Will SexBed Dispute Lead to Nuclear Conflict?

by Alphaville Herald on 24/09/08 at 10:03 pm

Angry furs plot revenge – Stroker Serpentine ejects all users from SexGen Users Group – a Serpentine alliance with fur leader Nexxus Ambassador?

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

“Stop freaking out like rats on acid and actually find out what can be done to HELP corsi” – Almira Leopold

Harsh words were barked, squeaked, meowed, and yowelled in furry community chat Monday, as angry supporters of Corsi Mousehold suggested taking the trademark battle for SexGen Sexbeds to Stroker Serpentine — with suggestions of a nuclear showdown and organized abuse reports as possible avenues to defend Ms. Mousehold. While calmer heads in the anthropomorphic animal community suggested planning raids in group chat was not wise, the possibility remains that angry furs, or agent provocateurs pretending to be furs may detonate sim-crashing nukes in Mr. Serpentine’s sim to retaliate for allegedly orchestrating a suspension of Ms. Mousehold over the weekend and assorted trademark enforcement actions.

While many will deplore resorting to sim crashing and mass abuse reports as retaliation, the fur community has an understandable concern for the stability of the flow of L$ spacebux from Ms. Mousehold’s SexGen store in Gar — anything that might hurt business at the store could limit funding for tier payments in the Furnation sims. At least that is what appears to be is going on based on a chatlog relayed to the Herald offices late monday evening [chatlog after the jump].

Tension were high over the weekend and increased further as the news that Stroker had ejected all customers from the SexGen Users Group – cutting his estranged business partners Briggi Bard and Corsi Mousehold off from a potential repeat customer list which Serpentine, Bard, and Mousehold had jointly built up in happier days as part of the SexGen business. Mr. Serpentine told the Herald monday evening that around 80% of the former SexGen user group memebers had moved to an Eros user group for which Mousehold and Bard do not have adminstrative access

Even more surprising was the possibility of a Serpentine alliance with Nexxus Ambassador – a furry community leader and potential rival of Mousehold’s — a possible case of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”? We cannot discount the possibility that this was purely a social call, but Mr. Serpentine told the Herald he was talking to Ambassador when we inquired about the decimation of the SexGen User’s Group.

“Raid? isn’t that what anonymous does to our sims?” – Werewolffan98 Baran

Alynna Vixen: We have a war on our hands.
Alynna Vixen: OK ladies and furfags.
Almira Leopold: ???
WOLF Brimm: what kind of war
Minareth Irata: This better be serious. >.>
Atheron Alter: War?
Alynna Vixen: http://foo.secondlifeherald.com/slh/2008/09/sl-sexbeds-at-r.html?cid=131654396#comments
Atheron Alter: The point is if you get the entire community involved LL will disreguard it completely
Atheron Alter: Drop it
Squirrel Wood: which is best ended right now. :p
Raven Welesa: atheron…corsi got suspended because of stroker
Minareth Irata: This stuff bores me to death, really…
Almira Leopold: This is stuff that should be discussed in private IM guys.
WOLF Brimm: jesus

Alynna Vixen: if you all aren’t willing to stand up for Corsi…
Alynna Vixen: what the fuck are you willing to stand up for?
Alynna Vixen: she makes all this possible.
WOLF Brimm: i am goddamn it
WOLF Brimm: lets kick this guys ass
Almira Leopold: Freaking out in group chat is going to do nothing positive. Instead of getting the furries nest all riled up write letters or talk to individuals who can make positive change.
Minareth Irata: What exactly, went wrong? Can’t really stand up for Corsi if I have no idea what happend…
Alynna Vixen: man its a long story… maybe I should formulate a better plan of attack than to be pissed.

WOLF Brimm: we all must stand up for corsi
Alynna Vixen: but this guy will be made to pay for what he’s done.
Minareth Irata: Wait, attack?
Almira Leopold: Sounds like a better idea Alynna.
Kajet Seifert: what Minareth said, and I fail to understand how drama bombing people will help Corsi
Minareth Irata: Alynna, maybe an idea to make a short story in a note and send it as a notice?
Almira Leopold: Think before doing something drastic
Werewolffan98 Baran: what happened to corsi? sorry my computer crashed last night.
Raven Welesa: stroker lied and said corsi was violating trademark with sexgen

WOLF Brimm: well lets raid this ass hole
Raven Welesa: i have a better suggestion
Minareth Irata: Raid? Guys, you really aren’t planning an attack are you? That’s…..Pointless…
Raven Welesa: why doesn’t someone go to his store and find anything of corsi’s that he is using and AR him for using another’s stuff without permission
Roonai Karu: Let’s raid Ironforge! Dibs on Bronze Beard!

Werewolffan98 Baran: Raid? isn’t that what anonymous does to our sims?
Almira Leopold: Heres a better idea. Stop freaking out like rats on acid and actually find out what can be done to HELP corsi.
Squirrel Wood: go and do something stupid and it will just make things worse.
Raven Welesa: almira, i just told you, if stroker is using any of corsi’s animations, after he accused her of trademark infringment then we got him for lying to the lindens
Alynna Vixen goes afk, to formulate an actual plan of attack that will be effective..

Minareth Irata: No offence Allyna, and I can understand your anger, but I think it was a bad idea to share this news with the community already…
Almira Leopold: I was speaking to the rest of the group at large.
Minareth Irata: Alynna*
Minareth Irata: And, what the hell you mean with an attack, Alynna?
Raven Welesa: everyone lets just drop this conversation
Almira Leopold: Plan of attack is an action phrase meaning plan for course of action..
Almira Leopold: I agree with raven.

Raven Welesa: i want to hit this bastard too and i have ideas especially after he acused stroker of putting furry pedophilia into the beds
Raven Welesa: but here is not the place
WOLF Brimm: lets all attack this ass with SPAMM
Werewolffan98 Baran: how about nukes?

Raven Welesa: i am closing the im window now, please follow suit everyone
Almira Leopold: I’m Done. If anyone needs a dose of rationality, Ciao
Dogmeat Clawtooth: How would that help convince the Lindens that Corsi is the good guy here?
Exavier Lupindo: I just got in on this can osmone explain the situation?
Exavier Lupindo: just no wolf…
Atheron Alter: I’m sorry wolf, keep this up i’ll eject you from the land and the group
Exavier Lupindo: No

Werewolffan98 Baran: there are various nukes on the SLX
WOLF Brimm: sorry
Atheron Alter: We don’t need any kind of war hawking in this chat, if anything. It’ll support the belief that furries are drama driven delinquents and make the case even more lost.
WOLF Brimm: ok
WOLF Brimm: war is the only thing i know in sl and rl
Alynna Vixen: SL Herald is drama
Atheron Alter: Legal issues (yes this is a legal issue) need to be met with maturity, even if the circumstances are beyond normal.

125 Responses to “Will SexBed Dispute Lead to Nuclear Conflict?”

  1. capn carnage

    Sep 28th, 2008

    lmao corsi denies the logs from the fn resident but does not deny the money theft and setting up one of his friends as a patsy lol

    @FN resident
    dude i pulled all my stuff outta fn when corsi bought the sims, you can see why other admins have left fn and took there sims with em lol.

    i think rocket city will now call LL and cancel the movment order because there a legit buisness and they dont want drama lol.

    i think selkit may leave fn and take his sim with him as he’s been getting flak not only from residents but also his RL wife from what i’ve been hearing

  2. capn carnage

    Sep 28th, 2008

    oh btw corsi i forgot to thank you for something, thank you for all the drama i have been ejected from about all the furry groups because i WAS a friend of yours.

    your fucking drama whoring also cost me roughly $300 a week in sales of my items, so thanks to you i will need to sell my sims as i am now having to refund rentals which has put me into the red.

    corsi your actions has a knock on effect with ppl who were or still are in fn groups.

    sell the fucking sims to someone who gives a shit about ppl and leave sl

  3. Humpedback Camel

    Sep 29th, 2008

    “sell the fucking sims to someone who gives a shit about ppl and leave sl”

    I think that’d make sl better, wouldn’t you agree?

  4. FrazzleFrei

    Sep 29th, 2008

    @ FurNation Resident

    “If the readers would like I will post the entire chat so that everyone can see what a lieing, maniputlave, backstabbing rodent you are.”

    Do it.

  5. LOL

    Sep 29th, 2008

    Humm the RATS are jumping ship! Congrats Corsi Mousehold everything you have touched in SL has turned to shit. From SexGen to Fur Nation what is next? Perhaps LL will give you a job maybe you can screw them over too!

  6. Anonymous

    Sep 29th, 2008


    wait wait…


  7. janellem capalini

    Sep 29th, 2008

    @ fn resident and capn carnage:


    [10:54] Corsi Mousehold: I’m Sorry. I had no right to eject you from the community group. This is between me and him and I am dead wrong for taking that out on you just cause you are friend with him.
    [10:54] Corsi Mousehold: I’m very sorry.
    [10:54] Corsi Mousehold: Too much stress over this is really clouding my judgement.
    [10:55] janellem Capalini: no thanks
    [10:55] Corsi Mousehold: As a sim owner, buisness owner, and leader in the community I should know better. I can’t fault you for being angry with me you entire have every right to be.


  8. capn carnage

    Sep 29th, 2008

    @ Anonymous
    take a DEEEEEP BREATH and repeat :P

  9. capn carnage

    Sep 29th, 2008

    10:55] Corsi Mousehold: As a sim owner, buisness owner, and leader in the community I should know better. I can’t fault you for being angry with me you entire have every right to be.

    key words COMMUNITY LEADER

    define community leader

    A community leader is a designation, often by secondary sources (particularly in the media), for a person who is perceived to represent a community.

    Community leaders are not necessarily elected to their positions, and usually have no legal powers, but they are often used by the media and the police as a way of determining the general feeling within a particular community, or acting as a point of liaison between that community and authorities. They often attract media and political attention at times of tension within or between communities, and in particular when such tension escalates into violence, such as rioting.

    In some communities, the Community Leader is the head of the Moderators.

    corsi you dont speak for the community so you are NOT A COMMUNITY LEADER AS YOU WERE NOT VOTED IN BY THE COMMUNITY MEMBERS, you speak out of your cum filled ass and everything you say is bullshit, you take your anger out on innocent ppl for no fucking reason

    the only person that EVER had the respect of the community was nexxus and thats the truth, i respected him because he had plans and ideas for the fn sims untill you and fayte baxter.ulidar khun scammed nexxus, corsi you are guilty of being a 2 faced backstabbing bastard who is out just for himself and to piss on the community, if you WERE A REAL leader you would listen and obey the community.

    you run furnation as a buisness comodity, you use ppl’s money to help keep your buisness afloat, heres an idea for ya, keep buisness and pleasure apart, stop having babyfurs in charge as they have no respect from the community because of what they are, the biggest mistake you EVER made was to make an enemy of someone who knows you inside and out

  10. Anonymous

    Sep 30th, 2008



    This is pretty hilarious, especially capn carnage’s last comment. This is a hilarious depiction of how sick people really are. (yes furries, stop denying you’re human, we hate to admit that you are too, otherwise we could hunt you for sport. tally ho!)
    Amazing what people do to get power, the lengths they’ll go to undercut their fellow man, even if it’s on a virtual medium where nothing has any value at all (one can argue that life has no true value other than self preservation of one’s own species, and that value is even debatable) and how much people just roll over and follow this shit and let it happen.

    Here’s a hint furfags, do what sane people do and instead of sitting and CRYING about it, do something about it, such as, uh, creating a new little cesspool to fester in. Oh, and don’t pull that bullshit where you merely leech and infest some pre-existing community and try to convert it to your sick vision, shell out some fucking money, I mean, you’re great at wasting money on this kind of shit, and build a new little den of evil. God damn, how fucking stupid are you anyway? Instead of crying, do something about your current shitty situation, you fucking idiots. Corsi’s obviously someone you don’t like, and is someone who is also mentally unstable and someone you dont want to associate with. Then stop dwelling on it and go somewhere else. Preferably somewhere involving lots of fire. You fucking hiveminded brainless dipshits.

  11. janellem capalini

    Sep 30th, 2008

    @capn carnage

    I read you lost so much in sales cause of corsi, sorry to hear that,look me up inworld under janellem capalini. As for yout corsi,the walls of furnation are crumbling, its only going to get worse for furnation as more and more vendors start trickling, i sense more furs joining the revolt of taking your scat rat ass done, if it’s one thing we know how to do is our homework, i hope you did yours.

  12. naima

    Sep 30th, 2008

    [10:55] Corsi Mousehold: As a sim owner, buisness owner, and leader in the community I should know better. I can’t fault you for being angry with me you entire have every right to be.


  13. capn carnage

    Sep 30th, 2008

    @ janellem
    hon its ok i have a friend buying the sims and right now i have a suspended account thanks to ppl in fn -_-

    2 week suspention

  14. LOL

    Sep 30th, 2008

    @Capn Carnage,
    What did Scat Rat do to get you Suspended? Set you up with Credit card Fraud too?

  15. capn carnage

    Sep 30th, 2008

    @ naima

    @ LOL
    nope abuse reports because i had a big ol argument with ratbot, so much for wanting to be a linden admin.

    i have the list of the ppl cosi fucked over with fayte baxter and the list is 90% of the fn admin and 50% of the fn community thats nearly 1100 names and out of those 1100 about 40 were named by fayte and corsi to be the “ring leaders”

    if hes like this with furnation whats he gunna be like if he was a linden

    you see corsi has this thing with ppl, flash the hooters walk about naked letting all the guys drool and when he says “this person has been doing evil stuff here would you mind abuse reporting him for me”

    thats when it happend, the more reports sent in the harder the sentance and when theres enough about the same thing thats when you get a suspension.

    yep ppl are that abusive with the ar system.

    anyways after pulling a few strings and running up a high phone bill at the process i managed to sell the sims i had for a decent price dunno what there gunna be called and nor do i care, am outta here.

    i maybe a furry but i DO have respect for myself and other ppl and i have sense of what to wear in what sim, if i’m in a cyber sci-fi sim i wear my sci-fi outfit which is a nice cyber raptor or if its in a gor sim i wear my deathknight armour and clothes, you see i wear what is needed for each theme but i add my own twist to it, i even modded a werewolf av for a vampire sim

    heres something to make you scared…am not gay yep i’m as straight as an unbendible girder, i make bender the robot cry because he cant bend me :P …..i’d nail leela in a shot…if she were real :D
    i hate the babyfurs they creep me out so much, theres some of the admins i know for a fact want corsi gone and some are so far up his ass they can eat the cockcheese from the bac of his teeth.

    @everyone else

    is it me or is radaar in the cartoon stormhawks a bit on the ghey side, think about it he’s always riding with arrow and is always crawling all over him, kinda weirds me out, also i think dale from chip n dales rescue rangers has so screwed gadget that shes went as loose at a slice of crappy cheap supermarket cheese, maybe thats why he;s lettin ship fuck her.

    OH MY GOD SOMEONE SHOOT ME i am soo freaking myself out now

  16. Suggestion Man

    Sep 30th, 2008

    @Capn Carnage,
    What did Scat Rat do to get you Suspended? Set you up with Credit card Fraud too?

    Posted by: LOL | September 30, 2008 at 06:58 PM

    Probably more like underage AR or that same linden friend corsi claims can registry ban someone at the drop of a hat for him.

    They use registry bans as if they’re some super secret effective way of getting rid of people quietly and unofficially, but you can dodge it by reinstalling your client, another example of linden failure.

    Also Alynna Vixen has his own article over at encyclopediadramatica.com

  17. someguy

    Sep 30th, 2008

    ok ive been reading up on this for alittle while now all the flames and whatnot I get why alot of ppl are posting , why people are upset with corsi why they say the things about her which from what I can see are just rumors being said from peoples mouths as Ive seen corsi and she doesnt wear a diaper or do anything with babyfurs that I know of.

    what I will say is this its sad that alot of you are so stereotypical that you would speak about furs as all furfags, all into these odd behaviours such as the interest in scat and pedophilia which as a fur myself I find no interest in. just because in a fictional realm I decide that when I login id not be vanilla and look human im branded as a furfag scat slinging daiper wearing super emo? get your white hoods off and grow up. im surprised that these authors are approving such rude and ignorant comments to be posted here.

    keep with the topic let ppl come to this article to read on the facts of whats going on not you going on some furry witch hunt just because you dont happen to agree with it. there are plenty of people that do different things on SL and its always the furs that get slapped around ive seen. sure there are idiots in the fur community but not ever fur is a moron some are accually very wonderful people.

    most greivers ive seen have been humans, ive never seen a fur to my day almost a year into SL now but furs are jerks?

    i see humans walking around asking for cyber nonstop with there newbie bits but because furs go somewhere and enjoy yiffing that makes us furfags?

    a guy can log in to sl and treat a woman like a piece of property , spy on her from sims away and make sure she isnt enjoying the company of another man or woman and its ok but if if i login or drop at a mall I get laughed at because im in fur? tch.. grow up

    im not saying humans are a problem , im not saying furs arent im saying the problem is people who have no sense and should keep there mouths shut like Capn Carnage up there declaring every fur a furfag

  18. someguy

    Oct 1st, 2008

    accually my apologies I re-read the layout of the page here and it would seem it was another poster , my apologies Capn for pinning you to that statement

  19. Thick Mcrunfast

    Oct 1st, 2008


    “she doesnt wear a diaper or do anything with babyfurs that I know of.”

    Corsi’s e-house is a treehouse full of babyfurs in CUB conclave, cribs, ect, in a babyfur sim. Corsi is also usually seen with a diaper bag because he likes scat/diaper roleplay with said babyfurs, he usually roleplays as the nanny. Stop lieing.

  20. capn carnage

    Oct 1st, 2008

    @ someguy

    dude i’m a furry and i’ve never called anyone a furfag get yer facts right before you accuse someone of something they dident say

  21. Anonymous

    Oct 1st, 2008

    lol @ comments about corsi being why furries look bad.

    no, furries make themselves look bad because they masturbate to animal penises. Which is generally mocked or frowned upon in most civilized society.

    Also, @someguy

    What do you mean, humans? of course they’re human, you are too, moron, stop referring to others as if they’re a separate species.

    Also, Goreans don’t get a lot of respect from trolls either, and are laughed at just as much. but they also dont fap to animal penises.

    again, furries arent the only group trolls and griefers love victimizing. They just happen to make the biggest fucking deal because they’re “special” because they decide to stop calling themselves human.

    I never got the whole “I’m superior, pity me” bullshit furries convey. I can laugh at you all I fucking want because, last I checked, I have the freedom to do so, despite what linden labs says. I wont necessarily stop you from jerking it to dogcock or throw you in a real prison, or kill you over it (what REAL persecution is, btw.) I’ll laugh at you because I, like many normal people, find the prospect of adults behaving and acting like children with hormones, and more or less never really grew up, declaring their fetish for their cartoony sex icons as a lifestyle or even a race FUCKING HILARIOUS. That’s like people who like to have sex while wearing multicolored hats declaring it’s a lifestyle. It simply isnt, it’s a fetish. Gor is also a fetish, just FYI.

    Basically what I’m saying is. Stop crying. I dont care that you hate getting laughed at for being a social defective, actually I do, because it only fuels my urge to mock you more and do things to piss you off. Just letting you know.

  22. capn carnage

    Oct 1st, 2008

    @ Anonymous
    gor is really fucked up because the guy that invented gor is an old guy in his 60′s-70′s who thinks women are not human and are just property…..which is why he’s been divorced and married more times than liz taylor :P

    and you are right about somethings, furrys can be both a fetish in some ppl’s eyes and a lifestyle in others.

    being gay is a lifestyle, being straight is a lifestyle, being a totaly over the edge emo person wanting to cut there self and talk about wanting to die is also a lifestyle……untill they do kill themself because the cut to hard then its fucking funny.

    now i’m not an uber furry i dont goto con’s as such as i’d feel weirded out seeing a 40yr old guy in a mouse suit thats got bigger hooters than pamela andersons or a scary 40 year old chick in a friggin babyfur suit ~clicks the mind wipe button because i REALLY DO NOT want to see that EVER again~, seriously wearing a babyfur suit in public at a furmeet is sooooo not good and i wish ppl would stop showing there self in sandboxes.

    i’m the type of furry who likes the artwork and most of the ppl( not the porn side of it btw) and there are some really talented ppl out there, sure about 80% of it is pure smut but what man doesnt like good ol smut and when ppl are growing up and there hormones kick in theres a time that ppl would with they could nail minnie mouse and daisy duck or have a dream about being in an orgy with the little mermaid and get more than fish fingers

    there are ppl here both furry and non furry alike who have all one reason we wabt to have fun…..and kill a few rodents.

    we all have valid points and we all want to bitchslap assholes who fucking start shit they cant finish, like corsi with all the legal shit and got shot down in a fireball from petes dragons ass

  23. LOL

    Oct 1st, 2008

    You want proof of the Scat Rat’s Fetish for Sniffing diapers? look at the PN website, there is ALOT of Pictures of it.
    As well the Herald has also done a story about babyfurs. and Guees who is in it!


    Read that… Clear as day, Corsi mousehold and one of his Baby furs.. and OMG whats that? could it be a Babyfur Diaper bag in corsi’s lap, complete with an oversized BabyFur Diaper pin? So I guess that lays the Diaper Fetish qustion to rest however, if thats not enough at Anthrocon Corsi Mousehold was wearing a Real Life Adult Diaper under his Female mouse Fursuit, Witnessed by multiple human females in th Ladies Rstroom. Corsi was BUSTED changing his depends.

    How does this tie into the Main topic of this Article you ask? Easy, Corsi has shown that he likes to act immature and childish. so I ask, What is more childish then Taking a well known Business (SexGen) Pretending it is yours, then creating a buch of sex toys that look like furry litter boxes. Then once the REAL CREATOR of SexGen (Stroker Serpentine) Complains that you are using is name and making it look bad, what does Corsi do? he gets a bunch of his immature sex cubs (babyfurs) to start talking of Nukeing, Spammin, griefing, Sending in FALSE Abuse Reports, as well having his Immature Linden Diaper furfags start to ban, suspend and cause problems for People.

    This is the Corsi Mousehold way. Lie, Cheat, Steal, Greif, Spam, and Bribe Lindens to get what he wants.

  24. Soviet

    Oct 1st, 2008

    “most greivers ive seen have been humans, ive never seen a fur to my day almost a year into SL now but furs are jerks?

    i see humans walking around asking for cyber nonstop with there newbie bits but because furs go somewhere and enjoy yiffing that makes us furfags?”

    I’m pretty sure that everyone on secondlife is human, save for the bots.

  25. capn carnage

    Oct 1st, 2008

    anyone have cake?

  26. Lord Kamina

    Oct 1st, 2008


  27. Tuna

    Oct 2nd, 2008

    I’ve known Corsi from before SL was a twinkle in Philip’s eye. He’s always been a piece of shit and always will be.

  28. LOL

    Oct 2nd, 2008

    LL should just save us all the grief and Ban the4 Stupid Scat Rat

  29. capn carnage

    Oct 2nd, 2008

    @ everyone

    ok whos ran out of drama flavoured popcorn and drama cake and where the drama BEER -_-

  30. capn carnage

    Oct 2nd, 2008

    @ LOL

    i wuv you…lets make RABIES :P

  31. LOL

    Oct 3rd, 2008

    Sorry Capn

    Not into getting rabies, if you are perhaps go to Furnation and join in on one of Corsi’s Baby-fur-pile Orgies. I am sure if you YIFF with them you can get some sort of online STD.

    Anyone that wants to ROTFL check this


    Thats Corsi in RL HUMAN form singing about how GAY furnation is. THis guy is such a THier he even claims to be the Songwrite for Elton John’s Lion King Song!

  32. capn carange

    Oct 3rd, 2008

    @ LOL

    i said MAKE rabies not GET rabies :D and goto Furnation……FUCK THAT i’d rather set up home in a greifer sim because at least ya know whos fucking ya :P

    i saw all the corsi vids on youtube…i LOLED my ass off so much i fell off my chair gasping for air because corsi is soooooo fucked up LMAO

    i can see why nexxus stays the hell away from corsi in SL AND RL even though they only stay a few miles apart nexxus was TURNED STRAIGHT because of corsi, up nexxus has seen the light and is going for REAL CHICKS.

    scary aint it D:

  33. The Philldoe

    Oct 4th, 2008

    Yeah… heya dumbasses, disclosure of chat logs in onsly against ToS if it contains personal information such as Home addresses, telephone numbers, ect.

    And if you keep sending those false reports in You’ll end up being the one banned.

  34. IntLibber Brautigan

    Oct 5th, 2008

    Disclosure of private chatlogs inworld is against ToS in any event. It got Tizzers permbanned, no RL info disclosure involved. Then again, it depends on whether you are a furry or not. The G-team follows a double standard. Note, Corsi got off in under a day what it claims was a 7 day ban, for the exact sort of offense that they permbanned Tizzers for.

    Oh, and BTW: to all the furrys who tried to get the third Woodbury sim stopped with their corrupt furry Linden friends, so sorry to disappoint. Metaversity sim is now in place north of Woodbury Sea. The classes are now working on the Longcat dorms (WU is open to virtual students of sufficient age, matriculation contingent upon good behavior).

    The recent WU presence at SLCC was a big help at convincing LL: http://www.woodbury.edu/s/131/index.aspx?sid=131&gid=1&pgid=1396 < for those of you who still aren’t convinced we’re involved in the “real Woodbury”.

  35. werewolffan98

    Oct 5th, 2008

    yeah,it seems that furries are the real griefers, i was griefed in the hell sandbox today.

  36. capn carnage

    Oct 5th, 2008

    ok lets see if you can all agree on this.
    and admin STALKING someone for a full day then bans him for pissing 5 ppl off in an entire day then perma bans the poor guy for STALKING, wow talk about contradiction and power abuse.
    and if your wondering how i got this, VERY friendly FN admins thats who

    “Furnation Admin Group”
    Group Notice From: Selkit Diller

    An entire night of stalking from this idiot has been more than enough to make me loath the fringe elements of furry fandom. If you need confirmation of his nonsense, ask Atheron, but long story short, over the course of an afternoon, and evening, and early morning, no less than five people were so pissed off at his lonesome antics as to want him nowhere near. Despite being shot repeatedly, he -still- harasses and stalks me. I want this creep away, so away he is.

  37. capn carnage

    Oct 5th, 2008

    woops forgot to add this to it

    Second Life – Group notice: Werewolffan98 Baran – Permabanned‏
    From: FurNation Admin

  38. capn carnage

    Oct 5th, 2008

    ok talk about being a stalker and paranoid, i have a WHOLE BUNCH of these bans from the fn staff lol

    Second Life – Group notice: falstaff Cooperstone – Werewolffan98 Baran alt‏

    Group Notice From: Selkit Diller

    Indefinitely banned until it can prove otherwise. Spotted running around Hell immediately after Werefan’s ban, same mopey group-hugging behavior, same broken speech, created today, three groups, perfect avatar, stuff on the avatar attached right. Alt of someone. The real clincher was him repeating requests and remarks that Werefan made earlier in identically broken speech. If this isn’t an alt I don’t know what is. Bloody psycho stalker.

  39. LOL

    Oct 5th, 2008

    @The Philldoe

    Have you Read the T.O.S.? Sectoin 4.1 states

    “….You agree that Linden Lab may take whatever steps it deems necessary to abridge, or prevent behavior of any sort on the Service in its sole discretion, without notice to you. ”

    Main Point Being “…ON THE SERVICE…”

    Since SecondLifeHerald clearly states at the top of this Page.
    “The Second Life Herald is in no way, shape or form associated with Linden Lab (the company that operates Second Life),”

    then how is Posting Chat Logs on THIS WEBSITE a Violation of the T.O.S. Since it is NOT PART of the Linden Lab and is NOT covered by the Linden Lab/Second Life Terms of Service?

    False Reportes huh? Does that get anything done? Becuase the Legit Reports do not seem to! It Looks to me like you are in Violation of the Terms of service yourself here.

    Read Section 4.1 (ii) “impersonate any person or entity without their consent, including, but not limited to, a Linden Lab employee, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity”

    Saying this “And if you keep sending those false reports in You’ll end up being the one banned.” could be seen as Pretending to be a Linden Lab employee. But since this website is NOT part of the LL T.O.S I guess you are safe, you can continue to act like you are the person in charge.

  40. capn carnage

    Oct 5th, 2008

    it seems that the entire FN staff are uber paranoid about everyone lol.

    on a sadder note nexxus RL mother died 2 days ago :(
    the less drama for him the better i say

    unlike corsi he THRIVES on drama
    furrys + drama = normality
    furrys – drama = emos who cut themself because there going through drama withdrawal :P

  41. werewolffan98

    Oct 5th, 2008

    It seems that many furries seem to be anti-social eg.a person who is harmful or hostile to others.”unfriendly” or “not social.

    Because i hate to admit it but with family i’m the life of the party,it seems that furry fen on the other hand hate people.

  42. capn carnage

    Oct 5th, 2008

    when you meet a furry there good ppl but when you meet ppl like corsi and co it puts em all in a bad light, the furrys of rainbow tiger ARE THE GOOD ONES, reason being the real owner of the sim’s died suddenly :( a few years ago but the current owners keep the sims going and making his dream come true and because of that all the ppl in the rainbow tiger sims have an attitude where they prevent drama and if theres any problems they deal with it quietly, unlike the owner of furnation sims where if they have a problem with someone they make it as public as possible they even file fake Abuse Reports, they went and filed AR’s against 3 of there own STAFF because they had a lovers tiff.

    you see when ppl take there sim’s to FN corsi is right in there claws out ready to dig em in so they can then con that owner from there sim, theres 2 sims there that the REAL owner cant move because corsi conned LL into thinking he was the owner corsi went as far as to phone LL and tell em ownership was transferred, yes corsi is a thief and a con artist

  43. werewolffan98

    Oct 5th, 2008

    Because on boards like this i’m welcomed http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/

    But it seems everyone on SL does suck,everyone is mean and rude.

  44. werewolffan98

    Oct 5th, 2008

    I forgot to add, i deactiated both of my accounts

  45. Observer.

    Oct 5th, 2008

    Came to check out and see what was added to all this and …

    @Capn Carnage

    You OBSESSED or something? You’ve gone totally off topic from a story that was about Sex Beds to a Hang Corsi cause I don’t like her … him … it … whatever.

    Now Corsi’s not responding so you are going to hang the group? Obviously you’re an admin too else you would not have gotten Admin group notices but you are complaining about them. God Damn dude Grow the fuck up and stop hiding behind a name already or you are more of a liar, thief, and a coward than you claim Corsi is. And last time I checked in all of this, Corsi’s basically proven he is telling the truth.

    You’re all obsessed with the pervert. God Get a life. For everyone’s sake

  46. Suggestion Man

    Oct 5th, 2008

    I suggest that Observer. = Corsi Mousehold or a babyfur subordinate.

    Suggestion Man will now go elsewhere.

  47. capn carnage

    Oct 6th, 2008

    @ Observer

    wow your saying corsi is telling the truth, either your him or one of his buddies

  48. Ben

    Oct 6th, 2008

    The FN staff seem to be griefers.

    I used a meme thrower in FN Hell the other day and Selkit opened fire with the kill gun (ironic they can shoot all they want there) and shot not me, but my friend that did nothing.

    So I played a gesture, we were both shot at again.

    he put a shield on, Selkit got pissy because he couldn’t shoot my friend anymore and banned him. 5 minutes later while i built my project, Selkit shot me out of the blue and claimed I was playing gestures again.

    That admin needs to get the fuck out of FN, being the sandbox gestapo is not a good idea

  49. Observer.

    Oct 6th, 2008

    @Capn Carnage

    Okay. Stroker stated that Corsi was never given permission to use the name SexGen. Corsi showed a log where he was given permission to sell the Platinum. Others are recalling in responses of him selling them for far over a year. So Stroker was not telling the truth. Corsi was.

    Stroker said in his interview “Stroker: We have never included scat, diaper play, or furry pedophilia in SexGen.”

    Yet there are none of any of that in any of the beds made by Corsi or by Briggi for that matter. (Though the ‘Thirsty’ animation gives reference to watersports and that is part of Briggi’s bed.) Check for yourself and add in that in the follow up interview that Stroker still to this day has Corsi’s animations in his store. This not even counting the fact that yes Stroker still has a Porta-Potty in his store for sale and a toilet as well. If that’s not borderline scat I don’t know what is. Those are not rumors, those are fact and still there to check up on.

    Stroker also said in his interview: “Stroker: Briggi has no right to sub-let our mark to anyone. It is an asset of Eros, LLC. Which I own. I thought of the name I had the original concept and worked collaboratively with Briggi through two years of development. Corsi thought she could come in and take advantage of SexGen’s brand recognition and our reputation for customer service after the sale. As well as Briggi’s good nature. Corsi is in for a rude awakening.”

    Now there were only two sales in SexGen history. One was at the end of 07 start of 08. The second was recently. But the creation date for the animations can be tracked. And Corsi has stated that the creation date can be proven to back in early 2007 which would contradict Strokers claim. Also contradicting Strokers claim is Stroker himself when he stated this: “Stroker: Briggi brought Corsi in while we were in the middle of the Volkov Catteneo case.” pretty much stating that Corsi was brought in back in 2007 which supports her own claim. And as a final note, the SexGen Mark was only established in August of this year.

    Accusations have been thrown at Corsi about that case as well but if he was brought into the company in the MIDDLE of the case as Stroker states, why would Corsi be involved if he is not a partner in the company as Stroker has stated MANY times including right in the above quote from Strokers interview.

    In short, Stroker has contradicted himself in several points in just that short interview it’s obvious that he is lying in an effort to smear Corsi. With all these statements and rebuttals you are still attacking Corsi and ignoring the facts. That can only make me think that you have some kind of personal vendetta against him and are hiding behind the name Capn Carnage to thwart Corsi from finding out who you really are. Thus you and your comments really cannot be trusted at all.

    AM I Corsi? No. Am I a friend of his? No. Do I care what happens in the end of all this? Heck no but reading this far into this entire thing and seeing everyone just hang Corsi for things he hasn’t done is upsetting to me. And now you are attacking the Furnation admin staff members that are acting on their own accord just so you can keep the drama alive. I would ask what Corsi and Furnation have really done to you but I doubt you could back up any of the claims with solid proof anyway. On the contrary. Corsi has proven his case. I’m going to send him an IM in game and refer him back to here to have a look at what is going on.

    My reasons for staying anonymous are simple. If you are going to go THIS hard on a witch hunt against someone that is obviously telling the truth based on just the things that have been posted and stated here. I don’t want you coming after me too. Cause God knows that if you are going this psycho to keep hanging him after a week of no response, you are no better than the torch and pitchfork mentality that was displayed at the top of this page that you are all adding to yet stating you want to stop the Drama.

    So end it already, shut up, and if you don’t like the FurNation group, LEAVE IT and don’t look back. It takes two people to make drama. Don’t be the other person.

  50. FrazzleFrei

    Oct 6th, 2008


    Goddamn corsi, talk about wall of text

    I mean….goddamn.

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