Will SexBed Dispute Lead to Nuclear Conflict?

by Alphaville Herald on 24/09/08 at 10:03 pm

Angry furs plot revenge – Stroker Serpentine ejects all users from SexGen Users Group – a Serpentine alliance with fur leader Nexxus Ambassador?

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

“Stop freaking out like rats on acid and actually find out what can be done to HELP corsi” – Almira Leopold

Harsh words were barked, squeaked, meowed, and yowelled in furry community chat Monday, as angry supporters of Corsi Mousehold suggested taking the trademark battle for SexGen Sexbeds to Stroker Serpentine — with suggestions of a nuclear showdown and organized abuse reports as possible avenues to defend Ms. Mousehold. While calmer heads in the anthropomorphic animal community suggested planning raids in group chat was not wise, the possibility remains that angry furs, or agent provocateurs pretending to be furs may detonate sim-crashing nukes in Mr. Serpentine’s sim to retaliate for allegedly orchestrating a suspension of Ms. Mousehold over the weekend and assorted trademark enforcement actions.

While many will deplore resorting to sim crashing and mass abuse reports as retaliation, the fur community has an understandable concern for the stability of the flow of L$ spacebux from Ms. Mousehold’s SexGen store in Gar — anything that might hurt business at the store could limit funding for tier payments in the Furnation sims. At least that is what appears to be is going on based on a chatlog relayed to the Herald offices late monday evening [chatlog after the jump].

Tension were high over the weekend and increased further as the news that Stroker had ejected all customers from the SexGen Users Group – cutting his estranged business partners Briggi Bard and Corsi Mousehold off from a potential repeat customer list which Serpentine, Bard, and Mousehold had jointly built up in happier days as part of the SexGen business. Mr. Serpentine told the Herald monday evening that around 80% of the former SexGen user group memebers had moved to an Eros user group for which Mousehold and Bard do not have adminstrative access

Even more surprising was the possibility of a Serpentine alliance with Nexxus Ambassador – a furry community leader and potential rival of Mousehold’s — a possible case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? We cannot discount the possibility that this was purely a social call, but Mr. Serpentine told the Herald he was talking to Ambassador when we inquired about the decimation of the SexGen User’s Group.

“Raid? isn’t that what anonymous does to our sims?” – Werewolffan98 Baran

Alynna Vixen: We have a war on our hands.
Alynna Vixen: OK ladies and furfags.
Almira Leopold: ???
WOLF Brimm: what kind of war
Minareth Irata: This better be serious. >.>
Atheron Alter: War?
Alynna Vixen: http://foo.secondlifeherald.com/slh/2008/09/sl-sexbeds-at-r.html?cid=131654396#comments
Atheron Alter: The point is if you get the entire community involved LL will disreguard it completely
Atheron Alter: Drop it
Squirrel Wood: which is best ended right now. :p
Raven Welesa: atheron…corsi got suspended because of stroker
Minareth Irata: This stuff bores me to death, really…
Almira Leopold: This is stuff that should be discussed in private IM guys.
WOLF Brimm: jesus

Alynna Vixen: if you all aren’t willing to stand up for Corsi…
Alynna Vixen: what the fuck are you willing to stand up for?
Alynna Vixen: she makes all this possible.
WOLF Brimm: i am goddamn it
WOLF Brimm: lets kick this guys ass
Almira Leopold: Freaking out in group chat is going to do nothing positive. Instead of getting the furries nest all riled up write letters or talk to individuals who can make positive change.
Minareth Irata: What exactly, went wrong? Can’t really stand up for Corsi if I have no idea what happend…
Alynna Vixen: man its a long story… maybe I should formulate a better plan of attack than to be pissed.

WOLF Brimm: we all must stand up for corsi
Alynna Vixen: but this guy will be made to pay for what he’s done.
Minareth Irata: Wait, attack?
Almira Leopold: Sounds like a better idea Alynna.
Kajet Seifert: what Minareth said, and I fail to understand how drama bombing people will help Corsi
Minareth Irata: Alynna, maybe an idea to make a short story in a note and send it as a notice?
Almira Leopold: Think before doing something drastic
Werewolffan98 Baran: what happened to corsi? sorry my computer crashed last night.
Raven Welesa: stroker lied and said corsi was violating trademark with sexgen

WOLF Brimm: well lets raid this ass hole
Raven Welesa: i have a better suggestion
Minareth Irata: Raid? Guys, you really aren’t planning an attack are you? That’s…..Pointless…
Raven Welesa: why doesn’t someone go to his store and find anything of corsi’s that he is using and AR him for using another’s stuff without permission
Roonai Karu: Let’s raid Ironforge! Dibs on Bronze Beard!

Werewolffan98 Baran: Raid? isn’t that what anonymous does to our sims?
Almira Leopold: Heres a better idea. Stop freaking out like rats on acid and actually find out what can be done to HELP corsi.
Squirrel Wood: go and do something stupid and it will just make things worse.
Raven Welesa: almira, i just told you, if stroker is using any of corsi’s animations, after he accused her of trademark infringment then we got him for lying to the lindens
Alynna Vixen goes afk, to formulate an actual plan of attack that will be effective..

Minareth Irata: No offence Allyna, and I can understand your anger, but I think it was a bad idea to share this news with the community already…
Almira Leopold: I was speaking to the rest of the group at large.
Minareth Irata: Alynna*
Minareth Irata: And, what the hell you mean with an attack, Alynna?
Raven Welesa: everyone lets just drop this conversation
Almira Leopold: Plan of attack is an action phrase meaning plan for course of action..
Almira Leopold: I agree with raven.

Raven Welesa: i want to hit this bastard too and i have ideas especially after he acused stroker of putting furry pedophilia into the beds
Raven Welesa: but here is not the place
WOLF Brimm: lets all attack this ass with SPAMM
Werewolffan98 Baran: how about nukes?

Raven Welesa: i am closing the im window now, please follow suit everyone
Almira Leopold: I’m Done. If anyone needs a dose of rationality, Ciao
Dogmeat Clawtooth: How would that help convince the Lindens that Corsi is the good guy here?
Exavier Lupindo: I just got in on this can osmone explain the situation?
Exavier Lupindo: just no wolf…
Atheron Alter: I’m sorry wolf, keep this up i’ll eject you from the land and the group
Exavier Lupindo: No

Werewolffan98 Baran: there are various nukes on the SLX
WOLF Brimm: sorry
Atheron Alter: We don’t need any kind of war hawking in this chat, if anything. It’ll support the belief that furries are drama driven delinquents and make the case even more lost.
WOLF Brimm: ok
WOLF Brimm: war is the only thing i know in sl and rl
Alynna Vixen: SL Herald is drama
Atheron Alter: Legal issues (yes this is a legal issue) need to be met with maturity, even if the circumstances are beyond normal.

125 Responses to “Will SexBed Dispute Lead to Nuclear Conflict?”

  1. werewolffan98

    Oct 6th, 2008

    To Ben: sounds like Selkit is loco or something.

  2. werewolffan98

    Oct 6th, 2008

    to Ben: as a sidenote,the same thing happened to me, it started when i played gestures,and then asked if there was a SLEX terminal,and then is when Selkit shot me with a orbiter,yet we’re not allowed to use such weapons.

  3. capn carnage

    Oct 6th, 2008

    yup “Observer” IS selkit

    how do i know because i was there over hearing what he was sayiong BEFORE he even typed it out lol

    @ werewolffan98

    wuffy i know exactly how you feel, admins have overkill and they always said various times “you pay rent here does not mean you are safe from a ban”

    when you ask for a refund they only give you what THEY think is fair, i’ve seen FN go from the start, it was great then it started to go down hill when alynna came on board, talk about being a fucking emo he was uber emo he went in a pissy fit when he couldent get his dumb ass tree up in place of the luxor, selkit when on a pissy fit when he got his forest returned because it used up over 12k prims, not bad considering it was supposed to have been 4k and it was a frigging home spot for ppl to rent, and then theres “Miscellaneous Fluffy” every iron builder contest she win’s, i know i have the logs from em all, not bad for a person whos an expert builder AND A FN ADMIN, its a fucking comunity contest admins and EM ARE NOT COMMUNITY THERE OFFICERS and guess who makes the winners……THATS RIGHT CORSI.

    now i can dish dirt on every one of the admins there and boy do i have dirt, fuck me i could write a series of books that would make the harry potter series look like an afternoon read

  4. werewolffan98

    Oct 6th, 2008

    Let’s start a petition to get Selkit Dellier off Furnation.

    Because he accused me of being a stalker,but i didn’t know anything about stalking, and IRL if someone accused me of stalking i would SUE THEM!

  5. capn carnage

    Oct 6th, 2008

    @ Observer
    i had my account perma banned thanks to you and your fucking asshole friends, have you ever had your account permabanned for fake AR’s, i cant even get the $2750 out of my account untill the investigation is done.

    and FYI stop sucking his dick or your gunna get burned….AGAIN

    whats with you selkit, you were gay oh wait nope your not oh wait yes your gay oh nope not gay then you got married, dude make your fucking mind up man are you or are you not gay

  6. werewolffan98

    Oct 6th, 2008

    It seems too,that Corsi cheated Nexus out of $1k or something like that.

    I say everyone pull out of furnation sims and let’s see how Corsi and Selkit stay afloat.

  7. capn carnage

    Oct 8th, 2008

    Group Notice From: Selkit Diller

    Falstaff Adamski‏ Estate banned. Yet another Werewolffan98 Baran alt. I’m ‘stalking’ him, apparently. This might be a sign of improvement, in some ways. He’s beginning to understand the concept of personal space and harassment, even if it’s kinda amplified in reverse. I give it a day before alt number four arrives. This one had the same shirt, avatar, speech patterns, attitude, and first name as the last one. Maskirovka, my friend. Use it.

    ok this is total paranoia for starters this is like the 15th person banned under the “Werewolffan98 Baran” thingy lol

    werewuffy seems you managed to freak the ferret out so much he’s banning newbies thinking its you lmao, thats as bad as some of other admins who banned ppl because “i’m not in the mood for admin shit” OR OR OR THE BEST EVER EXCUSE “i dont you” that comment was when fluffy kicked and estate banned FIVE people and 2 of them were lindens just because she dident like em, just how DUMB do ya need to be to ban a linden who WAS CALLED BY FLUFFY LMFAO

  8. LOL

    Oct 8th, 2008

    HA HA HA,
    Fur Nation is so Messed up even the admins are clueless. Who could have guessed! Corsi has Run it Completly into the ground. The rest of you “Normal” furries (not inot ageplay, scat, diaper sex) should start a new group, FAR AWAY from Corsi, and this time DO NOT let Linden Lab have a hand in it. It is like totally obvious that Linden lab and corsi are working together to create a place for Pedophiles to act out thier Sick ideas under the smoke screen of BabyFur’s and Yiffing. Corsi has Violated more T.O.S. then any avatar I have ever seen, he has also Stolen $ and caused ALOT of Problems for ALOT of people. The only explaination has got to be, Corsi is changing the diapers of the G-Team.
    Of the 3 G-team members I have actually met, 2 are some sort of Tiny\baby furs. the the other looks like Jack the Pumpkin king. I wonder just how many Linden’s Like to have thier dipers changed by a Transvestite Furry Pedophile. I for one have lost any and all respect for Furries, Linden Lab as well as Child\baby avatars. The only explaination is that Linden Lab knows that Pedophiles spend ALOT of $ to act out thier twisted child sex ideas, and Linden Lab is just too happy to take thier $ and look the other way. In the Case of Corsi Mousehold I can actually start to see a Link between, Theft, Ageplay, XXX, and Linden Lab. As long as $ is spent and Linden lab gets thier % they do not CARE WHAT YOU DO and will even help you develop a Playground for Ageplay, as well as give you a tiny\baby\child avatar to have sex with.

  9. Falstaff

    Oct 9th, 2008

    HI, i take back the things i said about Selkit and Corsi,they’re only doing their job and doing what they think is right.

    And LOL, you’re dead wrong about Corsi.

  10. capn carnage

    Oct 10th, 2008

    wow what a turn around, dude you really turned your back on ppl man.
    fucking traitor

    Group Notice From: Selkit Diller

    Sat down, spoke at length with him. Explained precisely what he will not be doing in future and what behavior is not welcome. Thus, he is now unbanned in good trust. If he reverts to his old habits, yes, you may reinstate the ban. Exercise restraint, however. He’s learning and making a good effort to behave.

  11. werewolffan98

    Oct 10th, 2008

    I’m a stalker!
    I’m a stalker!
    I’ll make alot of accounts
    they all get deleted
    I’m a stalker lolololol.

  12. Falstaff

    Oct 10th, 2008

    Also I’m Werewolffan98,

  13. LOL

    Oct 11th, 2008

    “…you’re dead wrong about Corsi…”

    Wrong about what?
    that he is a Thief?
    that he is a Transvestite?
    that he is a Pedophile?
    that he has a Diaper Fetish?
    that he has sex with Babyfurs?
    that he stole $ from Nexxus?
    that he does not care about The FurNation Community, just his own $L balance?

    What exactly am I wrong about, can you be more speciffic? seems to me the proof can be seen in Corsi’s Comments and posted chatlogs.

  14. anonynomous

    Oct 11th, 2008

    Right now i’m hiding out,until i start picking up all the pieces,i’ve hurt too many people and i’m sorry.

  15. anonynomous

    Oct 11th, 2008

    Somebody is also using my name now in the above posts. trying to steal my identity huh?

  16. Anonynomous

    Oct 11th, 2008

    The reason i use the name anonynomous is because someone is stealing both of my names.

    If you’re trying to stir crap up, Don’t!

  17. unown

    Oct 11th, 2008

    LOL: why are you saying those hateful things about Corsi,they’re not true, in fact they would fall under the context of libel and slander.

    Because i know Corsi personally and i know that she isn’t like that.

  18. Stating obvious

    Oct 12th, 2008

    werewolffan98: Stop trying to drum up drama by pretending to have your “Identity” stolen. Also Selkit sustains his Sim on his own terms. Not with the Furnation group, it’s completely separate.

    Falstaff: *facepalms* geeze. Retard.

    Anonymous: You can’t be anonymous if everyone knows who you(werewolffan98/Falstaff?) are, it’s about the same as a situational oxymoron, moron.

    LOL: It was apparently confirmed one way or another Falstaff and all other accounts were actually the creation of the resident werewolffan98, who was removed by LL. It seems that the abuse was bad enough to actually have an account removal. Either way, it wouldn’t shock me if he was either a) underaged b) PN spy (cause everyone is) c) Paranoid.

    Everyone: Shut up about this you’re acting like children.

  19. LOL

    Oct 16th, 2008

    @ Stating obvious

    Everyone is an Underage PN spy you Paranoid fool!
    Who do you think plays Videogames such as Secondlife?

    Answer: single males aged 15-35

  20. LOL

    Oct 16th, 2008


    if you know\knew Corsi then you would know that HE is all of the above

  21. Doesit

    May 16th, 2010

    Does it even matter? Look how many places sell sex beds, sex toys.

    Whatever happened to moving all the adult content to a safe zone?

    Does that mean we all get to use “safe words” now too with the Lindens?

  22. Anon

    May 17th, 2010

    Just plain confused. It’s not even real stuff, so how did he win this again?

  23. It's Unfixable

    Jun 11th, 2010

    Just got around to reading this one, so distracting with trolling WU that I hadn’t read it yet.

    This looks like the same thing the Herald tried to do with the JLU and the wiki leaks (note I said leaks here, plural, as they’ve lost control of their wiki not once, but twicenow). But there’s a lot of noise here about what to do about Stroker, and some sort of sense of outrage, but it all sort of fizzled eight weeks later, and in the end it wasn’t the guy whose rights were violated that had to pay the piper.

    And it was really just the Herald trying to make a story where there wasn’t one.

  24. Gordi

    Sep 2nd, 2010

    Yeah, well, Witless X or Unfixable or whoever you are, I have to say I don’t entirely disagree. You seem to be a little slow catching up to things, though. This was what, last YEAR??

  25. me

    Oct 9th, 2011

    You should listen to Atheron Alter, just convince him to read about copyright and patent law or stop being furries. I am telling you this out of sincere concern… He should be able to figure it out, he is poli sci major.

    I seriously do not know what you guys are doing but if you can simply go outside for a walk, this may help you to clear your mind. Don’t look at furry avatars, don’t do anything. Just walk outside a lot.

    The second thing is probably to try and talk to Atheron more about internet security and legal issues, it is a logical subject and good exercise for your mind. Oh yeah, and just walk around in the business noob avatars.

    I am not joking!

    I am giving you all important advice from the otherside. I am reading and researching and I come back only out of goodness.

    If I come back, it is to give sound, straightforward advice. I am sorry I was not thinking very clearly before and gave really BAD SOCIAL POLITICAL PARODY.

    If I come back, I will be there only for a day.

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