above stuff in this article is just peanuts to him in the sense of drama so I don’t think he would close them to save face, he don’t care about his image other than being a Kang by way of self inflicted drama.

  7. Bunjie

    Jan 8th, 2012

    This totally deserves an in-world funeral, all the shit hes done put to rest would make a nice run down article, along side the burial pics of his Kang/cock shaped coffin :3

  8. Breen

    Jan 8th, 2012

    jumpy’s myspace still up

  9. LOL

    Jan 8th, 2012

    Wonders if SoftDick Linden Lackie is going to ban the 50 other accounts that the self proclaimed king of digital crossdressing has.

  10. hobo kelly

    Jan 9th, 2012

    I’m a power crazed animal.

  11. Emperor Norton

    Jan 9th, 2012

    Jumpman banned as Pixelteen isn’t all over it like a teenage boy on a porno mag? The Herald is slipping.

    Oh the humanity.

  12. GG3

    Jan 10th, 2012

    I loled’

  13. Edna

    Jan 11th, 2012

    Baba Booie to you all.

  14. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 11th, 2012

    hehehehehe i aint goin no where’s! wtf would my subject do (Y’ALL) with out ya kang! hehehehehehe

  15. Reader

    Jan 11th, 2012

    Baba Booie, ROFL!

  16. Yep

    Jan 11th, 2012

    “Jumpman banned as Pixelteen isn’t all over it like a teenage boy on a porno mag? The Herald is slipping. ”

    The choir is singing praises on the SLU about Jumpman. But with the dramatic hive mind at the SLU, they must have had a hard time finding someone to accuse of being a copybotter this week. so Jumpman’s falling is feeding their lust for the “drama”.

  17. hobo kelly

    Jan 12th, 2012

    Ok here is the dish, full of speculation, the best that I can pick up on the sekrit channels out there:
    - Jumpy used to get into everybodys face including Torley and Prok
    - Jumpy was hired by someone to help tear down Stroker
    - Articles were written where Jumpy was theorized to be Blue Linden or the husband of Esbee Linden or both.
    - Lab Rat u Out then tweeted a bunch of threats supposedly against Jumpy for taking down Stroker.
    - now somebody has hurt in their butt for article that claimed Jumpy was Blue.
    - also supposedly a massive griefing war is going on between the power of Tux Winkler and The Wrong Hands versus Jumpy Jumpman Lane.
    - Possible lulz were had recently where Jumpy struck back against TWH with some kind of self replicating objects but got caught by LL who Party Van’ed his ass.
    - pixeleen is up to her eyeballs in all of this
    - Jumpy is back in the name list again…
    (cue jaws theme, da dum, da dum…)

  18. Jumpman Lane

    Jan 13th, 2012

    Here I’m is! I unno WHY haters wanna see One Jump Lane spirited offa the grid! Hehehe yet here I’m is! Back in Second Life to run thangs one mo’ ‘gain! Long Live Jumpy 1st! Linden Lab Dahlink and what have yas!

  19. hobo kelly

    Jan 16th, 2012

    Today’s Cartoon Mischief Makers. Why, I have no idea…

  20. J.P.

    May 5th, 2012

    Go kindly home and fuck yourself Jumpman Lane,, I really think you need that.

    Best regards
    One of those who wish Stroker still where on the grid

  21. Jumpman Lane

    May 10th, 2012

    Fuck Stroker you Bitch! Hehehehe

  22. J.P.

    Jun 28th, 2012

    Hey you fucking bastard,, After Stroker left Sl it’s been imposible to run any reasonable business there, I don’t say it’s Strokers fault ,, Rather I say It’s your Fucking Fault !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. LOL

    Jul 3rd, 2012

    just FYI, stroker leaving has nothing to do with business sucking on second life. Second life is a damn videogame, the only people who make REAL MONEY from SL all work at Linden Lab.

    The rest of the “Peons” just buy into the Linden Lie. Keep on wasting your $ in SL on worthlessCrap.

  24. Axel Oakleaf

    Jul 4th, 2012

    @ LOL

    Actually it’s the economy,before the economy went south in about sept. of 2008,many DJ’s were getting tips of a lot of money.

    Hopefully this election,we get someone who will fix the economy,and not just say they will do it. Nobama2012.

    Romney 2012!

  25. Yep

    Jul 4th, 2012

    If people are going to spend real money, it is better to spend their money on something tangible, not something that is made of 1′s and 0′s that can be deleted at any time.
    Why log into SL to make another game player money? Just stick with free stuff or make copies.
    None of it is real anyway.

  26. GG3

    Jul 4th, 2012

    Well now you have two money-making spots. Second-Life, and Diablo 3 with real auction house.

    It’s true Linden Labs are the ones who make the most money the company being the ones who created Second-Life. Not the best company either.

    It’s quiet interesting to see how middle-age people waste their entire lively-hoods on this fantasy world built from pixels and polygons like possessed shut-ins or chasing some bizzare sexual fantasies!

    Sad fact of the matter is half of the people on Second-Life are old as dirt and once the pail is kicked they can’t take Second-Life with them!

    So all their pixel possessions just get deleted or unoccupied and someone else takes their e-land spot.

  27. Axel Oakleaf

    Jul 4th, 2012

    @ GG3;

    That’s not true. Ever heard of Anshe Chung,Sylver Bu,Lordfly Digeridoo, and Ariella Languish?

    They have made a lot of money.

  28. Paul

    Jul 4th, 2012

    Wow GG3, what is it like to live with such rage and self loathing? take a breather dude, it’s just people trying to get by, just like you are.

    So, is the Herald kaput then? With Tux in the Big House, Green Lantern out of the closet, and Second Life no longer even pretending to be the cutting edge of our virtual future, is there nothing grand to write about? Did Boellsdorf and Ludlow predict such an ignominious end to the Grand Experiment?

  29. hobo kelly

    Jul 5th, 2012

    Yeah I heard about Green Lantern coming out big and gay and all. It gives a whole new meaning to his club called the “green lantern core” as in “core ‘em out all the way up to the rectum”. Freakin pervo. Run kiddies, run. I hadn’t heard about Tux living in some big house somewhere though. Wonder which sim thats in. Prolly not Ravenglass. And where is Phillip Linden these days? I went to SL9B this year. Didn’t see him there. SL9B was weird this year anyway being resident sponsored only. One resident did a super job putting about 20 sims together for a big bash similar to how the Lindens ran the SLxB’s in years past. It was all packed very full to overflowing with stuff, all very ordered perfect looking. Only it felt more noob this year and less inspiring or less important or less inspired. Like heaps and heaps of junk all properly ordered in their small square parcels just sitting there baking away under the SL sun, each a subject of inquiry for the passerby just because they are sitting there baking away under the SL sun. All these years I have gone to the SLxB’s and also to the Burning Lifes, and have carefully and artfully documented them with sets of around 50 or more photos from each, arranged into photo albums. This year I walked the whole fair looking for photo opportunities to come back later and do my photo work there, daytime shots, night time shots etc. You can sometimes find the most electronically interesting and pixelated glowing glory shots in the least likely places if you look around with an eye to what would look good in a photograph. I have taken some stunning virtual world photos in SL at these events before, believe it or not. But not this year. This year I didn’t find anything to work with. It was all just bleeech. I mean sure there were maybe 1 or 2 daytime shots that may have been neat, and I could have forced a level of artsy fartsyness and really strained to take a couple more that may have been somewhat profound, and maybe only a few night shots, the night shots are cool because everything glows instead of reflecting. But I forgot to come back to the SL9B fair to do the photo run. Not one single photo this year. There was this one guy that looked like GG3 that was running around the fair with a pail shoved up his ass that some oldbee randomly kicked there, yeah some old guy just randomly kicked some dumb old pail that was just sitting around the fair and sure enough, you know it, blammo, it went right up GG3′s ass and he couldn’t get it out. Three furries that were at the fair hanging out at some dumb looking club, the only three furries left, they briefly took a break from farting when the pail went walking by. They had eaten some bad carrion the night before and were farting so badly that their neighbors at the fair were threatening to take matters into their own hands. The neighbors had put in an “Emergency Farting Furry” call to Superman Kalel Venkman and his full reacharound pal Green Lantern Excelsior. They had always responded quickly at fairs in the past when Furries showed up and started making gross gas noises and smells, but not this year… not this year… the call went unanswered… Later on, I had heard that if I had come back later that night on my photo run I would have gotten a spectacular shot when the furry gas concentration increased to the point where there was a combustion and a huge explosion that killed the last 3 furries in Second Life and also a couple of their nikko escorts, which are almost like furries, when the whole SL9B furry clubhouse was ripped apart in a giant purple methane gas explosion. The little tiny smurfs in the Autism Speaks exibit started jumping up and down cheering wildly for a minute, then they started hitting each other again. And then just down the line, the Maritime Tactile Weevils and Nibbler, aka the MATAWENIBS, who were perpetually hanging around the Relay For Life exibit like some kind of altrustic donation leechs, they began to make new plans for a whole new startup scam to accept donations to save the endangered Fatally Flatulent Furries. That could have rejuvenated Relay for Life for years and years of handouts, except just at that time, just at that very moment, the new Sim Life Coast Guard exibit who had already started war with the Second Life Coast Guard exibit, at that moment when Club Furry exploded the two warring coast guards were sure the other side was shooting at them so a full on cannonball battle erupted between the two parcels and their battleships of yore. Fortunately or unfortunately large swaths of Maritime Tactile Weevils were destroyed in the collateral fallout. Weird. There was more weird stuff too…

  30. hobo kelly

    Jul 5th, 2012

    A lulzy emitter of giant golden glowing flying Proky Heads you say?
    Before you go and get yourselves all up in a tizzy at the thought mischief makers come along with me and watch this cartoon:

  31. LOL

    Jul 5th, 2012

    has anyone here ever looked at a person in the real world and wondered if they play Second Life, and if so, how kinky and perverted are they?

  32. hobo kelly

    Jul 16th, 2012

    There is this new channel on youtube called “radiofreeravenglass” that is somehow managing to get its signal out pretty damned good considering the heavy jamming that is coming in from the Over The Horizon “russian woodpecker” radar that is constantly scanning the horizon for incoming griffers. Of course these crazy sunspots right now as we approach Solar Maximum isn’t helping them any as it is wiping out the bands at night when the delicate signals like to come wafting in. None the less, there they are. Go look them up. And they need our help. For inspiration and excitation. Remember: you cannot agitate unless you modulate. So we need to send them our videos and our songs. To kind of help them along. A good song can inspire a good video. I’ve been working on a little number here but I have only puffed up a chorus so far…

    Ravenglass, oh Ravenglass,
    You blow your tennants right out your ass…
    Pay the box and pick up your trash,
    They ain’t gonna take no renter back sass…

    Oh well, I’m working on it for ya Radio Free Ravenglass and Radio Ross Liberation. May a thousand videos bloom…

  33. hobo kelly

    Jul 20th, 2012

    yawn, ah, it sure was hot yesterday. gonna be hot today. the kind of day you just want to take it all off and go for a dip in a nice pool. huh? yeah?amirite? yeah I’m right. shake it baby. lol.

  34. hobo kelly

    Jul 24th, 2012

    So I was out there in the wind a couple of nights ago. It must have been 3am. Easily 3am. And sultry. The warm summer night pressed in on me and made me sweat with every move. You could smell the river smells of rotting fish carcasses that boil off before dawn on summer mornings when the waters stay warmer than the air. Waterhead was nearly deserted. My chopper and I rumbled into the parking lot and lingered there a moment before doing a nostalgia lap around the loop with the old totem pole. Memories of launching uncounted numbers of Wild Slime Follow Drones to the tune of the constantly ringing Banana Phones took me back to 2005. What a different world it was then. I guess you always remember your first entry point. There were two people at Waterhead that morning, not counting me, and they watched my taillights keep on going out the loop and out the parking lot back onto the Highway. The Seascape Bridge with its rotting marine aroma loomed ahead. And shortly after the bridge comes: Ravenglass…

    When I finally pulled into Ravenglass I had to scrape some roadkill off of my front fender. I couldn’t tell if I had run over a skunk, or some kind of under nourished Furry, or a Tiny or one of these new Petites. The thought of having run over a Tiny or a Furry was far more pleasing than the idea of running over a skunk. Besides morning Ravenglass was smelling more like some kind of Cat Sandbox that was overfilled with crunchy feline Kitty Roca bars and in need of a complete change, not just scooping out the chunks.

    I left the roadkill scrapings on the road and carefully rolled further into Ravenglass… There was one person there. You have to be kind of careful when you look around Ravenglass because the State Highway runs through the upper corner at an angle and it throws off your whole sense of direction. But this morning there was no mistaking Ravenglass because the one and only lonely person that was there seemed to be building a HUGE multi-coloured tower that seemed to stretch upwards halfway to the moon. HUGE. And did I mention a jumble of rainbow colours? It seemed to be build on top of some other building that may have already been there. But it was tall. So tall you could see it from all of the surrounding areas, like a crazy rickety Eiffel Tower standing out from the surroundings with its wild crazy colours and wild archetecture. Sheesh, I hadn’t seen that before…

    Waaaaay way up towards the top of this tower was a level where a large flat area had been constructed within the supporting pillars that held up an even higher level. A series of nice smart looking leather couches were comfortably arranged around the spacious area. Enough seating for quite a party or quite a group meeting, or any number of things where you might want a good vantage point to watch for incoming trouble from.

    I suppose at some 200 meters in the air it may be a great place to send trouble out from too. Nevertheless, Tall Tower was Tall, and the tall tower had yet another level even higher up than the Lounge Level. It seemed to be a Giant Pink Heart emitter level. Yep you heard right, up at the very top of this hideously tall structure glowing and growing right up into the Clouds Over Ravenglass were Giant Pink Hearts that were rising up up and away symbolically spreading the Love of Ravenglass all over the whole region. Ah the Love of Ravenglass, you can just feel it right in your goddamned soul. Giant pink Hearts pouring out of the top. Who wouldn’t like that I ask you? Who? Oh yeah…

    Anyway, I took some pictures. I figured the tower had to be that tall to get up out of the Kitty Roca smell that permiated the crappy apartments at ground level. Inside my mind something was telling me that maybe I had stayed too long already. “Get to the choppa” the little voice screamed. “Get to the choppa…” So I got to my chopper and turned around and headed back to the good old rotting fish smells and away from Rocaglass, I mean Ravenglass… My head was spinning a little bit, it happens sometimes when one encounters the paranormal, but there was that road kill that I scraped off earlier, stinking right in the middle of the road, so I knew I was going the right way…

  35. hobo kelly

    Jul 31st, 2012

    OK Mischief Makers new cartoon:

    Sorry if you have already seen it. I’m still looking for more.

  36. hobo kelly

    Aug 2nd, 2012

    Last night I had a dream. I dreamed that I was in a suicide club. It was a bar type of club. With drinks and a live band. Maybe it should be called a suicide bar then. A suicide club sounds like something a person might try to hit themselves in the head with. Or something.

    But everybody at the bar knew that they would be dead before the night was over. Because they were at the suicide bar. The place you go when you want to end it all. And you don’t have the courage to do yourself. To off yourself. Not the courage. So you go to a bar where someone else will do it for you. Its not a Murder Bar because you go there of your own free will wanting to die.

    But you don’t know exactly how it happens at the Suicide Bar. You’ve heard rumours though. Rumours too bizarre to be true. And as you sit down at your little table and put on your best sanguine soon to be exsanguninated face and drink your little drink and smoke your little smoke, you look around you briefly at the others in the bar with you tonight, and you know that they too are waiting to be helped across that line of eternal bliss, and you marvel at the visual distortions coming through the rarified air.

    Dancing, drinking, singing, suddenly… Suddenly at 2:10 in a flury of Raven black and Glassy dishpan blonde, a vision of evil jumps up and onto the stage, jumping and gyrating to the music, jumping, gyrating, jumping, spinning away the pain. But the possessed Land Baron could not hold it back any longer. It has always been this way and probably always will be this way.

    Some people rumour that it was a bad batch of Friskies “Salmon Dinner” that finally pushed her over the edge. That provided the environment that triggered sleeping genes that created the monster. Some people say she was always that way, wanting to play with her people first, and then SLAUGHTER them with glee when they let their guards down.

    She clutched her head in mental pain. The booze wasn’t holding it back. The loud music couldn’t stop it. Her eyes turned red. Just then the Suicide Bar knew who they were waiting for. Just then they knew how they would die. The Land Baron Monster would proceed to grab them by their necks and rip their bloody guts right out of their bloody body. Its what they wanted, each and every one of them. They were on her lot and in her bar for a reason that night. The men cried out, the girls cried out, the men cried out, oh no… What a dream…

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