Op/Ed: Pools Closed …so it goes

by Alphaville Herald on 15/08/07 at 12:02 am

Linden Lab really, really sucks at security – if one of the Lindens can be harassed for hours without as so much as a ban, what about the average resident?

[Mudkips Acronym recently stepped down from leading the PN - a notorious griefing/invasion gang in Second Life. When I contacted him for comment, Mudkips was gracious enough to to take a few minutes from tending his virtual roses to share his thoughts on the turmoil in the PN, Linden Lab security, and the Angel Fluffy controversy - the Editrix]


by Mootykips/Mudkips Acronym, Patriotic Nigras – Founder, Acting Leader

The last few weeks have been an odd time for the Patriotic Nigras, and probably for Second Life in general. After a general grid failure/slowdown (which may or may not have been the work of a PN scripter who shall remain nameless here), and recently the “shocking revelations” coming from one drama-loving furry accusing me of being yet another drama-loving furry, I’ve had my hands full.

It’s surprising Angel Fluffy wants to publicly associate with me. As I’m sure readers very well know, everyone that has associated with PN has regretted it. Woodbury was closed down due to reports of PN griefers inhabiting it, and the reputation of one Intlibber Brautigan has severely declined following his attempts at hiring PN to crash the sims of his enemies (such as Anshe Chung, who he also had the nerve to make a racist remark against). The question of what would have happened to FurNation had I claimed that Angel Fluffy was me will remain a what-if, just as if the John Edwards attack was more coordinated along the lines of the original plans. I don’t deal in what-ifs.

As we all know, Second Life is serious business. While I’ve only been involved in this game (yes, it is a game) for a little over half a year, I’m very aware of the various rivalries that exist in-world. The problem with PN is that that “serious business” attitude slowly crept in to the point where new members were all treated as suspected spies – but those new members often did the most for the organization, such as scripting the aforementioned grid crasher.

It obviously got so bad that even I was suspected as some sort of secret furry agent. Though there was little or no hard evidence to support these claims, I was quickly turned on by my own troops. Those who are familiar with Star Wars will recall the shocked expression of Ki-Adi-Mundi, the Jedi leading a legion of clonetroopers on the industrial planet of Mygeeto, as they suddenly stop their charge, raise their guns, and open fire upon receiving the order to betray their general. So be it.

I’ve never felt that PN really needed a leader. They needed a spokesman, they needed an organizer, they needed propagandists. As such, I considered myself just like everyone else but with an older avatar and with more experience at handling the press and such. After I decided to resign, we attempted to hold elections. This was a Bad Idea, as the winner of the elections was later determined to be a furry and hardly trustworthy. From there, PN’s leadership broke down, and I decided to delete my forum account after telling N3X15 I was “fleeing to Mootxico”.

Linden Lab will not change. Linden Lab never changed. Linden Lab really, really sucks at security, and they will stay that way into the near future. New avatars can be created within the space of five to ten minutes, and scripts cannot be blacklisted.

After Frontier Linden was demoted and no longer had banning powers, many PN took the initiative to follow him around and “grief” him with seeking lolcubes (fuck yeah, SEEKING!) for an hour or two. If one of the Lindens can be harassed for hours without as so much as a ban, what about the average resident?

So, is PN dead? I don’t know. I’m in contact with a couple ex-PN who have joined me, but they know nothing. The PN forums have either been moved or deleted. I still hold all of our scripts and this should not be seen as a “victory” for the SL community or specifically the furries. The mindset of Spy vs Spy and cloaks and daggers has infected those who initially joined the PN for laughs and community, which is really a shame as I hold many of those I worked with before in high regard.

“Here it was again, the most ancient of roadforks, one that Paul had glimpsed before, in Kroner’s study, months ago. The choice of one course or the other had nothing to do with machines, hierarchies, economics, love, age. It was a purely internal matter. Every child older than six knew the fork, and knew what the good guys did here, and what the bad guys did here. The fork was a familiar one in folk tales the world over, and the good guys and the bad guys, whether in chaps, breechclouts, serapes, leopardskins, or banker’s gray pinstripes, all separated here. Bad guys turned informer. Good guys didn’t — no matter when, no matter what.” – Player Piano, Kurt Vonnegut

PN may be dead – though the technology lives on. Mudkips Acronym is dead – though the mindset lives on. And as Vonnegut said upon the death of things: “…so it goes.

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  1. mootykips

    Aug 16th, 2007

    “and once they understood that I wasn’t JLU and wouldn’t report them when they rezzed a single screamer cube, they turned friendly and we got along just fine.”

    The cancer that is killing PN.

  2. Mariposa

    Aug 17th, 2007

    You griefers should just grow up! Do something fun in SL. I learned to surf!

  3. Grapecataz

    Aug 17th, 2007

    See, my opinion is this:

    These furries are RUINING second life. The “Griefers” mean absolutely no harm to the regular people of second life; they may continue doing as they please. These FURRIES, though, are the true enemies of SL. They stand for everything that is unjust and wrong: being a furry.

    If you support the us, we can stop the furry menace, once and for all.
    Support us, and we can put away the guard dog and open the curtains. The curtains of FREEDOM.

  4. DaveOner

    Aug 17th, 2007

    But do the curtains of freedom match the carpet of justice?

  5. Ethan Schuman

    Aug 17th, 2007

    I believe my exact words were along the lines of “Act in cohort with factions hostile to us, and you yourself shall be treated as one.” With regards to carpet bombing, that’s very likely what we’d resort to while you had auto turrets up (which at that time, you did). Otherwise we’d just have two of our Light Ops boys running around your base with chainsaws. Unlike AN, Merczateers tend to favor style when engaging in combat. If you’re not going to engage in combat, that’s fine. Deal with AN all you like (we couldn’t care less about Vanguard). However, if you are going to present yourself as an active combat entity, be advised that the actions and standings of your associates will have an effect on how other groups treat you as well.

  6. mootykips

    Aug 17th, 2007

    “The “Griefers” mean absolutely no harm to the regular people of second life; they may continue doing as they please.”
    “Act in cohort with factions hostile to us, and you yourself shall be treated as one.”

    ^^^ this. We had no plans to be a overall SL griefer group until we watched SL try to aid them.

  7. DaveOner

    Aug 17th, 2007

    Well that makes a bit more sense, Ethan.

    While I don’t like the implied bullying I find what you are trying to say much more reasonable than what I was told you said. There’s a big difference between associating with individuals of a group and allying with a group. In fact, we’ve had plenty of Mercz come by over time!

    Regardless, we’re not going to be taking sides in your most recent feud anytime soon as there’s really nothing of interest to us at stake.

    As for the turrets, I think those were left over from dealing with a few griefers that were hassling people while everyone with ban powers was offline. Those aren’t something we employ under regular circumstances.

    Either way I really don’t think either of our groups have anything to worry about! ;)

  8. Smurrr

    Aug 18th, 2007

    “You griefers should just grow up! Do something fun in SL. I learned to surf!

    Posted by: Mariposa | August 17, 2007 at 08:07 AM”

    YAY, YEAH TOMMOROW all of us in PN will log in for more than 20 minutes, maybe we’ll build a pretend house to park a pretend car outside of!!! and then we’ll maybe try and find some pretend wives in the magical make believe land of SL!!!

    you see mariposa… greifing really is a lot more grown up than you think…

  9. Anonymous

    Aug 19th, 2007

    We’re not dead. Not at all. Far, FAR from it. :>

  10. Mariposa

    Aug 20th, 2007

    “you see mariposa… greifing really is a lot more grown up than you think…”

    You can’t even spell, little boy! On second thought, don’t you DARE come near my beach. You are trouble for the smart and good people of SL.

  11. Fire Dragonash

    Aug 22nd, 2007

    Too bad there isn’t some place online to find these scripts that people have worked so hard on. At least somewhere you don’t have to jump through 50 hoops and hope the suspicion you are a “spy” is eased enough you even get to stay. Seems to me that quite some pool of talent was needed to script all this stuff up, too bad hardly anyone will ever see it.

  12. S.age

    Sep 16th, 2007

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    He made us SHo.op the f.aggy JLU Wiki but the DUMBMO.THERF.UC.KER never READ IT! NEVER evn knew it was LEAKED 2 the WORLD MO.the.rf.uckingMONTHS ago!

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    Codec is WIN 4 making object owner sppofer

    U fags called me a furfa.g. STF.U NF.W I’m in YOUR IRC lul.zing YOUR F.AG.GOTR.Y!

    13/09/07 01:07:38< @N3X15> my WHOIS is WHOISguard’d.


    PN: N3X15

    Real Name: Robert Laurence Nelson, Jr.

    Birthdate: 07/26/88

    Age: 19

    Telephone number: 360-679-1991

    Location: 1415 SE 9th Ave A302 Oak Harbor WA 98277-5460

    Relatives: Robert E Nelson Jr
    Karen E Nelson

    Lt. Robert L. Nelson, USN (Ret.)
    Vessels served on: USS Bushnell
    USS Canopus USS Observation Island

    Email: kabobnelson@msn.com

    Website: http://www.nexisonline.net

    School: Skagit Valley College

  13. mootykips

    Sep 16th, 2007

    Fire Dragonash: working on that. i have most of the PN scripts and will probably make them public at some point.

  14. ^ban^

    Sep 16th, 2007

    mootykips: lol I think I’m going to beat you to it.

  15. gays

    Mar 19th, 2008

    The fact that both the second life fags and the pn people take any of this that seriously points to the fact that you are all a bunch of f ucking losers. who gives a fuck?

    and you morons write all these articles with your little histories and backstories like this is all some huge epic thing that should be remembered and documented. you are all fucking retarded. and lonely.

    get some real lifes fags.

    prawcess was right about you guys.

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