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SHOCK! Spamhaus Blacklists Linden Lab – E-mail Reputation Ruined!!!

Real Life heartbreak: metaverse postcards blocked, love letters lost by Tenshi Vielle Are you wondering why you haven't been able to send in-world to email postcards recently? The answer could be that Linden Lab's mail servers have been added to the Spamhaus real-time black list – a move that flags e-mail from Linden Lab and [...]

Full Story Whacks Website!!!

Abuse reports lead to Nicholas Mafia website suspension by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk Ego and pride are an essential parts of the SL mafia lifestyle – and rival gangs are quick to take credit for any misfortune that might befall their enemies. This could explain why an “associate” of the Nicholas mafia was eager [...]

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Open Life Users Banned from Second Life?

Running outlawed clients could end in tears by Miley Stewart, Open Life correspondent According to numerous reports, users of the OpenSim-basedOpen Life are receiving IP-bans from Second Life. Multiple residents havereportedly been unable to access Second Life after joining Open Life. Thereason for such bans is currently unknown, as Linden Lab could not be reachedfor [...]

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Nicholas Mafia Website RickRolled!

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk The Nicholas Mafia's web site has apparently been compromised and now redirects to the always popular RickRoll'D video on YouTube. The Herald was alerted to this late last night when the comment spam grew at an unusual rate with comments on various Nicholas mafia stories all coming from [...]

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Shock from Prok! Is Pixeleen Mistral the Inventor of the Interwebs?

McCahill admits self-identity by Idoru Wellman (Herald Bureau of Personal Identity) For three years now the most pressing question facing denizens of the interwebs has been the real life identity of Herald editrix Pixeleen Mistral. Is she, as Mark Wallace once surmised, actually one of Prokofy Neva’s spare personalities? Is she, as others opine, the [...]

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Post 6 Griefer — N3x15

Candid conversation and explicit photos of former PN griefer [In what seems to be part of a public relations campaign by ex-griefer N3x15, Bunny Brickworks and I were recently able to conduct an in-world interview with the one-time PN leader, scripter, and troublemaker. As we marveled at the irony of interviewing a former PN leader [...]

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N3x15 Ashamed of PN Griefer Thug Life

Notorious griefer issues public apology to SL residents and Linden Lab by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk Renouncing his griefer thug life with the notorious PN griefing gang, N3x15 has posted a public apology, in which he promises to make amends to Linden Lab and their customers who “have experienced a great volume (approximately 200+ [...]

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Evan Reuters Says “Linden Can’t Be Trusted With Your Credit Card” ?

Please cancel the “Reuters” surname. It’s not worth the hassle by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk Reuters names no longer worth $500 USD? Reuters may no longer be reporting from Second Life, but Linden Lab does not seem willing to let go of one Reuters staff member’s billing information, and is now enhancing Evan Maloney’s [...]

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The MegaPrim Spite Fence of Bear Sim

Why is LL powerless to remove “friendly greetings” left by Torley Linden’s wife Ravenelle? by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk Linden wife and contractor Ravenelle’s megaprim wall blocks the Bear InfoHub view of one resident’s business When you teleport to the Bear sim InfoHub, you won’t see Lias Leandros’s business – it is hidden behind [...]

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SL Military Yiff ‘N Tell

“At least you weren’t recording this or anything” by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk & Vegna Fouroux, military correspondent Christoph Naumova – leader of the Vanguard Militia – has been frantically denying he was involved in a fur phone sex seduction posted to YouTube last week. At stake is Mr. Naumova’s reputation and leadership authority, [...]

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