Avatar of the Year 2007 – 3rd Place: Tizzers Foxchase

by Alphaville Herald on 19/01/08 at 7:34 pm

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Tizzers Foxchase – before the perma-ban

With the hustle and bustle of the year-end holidays well behind us, and memories of the Herald editors’ lavish Zermatt skiing vacation fading, it is time to clean up the last few loose ends from 2007 – the avatar of the year awards. Once again, the Herald editorial board is entrusted with a sacred responsibility — naming the three avatars who most changed the news and the metaverse for better – or for worse.

For 2006, third place went to Mr. Mark Barrett for his contributions to dystopian surreptitious citizen surveillance systems. This year, Tizzers Foxchase is awarded third place for outstanding achievement in a number of fields, including her educational work in the Woodbury University sim, her part in converting an Alliance Navy base into a furry death camp, her appearance as a Post 6 Grrrl in the pages of the Herald, and her ongoing critiques of the serious business that “anti-griefers” such as Justice League Unlimited have undertaken.

Unfortunately, 2007 was a difficult year for Ms. Foxchase. While early accounts of Woodbury sim praised its educational mission, the Woodbury University group in SL was eventually targeted by some members of SL society for harboring less than desirable elements, and Linden Lab ultimately resorted to deleting the entire sim – a sobering reminder of the limits of educational activities in the metaverse. Observers speculate that the sim’s removal from “your world, your imagination” was prompted by a combination of PN griefer attacks on the sim and an organized Justice League Unlimited abuse reporting campaign. It is also probably safe to assume that Prokofy Neva put in a few words with his super-friend Robin Linden.

Despite the deletion of the Woodbury sim, Tizzers maintained an upbeat attitude, and even enjoyed a brief metaverse marriage to Hazim Gazov – including a honeymoon celebration in one of Prokofy Neva’s rental love nests. The honeymoon ended abruptly however, as the virtual land rental agent turfed out the lovebirds as undesirable tenants.

Throughout the year, a certain style has marked Tizzers’ path through the metaverse, as she won the goon and griefer swimsuit competition in 2007, and with it the right to appear as a Post 6 Grrrl in the Herald — along with the hearts of untold numbers of /b/tards.

Tizzers goes real life trick or treating in costume as Suiseiseki (aka desu desu desu)

More recently, Tizzers’ RL typist went trick or treating at JLU leader Kalel Venkman’s house on halloween. Unfortunately, this event resulted in a two week ban which then precipitated a perma-ban from Second Life for “disclosure”. Despite a written appeal to Linden Lab, the perma-ban has been upheld – reportedly because Cyn Linden overruled Michael Linden.

Even after the perma-ban, Tizzers’ has been an active contributor to the Banlink parcel ban system used by a number of in-world landlords – recently banning Kalel Venkman – perhaps in retaliation for Venkman’s role in her troubles. While Tizzers Foxchase may no longer grace the metaverse, she certainly changed the world in 2007.

dueling banlinks – click image for large version

70 Responses to “Avatar of the Year 2007 – 3rd Place: Tizzers Foxchase”

  1. Jeeves Lazarno

    Jan 23rd, 2008

    I think Tizzers is a pretty cool guy. Eh dresses up like Suiseiseki and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  2. Anonymous

    Jan 24th, 2008

    The previous comments are why I hate SL some days.

    Some days, the griefers seem to be more justified because of bullshit drama like this.

    Good going you fucking morons.

    Also, trolls say things to get dumbfucks like you riled up, good job.

  3. Anonymous

    Jan 24th, 2008

    wait wait WAIT.

    Did you just compare some fetishists to ethnic groups?

    oh god I lol’d and was slightly offended at the same time.

    Goreans: believe in enslaving women
    Furries: believe in fucking animals
    Ageplayers: Believe in fucking children.
    Rape Fetishists: Believe in.. uh raping others.

    Jews: Believe in a religion and have an ethnic profile which has made them hated for some reason.
    Blacks: black people. woo. other than some hilariously true stereotypes that some of them display, they’re people, and were persecuted because of their looks.

    Now let’s compare: How many furries and goreans have been in a genocide? none.

    Yeah, shut the fuck up.

    Also, the one thing in common with those fetishists is they believe in violating another living creature.

    Seriously, stop trying to play victim. You dont have it worse off because people online make fun of you for acting like an idiot. Hint: they arent making fun of you solely on your fetish, but how you have such a massive outcry when you do get harassed. But it cant possibly be your actions, you’re too damn perfect, so it must be a direct attack against your interests! SOUND THE ALARMS. THERE BE HATE CRIMES.

    Yeah, you are very immature, you’re an adult and you let juvenile trolling get to you so bad it makes you compare your harassment to the persecution of ethnic groups.

    Just as bad as these people who compare themselves to real rape victims because someone shot them with a penis gun.

    get over yourself.

  4. Jim Schack

    Jan 24th, 2008

    “the last time that man had any sense was on his CROSSFIRE-esque interview with NigConnoiseur on Fagwolf and Fail.”

    who here hasn’t done shit they regret down the line? I rest mai case. Also, lolz.

  5. Corona

    Jan 24th, 2008

    I see that ‘anon’ has missed the point of the comparison

    In the school playground the narrow and small minded bigot bullies the other kids because they are different

    In the real world the narrow and small minded bigots of the BNP attack ethnic groups because they are different

    and in SL the narrow small minded bigots of the PN attack other players because they are different

    the comparison is between one type of facist bigot and another
    the target of the small minded is irrevelantto the arguement

    the idea that I am somehow ‘hurt’ by them is just laughable – that no duupt is what they would like to believe

    fair enought the limit of their imagination in their world is to ‘grief’ others as they lack any creative imagination of their own – each to their own – no real harm in that

    but attacking people because they are ‘different’ that puts them in the same category as stuff you try and avoid having to wipe off your shoe in the street

    if attacking ‘inferior outgroups’ is what they enjoy – then we know what they are

    good luck to you in the PN if you are comfortable with being small minded bigots

    I hope you all die soon in the real world
    then I can come and dig you up and throw your rotting nazi carcasses in a cesspit where you belong

    (for the luz of course)

  6. Anon

    Jan 24th, 2008


    Spread it around.

    Spread it.

    Spread it.

    O hai Intblubber I now sees your bullshit. As you says, PWNED.

  7. Corona

    Jan 25th, 2008

    Re Just as bad as these people who compare themselves to real rape victims because someone shot them with a penis gun.

    all very well – except the kidnapped 5 year old girl who the PN thought it would be ‘amusing to rape’
    was not some SL fantasy ‘shot with a penis gun’ but a real life little girl

    so ‘just for the luz’ I have reported this statement by the PN about finding real life rape of little girls ‘amusing’ to the real life US FBI, lets see if they find such statements as amusing as the nazis of the PN

  8. Kiddoh

    Feb 2nd, 2008

    Yay, Tizz! \o/
    Also; ffffffffff!

  9. Some Issues

    Feb 7th, 2008

    As someone who knows Woodbury U well, I would like to comment here and dispel the theory that any of these people mentioned here has anything to do with the educational institute.

    First of all Woodbury has been the brunt of online harassment from a group of people going by the name 4chan. They have targeted the University the past few months, and drop the name whenever asked where they are from. They tried this on online forums and now SecondLife. The idea is to create a scape goat when they spoil someone’s fun.

    I do not know who Pixeleen Mistral is but she should not have written an article associating these people with Woodbury. A true journalist would have known better. Woodbury has no relations with anything currently going on in SecondLife. The people who are spreading these rumors are either ex-students and or total strangers from the internet, such as Tizzer Foxchase.

    We are not in anyway related to this person and tactics within the SecondLife meteverse, neither will we be held responsibility for anything done by such individuals claiming to be associated with us. Neither would we just stand and watch while some internet journalist gives us negative publicity just cause they have to run an online article. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. You are dealing with real life entities, and falling into the harssasing environment created by 4chan. You, the author of this article and site are infact no better than 4chan and others who have tainted our institution.

    Please do not taint the name of Woodbury, I would like you to call us personally at (818) 767-0888 if you feel the need to write yet another article tainting our name and reputation. We will direct you to our legal representatives for clarification of action being taken against you.

    Thank you.

  10. Witness X

    Feb 7th, 2008

    That legal notice would be a lot more believable if the name wasn’t a TypePad alias. See, the thing about official representatives and such, is they tend to be willing to give you their name. Aids in that whole integrity thing.

    The only question is who made this bullshit post, Fitzpatrick or Turnbow…

  11. Jessica Holyoke

    Feb 7th, 2008

    That little posting by Some Issues would have worked a lot better if it was on something having to do with Woodbury University and not Tizzers Foxchase

  12. Prokofy Neva

    Feb 7th, 2008

    Some Issues would be far more credible if it posted with an IP address that wasn’t in France *shrugs*. The exact same post was put on my blog, but I deleted it because under my blog rules you have to post a first and last SL name or RL name.

  13. Gistya Eusebio

    Apr 11th, 2008

    When I was at the funeral for my cousin’s baby, which died a few days after being born, it was like all this kind of bullshit just really faded away. And I was left thinking, “This could be my last day on earth. Do I really want to spend it mired in bullshit?”

    All this shit is ridiculous.

    Tizzers Foxchase spent over $1500 USD in purchasing created items within Second Life, I was told. In real life, even if you get arrested for a crime, the police cannot just take your belongings. Tizzers did nothing to deserve “the death penalty” of having their account permanently removed… having $1500 USD worth of items permanently taken away. That’s just how I feel about it.

    Nobody’s perfect, and we’re all going to the marble orchard. This is little stuff. There was no crime here. I’m not perfect, far from it. I just think this was a bunch of horseshit, the perma-ban of Tizzers. How about a fine? How about limiting it to a month or two?

    LL needs to fix the damn bugs in their crashy browser and stop acting like they are some moral authority. They need to stop having conventions and soirees, and concentrate on making SL a decent product instead of the unstable, crashy, poor-performing laughing stock that it is. LL is responsible for opening the code to their system, resulting in huge security issues like ShoopedLife.

    Then they make idiotic rules like you can’t copy a chat-log or show what someone looks like IRL. As if people shouldn’t be responsible for what they say — besides the fact that ASCII proves nothing, since text is easily editable! As if someone having seen your real face is an “invasion of privacy” — if that was the case then anytime you walk down the street IRL, your privacy is being violated when people look at you. What should you do, wear a V-mask?

    It’s as if LL wants to protect every resident’s right to be anonymous, but then when Anonymous shows up they get their panties in a wad. What a crock of shit.

  14. Witness X

    Apr 11th, 2008

    Let’s see, lying to everyone (including his friends), setting up Woodbury as a meeting place for the Patriotic Nigras so they could plan grid raid after grid raid, denying all involvement with the PN while maintaining strong contact with that griefer group the entire time (and still does), getting an educational discount for his Woodbury University sim under false pretenses (Woodbury was not an educational site, and the new one at Friedman isn’t either) – the list is endless.

    He stole a lot more than $1500 from Linden Lab the way some people see it. Much ado about damned little. Good riddance, once we finally ever get rid of him.

  15. Witness X

    Apr 11th, 2008

    She’s not off the grid, she just happens to be in hiding from Justice Fags like yourself. Maybe if you would try this new-fangled thing known as talking to people, you might learn something.

  16. DinkyHockerShootsSmack!

    Apr 12th, 2008

    Awwwwww PN bawwwwwwing.

    Hiding from douchebags in tights?


  17. Gistya Eusebio

    Apr 12th, 2008

    The problem isn’t that griefers crash the grid. The problem is the grid is a piece of crap which can be crashed by griefers. LL neither fixes SL’s existing features at decent pace, nor implements the features necessary to make it stable and prevent griefing from being a problem. One time, I told them about a way sims could easily be crashed. It took them over a year to patch that bug.

    Voice and glow are cool and all, but how about making the existing product work, before worrying about adding additional features? How about fixing the product to be grief-proof, instead of taking the blame out on people like Tizzers because they associate and sympathize with those who cause issues for the grid? How about increasing FPS and decreasing crashes and freezes instead of holding conventions and soirees?

    Witness X: your statements about Tizzers are illogical. The problem isn’t that there are people who let griefers use their land… griefers don’t need land to plan and organize. It’s the internet! They can just use group chat, Skype, IRC, web forums, or whatever the heck they want in order to plan their raids. They do not need to congregate in virtual land in order to plan raids … that’s just ridiculous.

    The thing that has cost LL $1500 or more in damages is their own incompetence. You can’t blame Tizzers or anyone else for the fact that Linden Labs’ sorry excuse for a platform is so unstable that teenage kids with no credit cards, minimal knowledge of computing, and who live in their moms’ basements are able to bring it crashing down and flood it with flying penises and Mario characters.

    If Tizzers literally hacked into LL’s computers or something, then that’s a crime, and ban him. But banning him for posting one line of a chat log, making a caricature of a well-known public figure, or doing a hilarious trick-or-treat? Where is anyone’s sense of humor? I have found that people in this country seem to have some really GIGANTIC sticks up their asses, which they use as an excuse to be mean to others and demand blood for really harmless acts. And, almost always, it’s in the name of political correctness. Whatever happened to irreverence? To the class clown?

    But then when it comes to truly disgusting and offensive shit, LL doesn’t care.

    I mean for Christ’s sake, there are RAPE SIMULATION sims… PEDOPHILIA sims… SEXUAL SLAVERY sims where women are treated as being below animals… how any of that more acceptable than a sim featuring some guys in afros and the “n” word? So rape, child molestation, sexism… that’s fine! But borderline racism is somehow worse? Even on 4chan itself, people often whine about the presence of racism there, but even I think it’s hard to read any ideologies of racial superiority/inferiority into those particular memes. Even gangsta rap is more racist.

    But I’m not here to defend racism, nor 4chan memes. My point is that, apparently, the general theme of SL is that if you want to have a sim to do whatever you want, then you can. If people don’t like it, then they don’t have to go there. That is the standard (or lack thereof) that LL sets. I’m in favor of free speech within someone’s own land, and I am in favor of free speech on the internet.

    Yet the existing version of SL also ALLOWS griefers to go to other people’s land and spread hateful/annoying messages and imagery, crash their sims, etc. LL has not taken enough steps to put the tools in place that would allow land-owners to stop this sort of thing. They can’t even get their own damn client to run without freezing my MacBook Pro. They could, but they don’t. They also don’t make progress in preventing scripts that crash their sim servers. Then they go backwards in these efforts by open-sourcing their code — possibly the worst thing they ever could have done from a security standpoint.

    If they made the grid and the clients actually work, and be stable, and they took the proper steps to prevent griefing and empower people to stop griefers, then people wouldn’t be able to grief in the first place, and we wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

    Just one basic thing they could do: prevent the creation of unlimited anonymous alts (or do not allow alts who lack pay info to generate particles nor run scripts). Also I saw that IntLibber has posted quite a good list of features that, if they were implemented, would significantly reduce griefing:
    > > >
    a) allow avs to have more than 25 group memberships, perhaps 64 or 256 memberships, this will
    eliminate the only reason for honest avs to need alts.
    b) limit alts per IP/MAC/HDD serial number to 3-5.
    c) only allow one basic account per IP/MAC/HDD, and actually mean it. it is too easy to bypass this
    in the current client.
    d) remove parcel level bans from client-side enforcement. this poor security decision by LL has
    allowed PN to develop their ShoopedLife client, that is not bannable by parcel level bans, from the
    Open Source client.
    e) Make the crime of sim crashing a permanent bannable offense for the IP/MAC/HDD or processor serial
    number, and enforce it, even if its a child of a Linden…;).
    f) Create a subset of lsl for estate managers to be able to script estate security features to better
    automate responses to griefing attacks.
    g) allow estate managers to ban people by group association, to drop a list of names into the estate
    banlist, and to expand the estate banlist beyond its present 300 name limit, to around 1000 names.
    < < <
    (from the ED, of all places)

    Anyway that’s about all I have to say on this matter. If you disagree with me, then you’re an idiot. What do you want, a grid that is easy to crash? Easy to grief? An LL who selectively persecutes individuals and groups while ignoring others who are much worse from a moral standpoint? And then do you want to spend all your time whining about the problems this creates, without even addressing the real causes? This is truly the age of Eliot Spitzer.

    But yeah, I’m sure I’m completely off base. I’m dumb to think that LL could create a solid product that is free from all these glitches that enable script-kiddies to pwn it. We should just ban people. Yeah, that’s the solution.

  18. Dr. Internet

    Apr 12th, 2008

    “He stole a lot more than $1500 from Linden Lab the way some people see it. Much ado about damned little. Good riddance, once we finally ever get rid of him.”

    I find the term “The way some people see it” a euphemism for “The way I see it.”

    I’d like to see this evidence of stolen goods. Seriously. I honestly cannot see any kind of logic in that statement other than someone trying to further demonize tizzers by painting him as a thief. Next Tizzers will be labeled as a Toddler rapist, puppy killer, kitten smasher, and someone who sets fire to orphanages and plots to destroy america.
    I’ve never known Tizzers Foxchase to steal anything. Hell he’s someone who wastes more money on trivial things than one should. If you mean “stolen” in the sense that he and he alone crashed sims and “potential” business (which you cannot put a value on, as you cant predict those kinds of numbers.) that’s bullshit too. Last time I saw, there was this group called the P.atriotic N.igras (damn spam filters), and another one called W-hat who were stirring up shit long before this Tizzers person came into play.

    Seriously, get over yourself.

    It’s. just. a. game. It isnt reality in any sense. It’s VIRTUAL. Virtual as in, not real.

    The fact you get this worked up over someone on a game who doesn’t play by your rules shows that you are a very deeply disturbed person with unwarranted self-importance. Which people in reality can see, thus condemning you to this pitiful existence where someone who shoots a fake penis at you is an act of war.

    Kill yourself so you stop wasting precious resources that more deserving people can use.

  19. DinkyHockerShootsSmack!

    Apr 12th, 2008

    “The problem isn’t that griefers crash the grid. The problem is the grid is a piece of crap which can be crashed by griefers. LL neither fixes SL’s existing features at decent pace, nor implements the features necessary to make it stable and prevent griefing from being a problem.”

    Yeah, this is the same reason that when I go out for a drive in my car, I just start ramming other people’s cars for fun. I mean – the damned government didn’t take measures to ensure I can’t ram other people, so it’s THEIR FAULT! It has NOTHING TO DO WITH MY PERSONALITY, right? I also spit in salad bars, because they don’t have some sort of spit detector/catcher! And that’s the fault of the restaurant owner! NOT me, for being a totally antisocial dickface!

    Pre-teen logic, FTW!

  20. vince braver

    Aug 13th, 2008

    damn the lindens, the JLU, and the governance team are ruining what second life was made to be. a free idea society. ive lost many friends due to these people. and jessica lyon is the biggest ignorant JLU suckup bitch of them all. im planing a raid on the people who ave made sl what it is now. god speed everyone.

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