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SexGen Trademark Turmoil – SL Sexbed Industry’s Dirty Laundry

Trademark owner Stroker Serpentine goes after Corsi Mousehold by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk “I will be thrilled to talk at length about how he is selling my animations without permission and using Briggi’s scripts without permission… I have been using the name SexGen with his blessing for TWO YEARS.” – Corsi Mousehold “Briggi doesnt [...]

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SL SHOCK — Counterfeit Collar Killer Frees Submissive Slaves!!!

Outrage! – Nothing as degrading as a Master Code controlling content creator by Pixeleen Mistral, Subrealism Affairs desk An acute reader sent a note to the Herald offices pointing to Marx Dudek’s tale of woe – her beloved Amethyst obedience collar was intentionally broken by the creator Amethyst Rosencrans. A visit to Sensations sim confirmed [...]

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Mob Boss Zito Corleone Missing, Presumed Banned

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk Zito Corleone – none found The gang war between the Nicholas mafia and wise guy associates of Zito Corleone may have taken a deadly turn. Mafia Don Zito Corleone has suddenly gone missing from the Second Life people search – apparently the result of some sort of account ban [...]

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ElGalloDeBorrachos Muliaina — Post 6 Guy

[I am used to people being well prepared for our Post 6 appointments. They have sorted out their clothes and hair, they hand in the notecards with their stories, they rebake and relog to look as good as possible. But this was the first time I was given a notecard with the perfect Windlight settings [...]

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Second Life Targeted for Shutdown as a “Game of Skill”?

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk The US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee hearings on H.R. 6870 today have some residents of Second Life concerned that the metaverse could become collateral damage in the war on online gambling, with suggestions that “games of skill” could be targets for regulation – most notably at the [...]

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Kiara Mazi – Second Life Dancers’ Union Organizer

Jimmy Hoffa reincarnated in the metaverse by Valentina Tiratzo Kiara Mazi – International Dancer’s Union organizer I admit it. I was a lousy dancer. Emote? What the hell is an emote? I thought all I had to do was play with this silly little menu to ogling eyes, and say things like “thanks Bub” or [...]

Full Story Is Castronova Book Really About Online Whores?

by Idoru Wellman, literary cooking student Amazon using sex to sell books? Based on’s current listing of Edward Castronova’s latest literary effort as “Exodus to the Virtual World: Ho Online Fun Is Changing Reality”, it appears the Second Life online escort service business really is having an impact on reality. Certainly a number of [...]

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The History of Neko

by Stacia Villota, virtual Neko Think of this lovely photo as the cover to your History lesson today… designed to reflect the artistic style of Japanese manga covers (for a very specific reason, as you’ll come to see). Open it up and turn to the chapter titled “History of Neko 101.” Are you wearing your [...]

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Scout Detritus — SLebrity Autobiography

by Scout Detritus “We chased all the Proks outta there, started buildin’ shit, they said they liked us, and that we could stay and make our money…” I started SL as a confused and bewildered wide eyed noob as I realized that SL was an endless possibility sandbox…I could be and do anything I wanted [...]

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Princess of Yaximixche To Remember 9/11 Victims in Private

Residents anxiously await royal return after 2 months of technical issuesYaximixche Palace Royal Press Office issues press release to calm concerned citizens by Idoru Wellman, staff writer HRH Princess Manqo The Royal Press Office announces that The Princess of Yaximiche will remember the victims of September 11 events in private this year. This is in [...]

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