Robbie Mellow — Post 6 Model

by Alphaville Herald on 31/03/11 at 2:50 am

[Regular Post 6 followers know that I try to feature as many of the myriad SL communities as possible, so when I was contacted by a reader who said I had never featured a transvestite and that she happened to have a "pet" who would love to pose, I jumped at the chance and was pleased that they were both willing to pose. It is with great pleasure that I introduce the gorgeous and brilliant Robbie Mellow as this week's Post 6 Model. ~Timothy Morpork]

Robbie Mellow Final 1

Hello Everyone,

My in-world persona is very soft spoken and holds his tongue, except when asked to speak and when in those magical moments my Mistress and I get time alone and she wants to hear my thoughts. So it will be hard to write about myself, but as Timothy was kind enough to feature me, I will return kindness with kindness and indulge in some words about how I feel and what I think.

Second Life has been like a blessing to me. In real life I was blessed with the body of a linebacker. No joke, I played linebacker for a pretty big college football program, and while I was never a starter on the team, I was good enough to get a free college education out of it. I digress. My point was that I have always been a jock and I have always looked like I should be in a gym somewhere crushing strings of 300 pound bench press reps, even now that I've swapped contact sports for golf. Getting a football full ride was great. I've done well in my life and my subsequent career, but if it were up to me, I would look more like Robbie.

I've never been a crossdresser in real life beyond the experimentation phase that just about every male goes through for the very simple reason that I look ridiculous in women's clothes. It's not something I yearn for, either- don't get the idea that I spend my days pining for taffeta and lipstick. I have a great real life. I like being Robbie because he is exactly who he wants to be when he wants.

Robbie Mellow Final 2

When I joined SL I made a male avatar and had a lot of fun learning my way around, and of course, chasing women around the grid. Then I made a female avatar, and thought I was really getting away with something pretending to be a woman, and had a lot of fun chasing "women" around the grid. and then finally, I made the avatar that I wished I'd been born as in real life- a slim, effeminate man who is male, but who can also pass as an attractive woman.

I met the woman who has become my mistress when I was still using my regular male avatar. We have been friends for a couple of years and when I finally decided I wanted to try being a virtual cross dresser I asked for her help with clothing. Neither of us is all that seriously into the whole D/s or bondage lifestyle, but it makes for a fun dynamic to arrive at a club or a store and play out the whole "Yes, Mistress" thing. Nothing says over-the-top fun like showing up on a leash. This world is a great place to explore, try on new hats, and have fun, which is what my Mistress and I are doing with the little online play we put on every time we log in.

I would like to stop here and thank my Mistress, and proclaim my love and admiration for her. She's been wonderful in encouraging me to be myself, to admit to myself that this is what I like to be, and that American expectations for what a man should be like are far too narrow for anyone's good.

I'm not saying I'm going to show up at the next team reunion and tell my former teamates that I like to log into a virtual world and find cute skirts, but wouldn't it be a great planet if people actually did feel that sort of freedom without fear of ridicule or worse.

Robbie Mellow Final 3

I've read this blog off and on for a long time, so I expect my message will probably get lost in the sturm und drang of the general comments, but I do hope that someone reads this and decides to spend some time getting to know who or what they really want to be. I wholly believe that since I've admitted to myself that I'm not as manly a man as I aspired to be when growing up, I've been a better person. So may you all.

Thanks and peace to all.

29 Responses to “Robbie Mellow — Post 6 Model”

  1. Orca Flotta

    Mar 31st, 2011

    Photos: the first one is a very god portrait shot, the following two are just plain bad.

    Model: beautiful, quirky, interesting, different. The dick is far too huge for the limber figure tho. Imagine the size of it once erect!
    Would’ve been nice to see the Mistress as well.

    Write-up: intelligent, open, honest, to the point.

  2. Senban Babii

    Mar 31st, 2011

    “Imagine the size of it once erect!”

    Is it just me or is it warm in here?

  3. Orca Flotta

    Mar 31st, 2011

    Is it solipsistic in here?

    … or is it just me?


  4. Obvious Schism

    Mar 31st, 2011

    Nope, its not just you Orca

  5. Orca Flotta

    Mar 31st, 2011

    ‘hoy Ob!
    How ya doin’ these days, heard something from Venus?

  6. Nelson Jenkins

    Mar 31st, 2011

    I had never featured a transvestite

    I beg to differ…
    … et cetera.

    Not that I’m complaining – I like a little bit of cock in Post 6 from time to time to at least make it more interesting than “pose, lingerie, texture vag, repeat”.

    I’m not really sure if this is a transvestite, to be honest… those could be pecs, and the head is pretty manish.

    Photos are the typical junk. In the second one, why does the mistress look like she’s covered in oil and has an – er, well, a pre-rendered ass light, while Robbie just has a huge facelight? Bad choice there.

    Ah well, have fun Robbie.

  7. Gundel Gaukelei

    Mar 31st, 2011

    Grats LL. Thats your average customer.

  8. Pappy Enoch

    Mar 31st, 2011

    @Orca & Senban, it ain’t nuffin’ in here but sophomoric.

    Since I are playin’ the wise fool as usual (well, 99% fool) let me say sum’fin: That-there rascal gots him a Smithfield Ham, not a pecker.

    How do that po’ fake Mistress lady o’ his’n walk when he are done? No, I don’t wants to see me no mo’ pictures.

    /me peeks

  9. Grammar NAzi

    Apr 1st, 2011

    last two pictures suck, but when we all heard tranny we know we needed the money shot so… good first picture

  10. Skye Donardson

    Apr 1st, 2011

    I always appreciate a guy that doesn’t feel they have to have that overblown, overly muscular look, and is so comfortable with who they are.

    I’ll agree that the first picture is nice, but the last two are a bit…too bright.

  11. Yep

    Apr 1st, 2011

    Go getem Tiger :D

  12. Senban Babii

    Apr 1st, 2011

    Actually Nelson you’re right, although there’s a difference between transvestite, transgender, she-male and so on. In this case Robbie is an effeminate male with no physical female characteristics so the closest term is transvestite I guess. Most of those found in past articles have been physically transgendered such as futanari neko such as Calcirya Fall.

    As I’ve been compiling that list of every Post 6 article over the last few days it’s been interesting to see the variety of models or in some periods, rather the lack of variety. I’m still working on it (I’m back in the days of Marilyn now). Still not found a Post 6 Dwarf so there’s definitely an opportunity there ;)

  13. Obvious Schism

    Apr 1st, 2011

    @ Orca

    Sadly no, though I’ve been thinking of dropping her a line. I bet she never thought she’d get a mention in these esteemed pages. Maybe we can drag her back to do a Post 6?

    @ Senban

    Wow that’s some list! And nicely compiled too – I’m guessing that the Easter vacation has left you with some time on your hands…

  14. Senban Babii

    Apr 1st, 2011

    Haha nope, it’s what happens when you’re sitting at your desk in work bored ;)

    btw I’m still trying to pronounce solipsistic…..

  15. Orca Flotta

    Apr 1st, 2011

    @ Ob:
    Ooooh yes, LOL! That’d be something. She couldn’t be bothered with all those genderbending stuff here. From what I hear she found her life at university a perfect playground to have sexual interaction with people of all genders (but mostly wasting her time with, you know, just boring studying).

    @ Senban:
    sol·ip·sism (slp-szm, slp-)
    n. Philosophy

    1. The theory that the self is the only thing that can be known and verified.
    2. The theory or view that the self is the only reality.
    [Latin slus, alone; see s(w)e- in Indo-European roots + Latin ipse, self + -ism.]

    solip·sist n.
    solip·sistic adj.

    Always glad to help out ;)

  16. Dontspill McGinnis

    Apr 1st, 2011

    @ Senban

    “Still not found a Post 6 Dwarf so there’s definitely an opportunity there”

    Well in that case, i’d better get to polishing my helmet.
    Errr… and my chain mail…. just in case i get a call.

    Incidentally, i thought solipsistic was a treatment for facial warts…..

  17. Senban Babii

    Apr 1st, 2011


    Oh just stfu I hate you :P

  18. Hilo Hello

    Apr 1st, 2011

    I think Senban is right Nelson, those models you listed had bewbs. This one is male in a dress= transvestite, not chick with a dick= transgendered.

    I like the second picture.

  19. Oh noes

    Apr 1st, 2011

    I’d still hit it.

  20. Sinead McMillan

    Apr 1st, 2011

    i love yep

  21. hobo kelly

    Apr 1st, 2011

    too bad you didn’t want to be a sequential hermaphrodite then you could go fuck yourself… O.o

  22. Sententia

    Apr 3rd, 2011

    I Love Robbie, I think his Mistress is very lucky to have him :)

    /me hugs Robbie!

  23. MilosZ MilosZ

    Apr 3rd, 2011

    Wow, I think post sixx should be renamed the nastiest of the nasy, and I don’t mean that in any kind of nice way.

  24. Nelson Jenkins

    Apr 4th, 2011

    @ MilosZ MilosZ

    I don’t know how to put this lightly, but… uh…

    … go blow it out your ass. :3

  25. Senban Babii

    Apr 4th, 2011

    @MilosZ MilosZ

    Thank you, we try our best to please.

    Now please feel free to fuck your complimentary goat :3

    In all seriousness, Post 6 is famous for its attitude. It’s not meant to be taken seriously or as some kind of launch pad to a modelling career. I’ve been collating all the old articles recently and one thing I’ve found is that the Post 6 comment section has always been more or less the same. There was no golden age where the comments were constructive. It’s just always been this way, it’s just how it is. Post 6 comments occasionally turn to serious discussion but usually it’s just a place to throw peanuts.

    How’s the goat coming along? Did it make its O face yet? ~8V

  26. Yep

    Apr 4th, 2011

    Go getem Tiger :P

  27. Obvious Schism

    Apr 4th, 2011

    What’s the point of being constructive anyway?

  28. marilyn murphy

    Apr 5th, 2011

    @obvious: sir. it is plain to see that your family props up a lot of the contruction that goes on. i daresay you and yours are a part of just about every construction project known to sl. since you and those like you are so integral to so much construction, i feel that any opinion you espouse on it would be considered biased and so irrelevant.

  29. Obvious Schism

    Apr 5th, 2011

    @ marilyn

    I can’t help the way I was born. And just because an opinion is biased, doesn’t make it irrelevant. Rather, it means that I am speaking from a position of personal experience and hence demonstrable authority.

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